There Are Rewards

There Are Rewards

There are Rewards – BarbrGal

The six months passed slowly. Thankfully since I worked in a record store and was sort of a free spirit no one said too much about the crewcut that had been forced on me that late October day. After their initial shock, people got used to it and so did I.

I thought about Steve daily and remembered what he told me to. The day in the shop, feeling helpless, being shorn. His kisses on the back of my bare neck. I wanted to see him again. I drove past the shop glancing in so I could see him. I would even drive up at night when I knew there was no one there and stare in, remembering the scene.

One night I was in a bar, just hanging around. As I went to light a cigarette, a vaguely familiar face lit his lighter for me. I dragged on my cigarette and said thanks. He smiled and said I had a great haircut, but it looked like it would need some work soon. Five and a half months had gone by, so it was pretty much all grown out to look somewhat normal. He kept smiling at me. Finally he stood up and said, “Don’t forget – you promised to call Steve in two weeks.”

Then it clicked – he was the other guy in the shop that day when that old bastard had ruthlessly clipped my hair for his own pleasure. What the hell was he doing here? If he was here, was Steve?

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The thought didn’t leave my mind for the next two weeks. When the time came to make the call, I was so nervous I didn’t know if I had the nerve to dial the phone. I smoked a few cigarettes and had a beer. I finally got up the courage and dialed.


“Um. Hi Steve?”


“This is going to sound really stupid, but you told me to give you a call in six months. I was the girl at the barbershop that day and we talked in the backroom…” (God did I sound like a moron!)

“I know exactly who you are and remember you. Do you feel better now? Everything work out OK?”

“Yes, it did. I remembered to call you too.”

“I see that.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Did you remember everything else I told you too?”

“Every day.”

“Friday night, I want to see you. Come over to my house and we’ll continue on our discussions then.” He gave me the address.

“Steve, what do you expect of me? What are you going to do?”

“Don’t ever expect anything. Just be here by 7:30, I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t worry so much!”

I don’t know how I made it through the rest of the week. Finally it was Friday night. I didn’t know what to wear, and it was not going to be a turtleneck again. I finally decided on a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt.

I drove over to the house and was nervous to see there were no lights on and no car in the driveway. I sat in the driveway for a minute, contemplating what to do. Then a black Honda pulled in behind me.

Steve jumped out and ran over to my door and opened it. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you got here, got stuck at work and still had to go to the store. You haven’t been here long? Let me get the stuff and we’ll go in.”

He opened the garage door and grabbed the stuff from his car. As he was opening the door to the house, he turned around and kissed me full on the mouth. It was the greatest kiss, soft but insistent and full of promise for what was going to happen later. “I’m glad you remembered.”

I followed him into the house. We went into the kitchen and opened up some beers and made small-talk. Steve put the stereo on and we went into the living room and sat beside each other. He kept staring into my eyes, and I was beginning to feel very shy. Finally, he put his hands on my head and began to stroke the almost 7″ of hair that had grown out since my near shaving six months before. “See, I told you that it would grow out, it wasn’t that bad was it?”

I snuggled closer to him on the couch. “No,” I whispered. But my heart was starting to beat very fast. Could he be planning to do again what had happened last time?

He must have been a mind reader. “I’m not going to force something like that on you again. However, I can tell even with all the crying and carrying on that you didn’t mind it that much – I think that you wanted it to happen. Not like it did of course, but in some ways enjoyed it. I do feel bad about the way it happened though; I never would have done it that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’ve given a few forced cuts in my time. Not like that though. Actually if you ever saw a real forced haircut you’d rethink what happened to you.”

I backed away from him. “What do you mean, this was something that I wanted? He threatened to tie me to the chair. He made me cry. He wouldn’t let me get up. He almost cut all my hair off just to make him happy!”

Steve laughed and put his arm around me. “Well, he DIDN’T tie you to the chair. Of course you cried and weren’t allowed to get up. And he DIDN’T cut ALL your hair off. Though if I didn’t show up when I did that might have happened. Do you want to see a real enforced haircut?”

This I didn’t expect. I thought about it and looked at him. I was on the verge of saying yes but then had a second thought – “It’s not going to be looking at myself in the mirror is it?”

He cracked up. “No sweetie not you – not yet.” He smiled again and kissed me. I put my glass down and moved my arms around his neck pulling him closer. We must have made out for half an hour and then came up for air. “Yes,” I breathed, “I’ll watch one with you,” and expected him to put in a video.

“OK, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“The shop – I have to do one tonight. I figured that you would want to see it, so I told them to come there tonight. Don’t worry, NO ONE is going to touch you, you’re just going to sit there and watch and then we’ll come home.” He smiled when he said home.

Now I was completely thrown for a loop, but I figured what the hell – I was already here and wanted to see this. Part of it was extremely intense curiosity and the other part was wanting to see what had happened to me (no matter what he said!) to someone else. We left the house and drove down to the shop.

