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The three girls had been best friends since they entered college. Now, Mandy, Jackie and Anna all lived in the same city, and held successful jobs. Mandy owned and operated a swimwear store, Jackie had a trendy clothing store next door, and Anna worked as a programmer from her home. Thanks to the magic of telecommuting she never saw her clients. It was early summer, and they were planning a vacation together. Choosing a destination was tough. They were all bubbling over with ideas, and they were all equally exciting. Then Mandy said there was something she wanted to show them. She had printed this off the Internet: Spend your vacation here and you will leave a changed person.

The other girls laughed and said it was a corny slogan, but Mandy insisted they read on. There it was: a luxurious resort in the Bahamas, with all you could possibly imagine you would want for a fabulous vacation on an island, and one other thing. The internet flyer promised to make over, reshape, reinvent or change people into something new. The girls grew quiet. When they read the details, no one spoke. As it turned out, the organization had an interview process, in which it claimed to test your likes, wants and desires, and it would create a profile for change. This profile for change can then be used to actually transform someone. All that for a pretty penny. The examples of transformations listed included simple makeovers and fashion advice, down to actual surgical procedures and plastic surgery.

While Jackie and Anna read the flyer, Mandy looked at them across the room. Those two could have been twins. The were both gorgeous, 5’10”, and with curves that would stop traffic. And traffic frequently stopped. They both had long flowing blonde hair. Jackie’s was a bit more bleached, and Anna’s was more golden. For both of them, it reached past their shoulder blades. All one length. Mandy often wondered if she was jealous of their hair, or not. She was just never able to resist the temptation to cut her hair. Right now it was longer than it had been in a very long time. It just rested on her shoulders. Her hair was a natural strawberry blonde, with some red lowlights in the front. Jackie and Anna were always admiring how she dared to try things with her hair. She caught herself looking at her reflection in the mirror. All she needed was some more volume on her breasts, and she would be able to compete with those two.

They had read the thing through. They quickly agreed the idea was ridiculous, but the thought of a resort in the Bahamas or a place like that quickly became the front runner. Unable to come to a decision that night, they agreed to call it a night and continue the discussion later that week. Because of a lot of new shipments coming in to both stores, the girls did not see each other at all the rest of the week. That Saturday night, they finally joined up at the local Bahama Breeze restaurant. It had been Anna’s idea to meet there, since they liked the thought of an island vacation. They talked about their week, guys that were in the bar area around them, and life in general, as they waited for their table. The soft summer breeze on the open air patio felt great, and eventually talk turned to their vacation plans.

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Anna confessed she had looked the ‘transformation resort,’ as they had been calling it, up on the internet. She was very excited. “You can choose from so many things.” Jackie laughed. “I looked it up, too. In fact, it had a section where you can enter for a free draw, and I entered all three of us.”

“I would never go!” exclaimed Mandy. Not sure if she meant it. Anna and Jackie were hooked.

“Aw, come on. It may be fun. It doesn’t cost any extra for the resort, and the profile is done for free.”

By the end of the night, and admittedly a good number of drinks later, they were back at Mandy’s place and got on the internet. Within a few minutes, all three had registered and reserved on the ‘transformation resort.’ It was actually called Laguna Beach. Anne and Jackie spent the night, as they often did after that much alcohol. The next morning, they got their plane tickets. They would leave a week from Saturday and be on the island for 12 whole days.

The next few days flew by as they all prepared to go on vacation. Mandy and Jackie both prepared their assistant managers for the two-week absence, and Anna rushed to finish a project so she could leave in peace. All three sighed with relief when they finally sat down in the airplane. They had to change planes in Miami, but they were on the Grand Bahama island before they knew it. The limo from the Laguna Beach resort was waiting to whisk them away.

They checked into what seemed like paradise. Everything was perfect. They joined each other at the pool. Mandy had done some research. “OK, I am going for it. I do not care, what can they do?” Anna and Jackie looked at her, not sure what she meant. Mandy explained that when completing the profile survey for the changes, you could answer questions about how far you would let them go, and sign off without seeing your profile, and authorize them to perform the profile. She explained that the customer service rep she had talked to in the resort said all the right things, about not ruining anybody, and not doing anything controversial that would be permanent, without the proper authorizations. Anna and Jackie were incredulous.

“There is no way!”

“I could never.”

Or so they thought.

Obviously, the resort’s presentation on the makeovers was a sales pitch. But the people doing the presentation were so sincere, and so professional that Anna and Jackie were starting to rethink their positions. They had always enjoyed doing daring things. Their last few vacations had included hiking through the rain forest, skydiving and climbing a glacier. This was actually an easy dare.

