True Story

True Story

A True Story – Anon

The following is totally true.

For years I’ve had a hair fetish. My fetish though, seems to not be shared by anyone else on the net – artificial hair colors on women such as pink, purple and blue. When I see a chick with long (doesn’t have to be long but at least flowing) purple hair, I always got excited. Shaved heads on women never did it for me until…

About five years ago, I finally got my girlfriend to dye a section of her hair pink. It was the left portion of her bangs all the way back to the back of her left ear. I would have loved for her to do it all, but something is better than nothing.

Around the same time I was working at a fast food restaurant where one day a girl came in with thick blond hair in a ponytail that was tied in such a way as to playfully tilt up (not like a squaw). The feature that stood out most however was she had shaved the sides and back of her head bald. It was shaved up to about one inch above up her ears. Wow! I never saw that before. And I liked it.

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Not two weeks after the blond girl gave me ideas, my girlfriend’s boss was bitching about her hair color. I guess since she too worked at a restaurant, her boss didn’t want any controversial looks. The solution was simple. Since she had to wear a hairnet anyway, I suggested that we find her a very dense hairnet to cover most of the pink in hair. Well, that didn’t satisfy her boss. The left sideburn of her hair was still showing pink – the net couldn’t cover that. I was in danger of losing my pink lady. Then the light bulb lit up!

Remembering to myself the hot blond, I suggested to my girl that I shave her sideburns. I said that she should shave enough off so that the pink wouldn’t show through. She agreed. I was happy.

I used only a razor blade, running it down over her sideburns. I was new to this, so it was awkward. The hair would immediately clog the blade. I’d clean it out, and again it would clog. When I finished, her sideburns were gone – only bare skin remained in that small, modest section in front of her ears. I stood in front of her, held her hair up in between my fingers and said, “You look so sexy like that.” She replied with a surprised “Really?” I was wondering how that was gonna turn out, but her reaction was what I had hoped for. I licked the bare spots, and we both got revved up.

Her boss was happy. She was happy. I was happy.

A day later (and thinking I might be pushing my luck), I said that she should shave more. “An inch above the ears,” I said. She agreed happily (she liked the extra attention as well as genuinely liking the look). This time I used the cutting edge on my Remington electric razor. This too was awkward, but it did work. She looked into the mirror with a smile and turned her head from side to side to check it out. She liked this as well.

When I was shaving her the second time, I complained at how difficult it was with the razor. I talked about clippers that were used by barbers that would work better. I thought we should buy a pair and shave further up. She didn’t have any problems with that. In fact, the idea thrilled her.

In the meantime, I marveled at the contrast between her pink/black hair and the clipped portion. I’d have her grab her medium length hair and pull it up to expose her skin. I was always turned on when she’d pose for me like this.

The next day, she seemed anxious, but I didn’t say a word. We were driving back from lunch to my house; she was even more anxious. Then she asked: “Do you want to do it?”

I said, “Yes, if you do.” Then she practically demanded it. This was the biggest turn-on of all.

You see, years later, I’ve browsed web sites with photos and stories that feature punishment cuts, and this does nothing for me. What really turns me on is totally voluntary shaving. So it makes sense that my girlfriend highly desiring getting shaved was way cool.

Anyway, we drove to Sears and selected a Wahl shaver. We went back to my house and broke it open.

I clipped up two inches above her ears. She now had virtually bald sides, but only to the border of the back of her ears. She looked great. She thought so too. She put up the sides of her hair to show her skin. It wasn’t any secret; she’d go everywhere like that. We went to Disneyland, malls, movies – all with her skin showing. Her showing it off with no apologies was also a big turn on.

Later I suggested shaving the rest of her sides and the back of her head. I started by shaving the width of the clippers along the back of her ears, down to her neck. Then I shaved three inches of the back of her head.

Two weeks later I said that the best would be to shave all of her hair on the sides and back. Shaving as much as possible to show as much skin as possible but still allowing the hair on top to cover the bald spots was the plan. She agreed this would look great, and I did it.

I shaved her so it would be covered when her hair was down, but not too little so that when a modest wind blew it would fold her hair over exposing the sides and back.

Months later she got tired of it and it grew back only to be shaved again. The second time she grew it back she agreed to finally dye ALL her hair super bright – almost fluorescent – pink. Then when she got tired of the pink she had me shave her again. All in all, she had drawn the line at the sides and back – no further. I had suggested to shave everything except her bangs. I know she would have looked so hot like that (and I know she would have liked it too), but she would not allow any more.

There where times when I was shaving her head that I just wanted to mow the clippers right over her head, but consent was my biggest turn-on. Plus, that would have been abusive, and I loved her too much for that.

I really loved the shaved head (but I must admit, the pink was my favorite and I’m constantly amazed no one else has this fetish), and I really loved her, but we broke up.

The search continues…


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