Through the Years

Through the Years

Through the Years – DPTemplar

Robert and Shannon had known each other since they were seven years old. A third of the way through their freshman year in high school, Shannon’s older brother Dan was diagnosed with an acute form of lung cancer. They caught it in time, but not enough time for the treatments to be avoided. He had to go through chemotherapy, and he lost his hair. Well, to be a good sport, and a loving sister, Shannon decided that she’d be hairless with him, for moral support. She went to the local barber shop, and told him that she’d like her head shaved, in support of her brother Dan. Just as she was saying this, Robert entered the shop! The look on his face when he saw his friend in the barber chair WANTING to get shaved; it was priceless. Robert asked her why, and she gave her reasons. “Besides, it’s just hair; it’ll grow back, Bob,” she replied.

The barber quickly worked on her head with the attachment-less Osters, then lathered her head. One (and only one) tear came down, then Shannon composed herself, and started talking to a still stunned Robert. When it was over, she paid the barber, and sat in a chair waiting for Robert to be done. When he had finished, he couldn’t resist the urge to touch her smooth head. Something happened to them at that moment. They couldn’t explain it then, but they not only thought it was cool, but also it had… aroused them? Was this gesture of sibling love the sign of some other hidden passion that both of them never knew existed until that second? Through the rest of the 9th grade, Shannon never wore a wig; she liked her look, and it was for moral support.

Five years later, Robert and Shannon were just finishing their freshman year in college. Her hair had grown back very well; it was longer than it had been (slightly below the shoulders), and richer as well. The two got together at the student activity center, after they had finished their grueling finals. They talked about how tough the tests were, and how they thought they did. They got on the topic of her brother Dan. By now, he was feeling much better, and he just celebrated his anniversary with his lovely wife 4 months prior. They then got on the topic of what she did when he first got sick. She was going to run her fingers through her silky black hair, but at that moment Robert was going to run his through her hair; their digits touched, and that spark that they felt 5 years before came back. The looks in their eyes were spellbinding.

Robert pulled his hands away. “I’m sorry, Shannon. I didn’t mean to impose.”

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“That’s okay,” she replied, with a loving smile. The next sentence brought him to attention. “It’s been getting hot on campus, and since I’m gonna be here for summer school, and I’ve already done it years ago, I may as well be comfortable this summer… I’m thinking about getting my head shaved again.”

“Oh?” That was all he could say; he didn’t try to talk her out of it, or volunteer to cut her hair, or be bald with her. Simply “Oh?” He staggered through his speech, since he was now aware of her wanting to be bald again. “Uh… wh-who gonna sha… well, I mean… do you wanna do it? Aw crap, that’s not what I meant to say. I meant… are… are you gonna cut your own hair?” Subconsciously, “Do you wanna do it?” WAS what he wanted to say. She was an attractive single friend, and the thought of her surrendering to the razor turned him on.

“Nah… I’ll have Carol do it for me.” The two went to her dorm room and told her roommate Carol what the plan was. Carol was an attractive girl they befriended back in their junior years in high school; she always kept her lovely blonde hair in a pixie, and offered on-campus students discounted haircuts, so she was handy with scissors and clippers.

“You’re sure, Shannon? How about a pixie, like mine? You always liked it.” Carol was trying to back her friend out of it!

“True, I love it, but I wanna get shaved; just give me weekly touchups during the first two months of summer school, would ya? After that, I’ll let it grow back.” Carol felt that a customer was a customer, and a friend was a friend, and since Shannon was both, how could she back away? She oiled up her clippers, used no guard, and let her roomie’s hair fly off her scalp. The first time she was getting shaved, she cried one tear. On this day, no tears, but all smiles.

Carol first styled Shannon’s hair by giving her an undercut, then a nice bob, slightly to the earlobes. Then Carol got the gung-ho look on her face, and gave her raven-haired roommate a mohawk. All the while Shannon was looking at Robert’s face; he was happy (not just for her, but for the fact that she looked hot before, and was looking VERY hot without hair). She used this knowledge to her advantage. Before her mohawk was to be taken from her, she whispered something into Carol’s ear, and her barber started smiling. Robert got nervous.

“Nervous, Bob? Don’t be; we were gonna offer you a choice: either lather or shave Shannon. Which is it?” Carol noticed Robert ‘trying’ to compose himself.

“Um… lather. I’m afraid I might nick you,” Robert suggested. Carol then plowed the clippers from the front of Shannon’s head to the back, thus removing the mohawk, and leaving her with stubble. She couldn’t wait to feel it.

“Well, Bob, come over and feel; you’re gonna have to anyway, since you’re lathering my scalp.” Carol placed a hot wet towel around Shannon’s scalp, then removed it and let Robert apply the cream, then Carol put a new hot wet towel on her roommate’s scalp, then removed it to let Robert apply more cream. “You have to do it twice to get an effective shave,” said Carol. She then took out her razor, and carefully shaved her roomie’s head until it was spotless. Just for fun, Carol kissed her bald head; Robert giggled.

Shannon then asked Robert for a kiss, and he did: right on her lips. They had never kissed each other before, but that moment felt right. “Uh, Bob, I meant on my head, fool!” she laughed. He then kissed her shiny pate, and helped her out of her seat. Since he had summer school as well, he’d get to see a lot of her (especially her scalp!). After her last week of summer school, the two decided that they should hook up.

Now in the present, both Robert and Shannon are doing well. They are both 24 years of age, college graduates, and working on Masters degrees in their little apartment room near the university. The two got married 3 months ago, and this particular day in their lives means something to them: it is exactly the 10-year anniversary of when Shannon was shaved. Since her college days, her hair has grown back. It’s slightly longer than it was when she last had it cut. Shannon looks like (in both figure and her face) Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie. “10 years ago today, baby…” she giggled, as she put on her black laced panties and bra. “I’m up for it; are you?” A rhetorical question if he ever heard one.

“Hmm… 10 years ago, then 5… I see a pattern,” he chuckled.

She called up Carol (her maid of honor) to come down and shave her head again. Since she lived two floors up, it was a breeze getting her down to their place. This time around, Shannon set up a camcorder in front of the chair she was to sit in. She sat in the chair and smiled, made some faces, and then prepared for Carol to do her work. Before she began, Shannon had a great idea, and told Carol her plan; that wicked grin formed on Carol’s lips again. After knowing her for a few years, Robert knew that nothing bad would come from that Cheshire-cat grin of hers.

The camera was rolling as Carol made cut upon methodical cut. Just as she’s down to stubble, Robert gets a glimpse of his wife’s idea: Carol puts the clippers on her eyebrows! She’s to get a total headshave; what a woman he married! Carol then applies hot lather on Shannon’s eyebrows (or rather, where they were), and shaves the area clean. Then she applies the cream on his wife’s lovely skull and carefully, and quickly, shaves her bald. Shannon then rubs her hands over her head and face, and loves the feeling very much. As she did five years ago, Carol gives Shannon a kiss on the head, for a job well done.

Robert stopped the tape, and gave his wife a passionate kiss. “I think that’s my cue to exit,” said Carol, as she left the two lovebirds alone.

Shannon walked to the closet, and pulled out a wig that matched what her hair looked like just moments ago. “Well, my professor doesn’t know that I’m bald now, and neither do some others, so I’ll wear it for now. But the day I turn in my thesis paper, I’ll remove the wig, to have him see my scalp in all its glory.”

“So… you’ll need to be shaved prior to that day, huh? Not a problem, baby.”

Maybe five years from now on this day, she’ll do it again. Or maybe not. Life changes people through the years.



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