The next day, the day of the profile, the girls were a bit nervous at breakfast. Anna and Jackie were still trying to convince themselves they did not want to sign off blindly on any changes, but they knew they would do it. The excitement had been there last night, and they started to get aroused talking about it this morning. Mandy was trying to speculate about their looks, and Anna admitted she had always wanted to change certain things about herself. Jackie agreed. She just never knew what to do, and how to go about this. Mandy was smiling at them.

The profiling took place at computer screens. They were each in a separate booth, and answered personality questions, along with preference questions. Some were direct, they asked them to choose between looks and styles. The process took a few hours. After a luxurious lunch on the beach, they went back in for the interviews. The computer responses were processed, and the consultants used them for the interviews, to narrow things down further. Mandy was the first to sign the paperwork. She waited in the bar, and soon Jackie joined her, gushing. “Ididit Ididit Ididit!” she exclaimed. Anna took a bit longer. But when she finally showed up, she was blushing with excitement and told them she had signed as well. They would start the next morning. The girls were excited all night, as they partied in the resort’s club. At the end of the night they all ended up in Anna’s suite and stayed up till they dropped from fatigue.

Anna had been hesitant about the process from the start. She had the deepest desire to make some changes, but she had always been the most conservative of the three. But deep down, she had desires no one new about. She had signed up for them to do anything, except surgery where they would break the skin. When given the choice on whether, and how conscious she wanted to be, she opted to be knocked out completely. She did not want to have any regrets along the way, and was confident in them doing the right thing.

Jackie was ready for anything. She was bored most of the things in her life, including the guys she could get, and figured a radical change would shake things up. She signed the full waiver, and opted to be fully conscious during the whole thing.

Mandy was getting her cylinders to kick in. She had always been the experimental type, with her nipple and tongue piercings. She had a small tattoo on her left breast and was ready for anything they could dish out. She opted to be fully conscious, but unable to speak or move. That way she would not have any choice but to submit to their choices. This was at least part of the fun for her.


She was surprised how much it looked like a dentist’s office. An actual nurse prepared her sedation. She was giddy when she started to float away, and then fell into a deep and restful sleep. The team of style consultants started their work. She would be kept asleep for almost 24 hours straight, and awaken a new woman. All the while she was blissfully unaware of their work.


Her team was joking with her from the moment she walked in. This was going to be fun. She reminded them not to tell her what they were doing, and just go ahead with it. They got to work on her right away. One of the first things they started on was her hair. They took some time to brush it out, and there it was. The scissors gleamed in the bright light. The cut on the side of her face was not quite as short as she had expected, or maybe even feared. Actually, they cut her hair to an even length bob an inch below her chin. She shook her hair in excitement, and jumped at the sound of clippers. This was what she had been hoping for: radical change. She felt her insides turn to liquid as the teeth of the clippers, with no guard, bit into the hair at her neck. She shuddered as her first orgasm ripped through her body while the clippers raced up the back of her head again and again. The stylist quickly moved to the sides of her head and started to create a line from the bare high back of her head to the front at her chin. The inverted bob she created was very sharp. Jackie came again when the stylist took her straight razor and removed all the hair from the back and sides of her head, below the line of the bob. Then the clippers came back. The stylist lifted the long hair on the sides and shaved the rest under it without a guard. Jackie was in love with the feeling. Finally, the stylist stood in front of her, and grabbed her bangs. One motion with the razor, and they were gone. Not shortened, gone. They worked on her color next. They bleached the last of the gold out of her hair, and applied the reddest red you can imagine. When the color was set, and after rinsing and drying, her head looked on fire.

Next they moved to her face. They used a new technique to change the shape of her nose. It was shortened a bit, thinned at the end and the end was lifted up for effect. They took a permanent dye, and colored the irises of her eyes deep green. With other tools and new tricks, they gave her dimples in her cheeks, raised her cheekbones and made her ears smaller. Then the piercing artist came. Her belly button had been pierced, and now it was time for some more interesting places. They got her nipples, her tongue, her left nostril got two rings, her right one got one stud. One ear was covered top to bottom in piercings, the other only got 6 new ones. They attached a chain from the stud to her ear. They tattooed a pattern at the top of her back, which ran up her neck to the bare back of her head. Finally, they dressed her in the tightest, skin hugging clothes they could find on the island.


