Suzi’s Birthday Haircut

Suzi's Birthday Haircut

Suzi’s Birthday Haircut

Suzi, my wife of twelve years, has her birthday on Christmas Eve. It is always a challenge to find something special that will separate her birthday from the rest of the holidays. Last year I started a tradition of getting a Jacuzzi suite at a nice motel in the city and taking her out to dinner.

Suzi is a high school teacher and was looking forward to having 10 days off from school. I made reservations at the motel for Friday night the 22nd. I told her that we would meet for lunch, go relax in the room for a while and then go have her chin length bob trimmed up at the mall where her favorite stylist works. I really enjoy watching Suzi get her hair cut and I may have the opportunity to watch other women in the salon have their hair cut as well. You never know what you will see. As a Christmas present to me Suzi said that I could pick her new style as she has known about my fetish for short hair on women for about 10 years now. After much searching on the internet I found several styles which I printed out. I presented the options to her, most of which were slightly shorter versions of the short bob she already has. We agreed on an ear length, sharply inverted bob with a very short, tapered nape. I found this cut at ‘Yet Another Site for Hair Lovers’. It is titled “another cute short naped girl” and is in the contributors’ section.

Suzi and I had a nice lunch in the sports bar and after a couple of Kamikazis, Suzi was feeling pretty good. I had a nice buzz going myself from the 3 pints of micro-brew that I had with lunch. We left the bar to go to the mall and do some last minute shopping and for her haircut. As we walked the three blocks toward the mall we passed an old-fashioned barber shop. I had gone into the “Clip Joint” before. The older guy works by himself and the shop reeks of stale cigarette smoke as he smokes like a chimney. He gives good haircuts but does only men. As we walked by I gave Suzi a wink and said “How about here?” Suzi replied, “No way, nobody but Cici cuts my hair, you know that.” It’s true, after years of going to discount haircutting chain salons, where you never get the same stylist twice, Suzi had found a stylist who really took her time and cut and styled her hair to perfection. Suzi had even followed her to different salons as she changed jobs.

As we entered the mall you could feel Christmas in the air. People were bustling in and out with their arms loaded with bags of presents. We approached the chain salon where Cici works and entered. Suzi asked the receptionist, “Is Cici working today?” The girl replied, “I’m sorry but Cici doesn’t work here anymore. Can another stylist help you?” You could see the look of disappointment on Suzi’s face. She looked at me and I shook my head no. Suzi said, “No thanks,” and we turned back to the mall. Suzi explained to me that Cici had a hard time keeping a job because, while she was very good, she worked slowly and was very precise. Not something that a “get them in and get them out” chain salon wanted. Suzi’s haircuts would often take up to 2 hours if she was having her hair colored also. It had been at least six weeks since Suzi’s last cut and she needs to have her hair trimmed every 4 to 5 weeks to keep it neat, so she was looking a little shaggy.

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We continued to walk through the mall past the Mall barbershop. I had commented earlier that maybe I would get my hair trimmed also as it had been about six weeks since my last cut. As we walked past the shop I noticed that there were three stylists at work and their chairs were full. The owner, Jim, a graying man in his late fifties, was working as were two lady barbers, Jen and Jo.

They were busy giving short-haired young guys even shorter haircuts. As we walked past the shop I looked at Suzi and said, “What do you think?” Suzi truly caught me off guard by saying, “Sure, if you want me to get my hair cut in a barbershop I will.” I asked her if she was sure and she wasn’t doing this because she felt that I was pressuring her, and she reassured me that it was her 35th birthday and she wanted to do something daring. I thought it might be the Kamikazis talking, so I asked her again if she really wanted to go through with it, and she replied yes. I kissed her and we turned around and entered the barbershop.

