Tammy Goes for Dan’s Fetish

Tammy Goes for Dan's Fetish

Tammy goes for Dan’s Fetish – Billd

Tammy knew of Dan’s hair cutting fetish for a long time now. Many were the times she teased him by allowing him to trim her hair, and while he did so she would chat lightly with him about going very short with her hair, but would always end up keeping him to a basic trim. Although he was not a professional stylist, he was highly skilled with the shears. His fetish had caused to him to pay particular attention to the techniques involved in cutting hair well over the years. Tammy and Dan had been friends now for the better part of 15 years and she noticed Dan’s preoccupation with hair about 6 years ago. So it was that she pressed him on the subject and got him to spill his guts about the full scope of his fetish. At first Tammy was a bit shocked, and definitely did not understand it. She could not fathom how cutting someone’s hair could provide sexual arousal. To her it simply seemed like a necessary part of life to have one’s hair cut occasionally. Then she began to wonder if any of the many stylists who had cut her hair over the years felt the same way about it that Dan did. That thought caused her to shudder a bit at first, but then gave her a slight tingle of excitement. To think that perhaps a stylist had been cutting her hair and getting horny over it, caused her to get fairly horny herself. It was at that point she decided to let Dan trim her hair. For the first time in her life, a non-professional would take scissors to her hair.

Tammy had particularly lovely hair, which she took exceptionally good care of. Her thick auburn mane fell long and lush to shoulder blade length in the back. She wore a shock of frilly bangs which were stagger cut to eyebrow level and the sides were razor cut so that the created a wispy frame for her face and blended down into the length in the back. The overall effect was stunning and Tammy had meticulously maintained this style for many years now. She sat in the chair with not a little trepidation to let Dan give her a trim. She hoped for the best, but had prepared herself for the worst. Twenty minutes after Dan made the first snip, Tammy, to her pleasant surprise, found that Dan had actually done a better job then any professional stylist had ever done. He somehow managed to make the sides even fuller and frillier and even added a few layers that gave her hair so much more movement than it had ever had. She was ecstatic with it and from that point on Dan became her regular stylist. That was 4 years ago now and over that time, much to her surprise, Tammy found herself gaining a greater and greater appreciation for Dan’s feelings, and even began to develop a fetish herself. The many times that she had teased him about letting him cut her hair short were not strictly teasing. She found herself fantasizing constantly about sitting for a trim with Dan, and just telling him to go for it and cut it all off nice and short. The many times now that she had teased him about it were actually attempts to get up the nerve to do it for real.

So it was that she found herself sitting now at her kitchen table with the phone in front of her, thinking about calling Dan and inviting him over to “trim” her hair once again. Only this time, she was contemplating going through with the big cut. She was sure she would let him really cut her hair this time. The only question that now remained was, how short? She couldn’t help feeling that if she was gonna do it, she might as well really go for it. She closed her eyes, took a very deep breath, and picked up the phone.

Tammy watched as the tiny hairs trickled down her shoulders. Dan was dutifully trimming the tiniest amount of hair off, once again giving her the well kept style that she had been wearing for years. As she watched the almost imperceptibly small bits of hair fall into her lap, she began to once again talk to Dan about going short. It was almost like a game that they had developed over these many years. Only this time it would be different. Dan continued to gingerly snip tiny amounts of hair from her head while she talked of going short. He had no reason to believe that today would be any different from any other day.

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He heard Tammy say, “So what do you think?”

His answer was the same as always, “Like I’ve said a thousand times before Tam, I think you should go for it.”

A mixture of chilliness and warmth rushed through her body. Then she felt as though her entire body had gone to sleep like when you lay on your arm to long. Reality seemed to wink out of existence. An orgasmic spasm shuttered through her body as she said, “DO IT.”

Dan stood for a second in shock and bewilderment. Had he really heard Tammy say what he had for so long wished she would say but never thought for one second she really would? He moved around in front of her. Her eyes were closed. Slowly they opened and looked directly into his. Then he saw her eyes lower until they were firmly fixed on his crotch, which bulged with anticipation. Without taking her eyes from his crotch, she once again said, “Do it.”

Dan asked simply, “How short?”

“As short as you want.”

“Oh god Tam, are you sure? You know how I feel about this, how I feel about short hair. Maybe you want to set a limit or something?”

Her simple response was “No,” and her eyes closed once again.

