She’s Gone Too Far

She's Gone Too Far

She’s Gone Too Far by Buzz

My daughter was always a little bit rebellious, but today when I came home I think she went too far. The nose stud was hard to accept, the tattoo got her mother in a fit, but today, today she went too far. She has always had long hair and we thought that she really liked having hair down to the middle of her back. She came home a month ago, with her hair pulled back into a pony tail, so that her hair was swept back and tied in the middle of the back of her head with an elastic. The hair below her pony tail was shaved clean off. Completely bald, down to the skull. She said that they where all over a friend’s named Steve and he was messing around with a pair of scissors. He snuck up behind a friend of our daughter’s and cut a hank of hair from her second ponytail. I guess she had her hair up in two ponytails, one above the other in the back of her head. Steve cut the lower ponytail off right against the hair line and the bottom ponytail came out of the elastic and produced a bristle of hair. He said that if she wanted he would shave the hair off and she could shave his head too. Well one thing led to another and the two of them went a little crazy with the clippers and ended up with the hair below their ear tips shaved all off all the way around. When they combed their hair down it covered their bald heads, but when it was pulled back, it exposed the shaven scalps. My daughter said that she wanted to shave her hair off, but that her mother and me would get too upset. Well they kept at her until she decided to shave just the underneath hair from behind her ear around to the other ear. Well her mother was so upset that she told her she was grounded and that the only way she could go out of her room was to wear her older sister’s wig, or comb her hair down and take the nose stud out of her nose.

Well this punishment went on and on for about a week. Then there was a big dance at the high school that my daughter was going to. She asked her mother if she could go and my daughter said that she would wear the wig, but could she leave the stud in. After much debate, her mother agreed. Our daughter disappeared into her room and proceeded to get ready. She sat on her bed and said to herself, if they want me to wear this stupid wig, then I’ll give them the same embarrassment in return. Later when that guy Steve came to pick her up for the dance, he had his hair pulled back and his shaven nape was exposed. My wife leaned over and said that she thought that it looked terrible and that our daughter looked so much better with her sister’s wig covering up her punked out hair. When our daughter came down stairs, her hair looked very neat and tidy. Of course it was a wig, but at least it made her mother happy.

Out in the car, Steven asked our daughter, what’s with the funny wig, she told him it was the only way that she could leave the house. She then reached up and pulled of the wig to reveal a freshly shaven head. Steven couldn’t believe his eyes. HOW..WHAT…Steve stammered. She said that if wearing that wig was the only way to get out of the house, then she would keep her head shaved….and then her mother would be happy, and she could carry on with her punk styles. In the mean time her mother went up to clean our daughter’s bathroom and when she emptied her waste basket, found it full of long brown hair…..that’s when I heard her scream… was then that I knew our daughter went too far…..


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