Amanda and Alyson’s Activities

Amanda and Alyson's Activities

Alyson and Amanda were identical twins. No really: identical in almost every way on the outside. There were obvious differences in their personalities, but they got along so well that they could usually fool anyone. Even their parents and boyfriends. When they were out of college, one night they sat up talking at Amanda’s apartment, and they decided that enough was enough. Things were going to have to change. Amanda stood in front of Alyson as she looked on. They both had great bodies, thin in the right places, and filled in much better places. For lack of knowing what else to do with it, they had both usually grown their hair. It now reached to mid-back, and was perfectly straight. The thick brown locks gleamed under the lights as they talked about a plan.

The first thing they agreed on was that the quickest way to differentiate between the two of them would be different hairstyles. They talked about that for a bit, and both realized they wanted a change. In order to make sure they didn’t end up with the same styles, they would have to work together. As they fantasized about the changes, the ideas became more and more extreme. Finally, they just burst out laughing, until Amanda spoke.

“Let’s make this a fun game… I have an idea.”

Alyson perked up. This was the kind of thing they loved to do, and she already knew what was next. “Each of us,” Amanda continued, “will pick the other’s hairstyle. You will discuss my style with our stylist before I show up, and I will pick a style for you, with your stylist. If we end up with the same style, we play again. If one of us is unhappy, we both get to go under again, until we are both satisfied.”

Alyson stared at her sister intently. This was risky, but it was going to be so much fun! “Are there any ground rules?” she asked.

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“Anything goes. Any style, color, anything. But if I don’t like what you had done to me, I could always exact revenge on you in the next round.” They both laughed. They talked through the rules and details a few more times. They decided to go with a salon downtown, which had the best stylists in town, and was divided into sections, so they would not be able to see each other until the job was done. They would go a week from this Saturday.

By the time Saturday came, they had gone ahead and made all the arrangements. The owner of the salon was a friend and relished the thought of a face-off between the sisters. The sisters spent a lot of time poring over style books, trying to come up with good ideas.


She sat down in the chair nervously. She had not cut her hair in ages, other than the regularly scheduled trims. The stylist, Sandy, was her favorite. Sandy was obviously excited about the prospect of doing one or even more makeover cuts on Amanda. She smiled slyly at Amanda, knowing what style she was about to get. Amanda jumped when Sandy began brushing her long hair. But then she relaxed and put her fate in Sandy’s hands. Sandy and Alyson had talked for a long time about their options. They wanted to achieve a radical change, but not be too extreme. Sandy started working on the new style. When Amanda’s hair was all brushed out, Sandy took her shears, and with a fearful, but excited Amanda looking on in the mirror, made her first cut. Sandy was cutting Amanda’s hair just above the shoulders. This would give her a lot of lift, and numerous options in how she wanted to wear her hair that day. She went all the way around, and hesitated at the front. Then she cut the front the same length. She took Amanda over to a shampoo bowl, and after a quick wash, applied a color rinse. The resulting color was fantastic. The dark brown now had a lot of red shine to it. Amanda was starting to like her sister’s choice, and wondered how Alyson was doing. Sandy sat her back down in the chair for the finishing touches. This is where the radical change came in: Sandy had hesitated about cutting the bangs earlier, but now she went ahead: The look of surprise on Amanda’s face through the remaining hair was priceless, Sandy thought. Alyson and Sandy had agreed that the only way to leave length and create that radical change, was to cut a short fringe. And on Amanda’s sculpted face, it looked great as it brought out her beautiful eyes. Sandy was almost done.