The mall barbershop is similar to mall barbershops all over the country. It has five red leather barber chairs and the sound of humming clippers filled the air as the 3 barbers were shearing their clients. A young blonde woman sat in the waiting chairs reading a magazine, probably waiting for her boyfriend to get finished. Suzi and I sat down in the waiting chairs and a young guy, Don, came out of the back and said, “Can I help you?” I got up and said, “I guess I’m next.” As I sat in the chair Don put the tissue around my neck and caped me. He asked, “So what will it be today?” I replied that I wanted my businessman’s cut trimmed up, off the ears, not too short in back and leave the top long. I explained that I like a little more hair in the winter as it keeps my head warm. He replied, “No problem,” and began to trim my hair while making small talk about Christmas shopping and the holidays. The young guy in the chair next to me was being tended to by a nice-looking lady barber who is probably in her forties. Jo was trimming the young man’s high-and-tight haircut with precision as she carefully combed and clipped. I had told Suzi that I knew that Jo did good work before we went in and that she should try her. By this time, Don was nearly through with my haircut and Jo was still putting the finishing touches on her client. Not wanting to get done too soon I asked Don to take the sides of my hair a little shorter. He did and after trimming my neck hairs with his little clippers, he uncaped me and said, “That will be $11 please.” I paid him and walked back over to where Suzi was sitting and asked her what she thought. She said that she liked it. About this time Jo was finishing the young man and after paying her she began to sweep up the hair around her chair and began some busy work as there was no one in the waiting area other than Suzi and myself. Suzi got up and approached Jo and said, “Will you cut my hair for me?”

Jo was surprised as she thought that Suzi was waiting for me. Jo said, “Well, I suppose, what would you like to have done?” and Suzi reached into her pocket and pulled out the picture of the “short naped girl” that I printed off the internet. Jo said, “Oh, I don’t know, I’ve never done a haircut like that before. Wouldn’t you rather have someone else do it?” Suzi replied, “No, I think you’ll do just fine,” as she took her seat in the big red leather barber chair. Jo put the picture on the counter next to her and called the other barbers, Jennifer and Don, to help her. Suzi’s hair was already in a chin-length bob and the three barbers began running their fingers through her hair and examining the way it laid. Jo wasn’t sure where to begin and Don, the young guy, said, “It’s just like a boy’s bowlcut, just shave the back up to here,” as he placed his fingers halfway up the back of Suzi’s head, in a line even with her eyes. “I’d use a #2.” Suzi’s eyes opened wide as she felt his fingers high on her nape. Jen said, “Why don’t you start with a 3/4″ guard? I think I have one over here,” to which Don just rolled his eyes and gruffly stated, “I don’t cut women’s hair anymore, I don’t want to get too involved in this haircut.”

“At least use a #4,” Jen replied. Jo took a triangular parting in the back of Suzi’s hair and fastened the longer hair that covered her lovely ears forward with two clips. I positioned myself in the chair right behind Suzi so I could watch the action and see her expressions in the mirror. Jo said something to Suzi as she reached onto her counter and grabbed a large pair of black and white clippers and attached a gray guide comb onto the teeth. Suzi nodded her head in agreement to Jo’s question.

Jo asked Suzi to tilt her head forward and turned on the clippers. The clippers gave off a soft, quiet hum as they sheared away the hair at Suzi’s nape. Jo pushed the clippers up past Suzi’s occipital bone before she began the taper. I couldn’t see what was happening because Jo was standing in the way, although I could see that Suzi had closed her eyes and had a smile on her face. All I could see are 4-inch clumps of Suzi’s hair floating softly to the floor behind the chair. Jo made a couple more passes on the right side of Suzi’s nape before moving to the left. As she moved to do the left side, I saw that Suzi’s nape hair had been reduced to a 1/2″ of brown fur. The now short nape was a couple of shades darker than the cinnamon-colored top. Now I remembered what her real hair color looked like, complete with little flecks of gray. Jo quickly reduced the left side of Suzi’s nape to 1/2 inch and gave a final trim to make sure she had gotten all of the stray hairs and to work on the tapered line at the top. Jo was still obviously hesitant about giving Suzi this haircut and even though she had tried to get Jen to cut Suzi’s hair for her, she admitted that Jen was in a “whack and yak” mood today and would likely cut Suzi’s hair shorter than she had wanted.

