Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True

Too good to be true

Like the subject title says, this seems to be to good to be true, but it is indeed true.

Yesterday I decided to go to my favorite bar to have a couple of drinks and relax. When I got there I was stunned to find that my favorite bar, and the only one that I ever drink in, was closed forever. Talk about being bummed! I sort of drove around for a while in a bit of a daze, wondering where in the hell I was going to go to drink and relax from now on. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a small bar that I had never noticed before. I decided to see what it was like.

It was pretty dark inside and not very big and at first I felt a bit uncomfortable due to the fact that I knew absolutely no one. I ordered a beer and put up quarters on the pool table. As I sat waiting for my game, I suddenly felt a hand slap my back lightly and turned to see my friend and neighbor Tom standing there. He sat next to me and soon we were drinking and talking, and some of my trepidation about the place eased. At about this time I noticed this absolutely gorgeous blonde sitting just around the corner of the bar. I glanced over at her and was pleasantly surprised to find her looking straight at me. Hours went by and the beer was flowing freely, and over the hours I noticed that this beautiful woman was stealing glances at me regularly. I went to the restroom and when I came back she was heading out the door. I decided I had to go for it. The worst she could do was say no. So I followed her out and asked her if she would go out to dinner with me. She tried to tell me that she was supposed to be going to meet a guy for a date right then and there so it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to go out on a date. But I knew this was just an excuse and that she wanted to say yes. So I persisted. And lo and behold persistence does indeed pay off. Instead of going to meet this guy, she came back into the bar with me. We stayed there drinking and talking for about another hour, and I asked her if she’d like to go to my place where we could talk more privately and with less noise. She agreed. I keep a decent assortment of beverages and after making us a couple of her favorite drink, we began getting to know each other better. That’s when she told me what she did for a living, and my heart immediately started pounding hard and fast. It turned out that this lovely lady is a hair stylist and owns her own salon which is literally three minutes away from where I live. I couldn’t believe it! But it got even better. Having just gotten my head shaved a couple of weeks ago, she couldn’t help but notice how short my hair is, and asked me why I wear it so short. I wanted to be honest with her but I didn’t want to blow it with this woman by telling her that I have a hair fetish. My concern was that she might think I am some kind of weirdo or something. So I decided to feel her out so to speak and find out what her attitudes on hair and hair cutting are exactly. So I asked her if she did or did not like very short hair on men. You can imagine how elated I was when she said she not only loved short hair on men but also loved doing extremely short cuts. She said in fact that she is more of a barber than a stylist, preferring to do men, and preferring to do clipper cuts. I thought for sure I had died and gone to heaven. Here was a woman who is beautiful to the point of being model material, and she loves to do clipper cuts. I decided to tell her about my fetish. Her smile told me that not only did she not think I am a weirdo, but that she too has a hair fetish. We spent the next couple of hours talking about our fetishes and how and when they developed. I’m sure all of you out there who share this fetish understand how arousing it is to talk about it, and our passions began to flow. As we explored each other’s bodies, she whispered very seductively to me many, many times how much she would like to clip my hair. I took my shot. I whispered back to her that I would love to cut her hair also. I didn’t say clip, but cut. I did not want to freak her out or scare her off. She seemed to think about it for a second and then said ok. WOW!!! I just couldn’t believe this was happening. As I sit here now typing this I still can’t believe it all. After a few minutes she got up and put her clothes on and told me to do the same. I was under the impression that she would be spending the night with me, and immediately felt disappointment well up inside of me. That’s when she told me we were going to her place.

It was about 3 in the morning when we walked into her salon. The salon itself was really nice and did indeed resemble a barber shop more than it did a styling salon. This woman must have at least 10 different clippers, and she displays them proudly, hanging in a row from hooks on the front of the counter in front of the chair. The chair itself is not a modern styling chair, but it is not an old style barbers chair either. It’s what I would describe as a modern barbers chair, very sleek yet surprisingly comfortable.

