Vacance d’Eté

Vacance d'Eté

Vacance D’Eté – the third part of the Easy Money trilogy by English Rose and Sean O’Hare

Right on time Elaine returned. Ellie followed me outside as I took my bags to the car.

“Hello,” said Elaine, in a strangely warm tone.

“Hiya,” chirped Ellie.

I smiled at Elaine, a gesture she returned.

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“Hi Cate, this must be…”

“Ellie.” Ellie beat me to the reply. As she said her name she threw out her hand, which Elaine took and they shook each other’s hand. “Wish I could stay in a posh place too,” Ellie continued. I felt slightly embarrassed. Maybe my description of Elaine to Ellie was not quite what Elaine would have wanted.

“Well, Ellie, I am sure that Cate will invite you up over the summer. I have plenty of rooms, maybe you could invite the others too Cate? We’ll see.”

To say I was surprised was an understatement. Mrs. Evershed-Smythe was as relaxed as I had ever seen her. I was pleased that she and Ellie seemed to get on so well. I looked and smiled at Ellie and she winked at me. We loaded up the car, and before I left I gave Ellie a hug. “Tell the others I’ll be in touch.”

“You’d better be, don’t forget we want an invite.” Ellie seemed really keen Another hug and I was in the car and Elaine drove off.

“Your friend seemed very pleasant. I expect Eleanor is her real name?”

“Yes, first time I called her it, it was the last time I called her it. She doesn’t like it one bit!”

“I think it’s a lovely name,” Elaine continued.

“Yes, but Ellie suits her much better, she’s a cheeky Ellie.”

“If she’s as lively as she seems you better had invite her up sometime.”

It seemed to me that Mrs Evershed-Smythe was rather keen to see Ellie again, I hardly needed to wonder why.

We fell into silence for most of the remaining journey, but just as we neared her house, she spoke again. “You like the clippers don’t you Cate?”

Her sudden speech and choice of subject surprised me. “Er…”

“Do you like how they feel when they cut your hair, the way they move up your neck, the way it tickles as it buzzes?”

I noticed that as she spoke like this her driving became a little erratic. “Yes,” was the longest answer I could think of.

“Would you like me to cut you hair again Cate, into a shorter style?”

“How short, what style would it be?” Seeing her as I buzzed Beverley’s head I was wary of her intentions!

“The style would be down to me, length at my discretion, I can assure you though that you will be left with more hair than I have somewhere.” The reference to her pussy shave made me blush, she saw me and smiled. “I think you enjoyed your barbering as much as I did Cate. Now I know why you keep your pussy hair so short.” Again I blushed, Elaine knew about the length of my pubes as she had felt them when she fingered my slit yesterday. “So what do you think, shall I make an appointment for you in my salon?”

Happy with her assurance I decided to go with it, she knew exactly what the clippers did for me, how I felt as they busied themselves at my scalp. I liked it even more when she shaved me closer with a razor, but I was not sure I was ready to sacrifice all of my hair to her. “Okay, just don’t go too short.”

“Whatever,” Elaine said as we pulled up on her drive.


“Go up and have a shower Cate, we’ll sort your room out later.” Elaine was as keen to get on with the cut as I was.

As I climbed upstairs the phone rang, and she strode off to answer it. The first floor of her house was huge, and I had only seen 3 rooms, and none of them had been a bathroom. I walked past the entrance to my room and went on into Elaine’s room. “She’s bound to have an en-suite,” I thought. However the only door that led off her bedroom was to the salon. I walked into it.

The salon was tidied, all the towels were folded and stacked neatly, the capes were hanging, ready on two gold hooks. The tops were clear and there was no sign of any haircutting equipment. I sat in the chair and looked around, it was then that I saw it. I bounded out the chair and into the room. It was lined with cupboards and drawers and I saw myself reflected in a large wall mirror opposite. I reached up and flicked the hair behind my left ear and posed in the mirror. Curiosity then got the best of me and I looked in the drawers, they were full of bags, envelopes made of a green cloth with a handwritten label attached. I picked one up, it was light. ‘Patricia, 51, June 1994’. I slowly peeked inside, hidden within was a collection of chestnut brown hair, some of it about 4 inches long, but the rest of it a lot shorter.

“So this is what she does with it all!” I returned Patricia to her drawer and looked in more drawers. “Janice, 29, September 1997” was a plum-coloured girl. “Emma, 32 December, 1995,” used to have dark hair, with a bluish tint to it.

