Transformation – Joanne Berry

Part One

Kate was frustrated. Her life was normal by anyone’s standard. Working in the advertising industry, she got a chance to mix with a lot of colourful people. She always said to herself that she would one day do something dramatic. But up until now Kate was worried about what other people thought of her. However she felt an increasing pressure to change. At 5’8” with long blonde hair and an athletic build, she never had any problems getting the guys’ attention. In fact it was a problem, she didn’t like the attention she received. All the men she attracted were machos who were only claiming another conquest. Kate had long since stopped wearing make-up and dressed down to avoid standing out. Secretly Kate had noticed that she was really attracted to women. She felt an affinity for one particular girl, Jenny. She was much the same height and build as Kate. Her hair was jet black. It framed Jenny’s face beautifully. Everything about her was different. Jenny exuded pure sexual energy. Her green eyes were mystical and Kate found herself lost in them. Kate caught herself many a time gazing at Jenny. Jenny sensed this too. A smile would appear when she caught Kate looking in her direction. They both worked in the same office, yet they hardly spoke to each other. Kate wondered at her fascination for Jenny. Was she also interested in other women?

Then one day Kate found herself invited to a party at Jenny’s house. The invitation lay on her desk. It said that it was a women only gathering. She couldn’t believe it. Her heart started to pound and she felt a thrill shoot through her body. After work Kate went out and looked for something special to wear. It had to be sexy and at the same time feminine. One place she knew was a place called Compulsion. It dealt in quite exotic clothes, leather, PVC, latex and rubber. Kate had always liked the thought of this kind of thing but she was a bit scared of that side of her. She wasn’t the dominant type, or so she thought. Opening the door, she stepped into the shop. The lighting was dim and it felt like she was a child in some forbidden place. Looking a round she saw various bodies, dresses and corsets. But her attention was drawn by a black latex dress. It was beautiful and shiny. Touching it made her go weak at the knees.

“Can I help you?” came a female voice from behind Kate.

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Turning round, Kate’s breath caught in her throat. The girl was dressed in a black PVC catsuit. But it wasn’t what she was wearing that caused her surprise, it was that the girl’s head was shaved bald. Her big blue eyes radiating a strange sexual vibrancy.

“Wow you look amazing,” gushed Kate. Kate felt an urge to touch the woman’s head. “May I feel your head?” she asked before she could check herself. “Oh I’m sorry, that is rude of me,” Kate apologised.

“It’s OK, go on, I like being touched,” the young shop assistant replied.

Kate reached out and ran her hands over the girl’s head. It felt so smooth. “I think you look incredible, what’s your name?” Kate said.

“Ruth and thank you, I’ve been shaving for a couple of weeks and I have had loads of compliments.”

“I’m Kate and I need something for a party on Saturday. I like this one.” She pointed to the black latex dress.

“I think it will suit you” Ruth responded.

“OK, I’ll take it,” Kate said and with Ruth headed for the checkout. On the way she noticed a pair of black patent ankle boots. “I’ll take these too. That’s if you got them in size 6?” The assistant went behind the counter to get the boots. Returning with the goods she rang up the bill. Kate paid the girl. “I wish I had the courage that you do Ruth.”

“Give it time, you’ll find out what you want soon enough,” she replied. On that they said goodbye and Kate left the shop and headed for home.

Once home, Kate went to the bedroom and, undressing, she put the dress on. It felt wonderful on. Looking at herself in the mirror, she pulled her long blonde hair back from her face and neck. She tried to imagine that she was bald too. Kate felt a strange stirring within. “What if?” she asked herself. She felt as if a curtain had been opened and she could see through for the first time. She knew what she wanted. Undressing, Kate walked to the bathroom. She stood in front of the sink and opened the medicine cabinet. Taking a pair of scissors, she closed the door and looked at herself in the mirror. Kate felt excited like never before in her life. She was weak with fear. Her hands were shaking and she could feel wetness between her legs. Grabbing a handful of hair at the top of her head she placed the scissors as close to the scalp as possible. She swallowed hard. Then she closed the scissors with determination. She cut and cut until the hair came away in her hand. Kate gasped as she saw an area of stubble where her blonde hair had been. Then a frenzy took over, she took more and more handfuls and sheared them to the scalp. With every snip she felt herself becoming more and more turned on. The hair fell in great lumps down her back and onto the floor. As they fell, she felt them stroking her back. This increased the rising sexual tension. She cut her bangs, then round the sides and back. The floor was now a mass of hair. Kate could see her scalp showing through the stubble. It wasn’t even, in fact it was looking very hacked up. She reached into the cabinet once again and found her Lady Shaver. Turning it on she used the long hair trimmer to clip the hair down to the scalp. She could feel the vibration of the shaver, it was almost too much. The first wave of an orgasm hit. It shook her violently. However she had to pull herself together, it wasn’t over yet. Turning the Lady Shaver round she started to run it over her head, pressing as hard as she dared. It felt like she was massaging her head. After a while she turned it off and ran her hands over her head. It was still a bit rough.

Kate brushed the hair of her body and stepped into the shower. The warm water felt exhilarating as it hit her now bared head. She took some liquid soap and massaged it onto her scalp. Lathering it up she reached for a fresh safety razor. Starting at the neck she began shaving upwards and against the growth. With her free hand she pulled the skin of her scalp tight. The rasp of each stroke made her feel wet again. But she kept on shaving. Then she moved the razor from one side to the other. That finished, she did the top of her head. Soon the whole head was done. It had all happened so fast. Then came the eyebrows, off they came. Kate moved her hand down to her mound and felt the pubic hair. Without pausing she shaved that too as well. She was now completely bald. Getting out of the shower, she dried herself off and walked into the bedroom. Kate gazed at the figure in the mirror. She was greeted by a stranger, a beautiful bald goddess. Kate touched her smooth head. The transformation was complete. She lay on the bed and her finger found its way to her clitoris. Her other hand stroked her head. She thought of making love to Jenny as the waves and waves of ecstasy reached her and wracked her body. She didn’t care about tomorrow and work or her friends – she felt free.


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