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Until last night, I didn’t think that anyone else in the world got hornier over hair cutting then I do, but this woman has me beat by a long shot. I guess all our talk about clipping me and cutting her hair got her pretty worked up, because she had her clothes off in a NY second, and was groping and kissing me like she was a 30 year old virgin on her wedding night. I felt like I was being attacked by the Tasmanian devil or something. And slowly but surely she was guiding me backwards to the chair. She pushed me into it very forcefully, and I remember thinking that this woman must be able to read my mind and know that I like to be dominated to a certain degree. She reclined the chair all the way back and was on top of me in a flash. She lowered herself down onto me and began to fuck me like it was the last time she would ever have sex. I am not ashamed to admit that I came within a matter of minutes, and I’m sure any other guy in my place would have done the same thing. But that didn’t stop her. She just kept right on going until about 10 minutes later she started screaming that she was coming. I tried to put my hand over her mouth, sure that everyone for 5 miles around could hear her, but I couldn’t even begin to stifle her. Then very casually, as if it was an every day occurrence for her, she got up, tilted the chair upright, draped a cape around me, and lit a cigarette. She took a couple of drags of the smoke and then handed it to me. Then she went to her counter and took two of her clippers off their hooks. She stood behind me and literally started taunting me. She started asking me if I wanted her to shave me, and saying ‘you want these don’t you?’ and ‘you want me to make you nice and smooth don’t you?’ Needless to say I was rock hard again at that point and found myself begging her to do it, shave me. Both of the clippers snapped to life. She placed one in front of my left ear, one in front of my right ear. There they sat for several minutes as she taunted me mercilessly. Then suddenly she pushed both of the clippers up very quickly. It was incredible. Typically I prefer to have my head shaved slow so that I can enjoy every second of the process. But let me tell you, last night I found out that having my head shaved quickly and forcefully is every bit as erotic as having it done slowly. It was like a blur. Those clippers sang over my head and in like 10 seconds she stripped all my hair off. She put the two clippers back on their hooks and picked up a third one. She then proceeded to reshave my head with this clipper very slowly. Then the next clipper, and the next. And so it went until she had used every one of her clippers on my head. Then she gently and slowly lathered up my head and shaved it perfectly smooth.

The second I got out of the chair she got into it. She made it a point to tell me that it felt weird cause she had never sat in her own chair to get her hair cut. She always went to a friend and fellow stylist to have her hair done. She also made it a point to tell me that I couldn’t cut her hair too short as it would not work to have hair too short because her clients might not take it the right way. I could understand that. She told me that I was free to cut it any way I wanted to, but that I was limited to going no shorter than an inch or so above her shoulders. This represented at least 6 inches that I could cut off from her mid back length mane. I decided that I would give her a mega-layered cut. I swung the chair around, tilted it back allowing her neck to nestle onto the sink. I ran nice warm water over her hair and began to slowly wash her hair making sure to give her a long gentle head massage. Next I rinsed her hair and applied some conditioner, again giving her a nice long massage. The look on her face told me quite clearly that she was loving it. I rinsed her hair out again and toweled it off then tilted the chair upright. And yes, as soon as the cape went around her neck, she started fingering herself. I combed her hair out for a long time admiring how excellent of condition it was in. I lifted the first section from the front, she closed her eyes, and the scissors, which were superbly sharp, made their first incision, severing a good 6 inches of hair from the front. She asked me to hand her the clipper on the first hook and of course I did. It immediately disappeared under the cape, and her moans of pleasure told me that there is more than one good use for a clipper. I took my time with her hair, making very small sections and snipping the allowed 6 inches from each, so that she would end up with a cut that had layer after layer after layer in it. If her hair had been dry, there would have been a considerable pile of it on the floor by the time I was done. As it was, the wet clumps of hair covered a considerable amount of the floor. And all too soon, I as done. I dried her hair with a blow dryer, and turned her so she could get her first view of what I had done. I think she was thinking that letting me cut her hair was for the erotic value of the act only, and that she would probably have to go see her friend today to get it fixed up. But when she saw herself in the mirror a huge smile crossed her face. She asked me if I had ever cut hair professionally, and I said no. She must have said she loved it a thousand times and I don’t know how many times she said she couldn’t believe how good of a job I did. After she studied her hair from every conceivable angle for about 10 or 15 minutes she sat back in the chair and asked me if it would be possible for me to keep the same basic style but make it shorter. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I went to her counter to get her spray bottle and she asked me if I would be able to do it dry. Now I definitely was in heaven and asked how much shorter I could go. She said that another two or three inches off would be great. Then she quickly added that I could go a little bit shorter than that even if I wanted to, that she trusted me now, and that I could go to chin length if I wanted to. I didn’t give her a chance to change her mind and sunk the scissors into her hair at chin level and snipped. Another 5 inches floated to the floor and I just worked my way all the way around her head giving her a chin length blunt cut. Then I started the process of relayering the whole thing to the new shorter length. Again it seemed to go to quickly and long before I wanted it to end, I was done with her hair. She again looked it over carefully, inspecting each and every hair. And again she told me how great a cut it was. She even told me I should get my license and she would put me to work in her salon. With my freshly shaven head, and her new short haircut, we went upstairs to her bedroom and made love for a good couple of hours.

She had clients to do this morning early so I left feeling more alive then I ever have.

She called me at around 3 o’clock this afternoon and asked me if I wanted to come over this evening and cook out. Of course I accepted. And guess what? Just before we hung up the phone she said that she has been thinking about it all day, and with a little encouragement, it wouldn’t be too hard to get her to sit in the chair again this evening and get her to go even shorter with her hair. She apologized for being so cautious last night and said that this time she is giving serious thought to letting me go very, very short with her hair. She said she has been hoping to meet a man like me for a very long time, and now that she has, she wants to do what she has been wanting to do for as long as she could remember.

So to all my fellow cutting and clipping compatriots out there, stay tuned. I’ll let you all know tomorrow just how free Kim decided to be with her hair this evening.

And now I’m off to Kim’s! 🙂


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