There were loads of drawers, each with about 3 lots of hair in. I wonder where I am, I thought. I turned my attention to the cupboards, in them were long lengths of hair, tied up in ribbons. “Shevna, 19, May 1999.” The colour of her hair suggested she was an Indian girl, her long hair hung from a gold ribbon. “She didn’t leave with a lot,” I thought. I flung open the cupboards looking for my hair. It was in a pine cupboard near the end, secured with a purple ribbon. I picked it up and felt it, it felt strange feeling my long hair, detached from my head. I felt back to my nape and my shaved side. I knew what I preferred and I returned my former crowning glory to its new home. Some of the hair had been fashioned into wigs, blonde bobs, dark crops, long highlighted hair. “Strange,” I thought, “there’s no way she could wear these, why does she have them?” I was carefully closing all the drawers and cupboards when I noticed that one of the teak-coloured cupboards was open. It had a big empty hook, but there was a label, “Sandra, 49,___ 1999?” “Sandra?” Then I saw, written faintly below the tag, “reserved.” She wanted Sandra’s hair. Sandra, the woman who helped her cut the hair of all the others.

I closed all the cupboards and resumed my search for the shower. As I walked back along the landing, Elaine was coming up the stairs. “Where’s the shower?” I asked.

“Never mind that. Come into the salon, I’ll wash your hair for you there.”


She led me to the backwash chair and I sat down. I realised this was the first time she had actually washed my hair before a cut. She held up a fresh, crisp cape.

“I don’t wish to get your nice clothes wet, Cate.” Well, they were favourite pair of 501s, well worn and with a few rips but were hardly going to suffer from a few drops of water. “I can cover you with a cape… or perhaps you would prefer to remove your jeans and T-shirt?”

I was certainly feeling warm although I doubt if this was due to the temperature of the room. I smiled a little nervously, then nodded.

I stood up and, with my back to Elaine, I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them to the floor. I could feel her grey eyes upon me but didn’t want to look into them. I then pulled my T-shirt over my head feeling the cotton glide over the back and the tight side, meeting no resistance while the bobbed hair on the other bounced as the T-shirt became free. I stole a glance in the mirror and saw that my style had fallen back into perfect shape. Elaine is clearly a skilled stylist. Private lessons from Sandra, I wondered?

“Purple is a lovely colour Cate. It suits you.” Momentarily puzzled, I realised she was commenting on my underwear, purchased with some of the proceeds of my sessions with Elaine and, if I was truthful, with the thought of similar experiences to come in the future.

I returned to the chair and stretched out my legs. The black leather was cool, and made my whole body tingle.

I felt Elaine’s hands gently cradle the sides of my head and ease it onto the basin. The coldness of the porcelain touched my bare nape and startled me.

“It’s going to be fine Cate. Just fine.” Had she mistaken my reaction to the coolness as one of fear? Well there was a little of that too, but I also felt a great sense of anticipation… and not just regarding my haircut.

What did she have in mind for me? I suspected not bald but I had little hair remaining so I was intrigued. But she knew my newly-discovered secret – the love of the clippers – and to have her use those on me once more would be worth any sacrifice. Wouldn’t it? I was in her hands completely. Whatever she had decided upon I would surely end up with. I heard the water begin to flow and then she began to dampen my hair. “Is that OK? Not too cool?”

“No, it’s fine. Just right.” I felt her finger scoop up my hair and run over the smooth back and sides. I closed my eyes and began to relax. I felt her apply the shampoo and start to massage it in, slowly but firmly. Each time a fingernail passed over a bare area of my scalp – where no shampoo was required – I felt myself melt a further inch into the chair, such was the electric sensation. For so little hair Elaine continued to wash my hair for some time. I didn’t mind.

The water started once more and she rinsed the suds away and her touch, if anything, felt more tingly on my freshly washed scalp. And with the air around my body I could feel tingly around the rest of my body – my breasts were reacting I knew and I began to feel that now familiar sensation deep within my pussy.

“A little conditioner, I think.” I half opened my eyes to see her peering down into them. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Yes please Elaine,” I said somewhat dreamily, with my voice appearing to come from somewhere outside my body, almost as if I was slightly tipsy.

And, once more, she massaged my scalp and I drifted away for what seemed like ages. It could have been ages as I had lost all track of time. Almost too soon she stopped, and rinsed the creamy conditioner from my hair. She combed it all straight back from my forehead and took my hand.

