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I took Laura in my arms and kissed her. The bold move took her by surprise. We had just met hours before but I was instantly attracted to her in a special way and she seemed so distant. The kiss took her by surprise, but she kissed back so passionately that I knew she was mine. I leaned back and looked into her eyes.

“You’re something else, aren’t you?” I asked her.

She looked up to me and said, “So are you.”

I held her in my arms noticing how good it felt to hold her. She broke free from my embrace and turned away. I noticed the smile on her face, and what a face. Brown hair hung past her shoulders, almost mid-back length, and her bangs were right at the level of her eyes. Her eyes were the deepest brown, with her chiseled facial features she was beautiful. Plain by most standards, but when she turned her head and swung her hair she was so beautiful. Laura was visiting, invited to just spend the night. I was at my normal routine when I saw her and had to meet her. She was proportionate with the most perfect set of buns you had ever seen, and when she turned and swung her hair (and she loved to swing her hair), she showed her perfect firm breasts. She had those absolute girl-next-door good looks. I kept an eye on her and went on with my chores. Dinner went on without either one of us acknowledging each other. I wanted to take her, but was afraid I had maybe overstepped my bounds, so I ignored her the same as she did me and after dinner went to bed.

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I lay in my bed and my mind was filled with thoughts of her. I Couldn’t take it – how could I? I went down to her room and carefully opened the door. I listened for the sounds of sleeping. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I surveyed the room. With the light shining from outside I saw Laura sleeping soundly in the guest bed. I checked her room-mate, the one who had invited her, and she was quietly snoring.

Not sure of what to do I leaned over and kissed Laura. She stirred and pulled back. She opened her eyes and looked directly at me. It seemed like a million years and I was waiting for the scream. She pulled both arms from under the covers and pulled me to her. My lips met hers again and I felt the emotions rush through me. I pulled her to me and she climbed out of bed and spread out on the floor. As she pulled me to her I whispered in her ear, “Not here. Come with me.”

I led her by the hand upstairs to my room. I was thinking of how this night was going to be. She followed me with no resistance. This was it, I was going to take this woman, and I was going to take her all the way.

We entered my room and I pulled back the covers on the bed and laid her down. The look on her face was one of pure submission and contentment, mixed. I pulled her night shirt off and caressed her breasts. How perfect they were, and when her nipples started to stand out I took each one between a finger and thumb and carefully rolled them, both at the same time. She gasped and sighed. As I caressed her tits, she relaxed. I reached down for her panties and proceeded to slip them off. She raised her hips to help facilitate the process. Her bush was thick and long, totally covering her pussy. I reached between her legs and felt the wetness. I was totally set on eating her pussy but this girl had never trimmed. I pulled back and announced that I was going to give her pussy a trim. She pulled her arms to herself and looked deep into my eyes. A very quiet “OK” slipped from her lips.

I decided that the way things had been going, I was taking this all the way.

I left her in the bed and headed down the hall to the closet and retrieved the set of clippers I knew was there. I returned to Laura to find her spread-eagled and playing with herself. When she saw the clippers she covered her mouth. I pushed her hand from her pussy and viewed what was before me. I turned and plugged in the clippers. When I hit the switch, the buzzing startled Laura. I took the clippers with no guard and eased them into her bush. The rasping of the hair being shorn was music to my ears. As I pushed the pubic hair forward with the clippers I paused and looked into Laura’s eyes, the look of passion was so strong as she gazed back at me. I went back to my task and with so much hair it took a while to buzz her pussy, and a lot of hair she had. As I pulled the loose hair from between her legs and brushed her bristly stubble she giggled and said it tickled.

“It does?” I asked and she replied, “Yes and it feels real good.”

When I couldn’t clip any more I brushed the shorn hair from her pussy and sat back and eyed my handiwork. I looked up to her and saw the look of a happy woman. That was it for her. I told her I would be right back. I leapt for the bathroom and turned on the hot water, as the water ran I gathered a razor and shaving cream, as the water became hot I reached under the sink and retrieved a cleaning bowl. I washed the bowl in the hot water and filled it half way.

I entered my room to find Laura intently rubbing her newly shorn pussy. I pushed her hand aside and proceeded to lather her up.

“What are you doing?” she gasped.

I put my hand over her mouth and told her to hush. As I took the razor to her pussy, her real beauty was being revealed. When the shaving was complete her pussy was gushing. I straddled her and fed her my cock. she took it with such wild abandon, sucking me like I had never experienced. I was not going to blow this so quick, this girl had unleashed a part of me that was fighting to get out. I pulled my cock from her mouth and slid down to her womanhood, now completely shorn and smooth. I rubbed my cock over her pussy and she cried out, “Please fuck me.” I eased my manhood into her and found her to be extremely tight as I pushed as hard as I could. The muscles gave way and I was in for the ride of my life as her hips began to buck in time with me. I couldn’t take any more and pulled out of her. this was going to last and it was going to end my way. Laura whimpered as I pulled my cock from her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I am not finished,” I replied.

I pulled her up on the bed into an upright position and pulled her mouth to my cock. she immediately took me deep and sucked me off like she was starved. I picked up the clippers. I turned them on and she froze, with my cock deep in her mouth. I gathered her hair into a ponytail and pulled it up towards the front of her head. She took my now raging cock from her mouth and asked what was I doing.

“You are getting a haircut, babe,” I answered.

I pushed her mouth back on me and ran the clippers across the nape of her neck, cutting just a small path. I separated the shorn hair from the rest and felt her mouth tighten on my cock. I parted her hair at her ears, anything below the ears was mine. I pushed the rest of her hair forward and held the rest in my hand. I ran the clippers up the nape of Laura’s neck and watched in amazement as her hair slipped from her scalp. The more I clipped the more she sucked. As I finished the nape of her neck, having shaved her nape completely, I pulled her off my cock and took her bangs between my fingers, I held her bangs between my fingers and ran the clippers through them, shearing off more than two inches at once.

As Laura watched, I cut her hair with the clippers. I left her with a close cropped haircut that took a lot of explaining that morning. Good news, Laura and I have together ever since, we are inseparable, and are talking of shaving her head.


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