Alyson was excited. She knew that Amanda was going to be in for a surprise. And she knew her twin well enough to realize she was in for a shock herself. Her stylist, Heather, was new to the salon. They had hired her to bring some more edge to the established clientele of the salon. Her styles and techniques reflected the latest in hair fashion. Alyson sat down and smiled in eager anticipation. Heather wasted no time. Using only a straight razor and a comb, she quickly took 15 inches off Alyson’s hair. The initial cut was actually quite similar to Amanda’s, but an inch and a half shorter. Just below her ears. But then Heather seemed to kick into higher gear, and started taking some extra length off the back. The resulting cut was modern, and a big change from the all one-length cut Alyson had had so long. In the back, her hair was raised a bit, to form an inverted bob. Alyson was almost surprised when Heather did not cut her bangs. With the technique Heather used, the bob was somewhat wispy, creating a modern look. Alyson was starting to like it. Then Heather brought her over to the shampoo bowl and gave her a quick rinse. Then she applied color. Alyson was going nuts. She had not really anticipated her sister giving her a color. Her mind was racing as she tried to think what color Amanda might have picked. It took quite some time to set, and after she had been rinsed out, Alyson found herself a new blonde. It was a striking color that had been achieved by a new highlighting technique. Heather had spent quite some time on the highlights, as the desired effect was a much lighter color overall. As Heather was drying her hair, Alyson could not believe her look. After all those years of blonde jokes, she was blonde herself. While the change really excited her, she silently vowed revenge on Amanda for this.

When the twins were reunited they marveled at each other’s haircuts. Each really liked what they had picked for the other, and they could not get enough of looking at themselves, next to the other twin in the mirror. The salon’s owner took some pictures, and the twins went to lunch to discuss the morning. Both Amanda and Alyson reveled in the new shortness of their dos. The two stunningly beautiful women were used to drawing looks from passers by, but it seemed they were getting more looks than ever. Over lunch, they decided to go to the next round, as neither was really happy. They got back to the salon and took their seats, after spending some time with the other twin’s stylist.


She had made pretty clear to Amanda that she did not appreciate being a blonde. Amanda had laughed so hard that it had made Alyson mad. Just wait and see, she thought. Amanda did decide to change Alyson’s color for this style. The color Heather put in was done very quickly. It had been very easy: jet black. Amanda was getting Alyson back for cutting her bangs so short. When they returned to the chair, Heather pulled her straight razor out again, and started on the back of Alyson’s head. Alyson could not quite figure out what Heather was doing. Heather rapidly worked from the back to the sides, and then blocked the mirror as she prepared to work on the front. Alyson’s chin-length bangs were sliced off in quick motions. Alyson’s shocked gasp made Amanda smile on the other side of the salon. Alyson’s new cut was very dramatic. She had very short fringe bangs, and then a very sharp inverted bob. Alyson shuddered as Heather applied the straight razor to her skin. Heather took away most of the hair below the bob cut, with some slight tapering at the top of the bare nape. The look was stunning, and even more so due to its jet-black color.


She was still laughing at the look of Alyson as a blonde. This had been their big joke all through high school and college. She was also frustrated by her short bangs, knowing that they would probably dictate the next style. Sandy now took her to the coloring area, and started working on a new color. It took some work before all the red came out, but in the end it did. Sandy then got her shears out and cut two inches of length at the ends, and then started to create some layers in the length. Amanda had been put in front of a station with no mirror, and was very anxious to find out her new color. She had a few suspicions. The new cut was very bouncy. Sandy had cut a lot of layers, and shaped the style accordingly. She led Amanda to a mirror. Amanda’s knees buckled when she saw the bleached blonde cut staring back at her. She became wet instantly when she saw how shockingly different she looked from this morning. In a perverse way, she really liked it, but she decided that the cut was too dated.

When the sisters were reunited, the excitement was in the air. Amanda would not stop running her finger along Alyson’s shaved nape. Each time she did, Alyson shuddered deeper. All in all, they were complete opposites in the color. Once again, they went for a walk. This time, they discussed their fates in the Bennigan’s in the mall parking lot. After the initial shock, they were getting quite caught up in laughter, and mimicked each other’s faces. The wait staff was happy to keep their table provided with tall frozen margaritas. The salon’s owner had told them they could do this one more time today, but they would have to wait a few hours while a few other clients were seen by Heather and Sandy. Alyson and Amanda spent all that time at Bennigan’s.

They were still laughing when they returned to the salon. Heather and Sandy were waiting. They split up to discuss the next styles, and got back to their respective chairs.