When we walked in the lights were off in the front but there was a door ajar towards the back and lights were on. Steve took my hand and we walked in together. Sitting there was the guy that had come in the day that I was there and had seen in the bar. He smiled at me. “Hi baby, I’m Lang.” And of course sitting in the room was Bob, the barber who had a large grin.

“Well Steve look what you’ve got here and her hair grew out too just like you said. What a treat!” I started to tremble, had I been set up? Lang put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him.

Steve stood in front of him and told him flat out, “Yes, that’s her. Yes her hair grew out. But no, she is not here for that tonight. You keep your fucking distance from her – don’t even let me see you looking at her and don’t even think of trying to touch her. Don’t even think about her!” A knock came from the front of the shop then. Bob gave Steve a long look and then went to get the door.

“Thank you. I thought for a minute that….”

“Yes, I know you did, that’s why I told him right off to get away from you and the rules were laid down. And another thing – I’m not in the habit of lying so don’t think that I was going to set you up.” He pulled me onto his lap as he sat in the chair, kissing me again and stroking my hair. Then he whispered in my ear, “You keep that up and we’ll start thinking about a punishment cut for you.” I looked at him and thought that he would be smiling, but he was dead serious. That was how it began, his domination of me.

Bob led a couple into the room. The man looked at Steve and nodded his head. I sat down and just watched what unfolded in front of me.

The woman was looking around wildly looking for a way out. I knew that there was now way out, I had seen that Bob had locked the door when they came in. As the man started pushing her towards the chair she started to cry and then beg. This went on for about 5 minutes, with everyone in the room just looking at her. Even though I had known Steve for only a short time, there was no doubt in my mind what he was going to do. The way that he did it I’d never forget.

After the crying started to die down, the man that came with her made her stand up in front of Steve. “How do you want her? I can either have her strip or I’ll do it for her.”

Steve had a face of iron and just looked right at him. “I don’t care, however you want to do it. You wanted this to be done and it’s your money and you’ll have to live with the decision you make. I’ll tell you one thing though; after that little display I’m going to strap her down though.”

The man chuckled. “Sure man, you’re the boss. I’ll strip her, if one of you guys will hold her.”

Lang walked over to them and grabbed the woman as she kicked wildly and her clothes were removed. Then he pushed her down into the barber’s chair and tied a belt around her waist so she couldn’t get up. Then he tied her arms to the chair and her feet to the footrest. Pulling her head forward by her long blonde hair, he put a white tissue around her neck and then snapped on a black and white striped sheet. “See if you didn’t have all that hair I couldn’t have moved your head.” He then took a large brush and ripped it through the 12″ that I knew was going to hit the ground in the next few minutes. “We’re giving you a little benefit by giving you the cape, but if you move around, we’ll take the cape off sooner than expected and you won’t want that. Also, you don’t have to look in the mirror since your boyfriend over here wants to see the whole show. Oh and if you scream and think that someone will help think again. This room is soundproof. The only thing that you’ll get for screaming is more of what you’re going to get and a slap. Understand?”

I honestly felt bad for this woman but if she thought I was going to say one word to help her she was nuts. Steve was right though, this was completely different to what he did to me. As I thought about having this happen to me a loud snap and an electric hum filled the room. I looked at Steve who smiled at me and winked. Then he turned off the clippers and walked next to the chair where the woman silently sobbed, acknowledging her defeat. “Larry, I’m going to take off the bulk of this with the scissors and then take care of the rest the way we discussed.”

The guy nodded and got comfortable in his seat. “Go right ahead.”

Steve picked up the long-handled scissors and grabbed a fistful of hair and started hacking right through it. The woman had no will left, it seemed and just sat there like she was limp. In no time at all there was a pile building in her lap and all over the floor. Steve went around her whole head removing the bulk, leaving it in about five-inch staggered pieces. “Feels lighter already doesn’t it?” he said to the now more alert blonde who must have known what would happen next. I did and couldn’t wait to see how he was going to do it.

Steve picked up the largest pair of clippers and turned them on. As he walked towards the girl she started to scream and try to move away. He put one of his hands on top of her head to hold it still but she still shook like mad and he was having a hard time keeping a grip on the hair that was still left. He looked at Lang and nodded. Lang walked over and took the woman’s face in his hands. I could tell from the muscles that I could see in his arms that she was no contest. But she wasn’t going to go down that quietly – she spat in his face! I thought that he was going to break her in two and her boyfriend was on his feet yelling at her to behave and how he had paid good money for this and if she hadn’t kept her part of whatever she wouldn’t be in this position. Steve just stood there and shook his head and stared at me. What would they do next?

