Payback – Chelsea

It was Saturday night. Me and my friend had made a bet: whoever won this soccer tournament gets to cut the other person’s hair however they want and gets to pierce whatever they want, as many times as they want. We were down by one. The ball was passed to me. I could feel my long hair that reached to my butt, in a ponytail. I rushed down the field, headed towards the goal, and let it fly. It sailed high and true, it started to sink a little, and the goalie jumped, barely hitting it out.

My heart sunk deep. My friend, Heather was her name, looked at me and smiled.

I went up to her house the next morning, and she said, “Are you ready?”

“Y-yes,” I told her. I sat down in a big chair in front of a mirror.

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“Let’s do the hair first,” she said. She put my long hair into a ponytail, and chopped it off. She kept on cutting, and I winced every time the hair fell down. Then she plugged in the clippers and let them run. They felt cold on my neck, it sent a shiver up my spine. She made so many runs I lost count. Then she pulled something out from behind her back, which I couldn’t tell what it was. She spread it all over my head. She was going to shave it all off! The lather felt warm on my head, and as the razor went over my head, it got very cold in the room. “Ah, we’re finished!” she said. “Let me get the needle and I’ll be right back.”

I couldn’t see my newly shaved head, but I knew it looked pretty bad. She came back with a box full of rings. I gulped.

“Well, Chelsea, are you ready for your new look?” She had an evil smile on her face.

“S-sure.” I was almost in tears.

“Now, close your eyes, this might hurt a little.” I did, and felt a sharp pain in my eyebrow… and another. Then in my other one. A tear went down my eye. She gave me one in each nostril and three in my lip, then 6 in each ear. Then she pierced my navel. “OK, all done! Do you like it?”

I looked in the mirror, said nothing. I gave her a “I hate you” look. I got home, and rushed up to my room. I plotted to get her tonight.

It was midnight. I was in front of her house. It was a one story house, so I could climb into her window, which I did. First thing I did was tie her to the bed, and then duct taped her mouth. I opened up my bag, and took out the clippers. I switched them on, which didn’t wake her up, which I was surprised at. I didn’t have to worry about my hair getting in the way, that’s for sure. I just ran down the front of her head, and lifted up her head to get the back.

Then she woke up. She tried to scream, but she couldn’t. I just kept at it. She was breathing really hard, and I told her to be quiet and not to move, trying to disguise my voice.

After I was done buzzing her head, I took some shaving cream and rubbed it all over her head. Then I took out the razor I use to shave my legs, and shaved everything off.

Piercing time. I did everything far worse then she did: her eyebrows, three times each; her nose, two in each nostril, plus one in the middle. Then, I ripped off the tape, and quickly stuffed her mouth with a cloth before she could scream. I then picked up her lip, and pierced it twice, then the bottom three times. She had two earrings in both ears already, so I gave her six more. Then, I did her navel. Now, oh now is the worst part. I took wax, and put it all over her head. After it dried, I ripped it off, taking the roots with it. She’ll be bald till next spring! I climbed out the window, feeling good about myself.

Well, that was three months ago, and she’s still bald. I have a nice spiky look, that I have bleached and dyed hot pink, going for the punky look.

Well, thanks for reading this!


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