Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury (A true story from Rayzor)

John is a guy who worked for our company. He left suddenly one day and telephoned later to ask for some time off to attend to some urgent personal matters. That same day I went into one of our conference rooms to start setting up for a meeting the next day. On the table in the conference room I found a courier bag addressed to John with a note that said, ‘John, This is what I decided to do to pay Ann back for what she did. Play the tape. Rachel.’ I was curious and when I looked at the video player I noticed that it had a tape sitting in the slot. I pushed the tape into the player and started it playing. The following is a transcript of what is on the tape.

The scene was in a bedroom and the camera was focussed at a dressing table. There was a large heavy wooden chair facing the large mirror behind the dressing table and a small package gift wrapped in ribbon on the dressing table. There was nobody in the room until a woman with short blond hair walked in and stood facing the camera. She said, “Hello John, it’s Rachel. I have invited your wife Ann here this morning for coffee seeing it’s her birthday. She’s at the door now. I’m going to blindfold her, bring her in here for her birthday surprise. It will be a birthday she’ll never forget,” said Rachel smiling. Rachel turned and walked out of the room.

After a minute or so Rachel returned, leading a blindfolded woman who I took to be Ann. Ann was an attractive woman with a nice slim figure and beautiful, waist-length, dark brown hair with a heavy fringe that framed her petite face. Ann was smiling and giggling as Rachel led her into the room and around in front of the chair in front of the dressing table.

“Now I am going to sit you in this chair and hand you your present before I take off the blindfold. No peeking now,” said Rachel as she sat Ann down in the chair and handed her the gift.

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“What is it?” asked Ann as she felt the package all over and held it up to her ear. While Ann was preoccupied with trying to guess what was in the gift, Rachel gently placed a long leather belt across Ann’s lap then loosely did it up at the back of the chair. “This is exciting,” said Ann.

Rachel stood behind Ann, removed the blindfold and said, “You can open it now. It’s something that will be very useful.”

Ann undid the ribbon and took the paper off the gift. She read the writing on the box and looked curiously at Rachel in the mirror. “Electric hair clippers? What am I going to do with electric hair clippers?” said Ann, holding up the box.

Rachel bent down quickly behind the chair and tightened the belt she had placed across Ann’s lap. “I’m going to show you, silly,” said Rachel.

“I can’t get up,” said Ann, giggling. “What are you doing Rachel?”

I hadn’t noticed before, but there were lengths of heavy plastic adhesive tape stuck on the back of the chair. “Be patient and just sit still for a moment,” laughed Rachel as she quickly taped Ann’s wrists, arms, legs and ankles to the chair.

Ann had stopped giggling and as she struggled against the tapes, said in a frightened voice, “What are you doing Rachel? You’re scaring me.”

“I just want to make sure that you stay still while I show you how to use your birthday present,” said Rachel. I sat with my eyes riveted to the screen, completely puzzled by the events I was watching.

“Ann, I want you to listen to something,” said Rachel taking the little tape recorder out of the dressing table drawer. She pressed the play button. At first all I could hear were sounds of movement but then I could hear moaning sounds and whispers but it was too faint to make out what was being said. The sounds got louder and I could then definitely make out a male and a female voice. The sounds that followed were definitely lovemaking and then I heard a man’s voice say, “I love your hair Ann, it is so beautiful. Much nicer than Rachel’s hair. I love to play with it. It is so pretty.”

I heard Ann’s voice say, “Les, Darling, you can play with it anytime you like, just call me and I’ll come running to your bed.”

Les said, “One of these days I’d like to make it mine to play with forever.”

“It will be Darling. It will be. Just be patient,” said Ann’s voice. Ann sat very still with her head bowed as she listened to the recording.

Rachel turned off the tape and stood behind Ann, looking at her in the mirror and said, “I suspected that my husband was playing around, but I didn’t think it would be with my best friend.” The camera caught Ann’s frightened eyes from their reflection in the mirror as she lifted her head to look at Rachel. She tried to speak but Rachel said, “Are you going to be a good girl and sit quietly while I show you how to use your birthday present?” Ann, not knowing what was to happen next just nodded without speaking. “If you make any noise then I will put some tape over your mouth to keep you quiet, O.K?” said Rachel. Ann just nodded again. “I’m going to do your hair for you and then we’re going to make a gift for Les. Something he can keep forever,” said Rachel, looking coldly at Ann in the mirror.

