Jen Wants to Clip

Jen Wants to Clip

Jen Wants to Clip by DPTemplar

Now, this is a biographical tale; it would be autobiographical if SHE had written this, but she didn’t, so it’s biographical.

Jen decided to do it this day. Today would be the day, she thought, that she would get her head shaved.

She always had this desire to do it since she was younger; she always wanted to get her head shaved clean. This desire caused her to get quite aroused every time the idea popped in her head. She had held it off for too long. She was a grown woman at the age of 25, and her family and friends were rational people, so she was positive they’d handle her decision to shave her head with stride. She went to the best barber shop in Ontario (which is where she was from), and told the barber to cut her hair off.

She ran her fingers through her shoulder-length auburn tresses and thought, “Well, it’s been nice knowing you, but you’ve got to go.” The barber started to snip the hair a bit; she was starting to get aroused. After combing through it, he started to run clippers through her red hair. After the clippers first passed through her hair, Jen began to get very aroused, and had an orgasm under her cape. During each pass of the clippers, Jen’s smile got bigger and bigger. Soon, her head was clipped away, and was now ready for lather. Jen couldn’t wait to find out how this felt. After the lather was applied, Jen was getting tingly all over, and the insides of her jeans were getting wetter and wetter by the moment. The barber then carefully shaved Jen clean; Jen revelled in every scrape. She happily paid the barber, and walked out quite satisfied. She was slightly embarrassed about the mark she had on her pants; she was very aroused during her head shave. When she got home to change her pants, she knew it was worth making the mess.

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During that afternoon, she kept rubbing her hands on her head. She loved the feel of it so much, she then got hotter and hotter, and started to finger herself, moaning in total ecstasy. She then had an idea: what if shaving the whole body is just as great as my head? That idea floated in her head for a while….

While chatting on the Hair Lovers chatroom, she came upon a chatter named Chuck. Jen told Chuck about her recent shave earlier that day, and then told him her idea of shaving the rest of her body. He said that if she really felt like it, then she should do it. After talking about her shave, and the idea of her getting shaved all over, Jen got more and more aroused. He then suggested that should she get a full body shave, she could then go to a spa, and get a full body mud wrap. She thought of the idea of gooey mud covering her whole body from head to toe would feel great. She was getting more and more convinced. She was going to do it that night; she was going to shave the rest of the hair off of her body.

She then got out shaving cream and some disposable razors, and small nail clippers. She lathered up the mound first, and twitched over how cold it was. She then carefully and quickly shaved the pubes off until her sex was nice and smooth. After this shave, she stopped to pleasure herself; the thought of shaving herself, or having someone do it to her, made her more and more aroused. Then she took her nail clippers and carefully snipped off her eyelashes. Then she took more shaving cream and applied it to each eyebrow, and with the other disposable razor, stripped them off. Jen was now totally hairless! After pleasuring herself one more time, she went into the shower to feel the water flow over her fully shaved body, then after drying off, she went to bed without a stitch on, so she can feel the sheet slide over her body. She then made her decision to never have hair on her head again; she would go to the barber every weekend for a weekly shave, and she’d personally shave the rest of her body every night. This was the beginning of a life without hair for Jen.



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