I opened my eyes and allowed myself to be led to the chair. I looked at my reflection in the large mirror as I sat down. Although I was barely clothed I didn’t feel particularly uncomfortable, even under Elaine’s piercing gaze.

“I think we’ll dispense with the cape don’t you Cate.” She readied her brushes, combs, scissors… and clippers.

“OK, whatever you say. But….” She held the clippers in her hand

“I know Cate, I know. You do whatever you want. There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable here.”

“OK Elaine,” and I caught sight of my rather cheeky grin in the mirror.

She began to comb through my hair and, knowing what was to come, my body tensed in anticipation. My hair was already drying – the bobbed hair on the left beginning to shine once more and the clipped hair on the other reflecting the light like glass.

“First of all I am going to texture the hair on the crown, Cate.” With that she lifted a section of hair and chopped it with a pair of strange-looking scissors. A rain of clippings descended onto my shoulders, onto my breasts and in my lap. I watched as my nipples visibly reacted to the sight of my falling hair – perhaps even their touch.

Elaine continued chopping and shaping. Each time it looked as though a large section would be chopped to the scalp but some fell, while some remained. I thought I had little hair to cut but short blonde locks began to gather on my bare body. Elaine put down the strange scissors and I began to see my new style taking shape. It was a little like that of Posh Spice, textured and spiky through the top with longer bits around my face on one side. It looked incredibly sexy.

I ran my hands down my shoulders, breasts and stomach to remove the fine clippings. I did it slowly, a gesture not lost on Elaine.

“Let me help, Cate.” My hands remained in my lap as Elaine brushed the remaining hair from my body. “So there we have the basic style, but now we need to tidy up the back and sides.” She picked up the clippers. “And we know that means, don’t we?”

Our eyes met in the mirror as she reached forward to pick up the clippers. My right hand slipped slowly under the elastic of my knickers and I felt my dampness and the warmth of my pussy. I could feel it pulsating as Elaine held up the clippers. They were already fitted with a guard. Purposefully she removed it. A loud buzzing then filled the air.

Cool, bare metal touched my nape. “Mmmmmm.” I felt them slide up my neck, removing the short hair already there. Then continuing higher still, only stopping under the curve of my head. Elaine pulled the clippers away and I squirmed in the chair as my fingers explored my pussy. “Ooooohhh, Elaine.”

“You do like that don’t you. Enjoy. But please remember all the feelings you are experiencing. I want you to tell me later.” The clippers were returned to my nape and eased upwards once more.

“Mmmmm OK.” I was melting and losing myself to the world. I brought my other hand to my breast and began to caress myself.

I felt the clippers pass again and again over my nape and then each side, Elaine being careful not to disturb the textured lengths resting on my cheeks.

“Nearly finished Cate. Just need to shave around your ears.” This was my trigger. As the clippers passed over first one and then the other the tension inside me built. My hands moved to maximise the sensations I was experiencing. The clippers turned off and I exploded. My back arched. I didn’t care.

My orgasm continued to shake me from head to toe, and seemed to double in power as I felt Elaine’s warm lips on my nape, kissing me gently. “Ooooohh, Elaine. I… ooohhh.”

Slowly my breathing returned to normal. After how long I don’t know. I was exhausted and just laid back in the chair. Elaine watched me. Smiling. I returned her smile and we stayed like that for a couple of minutes at least.

She then took a little gel and rubbed it in her hands and passed it through my hair. It helped it shine even more, looking a little spikier and a whole lot more sexy. My hand felt the warmth returning within me.

“I think that’s enough for today, don’t you Cate.”

I felt disappointed but knew she was right. I stood up and felt each fine clipping slide down my body, so aware was I of all its sensations.

I followed Elaine back into her bedroom where she handed me a silk gown which I slipped on although didn’t bother to fasten. As I sat down on the edge of the bed Elaine handed me a glass of wine, poured from a bottle that had been chilling in a silver ice bucket on the dressing table.

I saw my great new style once more in the mirror and couldn’t suppress a smile… or resist passing a hand down the shorn nape.

“So you like your new style then, Cate.”

“Very much Elaine. Thanks.”

“Yes Sandra taught me how to cut it like that. There were several models who didn’t get quite as good a cut as you.”

“Really?” The mention of Sandra recalled what I had seen earlier. “There’s something I wanted to mention Elaine. I went into the small room off the salon earlier.” Her face was momentarily flustered. “I was a little taken aback.”