Rachel carefully lifted Ann’s hair up and let it fall down over the back of the chair. Then Rachel took up a brush and started brushing Ann’s thick hair with long gentle strokes. “Les is right. You do have beautiful hair Ann. Look how long and shiny it is. Much nicer than my mousy blond hair,” said Rachel. From behind her on the bed, Rachel took a handful of lengths of wide yellow ribbon and placed them on the dressing table. “Yellow is Les’s favourite colour so we must have your hair looking nice for Les, now mustn’t we,” said Rachel. She then took a comb from the table, separated out a small section of Ann’s hair at the front just behind her fringe, combed it straight up and knotted a piece of the ribbon around the middle of it very tightly, finishing it in a bow. Rachel repeated this process many times until all of Ann’s hair was tied up in a mass of ponytails with big yellow bows. All the while Rachel passed comments about how pretty Ann’s hair was and how she kept it so nice. Rachel then said, “Now doesn’t that look pretty.” Ann had relaxed a little from the soothing action of Rachel playing with her hair but still sat frozen in silence. “Doesn’t it Ann!” said Rachel raising her voice. Ann nodded in forced agreement.

“Let’s open your present and see what’s inside,” said Rachel, opening the lid of the box on the dressing table. Picking up the items, one by one, Rachel said, “Look Ann, a set of electric hair clippers.” Ann went to speak but Rachel put her hand over her mouth and quietly said, “I don’t want to hear another word, Ann, or I’ll have to tape your mouth closed. There is nothing you can say to justify what you have done.”

Turning towards the camera, Rachel said, “Well, now we are going to play with Ann’s present and make a gift for Les.”

Rachel walked to a cupboard and brought back a shoebox, placed it on the dressing table and took the lid off. Rachel took the clippers out of the box and plugged them into a power point near the dressing table. Ann’s eyes widened in terror as Rachel stood behind her holding the clippers. Glaring at Ann in mirror Rachel said to her, “Les did say that he wanted your hair to be his to play with forever didn’t he Ann?” Ann nodded timidly, tears filling her eyes.

Standing behind the chair so that Ann had full view in the mirror, Rachel pushed Ann’s head down and took hold of a ponytail at the base of her neck. Tears started to roll down Ann’s cheeks. Rachel turned the clippers on and holding the ponytail up tight, she slowly started shaving the ponytail from Ann’s scalp saying, “Let’s grant Les his precious wish.” Ann’s hair came away easily leaving a large bald patch where it had been. “That’s one,” said Rachel. “Let’s count them shall we.” There was nothing Ann could do. She couldn’t move.

Rachel leant over to the dressing table and carefully placed the ponytail with its yellow bow into the shoebox. She came back behind Ann and using the clippers, steadily shaved off more ponytails, slowly working her way up the back of Ann’s head. “Look how long they are Ann. It must have taken you years to grow your hair this long,” said Rachel as she kept shaving off the ponytails and placing them in the box. Ann was sobbing. I watched the video as Rachel kept shaving all the way up the back and over to Ann’s forehead. Soon, all that was left of Ann’s beautiful hair was her bangs. The box was full of Ann’s hair and Ann sat with her head bowed, not wanting to look at herself in the mirror. Rachel lifted Ann’s chin up and looked her in the face. “The bangs look out of place now,” said Rachel as she took the clippers and shaved off all of Ann’s bangs right back to her scalp. “Les will be able to play with your hair all he likes now and you won’t even have to be there,” said Rachel holding the box full of Ann’s hair. Lifting Ann’s head up, Rachel made her look at herself in the mirror. By this time Ann was just sitting there in a daze, unable to speak or even cry anymore. Rubbing her hand through the stubble on Ann’s head, Rachel said, “It looks a bit of a mess now doesn’t it Ann. I wonder if Les will still want you like this. I might as well make a proper job of it for you,” said Rachel as she left the room.

Rachel returned quickly carrying a towel, a razor and a can of shaving cream. Rachel applied the shaving cream on Ann’s scalp and carefully shaved her entire head. She reapplied the shaving cream several times, shaving it off each time to make sure that Ann’s head was perfectly smooth. Rachel stood back to look at her handiwork, wiped Ann’s head with the towel and walked over to the camera.

I’m going to turn this off while I wrap up Les’s parcel and call a courier. We’ll deliver it with a nice card from Ann saying “To Les, something you wanted and can keep forever, Love Ann.” Looking into the camera, Rachel said, “John, I’ll get the same courier to deliver this tape to you at your office.”

Ann looked a pitiful sight. She was completely bald. Her hair was all gone. When the video stopped, Ann was still sitting strapped in the chair with her head bowed as Rachel walked over and turned the camera off.

I was stunned. At least I had an explanation for John’s sudden departure. I took the tape home and watched it again that night, and made a copy of it. I took the original tape back to the office the next morning and placed it in the courier bag with the note and put it in the top drawer of John’s desk.

When John returned to work a week later he was very quiet. I asked him if everything was OK and he said he was fine. I didn’t say anything to John about watching the tape and he never asked about how it got into his top drawer. I did hear from someone else in the office a few weeks later that he had left his wife. I don’t know what happened to John’s wife or the other couple. I watch the tape every now and again and try to imagine what happened after the tape finished. It’s a bit like seeing a movie and missing the last ten minutes. I have never shown the tape to another person or told anyone else about this until now. I can’t ask John because then he’ll know that I’ve seen the tape. I guess I’ll never know.


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