She had been wanting to do this all along. She winced when the nurse gave her the injection that basically paralyzed her. But she could feel everything. With her, too, hair was the first. They sat her in a chair and she would have jumped, too, when the clippers popped to life. She became wet as soon as they approached her from the front with the clippers. She knew what they were going to do. Her blonde hair dropped to all sides as they ran the vibrating beast across her scalp. She felt incredibly violated, and she came with big shudders during each pass of the clippers. Within minutes, she had nothing but peach fuzz on her scalp. She tingled with delight as the wind from the A/C breathed across her baldness. She came again when they applied the shaving cream. The straight razor slid across her skull with ease, making a widening path in the white cream. Mandy wished she could scream – in pleasure, that is. When they rinsed her bare skull, she shed some tears. Out of a tube they squeezed a foul-smelling compound that they rubbed on her bald pate. She knew instinctively what it was, and was saddened that she would never feel the buzz of the clippers and the scrape of the razor again. They then undressed her. Her nipples were taut with excitement, which was not lost on the crew. Mandy’s pupils went wide when they moved to the next step. They placed an ominous tool over her breasts. She felt the suction and the tingle that it created. In a panic, she thought they were taking her breasts. The contrary was true. After agonizing minutes, during which her chest became numb, they removed the tool only to reveal the fullest breasts she had ever seen. She was amazed at the magic as she screamed in delight without making a noise. After they turned her over, the same device was applied to her buttocks. Then they got to work on her face. They worked feverishly for hours upon end, feeding Mandy through the tubes in her arm, and keeping her in the trance-like state. The shape of her face was altered, making for a longer face, with more pronounced features in a thinner nose, higher cheekbones, a changed chin. No part of her face was untouched. Her eyes were dyed the deepest blue imaginable.

The piercing team was next. Piercings appeared in all commonly pierced places, but in higher numbers than usually seen. Tattoos were next. By this point, Mandy’s brain was starting to be unable to keep up. The rapid succession of changes and emotions, combined with the inability to shut her eyes from all the procedures, as they worked on her for hours was taking its toll. She barely registered the tattoo artists’ needled tracing intricate patterns on her skull, neck, back, her enlarged breasts, They also applied a small tattoo under her left eye, a small heart.

When her brain stopped racing, and after they had induced her to sleep for a good number of hours, they brought her back to the paralyzed state she had been in. She was shown a suitcase full of accessories that were part of the new Mandy. There was a large number of wigs, all in extreme styles and colors. The clothing was all on the cutting edge of fashion, and all very skimpy. Mandy’s insides rippled with the excitement. She could not wait to see her finalized self and try on the new toys. This was the first day of a new life! The final thing they did was implant this little chip in her body. The chip’s only function was to create one substance, one that would keep her perpetually turned on.


The first sensation she had was that she was lying down. In fact, she was in a bed. She groaned, thinking she had just had the strangest dream, as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around the hotel room and figured the changing sessions would start today. Sleepily, she got up, and made her way to the bathroom. She stared at the mirror for minutes before her brain registered she was looking at herself. In front of her was a ravishing redhead. Two huge green eyes blinked at her they were green now! She slowly started to have a smile creep across her face. As her smile grew, she saw that her lips were much fuller than before. Then she looked back at her hair. Her hands reached up as she started to turn to see. Her hair felt thicker than ever. It was all one length, just short from touching her shoulders. The red color shone in the light. As she turned her head back and forth, the jumbling locks bounced around her head. She loved it! But what was this. She touched her skin below her hair, and it was… bare. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, and her heart skipped a few beats as she saw that they had shaved her head up to above her ears. And not only that, they had pierced her ears maybe 15 times each, but she almost failed to notice it. The bare skin under her hairline was not entirely bare. An intricate celtic knot pattern had been tattooed around her head. When she let go of her hair, the only hint of the tattoo was this one squiggly line that traced down the back of her head, down below her collar. She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off her back. The tattoo pattern continued down her back, but in a very tasteful way. Anna shuddered with delight. The pattern line that snaked down the side of her back, and to the front made her first look at her bare front. Her ripe breasts had always been a great feature, and now they proudly sported nipple piercings. The tattoo pattern snaked to the front of her belly, and around her belly button (now happily pierced), and, very thinly, went up between her breasts, splitting as the line reached its top, and ending on each breast with a fine knot. She touched her pierced nipples and shuddered through the orgasm she reached.

The three girls that got off the plane after the trip were not the same ones that had left. Off the plane came a sexy redhead who had the look of someone with a sexy secret. Behind her was a tall sexpot. There was no other word. Her hair was super sharp and looked totally on fire. She had glittering silver all over her face, and her buttocks were lifting her skirt up with each move of her long, long legs. The bottom of her buttocks just peeked out with every step. At chest height, her breasts were working their way out of the constricted top that was pushing them up. Finally, behind her, was a creature who seemed to have stepped out of another dimension. Deep blue, lustful eyes peered out of the most exquisitely carved face. The piercings all over her face intensified the sexiness. While she had 15 modern wigs in all sorts of sexy edgy styles in her luggage, she chose to go au naturel. Her head was shiny, and the tattoo that covered her skin seemed to move as she moved. Her body was barely clad, squeezed into a see-through contraption that did not leave much to the imagination, and showed off some of her more private piercings and most of her tattoos. For the three of them, life was never the same again.

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