She thought she had talked Alyson into leaving her hair this color. She really liked the shock value of it and wanted to see the effect it would have on a few people, including that night’s date, before she decided whether to change it. Sandy was ready for her. With a comb and scissors, Sandy took off a lot of Amanda’s hair. She left maybe five inches on the top, but was going to treat the sides and back differently. Amanda’s eyes lit up when Sandy turned on the clippers with a loud pop. As the teeth sank themselves into the thick bleached hair at the nape of her neck, Amanda felt an orgasm come on. She barely managed to hold it in, but then had to give in as Sandy repeatedly moved the vibrating clippers up her neck. Sandy was expertly moving up the back and sides of Amanda’s head, taking off large amounts of hair. She was tapering the cut to the much longer locks on top. The result, unstyled, looked like a fountain of hair was coming out the top of her head. Sandy then started applying a color. Amanda was disappointed, but puzzled, as Sandy was only at her back. When washed out, she had a dark pink cloud at the back of her head, disappearing into the bleached longer locks at the top. Sandy shrugged at Amanda, and said that she didn’t think it would work. Alyson and she had decided to try it and then give Amanda the option: cut the pink out, or go pink all over. Amanda’s fiery eyes shot sparks. She had relished being a new blonde, but pink? Why not… Sandy went to work. The pink tresses were shocking and fantastic. Amanda was glowing with pleasure.


Amanda was not fully coherent when she returned to the salon to talk to Heather. The margaritas took a heavier toll on her than they had on Alyson. She decided to trust Heather this time, and merely instructed her to not change too much in the cut or the color, but just to make it as edgy as she could, using this as a base. Heather had been ecstatic at the chance to experiment. Alyson plopped in the chair and was fading out quickly, which was what alcohol usually did to her. She grimaced at the raven-haired beauty in the mirror, who grimaced back with a twinkle in her eyes. Heather was running her hands through Alyson’s hair, quickly putting her into a light doze, as she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do.

She picked up her straight razor and started cutting again. This time she left one side of Alyson’s head completely alone. On the other side, however, she cut high. At almost the top, she left less than an inch in the front, where it worked into the short fringe in the front. On second glance, she came back to the front, and cut even more off the fringe, leaving it even shorter. It was almost all gone in front. She took that line, and took that to the back, shortening and thinning everything below it. The other side she left untouched. The new, shorter side was then carefully colored. The resulting look was stunning: from one side, it looked like Alyson had an edgy sharp inverted bob. Her hair was still jet black. On the other side, there it looked like Alyson had an ultra-short spiky cut. Heather had shaved most of the hair on this side, and then bleached it, and colored it blue. Very edgy. In the back, Heather had achieved what she had always dreamed of doing: the blue blend into the black at the back. She was very happy with her work. Alyson had become more alert along the way, as Heather had progressed, and was staring in rapt fascination at what she was doing. A tremendous excitement was building up inside her, as she was completely at Heather’s mercy for this one. She grinned hugely at the final result.

Amanda and Alyson shrieked when they looked at each other. They hugged and stood back to admire the handiwork. Heather was standing next to Alyson and stroked the short blue section with her nails. Alyson shuddered and leaned into Heather’s hand, not wanting that sensation to end. Heather let her lean into her, as she continued stroking the stubble on the side and back of Alyson’s hair. Amanda looked on excitedly. Alyson came once again, leaning into Heather, who could feel the shudders at her fingertips. As Alyson turned her head, Heather took a chance and placed a long kiss on her lips. Alyson’s body responded, coming alive under Heather’s touch, and after the long kiss just stood there. Amanda was watching the whole thing, and hugged Alyson, laughing at the response. Alyson stood, slightly embarrassed, and then joined in the laughter. The two sisters looked at each other and did not know what to think. Amanda cancelled her date that night, and the sisters spent the evening talking about the day. Amanda knew that Alyson had never kissed a girl before, and probably never would again. It was all about the moment. The sisters decided that they were done playing for the moment, but vowed to go back to the same technique when it became time for another change.

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