Rick’s Favour

Rick's Favour

RICK’S FAVOR by Shornlocks

Doris was still in shock. Her husband had just run out on her and their three daughters after 15 years of marriage. She had barely slept a wink last night, but knew that she had to drag herself out of bed and go to work at the diner today, where she had been a waitress for nearly ten years. “We’re a one income family now” she thought to herself, “this paycheck is the only thing standing between us and homelessness.”

Doris got through the breakfast rush okay, but as the diner emptied out she was left to her own thoughts about what she and her family would do. Her boss, Rick, had known Doris for years and could tell that something was seriously wrong. It didn’t take much prodding on his part before Doris opened up and told him everything. She wept bitterly as she recounted the steady decline of her marriage, culminating in this week’s sudden departure of her husband with hardly a warning, and with no indication of where he was going or when he’d be back.

“What am I going to do?” she asked rhetorically. “School starts next week, and I barely have enough to afford school supplies for the girls, let alone haircuts and new clothes for them!” Rick did his best to comfort his crying friend and employee. “Come on Doris, you know you can work as many hours here as you like. In fact, the girl who works the lunch shift, Sheila, is going back to college next week. You can have her hours, and you KNOW how good the tips are around here during lunch. Heck, one week working lunches and you’ll have more than enough for new clothes and supplies for the girls. And, as for the haircuts, well…. there’s something I never told you before Doris, but I went through a year of hairdressing school before I ended up here at the diner. I’d be more happy to give the girls their school haircuts, free of charge.” What Rick did not say, of course, was that he had been kicked out of hairdressing school when one day the instructor caught Rick taking home little bags full of the customers’ cut hair to feed his fetish.

Doris was touched by his thoughtfulness, but was never one to accept charity. “You know I could never impose on you like that, Rick. I don’t mind working the extra hours, as long as you really need someone, but I couldn’t ask you to cut the girls’ hair for me without paying you for it.”

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“Not at all, Doris. In fact, you and the girls would be doing me a favor by allowing me a chance to keep up my skills. Who knows…. a Shoney’s could always open up across the street from here, and I may actually have to fall back on those hairdressing skills!” he quipped.

“Well…. okay. But just this once. By the time the girls need haircuts again I want to be back on my own two feet. You know how much I hate accepting charity, Rick!”

“You were always a proud one Doris… don’t worry, I bet in a couple months you’ll be doing so well that that deadbeat husband of yours will be back asking YOU for money!”

Rick arrived at Doris’ house around 6:00 PM on Sunday night to give her daughters haircuts. He found Doris in a panic, saying that she had to get to the store before it closed at 7:00 because she had forgotten a few things that the kids will need for school tomorrow. Rick was no stranger to Doris’ family, and Doris told Rick he could go ahead and cut the girls’ hair while she was away. She’d be back in about an hour.

With Doris gone, Rick borrowed a stool from the kitchen and set up shop in the bathroom. Rick could barely contain his excitement at the thought of sinking his shears into these three beautiful little heads of hair! The girls, Ellen, Marcia and Susan, watched quietly and responded politely to Rick’s small talk about how much they had grown and about how they felt about beginning another school year. When he had all his haircutting tools arranged neatly around the bathroom sink, he looked at nine-year-old Ellen, the youngest or the girls, and said to her “how would you like to be the first to get a pretty school haircut, little one?”

“Okay!” said Ellen, trying to sound eager but not quite masking her nervousness.

Ellen approached the stool slowly as though walking to her doom, while her two sisters wandered off into the kitchen to await their turns. After Ellen had climbed up on the stool, Rick surveyed her shiny, super straight blond hair parted down the middle. “I imagine you want just a little trim… something to make you look real pretty in your new school clothes, huh?” Rick said smiling. Ellen, looking rather pensive, paused for a moment before saying “No, sir. I want you to cut it short, reeeal short… like this!” Ellen reached her little hand into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out a crumbled newspaper clipping. Rick saw immediately that it was an article about one of the young women who was recently admitted to the Citadel, and the two pictures in it were before and after shots, showing that less than an inch of the girl’s long brown hair had survived the Citadel barber’s shears.

