Twins by Cruzzer

One hot summer day, Melissa and Melinda, a pair of nine-year-old twin girls, were bored and looking for a little something fun to do with their day. It was too hot to play outside, and mom was on the couch watching her soaps. Their best friend Jenny, who they would spend hours with, had gone on vacation with her parents for a week to the beach. The girls found themselves in the bathroom, playing with water balloons – strictly forbidden in the house by their mom. Their mother, however, was too entranced by the stories on television to check up on the girls playing for a while.

Melissa told Melinda, “We’d better not make a mess in here with these balloons or mom will spaz out,” and emptied the balloons in the sink. Then, Melinda pulled open the bottom drawer of the vanity and lifted out their dad’s electric hair clipper.

Melinda, the bolder twin, said to her sister, “I dare you to cut my bangs with dad’s clippers.”

The other twin got a scared look in her eye, but took the clippers from her sister. “I don’t know Melin…”

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“Come on,” said the other sister, “look, my hair’s in my eyes!”

The more timid girl plugged the appliance into the wall, and they sprang to life, singing and humming. “You are crazy Melin,” she said, but she was already talked into the idea and held them tightly with both hands.

The girl had sat herself on the toilet seat and combed her light blond hair forwards on her forehead, just like her mom always did when cutting bangs, then put a towel around her shoulders. Melissa, holding the clippers, moved the buzzing machine near her sister’s head. “Don’t take too much off, Meliss, or mom will know.” Then Melissa brought the clippers to her sister’s forehead touching them to the hair lightly. A few hairs fell on her lap. “Cut more, you’re going too slow.” She then brought the shaver down harder on the other girl’s forehead, a few inches above her eyebrow. “That’s more like it,” said the other twin, as more hair fell.

Then, the timid twin brought the teeth down a few more times, but the bangs were very crooked, nearing the hairline on one side. “Melin, I need to even them out, ok.” Then she repositioned the clippers, pointing the teeth not down, but against the grain of the bangs, and pushed them back into her sister’s hair. “Oh-oh,” she whispered, as the clippers shaved a two-inch path into her sister’s hair, about a quarter inch long. “I am going to cut a little more on this side now,” and pushed the mowing clippers back two inches all along the small girl’s forehead, at the hairline.

Melinda, the twin getting her hair cut, jumped up and looked in the mirror. “Oh gosh Meliss, you shaved off my bangs.” It was true, her hair had been shaved along the forehead, back about two inches, to a quarter-inch-long stubble. “Meliss, mom’s going to know – how should we cover it up?”

“I don’t know Melin, it’s pretty short. Try combing down the rest of your hair to cover it.” Then she combed down the longer hairs from higher on her head. “It doesn’t look right Melin, mom’s going to know! What do we do?”

Melinda then started wetting her hair with the comb, combing it back on her head. “I am going to shave off the stubble, so it looks just like my forehead goes up to here instead of here,” she pointed out with her hand. “Get the shaving cream mom uses from the shower.” Her sister handed the can over, and she took a dollop, spreading it all over her forehead and the stubble. “Meliss, would you do the shaving?” and sat back on the toilet.

Melissa took her father’s disposable razor and started shaving her sister’s forehead, going up and down and side to side. She shaved the stubbled area, pushing down firmly with the razor on the rough clipped scalp, sliding the razor over and over the new higher forehead, feeling it with her finger. “Melin, I think it’s done. I shaved off the stubble till it’s smooth.” The girl cleaned off the remaining foam with a wet washrag, revealing patchy reddened skin, directly above her forehead. She reached up to touch it, feeling a smooth, sensitive sensation. “Wow, Meliss, it feels kind of good to touch – it’s so smooth where my hair used to be.”

Just then their mother burst into the bathroom; she had had the feeling the girls were getting in trouble. The mother saw what the girls had done, with the hair all over the floor, and the crude haircut of one of her twins. “Girls, what have you been up to? It looks like I am going to have to punish you two for this.” Then she sat the timid twin down on the toilet seat, turning on the shaver. “This will teach you never, ever, to play with Daddy’s clippers ever again. It’s going to hurt me more than it hurts you, girls.” The mom quickly buzzed all the long blond hair off her daughter’s head to a quarter inch, taking just two minutes to clean the locks off her head. “There, Melissa Jean, you now have a nice short haircut to remind you of your punishment. Your daddy’s going to have such a fit.” The little girl was crying silently, looking scared into the mirror at her new burrcut. The shaved cut looked out of place on her, dressed in a pink jumper.

The mother pushed her other daughter onto the seat, revving up the clippers. “I bet you are the one who is responsible for the two of you getting in trouble like this, Melinda Jo.” She glided the warm machine over her other twin’s head quickly and harshly, removing it from the long blond hairs that reached to her shoulders. The girl had received a quarter inch burr cut all over, except for the shaved clean area above her forehead. “Melinda Jo, I can see I need to punish you a little more harshly than your sister,” said the mother, smoothing shaving cream over the remaining stubble. Then the mother quickly shaved the small head, in a number of strokes that couldn’t have been 10, running the razor from forehead to crown to nape in one motion so quickly, the girl started crying loudly. “Hold your tears for later, Melin, you’re not getting any sympathy from me now!” said her mother. After she was done, the shaved bald girl looked at herself in the mirror, horrified, feeling the smooth burning scalp that somehow felt so good to her as she stroked it.


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