I have always thought that bald women were beautiful and exotic. I bought a magazine on the subject and brought it home. That night my girlfriend Terry found it in a drawer. She shyly asked me if I thought the bald women in the magazine were attractive. I said I did and asked Terry what she thought. She said that she is always so hot here in the Saint Louis summers that she has always wanted to shave her head hair off the way she shaves her snatch. But she knew how much pleasure I get out of running my fingers through her thick black hair, which hangs down to the middle of her back. When I told her that sometimes I dream of cutting her hair off when I run my fingers through it, she giggled and said we could both get our wishes. She disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later, she called me in and I found her sitting on her makeup chair completely naked. On the shelf in front of the mirror were my beard trimmer, scissors, a new package of razors and a can of shaving cream. She looked at me in the mirror and said,

“Please shave me now I am so hot just thinking about it. Make my head as smooth as you make my peach.”

I could not believe it. I started by braiding Terry’s hair in a thick rope and held it with a rubber band. Then I took the scissors and sliced through the braid. It was so thick that it took a couple of minutes to cut through. Terry was getting impatient and her breathing was getting faster. Once the braid was off, her hair fell in her face and hung at chin length.

“Keep going,” she begged.

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I took the scissors and cut the hair to about a two inch pixie. Terry was looking better and better all the time. And she was getting hotter and hotter, and squirming on the makeup chair. She started stroking my cock through my jeans and I was having trouble concentrating. I was afraid I’d nick her with the scissors with all that squirming, so I turned on the electric clippers and started to cut her hair down to stubble. I started in the back and saw the beautiful shape of her neck and head for the first time. I ran the clippers up the sides of her head and for a moment, Terry looked like a boy with a 1960’s crew cut – short all over, but with bangs in the front. Then the bangs were clipped off too. Terry’s breathing was getting even faster, so I knew I had to finish soon or she would come. I spread a thick layer of shaving cream on her whole head and gave her a long deep kiss while it sank in and softened the stubble. Then I took out a new razor out of the package and scraped the last of the hair from her head. She was so excited at the feeling, she didn’t even complain when I removed her eyebrows with a quick swish of the razor. I removed the last of the lather with a towel and said ,”Voilà!”

Terry looked so beautiful and innocent without a single hair on her whole body. She opened her eyes and looked into the mirror and smiled contentedly as she reached up to touch her newly shaven head. Then her expression changed and tears began to flow.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “I thought this is what you were waiting for. You were so excited.”

“It isn’t smooth,” she cried. “I didn’t want a head of stubble. I want it to be silky smooth.”

“Okay, Okay, Don’t worry. I know just what to do. Relax,” I said. Then I ran hot water until it was steaming and put a towel into it. I wrapped the hot towel around her head and a minute later re-lathered her head and carefully removed every last stubble. Then I put some baby oil in my hands and massaged her head until she was breathing heavily again. Then she pulled me into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe what a thrill it was to make love to a completely hairless woman. Every inch was so super sensitive and her back arched in ecstasy with every caress.

“You know you’ll have to keep me silky smooth if you want me to be happy,” Terry asserted.

“If we continue to have sex like this every day,” I said.

“Oh no! I can’t wait that long, I’ll get stubble. You’ll have to shave me twice a day.”


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