Rick chuckled good-naturedly at little Ellen. “Now why would you want something like that?” Pointing to the picture of the now shorn Citadel girl, Rick said “a cute little girl like you, with all your pretty blond hair, what in the world would make you want to look like her? Come on, look Uncle Rick in the eye and tell me… do you really want me to cut off all this pretty hair of yours?”

Tears began to well up in little Ellen’s eyes. She choked back a couple sobs before she was able to say to Rick “Well, I don’t really want it cut that short, but Mommy said to have you cut all our hair real short like that so we won’t have to bother you for haircuts again. Mommy said that if you cut it short enough, she’ll be able to save up enough money before it all grows back so that we can go to a salon next time.”

The throbbing in Rick’s pants grew even stronger as he heard Ellen talk about having all her hair cut off. But for a brief moment, he was actually able to ignore it, as he was honestly touched by the little girl’s emotionality. When he resumed staring longingly at Ellen’s soft, shiny hair, Rick thought quickly and said to Ellen: “Well… as much as I hate to cut off all this lovely hair of yours, I suppose your Mommy might get angry with you if she found out you told me, and then she’d get angry with me for not doing what she wanted, huh?” Ellen slowly nodded her head up and down. Rick knew that Ellen didn’t want to lose all her hair, but at this point he was so driven by the thought of shearing this girl down to practically nothing that he just wanted to get started before his crotch rocket exploded.

Little Ellen looked like a sheep being led to slaughter as Rick tied the barber cape around her neck. She was obviously holding back tears as she stared wide eyed into the mirror over the sink, thinking nervously about how the kids at school would tease her when she arrived there tomorrow without her shoulder length blond hair. Rick could feel her little shoulders trembling, and it only added to his arousal. Bypassing the little barber shears that he had laid out near the sink, Rick reached into his tool kit and pulled out a large pair of fabric shears. The blades were nearly five inches long and, eyeballing the circumference of Ellen’s head, Rick estimated that three or four good snips of the shears would take off all of Ellen’s hanging locks.

Wanting to appear sensitive to Ellen’s plight, Rick told her that she may want to close her eyes for what about to happen. Rick knew full well that Ellen’s curiosity would cause her to peek constantly at the mirror as he set about hacking off her little tresses, and again Rick was brought to near orgasm at the thought.

Rick clicked the shears a couple times to let Ellen know the shearing was about to begin. Their cold steel blades echoed loudly in the tiled bathroom. Without further ado, Rick gently gathered in his hand all the long hair hanging from the left side of Ellen’s head and, holding it a little slack so as not to pull too much on her scalp, began tearing into it with the shears. SHNIIIIK! Rick was surprised to find how little effort it took to close the big shears around Ellen’s locks. One full snip of the blades had eliminated virtually all the long hair from this side of Ellen’s little head! He ignored the surprise and became lost in the wonderful sensation of having shorn off a fistful of Ellen’s super soft locks! Still holding and caressing the cut hair in his left hand, Rick gathered up another section of Ellen’s long hair, beginning where the previous cut had ended and reaching around to near the middle of the back of Ellen’s head. Again giving it a little slack, Rick held the gathered hair upright for the peeking Ellen to see, then plunged the big scissors into it, hacking away viciously until it all came loose from her scalp.