Lang slapped her across the face and that only added to the howls. I could tell he was pissed off and wasn’t about to let her get away with what she had done. He walked over to a drawer and took out some electrical tape and put it right over her mouth so she wouldn’t try anything else (the way she was going I would have put money on it that she would bite him). He held her head again and nodded at Steve who wasted no time with the clippers that had no guard on them. He started at the crown and just went right back over and over again. Then the sides went. Her hair was going everywhere. He plowed the clippers over and over again, making sure that nothing was left on top but baby fuzz and loose hair. He pushed her head down and took off the back in under a minute. With her tan and a very short blond crewcut on top she looked like a stylish marine. I didn’t think that she looked that bad, even sexy. They must have known that too because they weren’t even halfway finished with her.

A smaller set of clippers was taken out and Steve ran those over her head as well. He didn’t seem to care what direction he went in, it was like he just wanted as much of that hair gone as he could with the clippers. He turned them off and smiled at her.

“Well, I’m done with your head. I don’t believe in shaving women’s heads down to the bone so you’re done there. We would almost be through, but since you decided to be a bitch and spit in my friend’s face, we’ve decided to give you a little extra something to remember what you did and how you will never do that again to anyone.” He passed a smaller set of clippers to Lang and held her head firmly. Lang turned on the clippers and gave a maniacal kind of laugh. I could see the terror in her eyes. It took me a few seconds to figure out what they were going to do next. Then he shaved off her eyebrows. The tears came flowing like I had never seen before. Now I was feeling sorry for her but unbelievably excited. I think Steven noticed this because he came over and took my hand.

“Like what you see so far?”

So far? What else could they…? Oh I knew what was next! “You’re not going to shave her completely are you?”

“Sure, why do you think I had her stripped? This is what you call the whole deal. I don’t think that you need to see the rest of it if you don’t want to [good because I didn’t want to be in a room with 4 guys while they did this!] You can just watch while Bob gets her ready and then sit outside.”

Bob took this as his cue to untie her from the chair. She went to hit him but again was stopped by Lang (this time I wish he had let her hit Bob). They put her on a hospital-like gurney that they had in the corner and strapped her to that with her legs wide and her arms tied behind the gurney itself. The barber’s cape was taken off and they all looked at her. Bob then took the hot lather and spread it on her (I know he was enjoying this, I saw his finger slipping around). This was when Steve led me out of the room.

I sat down in one of the waiting chairs in the dark and heard the laughter and then I heard the scrapes of the razor. I wondered who was doing the shaving. Somehow I knew it had to be Steve. Everyone else in there was content to watch, I had learned that from watching them as he gave her her haircut. The laughter came to a crescendo and then the door opened. Larry came out, pulling along his much-changed girlfriend with Bob tailing behind them. I was surprised that they had allowed her to get dressed. I heard Bob talking about upkeep and how he would be handling that, Steve just did the original work and then he took it from there. Larry nodded and said that he and Linda would be back soon to see him for upkeep and even sooner if he had any more problems with her. Larry forced Linda to apologize to Lang and he just shook his head at her and patted her on top of the head, saying that he might even want to do some of the upkeep on her himself. They left.

Bob left right after them without even looking at me. Lang stood beside me and pulled me to him. “You know, Steve meant what he said, he won’t let him near you ever again, you don’t have to worry about him.”

“I think that I have to worry more about you guys.” He cracked up.

“You just might. No seriously, Steve is the one in charge and then me. I’ll see you tomorrow – I guess Steve is having you hang out here tomorrow all day with him so you can watch. It won’t be as stimulating as tonight, unless we get a young woman who wants to check out the barbershop. Sound like anyone you know?”

“Ha, ha. You’re leaving?”

“Yeah – go in there and see Steve and then I guess you guys are going to be taking off. Usually we have someone to clean up but not tonight, so he’s straightening up as much as he wants and then will finish it in the morning.”

“What do you mean usually? How many times does he do this?”

“All in all with the upkeep that Bob was talking about, three or four times a week. See you later babe.” He kissed me on the cheek and walked out and locked the door behind him.

I walked into the room. Steve was just sitting in the chair waiting for me. “I thought you were cleaning up. Want some help?”

“No. You never have to do that kind of stuff around here. Lang told you that you’ll be here all day tomorrow with me though right? That OK?”


“Come here.” He held out his arms and I walked toward him. He stood up and sat me down in the chair. He bent down and started kissing me with such force I thought that I would come on the spot. The blonde clipped hair was everywhere and I could smell sex from when they had shaved her. I didn’t care. I told him I wanted him then and there.

“No, not tonight. Like I told you, I’m going to show you things, teach you things and prepare you for what I want you to do and be. Right now I just want you like this. So innocent still with all those images in your mind of tonight. We have plenty of time for everything else.”

I sighed and gave myself up to his wishes at the moment. Little did I know that those wishes would turn into demands that I had no direction in which to turn except to him.

To be continued…………………………………… Questions and comments send to [email protected]


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