(based on a true story; names changed to protect the guilty!)

Colleen and I had known each other since sophomore year of high school. Our friendship had developed quickly, and on her suggestion, we started dating the summer after my senior year. We were about the same age (18 at the time), but Colleen could easily pass for being several years older when she put her mind to it and dolled herself up. She was a part-time model and looked the part – tall, slim, and strikingly good looking. Her hair was, to me, one of her best features, of course. Ash- blonde and arrow straight, it was healthy and meticulously maintained. Her long, silky locks were always kept neatly trimmed in a straight line just above her shoulders, with feathery bangs drifting over her forehead. It was a simple style which suited her conservative personality, and she didn’t change it much in the years I knew her or for most of the few months we dated. Perhaps this was because I didn’t mention my haircutting fetish to her, until…

It was summer, and we’d been dating for a couple months when I went away to ISU for a three-week honors course. Upon my return, the first thing I wanted to do was see my girlfriend. I called her, and she agreed to come over the next night, when my parents would conveniently be out on the town until the wee hours. We both knew our relationship was just a summer fling, and I was determined to introduce her to my fetish before I left for college. That night would be as good as any, I decided.

So it was with great anticipation that I answered the door that evening, only to find that Colleen had beaten me to the punch…

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I stood there, slack-jawed and speechless, as Colleen kissed me lightly and wrapped me up in a big hug. She came inside, and I followed her into the living room, lagging a bit to get a better look. Her long hair was about 4″ shorter, cut in a sharp, straight line to chin length all the way around. Though not a dramatic change, it somehow made her look more mature, and her features more prominent. And there was something, perhaps enhanced sexuality or self-confidence, in the way she glided across the room.

We sat on the couch and made small talk for awhile, and eventually the subject of her haircut came up. She explained that she had wanted a change, and asked me if I liked it. I responded by running my hands back through her silky mane and kissing her deeply.

“That much, eh? Well I was really kinda disappointed with it,” she said after we’d broken the kiss. My heart sank. I knew it. There was no way she would undergo such a change, restrained though it was, intentionally. I expected her to make some remark about the stylist going to far or butchering the cut, etc. “I really wish she’d cut it shorter…” Colleen said, her voice trailing off as she thought back to the experience. “Maybe next time.” I realized this was my chance.

“I could help you with this, you know,” I whispered into her ear in a tone I hoped didn’t betray too much of my lust. Her eyebrows perked up as she looked at me quizzically.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean right here, right now. Let me get my scissors and finish this up for you.” I decided to go for broke. “It’d really turn me on.”

I thought I caught a glint in her eye as I continued to lick and nibble her neck, something that I knew would get her aroused.

“Okay,” she nodded, her voice almost as raspy as mine. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

My heart leaped into my throat as I retrieved a high- backed chair from the kitchen and placed it in the middle of the living room floor. I instructed her to sit while I dashed back to the bathroom to retrieve the comb, shears and big Oster clippers I’d purchased some time ago for a previous girlfriend.

Upon my return I found Colleen sitting in the chair, her shirt and bra tossed on the couch. I grinned as I reached around her and lightly fondled her pert breasts and hard nipples, glad that she was sharing in at least some level of erotic pleasure in what was about to take place.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes.” I thought I detected a slight tremble in her voice. My smile widened.

I was determined to go slowly to get maximum enjoyment out of every moment, because chances were that this would be the only time I’d get my hands on Colleen’s gorgeous head.

I began by brushing her hair back and following each stroke with my other hand to smooth it out. She tilted her head back with each tug of the brush, and a slight “mmm” escaped her lips, causing my cock to stir. When I was through, her hair shone in the diffused light, casting a warm glow over her face. Time for the next stage. I began a slow and sensuous scalp massage, starting with her temples and working back to the nape of her neck. She relaxed immediately, closing her eyes and leaning into my caress. Another sigh. Just as she was getting comfortable, I broke out the comb and scissors and began the cut in earnest.

I worked swiftly now, parting her gorgeous hair down the middle and combing it straight down, like she usually wore it. Then, with little fanfare, I combed out the first section of hair on the side of her head, held it taut, and snipped it off even with the bottom of her ear. A 3″ lock of blonde dropped onto Colleen’s shoulder and spilled onto the floor. Using the first strand as a guide, I combed out another tress and repeated the procedure, this clipping sliding down over her naked breast and into her lap. Colleen gasped slightly and shivered again as I worked around the back of her head, slicing off lock after honey-hued lock.

This cut, I decided, would mirror her current style, but would be cropped to a crisp, swingy ear length. Short, all one length except for bangs, something I with my limited experience could handle. It didn’t take long before I was working around the other side of her head and finishing the cut by snipping her bangs straight across, even with her eyebrows. Quite a pile of hair had accumulated in Colleen’s lap and on the floor, and the sight of it and her freshly- shorn head made the crotch of my jeans even more cramped.

“Is that more like what you wanted,” I asked, holding a mirror up in front of her, then showing off the back. I could barely speak without cracking and my hands were now a trembling, sweaty mess. I wanted so badly to just lay her down and fuck her all night. But my work wasn’t finished yet.

“No,” she rasped, rising from her seat and pressing her lips hungrily to mine. “Shorter.” Her lips and tongue tore wantonly at me, and her eyes begged for me to continue. “Please?” Her hand had found my hard cock and was stroking its length through my jeans. My heart raced as I pushed her back down into the chair. Something had obviously clicked in Colleen…

“You want short? I can do that,” I told her as I reached again for the scissors. Once more I combed her hair down and began snipping strands off, this time starting at eye level and working back. I completed both sides, then went for the Osters. I grasped a handful of hair at the front of Colleen’s head and pulled her head down, simultaneously flicking the clippers on. Their signature pop and buzz filled the room, and with lustful haste I placed them flat against the nape of her neck and ran them up. The buzz turned into a rattle as blades met thick, shiny hair. I plowed the clippers up through what was left of Colleen’s mane, to meet the line created by the scissors. Heavy sections of hair fell away, cascading down her naked back and off her shoulders. Three or four swift passes reduced her hair to about 1/4″ at the nape, leaving Colleen with a classic “bowl” cut ending in a heavy weight line just above her ears all the way around, with the nape buzzed mercilessly close.

Switching off the clippers, I asked again “Is that what you wanted?” She didn’t even need a mirror. She was on me in a flash, pushing me across the room and down into the couch.

“Thank you thank you thank you” was all she could whisper as she kissed my eyes, my face, my neck… and worked her way down. I felt my belt buckle let go and instinctively reached down. When my hands met her silky hair and came to the heavy line separating it from her prickly, buzzed nape, I was in ecstasy.

I can’t help thinking that Colleen’s haircut changed something fundamental in her personality. The lovemaking that followed was more uninhibited and enjoyable than any we’d had prior, but it was something more. Perhaps I’d done her the priceless service of unlocking a fetish that she never realized was within her, but that we shared.

We parted amicably at the end of that summer, and I knew I’d left Colleen’s next lover with big shoes to fill…

The End


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