Rick noticed a small trail of tears rolling down Ellen’s face. She had indeed seen Rick erase half the hair from her head! Rick, still clenching the now thick fistful of Ellen’s precious locks, dropped them carelessly onto her left shoulder, where they proceeded in all their velvety softness to roll down into her lap. Rick mouthed a few insincere words of comfort to Ellen before gathering up the rest of the hair still clinging to the back of her head and again slicing it off with a single SHNIIIK of the shears. There now remained only a single long section of hair covering the right side of Ellen’s head. Placing the shears behind her right ear, Rick this time cut slowly, allowing the little curtain of hair to slowly give way and drop onto the cape below rather than into his now sweaty fist. It took two snips of the shears to reach Ellen’s temple, and Rick was pleased at how littered her lap had become with her own pretty blond locks.

Putting the fabric shears aside, Rick reached for the electric clippers which would neatly shear Ellen’s remaining hair down to a neat 1/2 inch. After again mouthing some words of encouragement to his victim (“don’t worry about the noise, these can’t hurt you”…… “aaalmost done now, sweetie”…. “don’t worry, you’ll be the envy of your classmates with this smart-looking haircut”), Rick attached a guard to the clippers and began furiously running them up and over the poor girl’s head. Thick little snippets of hair rained down on Ellen for over a minute as Rick finished up her haircut. Rick took particular pleasure in shearing off the girl’s cute little bangs. These he collected in the clipper blades until, knowing that Ellen was peeking, he made a show of flicking the clippers and their contents outward. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ellen gasp as her little bangs smacked against the tiled wall and dropped to the floor.

When it was all over, Rick lovingly untied the cape from around Ellen’s neck. Her mask of bravery now almost totally gone, Ellen managed a muffled “thank you” to Rick as she ran crying toward her bedroom. “Next!” cried Rick to the other two girls waiting in the kitchen.

Slowly, sheepishly, eleven-year-old Marcia entered the bathroom. She gasped when she saw the piles of Ellen’s hair on the floor. She looked at Rick, knowing that he intended to follow through with her mother’s instructions about short haircuts for all of them, and began to mourn the imminent loss of her own light brown tresses.

Marcia’s hair was darker than Ellen’s. Rick figured that the girls’ hair naturally turned darker with age, as Susan’s hair, the oldest, was now reaching a rich dark brown color. Rick looked longingly at the seated Marcia’s hair. It was longer and thicker than Ellen’s, but still parted down the middle. Getting a little sick of the false pleasantries, Rick spoke hardly a word as he tied the cape around Marcia’s neck and pushed her head forward so that her chin touched her chest. Rick flicked on the clippers and, even before Marcia was completely aware what was happening, had plowed a deep path up the back of her head. Twelve inch sections of thick brown hair rolled off the back of Marcia’s head and plummeted quickly to the floor. Four more plunges with the clippers left only a 1/2 inch carpet of hair clinging to the back of the child’s head.

Turning his attention to the long hair covering the sides, Rick used his free hand to grasp long sections of it and hold it upward so that the ends hung over the crown of Marcia’s head. Marcia, staring wide eyed and in shock at the speed with which Rick was shearing her practically bald, could only watch helplessly as Rick placed the clippers around her ears and sheared upward, severing each long section of hair from her head. Rick continued in this manner, grasping and saving all the cut hair in his free hand so that by the time he was nearly finished, he was holding a huge ponytail of shorn locks above Marcia’s head for her “viewing pleasure.” When all of her beautiful long hair had been shorn off, Rick placed the clipper blades on Marcia’s forehead and took three neat plows backward, gathering in the process Marcia’s bangs and whatever longer hairs may have remained on her head. These he flung backward in a kind of “sweeping up” motion which indicated to Marcia that her shearing was complete.

Too traumatized to mutter even a “thank you,” Marcia’s wobbly legs somehow carried her out of the room. “Let’s go Susan! Your Mom’s almost home!” yelled Rick in a voice that sounded a little more cheery than he wanted it to.

