Why Did You Wait So Long?

Why Did You Wait So Long?

Why Did You Wait So Long? By James

For years, I had always had a crush on Stacey. From the first day of Kindergarten, I fell in love with her. At the time I did not know why, but I do now.

The first time I saw Stacey, she was wearing a white frilly blouse, a very short navy blue skirt, white knee-highs and black patent leather strap shoes. To me she looked like an angel. But, what really made her stand out to me was her very short brown pixie haircut. As all the other girls had long hair this made her really stand out. She just looked like a gift from heaven.

Being from a small town there was little doubt that Stacey and I would be in the same classroom for most of our early education. This would make many a day bearable. As I was not a good student, Stacey just being there made the difference.

But as the years passed, Stacey let her hair grow. First into a short pageboy style. Then a style that was a straight style just above her shoulders. By high school her hair was shoulder length with bangs. But I still remember Stacey with that short pixie.

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My feelings did not wane for Stacey. They just grew stronger for her as the years passed. I dreamed of the day she would be my girl and I could get her to cut her long hair short again. Oh, when would that day come? Little did I know, that day was not that far off.

Stacey and I started dating in high school. Everyone thought we made a really cute couple. The football player and the cheerleader. Boy, we sure looked like the All-American couple. We were young and in love.

One day near the end of our senior year I said what was on my mind. This would change our relationship and strengthen our love for one another forever.

The day before our graduation ceremony, Stacey came over to visit me. She had a present for me. It was her senior picture. It was a little different. It had a picture of her at present, but superimposed was her Kindergarten picture, with that short pixie haircut.

I loved the picture and gave her a big kiss. Then I said something that took her by surprise and me too. I said, “Boy I wish you still wore your hair short.” I could not believe what I had just said.

Stacey looked at me in a state of total shock. She to could not believe what had just come out my mouth either. She was speechless.

Finally Stacey became composed again. She looked at me and said, “You want me to cut my hair?”

I looked her in those big beautiful brown eyes of hers and said, “Yes, would you do that for me?”

She smiled shyly and said, “I thought you liked long and that’s why I didn’t cut it.”

Stacey then started tell me what a pain her long hair was. How it took almost a half an hour for her to get it styled every morning for school. How it seemed to take forever to brush. How it seemed to take hours for it to dry after she shampooed it.

Stacey then stopped talking. Again she looked me right in the eyes and said, “Mike, I know if I cut it short it we are both going to be happy. So I will do it if you are willing to pay for the cut”

I shot back, “Sure I will and I will give the stylist a great big tip too.” I continued, “Consider it my graduation gift to you from me.”

The day after our graduation, Stacey and I went down to the salon. I asked her if she was nervous. She smiled and said, “What girl wouldn’t be? But, Mike it is going to be worth it as this is what we both want.”

We went in and Misty, her stylist was waiting for us. Misty said, “I see you brought your man with you.”

Stacey smiled and said, “I sure did.” She then introduced us.

Then Misty said to Stacey, “Just a trim right?”

Stacey looked at Misty and said, “No. I want you to give me a really short haircut!”

Misty looked at Stacey’s long brown tresses and said, “How short?”

“I want it over the ears and I want a shaved nape.”

“Are you sure girl? That would be quite a change and your man probably likes long hair, right.”

“No, we have talked this over. We both like short hair and this is Mike’s graduation present to me.”

Misty said, “OK, lets look over the books and get you a really cute style.” We agreed and we started to look over the books.

We had been looking at books for close to an hour and we almost gave up. Then Misty came out with a hairstylist trade magazine and said, “There is a long to short makeover in here. But,” Misty said, “it is really, really short and I don’t think you want to go that short do you?”

Stacey and I looked the whole picture article over. We did not say a word. When we finished we both looked at one another and said, “That’s it!”

Misty said, “Let’s get started, time is a-wasting girl.” Stacey asked if it was alright if I went along to watch. “Well, seeing he is paying the bill I think he is entitled to,” Misty said with a smile. And back to Misty’s cubicle we went.

Stacey sat in the chair. Misty turned the chair to face the mirror on the wall so I could watch everything and so could Stacey. Misty placed a cape around Stacey and put Stacey’s hair up in a ponytail. “Take one last look at your long hair, girl, because it coming off.” And with that she took a large pair of shears and removed the ponytail with very little effort.

It fell to the floor. Just then I noticed tears forming in Stacey’s eyes. I was afraid she felt she had made a mistake. But, the tears soon dried and the rest of the haircut continued.

Misty said, “We might as well get this over quickly.” So she grabbed a pair of clippers and placed a number 2 guard on them. She turned them on and started to buzz the right side of Stacey’s head.

Stacey let out little sweet moans as Misty ran the clippers over her head. I was getting excited just watching all that hair coming off Stacey’s head. It fell to the floor right with her long ponytail.

The more Misty clipped the more Stacey moaned. And the more excited and harder I became. She kept this up all the way around her head. The moaning was especially sweet when Misty was shaving Stacey’s neck and nape.

Misty finally finished the sides and now started on the top. Misty got out scissors used for thinning out thick hair and started to cut. With each snip of the scissors came a moan. It was all in rhythm to my ears. Snip, moan and Stacey’s hair falling to the floor.

Misty was finally finished. Stacey’s long brown hair now lay piled deep on the floor. She put some finishing touches on Stacey’s bangs, which were now very short. She held up a mirror so Stacey could see the back. A smile came to Stacey’s face. I had never seen her smile that broad or bright in my life. “Just what I wanted, Misty. It’s perfect,” Stacey said.

I gave Misty a fifty dollar bill that I had gotten as a graduation present. Misty went to make change and I said, “Keep whatever is left for a tip.”

“Are you sure Mike?”

I said, “Yes, it’s worth every penny. To see the way Stacey is smiling right now is worth a million bucks!”

As we left the salon that day and head back to my house. Stacey looked at me and said, “Now let’s do something about your butch. Like letting it grow!”


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