“I… well… I just wanted to put the hair to a useful purpose.” For the first time it seemed she was unsure of herself, and a little defensive. Suddenly I felt powerful, as if I had something to hold over her? I stood up and looked straight into her eyes.

“Why do you keep their hair like that, some of it is no more than just clippings. There must be loads of people’s hair in there?”

“Actually there’s about 50 different sorts. I’ve been collecting seriously for about 10 years.”

“There’s more than that surely?” I continued to press her, feeling strange with the superiority I felt.

“Maybe. There’s been so many recently, I just can’t seem to stop.” Excitement showed on her face.

“Why do you do it, taking the hair of so many girls, do you enjoy seeing them lose their hair?”

“Not all of them do, it’s only the last few that have been getting really short cuts, and Beverely’s was the shortest I have ever seen. And you got to cut it.” She sounded genuinely upset that she hadn’t held the clippers that time. “My hair’s in there too, Cate.” She surprised me with this statement and she carried on talking. “Yes, my collection started with my own hair, it was cropped short when I was 7, but I managed to save some. Ever since that time I have been really jealous of girls with long hair.”

“So you wanted them to lose their hair and give it to you?” I could sense why Elaine liked collecting hair, seeing it cut and shorn from its wearers, then I had a wicked idea. “What if someone was to want your hair, and paid you to have whatever style they wished?”

“It would have to be a lot of money, and I can’t see anyone coming up with it,” Elaine said.

“What if it was not for money, their choice of style in return for something you really wanted?” I knew what this was!

“It would have to be something special for that, but, yes I’d agree.”

“How about for Sandra?” She appeared surprised. “Would you be willing to trade a haircut for Sandra’s hair? I know you want it so badly.” Her eyes widened, due to shock I thought, then her expression changed as she realised what she could achieve if she wanted to. “It seems to me you want Sandra’s hair.” I pushed her for an answer.

“Yes, I do.” Her admission was a timid one. She sat down on the bed, with her eyes towards the floor.

“What would you do for it Elaine, would you let someone cut your hair, so you could get Sandra’s?”

“Yes.” Her reply was more definite this time.

“Well, I will cut your hair then, and then we will both work on adding Sandra to your collection. You don’t have any objections to such a cut do you? Whatever I want to do I can do?”

Elaine paused, weighing up the options. “Yes,” she said, “you can do whatever you want. I am your willing model.”

“Right, then I think we will be adding 42-year-old Elaine’s hair to 7-year-old Elaine’s hair.”


I knew I wasn’t ready for this. I expected it would happen one day, if I maintained my activities. One day I would find the one – and here she was. Cate!

Gone was the nervous college girl in her summer dress at the hall. Now all I could see was a beautiful young woman. Her lithe figure covered only by her underwear, for she had already discarded the silk gown, just standing close to me, one hand on her hip the other slowly running over her shorn nape.

But I wasn’t ready. I needed to prepare myself as I had been doing since the age of 7. I had kept my own urge at bay for so many years by cutting off the hair of others.

But now it was my turn. I had found Cate. Or had she found me?

I was nervous. Extremely nervous. I wondered if all my models had felt the same as I do now.

“Your clothes are rather expensive aren’t they Elaine? I think you should remove them before we start.”

I stood up and removed my jacket, then my skirt and blouse more slowly. I felt very exposed as I stood there under Cate’s gaze as she took in my in-shape body. She nodded slowly as her gaze descended, smiling as her eyes fell on my knickers. “I would like to be reminded of your shaved pussy. Please remove all your clothes Elaine.”

“But, I….” Cate approached and roughly pulled down my knickers and the unclasped my bra which also fell to the floor.

“Thank you. Hmmm, not bad for a 42-year-old. Would you assist me?”

Cate turned her back to me and I felt a little of my self confidence returning as I slowly eased her knickers to the floor. I then unfastened her bra and reached in front of her to ease it away from her body, lingering with my hands and feeling her react to my caress. “Mmmm, thank you Elaine. That’s much more comfortable. Now your hair.” She turned swiftly. “Release it please.”

It was still in its customary updo, worn straight back from the face, braided and then twisted into a topknot. I removed a couple of pins and allowed the braid to fall down my naked back, the top brushing my bottom. I loved that feeling!

“My, it is long Elaine.” I saw her rummage in the drawer of my dressing table. “Ah!” she said triumphantly holding aloft a pair of nail scissors. “Come over here Elaine.”