Dan lifted the first long thick lock from the left side. Tammy felt a slight change in temperature on her cheek and ear as the cool air was now able to reach her skin which had been covered by hair her whole life. Knowing her hair would soon be gone caused her to be super sensitive to the variations in temperature. her eyes were closed and she could not see how long a lock Dan was holding, but judging by the fact that she could feel the cooler air from her cheek all the way to nearly the back of her neck, she knew it was sizable indeed.

Dan held the lock up and out, placed his scissors up to it at about two inches from the scalp and started to close the scissors on the lock. He felt Tammy tense a bit and stopped the shears before they actually started to cut. He moved them an inch closer to her scalp. The jaws of the scissors stood poised to make the first cut when slowly, almost imperceptibly, Tammy’s head began to move to the left. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as the scissors got closer and closer to her scalp. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the blades of the shears rested lightly against her skin. Dan took a deep breath and squeezed the blades together.

Tammy felt the slight pressure as Dan placed the shears against the lock of hair he was holding. She knew that he was debating with himself over how short he should go with the first snip. She could sense his nervousness, his arousal, his desire. She found herself feeding off his excitement. Slowly she began to move her head to the left until she felt the blades touch her scalp. She had made the decision for him. She heard the rasping crunching sound as the shears began their trek through the hair on the left side of her head. She felt the blades skim along her scalp high up on the side, then touch towards the front a little lower and move back again, then again, and again. She felt a thud in her lap as Dan released the newly severed hair. She opened her eyes to see a huge pile of hair in her lap. Her left hand reached out and up to the left side of her head. She felt the stubble where just seconds ago there had been long lush tresses. Then she heard the loud snap. It startled her a bit. The snap was followed by a constant low hum. She felt Dan’s hand touch hers and guide it towards the back of her head and down low on her neck. Then she felt the clipper touch her nape. Fear and excitement coursed through her. The clipper began moving upwards and as it did, Dan pushed her hand up so that it followed the clipper. She felt the prickly stubble climbing higher and higher up the back as the clipper cleared a nearly smooth swath, and felt the shorn hair brush lightly against the back of her hand on its way to the floor. The humming sound stopped. Dan reached under the cape and took her right hand in his and guided it to the back of her head as well. He spread her fingers and guided her hands through her hair in the back from the nape to the crown, where he then squeezed her fingers together causing her to hold virtually all of her hair in the back in her hands. Once again she heard the loud snap followed by the low sensuous hum. The clipper touched her nape and glided upwards several times quickly. She felt the hair in her right hand come free. A short time afterwards she felt the hair in her left hand come free as well. She brought her hands down in front of her and slowly let the shorn hair fall from her hands into her lap. As she did this, Dan continued shearing her head, buzzing now around her left ear, then the right. She felt the clipper touch her forehead and closed her eyes again. The clipper did not move for quite awhile. She knew what he was waiting for, and quickly moved her head forward and down forcing the clipper through the hair on the top of her head. Then she pulled her head up again. The clipper once again touched her forehead and stayed there. Again she moved her head forward and down. She did this three more times. Then the humming stopped again. She felt the cape come loose from her neck and slide off. It was done. She ran her hands over her entire head feeling the bristly stubble, while she looked at the tremendous pile of hair on the floor. She regarded her reflection in the mirror and knew instantly that this would not be a one time only haircut. She could hardly believe how beautiful she looked bald. Her eyes seemed so large, her face so open and even innocent looking. Her head was so perfectly round and even her scalp had a slightly tanned look, instead of the milky whiteness she had expected to see. She turned to Dan and hugged him warmly telling him how much she loved it.

As they pulled away from the embrace, Tammy grasped Dan’s shoulders softly but firmly and directed him backwards till the backs of his legs touched the chair, then pushed downwards until with a slight thump he fell into the chair. With amazing efficiency she pulled the cape around his shoulders and clasped it in place. From behind him he heard the clipper snap to life and he let his head flop back. The clipper touched his forehead and fairly zoomed backwards. His collar length hair began to tumble to the floor. he felt his head forced gently forward and the clipper run up the back of his head. Over and over again he felt the clipper run over various parts of his head until a scant 30 seconds since she started, his scalp was completely denuded.

They sat and talked for a long time afterwards, taking many opportunities to compliment each other on how good they looked bald. Finally after hours of non-stop chatting, Dan said his farewells and headed for the door. The last thing Tammy said was ” See you in two days, and bring the clipper.”


If thy hair offends thee, cut it off.


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