After a slight delay, 14-year-old Susan appeared at the door. She, too, shuddered when her eyes met the carnage of hair spread out on the floor. Susan surprised Rick by speaking first. “Look you weirdo, I know you’re getting off on this. Didn’t you see me standing outside the door when you cut Ellen’s and Marcia’s hair? You’re a fuckin sicko! The only reason I’m gonna go through with this is out of respect for my mother. She’s going through hell now, what with my Dad leaving and all, but you wait and see… one day when all this is over, I’m going to tell her about what REALLY happened here today.” With that, Susan marched toward the stool and took her seat.

Rick was flabbergasted by Susan’s words. His first inclination was took try to deny it; deny it and lash out at this impudent young woman now seated before him. But then he realized that, despite the truth of her words, she was going to consent to her shearing! Before she had a chance to change her mind, Rick tried to fasten the cape around her neck, but Susan resisted. “Just get it over with,” Susan said in a steely voice. “Get it over with before my Mom comes home and sees what a fucking weirdo you really are. Then I don’t ever want to see you here again!”

Taken aback by the girl’s disrespectful manner, Rick angrily reached for the shears. He looked at the 1/2 inch guard with which he had shorn the other two girls, and decided it would not be appropriate for this little bitch! In reaching for a shorter guard, he caught Susan staring at him in the mirror and realized that she knew exactly what he was thinking. “Go ahead,” spat Susan. “Do you really think I’d leave even a speck of hair on this head after your grubby little hands touch it? I don’t THINK so! Take it ALL off… IF YOU DON’T, I WILL!!!”

Before anything more could be said, Rick took his place behind the seated Susan. He glanced at his watch, realizing that the girls’ mother would be home any minute now. With a flick of his thumb, he activated the clippers; their hard steel blades now vibrating freely, totally unemcumbered by any guard. He looked down at the mass of long, wavy brown hair seated before him. Susan’s hair looked like it had been permed a long time ago, but now its length had pulled down on the curls so that they lost most of their form and hung in large, lifeless hanks on all sides of her head. Placing the clippers on Susan’s forehead, Rick made certain that his own cold stare met that of Susan’s in the mirror before propelling the clippers down the middle of Susan’s head.

The bare clipper blades made a neat white path down the middle of Susan’s head, spilling sixteen-inch- long sections of hair down onto her shoulders and behind her onto the floor. Rick proceeded to widen the initial path my plowing one, two, then three more along the length of the crown. Without skipping a beat he then maneuvered the powerful clippers up the back of her head, purposely pushing the cut mass of hair up and over so that it showered down into her lap. Rick found Susan’s constant stare unsettling, so he averted his eyes as he roughly grabbed at the hair on the sides of her head and sheared away until there was practically nothing left.

The clippers’ fast and furious assault on Susan’s tresses was nearly completed when Rick and Susan heard Doris yell “Hello, I’m home!” from the direction of the front door. Startled, Rick flicked off the clippers. His heart raced at the prospect of Susan running to her mother and telling her about what had gone on here. Sure, he could always say that he was just following Doris’ instructions, but Susan certainly knew better, and as close friends as Rick and Doris were, Doris would certainly believe her daughter first.

Rick could hear Doris’ footsteps coming toward the bathroom. He knew he had to act quickly. Glancing down at Susan’s now nearly bald head, he noticed that all that remained was a long section of hair covering Susan’s right temple. It looked so pretty there, shimmering in the light of the bathroom, that he wanted to turn the clippers back on and finish what he had begun. But the footsteps were now getting closer. Doris was making her way through the dining room, and had only the living room left before reaching the bathroom. Sneering at the still staring Susan, Rick handed the clippers to the girls and spat: “Here you go, kiddo. Do the right thing.” With that, Rick darted out the bathroom and exited the house (and the family’s life, forever) through the sliding glass doors leading to the back porch.

“Rick… are you still here?” yelled Doris as she made her way toward the bathroom. With Doris only a few feet away, Susan flicked the clippers back to life, and just as Doris rounded the corner to the bathroom and began to say “So, how’s it goiiiiii……., she witnessed her oldest daughter shear off her last remaining lock of hair, and watched as it floated silently to the floor.


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