I couldn’t believe this. Was she really going to hack off 35 years of my life with nail scissors?

She smiled as I approached. I returned her smile. “Turn around.”

“But Cate, I….”

“Turn around – now!” I swivelled, promptly.

I felt Cate lift my braid. Then pull it tightly. I felt pressure at the base of the braid against my scalp.

“Cate, no. Please not that short.”

“But you agreed to any style of my choice.”


“Very well then I will reconsider.” She threw the scissors to the table. And I felt a great sense of relief. “Let’s go back to the salon, shall we.” Still holding my braid, but only tugging it slightly, she led me into the salon.


It was perhaps a little cruel to tease Elaine like that. But still…

I led her to the chair and I once more admired that strong, thick braid that hung down her back and regretted having not cut it straight off. Perhaps the start of my own collection.

But I had other ideas. I pulled the band covering the end of the braid and slowly prised it apart until all hung free. I began to brush it through. It was certainly well cared for – presumably by Sandra – and with only the most expensive shampoos and conditioners.

Elaine began to relax in the chair. Eyes half closed. I watched her breasts rise with each pass of the brush. I now parted the hair down the middle from front to back and scooped the left side over her shoulder so it cascaded like a waterfall over her breast and coiled between her thighs. The blonde tips of her hair danced around her bald pussy.

Elaine was still relaxed. Her eyes were closed and I slowly reached forward and took the clippers from the counter where Elaine had left them earlier. I flicked the switch and simply ploughed the bare-bladed clippers into the mass of hair above her ear. They coughed and spluttered but as I pulled back a path began to form.

Elaine coughed and spluttered too. She couldn’t speak. Her eyes had widened and she was clearly shocked.

“Enjoy it, Elaine.” I held up one of her severed locks, 30-inch-lengths which were falling everywhere. “You will never experience the loss of so much hair in your life again.”

“But…” I moved the clippers next to the newly-formed bald patch and forced the clippers back once more. “But, I, ooooohhhhhhhh… Cate!”

Her hands had gone to the hair covering her pussy – both cut and uncut – and her teeth were biting her lower lip. As the clippers finished another pass I allowed my hand to remove a length of hair covering her breast. My hand lingered and caressed her nipple which perked up even more than it already had. “Mmmmmmm… oh Cate.”

Elaine was becoming almost incoherent with what I took to be pleasure. Moaning, calling my name occasionally, and just lost to the world.

I completed the clippering of one side of her head. I picked up the can of foam from the table and squirted a generous amount over the side of her head, massaging it in. She squirmed in the chair as I did this, her fingers working overtime.


I was out of control, and I knew it but cared little. The shock of watching Cate clipper all the hair from half my head and proceed to shave it bald was just too much. I closed my eyes and felt a razor on my head – I assumed it was a razor although the sensation was not like anything I had ever felt before. My scalp was alive with feeling and heightened by the razor scraping away the last remnants of hair. The sound was almost as sensual as the feeling itself. And once more I stayed in my own little world with my eyes closed.


I wiped away the excess foam and Elaine’s head shone. I scooped the hair from the other side so, with a little effort, it could be imagined that nothing had changed.

“Elaine, open your eyes.” She did so. “You have what appears to be a normal hairstyle.”

Clearly she was confused – a mix of emotions crossed her face from relief to, perhaps, disappointment.

“And this is how your ‘clients’ appear to you, but,” – and I swept the hair back once more to expose the semi-balded dome – “this is how you want to leave them. It is only right that you should also have yours cut too. Soon you shall be completely bald.”

“I have no choice, do I Cate?”

“None at all.”

“Then please shave my head. I’m so glad it is you, Cate.”

With that I picked up the clippers once more and, more slowly this time, shaved off the other half of Elaine’s long hair until none remained. Once more I applied the shaving foam, massaging it in, and then shaving all the remaining hair. Again I wiped away the excess foam and then massaged moisturising oil into her scalp until it shone.

“There, all done.” I leant forward and placed a delicate kiss on her crown as I ran my fingernails over her temples. And I could feel what seemed like an earthquake as Elaine began to quiver and then exploded. “Ohhhhhh Cate!”

After a few minutes she had settled once more, but was still breathing quickly. I leant down beside the chair and placed one arm around her and with my other hand lifted some of the long lengths of blonde hair that covered her naked body.

We looked once more into each other’s eyes.

“Well Elaine, I guess we better go and find you a wig to wear…or perhaps that can wait for a while.”



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