As Suzi raised her head to look in the mirror she felt the back with her right hand. Jo grabbed a mirror from her station and showed Suzi her shorn nape. Suzi smiled and nodded that she liked it. With that Jo removed the clips that held Suzi’s long hair forward and began to comb it down. The cinnamon colored strands covered the short nape area. Jo asked Suzi to look down again and she began to cut in the weight line. I gasped at how high she was cutting. The line was more than halfway up Suzi’s head and was level with her eyes. Jo asked me if anything was wrong. I replied that I didn’t think it was going to be that short. Suzi reached out from under the cape again and felt the back and told her to keep going, she knew there was no turning back now. Jo took her shears and cut an inverted horseshoe shape into Suzi’s hair that started high at the back and sloped dramatically forward to just show the bottoms of her earlobes. Just like in the picture. Suzi’s eyes were beaming as Jo trimmed the hair that framed her beautiful face, the cut was really starting to take shape.

Don, the young barber, had been busying himself with sweeping up around his station and seemed to be pacing around the shop as I sat in the waiting chairs with my legs crossed and my coat over my lap so no one could see my raging hard-on. Even though Don had told Jo that he didn’t want to have anything to do with this haircut, he was watching intently. I wonder if he has a hair fetish too? Don stood behind Suzi and picked up the picture that sat upon the counter and started to talk to Jo. They played with Suzi’s hair some more but I was unable to hear what they were saying because the T.V. in the barbershop was too loud. Don sat in his chair as Jo took another pair of large clippers from the counter and fastened a metal head – which she told Suzi was a #3 – to the clippers and asked Suzi to tilt her head forward again. Suzi complied and Jo began to clip her nape even shorter. Jo moved the clippers up and down and worked with the clipper over comb to get the taper, which began at the tops of her ears, just right. Don got up and suggested that she cut the back very short with a #2 and have a blunt, sharp line. “Like a boy’s skater cut.” Jo looked at him and said, “No, I think I’ll taper it back here, now go sit down.” Don sat down in his chair with a “harumpf” and a disgusted look on his face. Suzi and I commented afterward that she was lucky she didn’t have Don cut her hair as she would have gotten a really short cut. It seemed that Don wanted to teach my wife a lesson for getting her hair cut in a barbershop. After Suzi’s nape was shorter than I had ever seen it, Jo got out a third pair of clippers, a small quiet pair that had no cord. She trimmed and tapered Suzi’s nape to a point and cut it even shorter at the bottom with her clipper over the comb. I could see Suzi’s white skin peeking through her short hair as she had her head tilted forward.

Jo took a round brush and a blow-dryer and shaped the front and side hair to frame Suzi’s face. She then took the vacuum cleaner and sucked up the shorn hairs from Suzi’s neck and shoulders. Suzi visibly shuddered when she did this. Jo again showed Suzi the back at which time she asked me, “What do you think?” I replied, “Well, it’s short like she wanted.” Earlier in the haircut when Jo had asked Suzi why she wanted that cut, Suzi told her that it was a compromise, that she had wanted to get it cut really short but that I wanted it left longer, so we compromised on a long in front and short in back style. Suzi got out of the chair rubbing her freshly clipped nape and asked me for some money. Jo said, “That will be $12 please.” Suzi paid her and gave her a generous $5 tip. It was worth it as it is one of the best haircuts that Suzi has ever had.

As we left the shop it had begun to snow and Suzi shivered as the cold air and snowflakes touched her bare nape. I stroked the fuzz that remained on her neck and told her that I couldn’t believe that she has actually gone through with it. She just smiled and said, “Merry Christmas, Lover,” as we hurried back to our Jacuzzi suite to warm up.


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