From Ho to Waif

From Ho to Waif

From Ho to Waif – Ecstasy Factory

Jen and Larissa had just gotten out of school for the day and were just getting into Jen’s spacious house at 2 pm. They were both freshmen at the local state college. And they were both hot.

Jen was a tall blonde with long shapely legs. Her hair was in a large tiger’s mane to her shoulders. Jen wore a purple suede mini skirt, a white tank top and white vinyl go-go boots that zipped up the side. Jen’s nails were an inch long and painted the same wet-look dark brown color as her lips. She also wore brown eye shadow.

Larissa had chestnut brown hair that she wore in a ponytail to the middle of her back. She had dark, liquid eyes and a mischievous smile. She was several inches shorter than Jen.

“We have the house until at least seven when one of my parents should be home from work,” declared Jen as she pulled two bottles of Diet Coke from the fridge and handed one to Larissa.

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“So we have time to talk about the problem with you, bitch,” said Jen as she ran a finger along the black vinyl jacket that Larissa was wearing. “Look at this outfit.”

Larissa was wearing a black leather mini, a white tee shirt and spike-heeled Gucci patent leather boots, in addition to the jacket.

“What about you, ho?” smiled Larissa as she unzipped and then zipped again one of Jen’s boots.

“Everyone has the same clothes at school, so we’re gonna make you a waif,” declared Jen as she licked Larissa’s ear.

“We’re gonna deboot you and waif you out bitch!” countered Larissa as she licked Jen’s neck and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

“You ain’t doin shit, ho!” said Jen as she stoked her friends soft and shiny hair.

“That’s what you think, slut,” corrected Larissa as she pulled Jen into the large master bathroom.

“You don’t have the balls, whore,” smiled Jen wickedly.

“Off with the hair. Off with the boots, waif. No makeup. No nail polish. Just a sweet little girl. Just an innocent waif for you,” announced Larissa with conviction as she began taking several items out of a leather gym bag.

As Jen rocked nervously on one heel of her go-go boot, Larissa slowly pulled out a pair of scissors from the bag. Jen licked her lips.

“You’re a stupid slut, Rissa!”

“And you’re gonna be a nice virgin waif, Little Jen. You’ve been a very bad girl, but now you will make amends.”

Larissa next took out a bottle of nail polish remover and then a beautiful blue Egyptian cotton towel.

Jen combed her blonde mane nervously and scuffed her boots on the tiled floor.

“Don’t bother combing that shit, you whore, when I finish you won’t have anything to comb.”

Larissa then took out a large set of nail clippers. Then she pulled out a pair of black shiny buckle-strap Mary Jane shoes with a half inch flat heel and finally a pink cotton dress with Winnie the Pooh figures all over it and a pair of white cotton tights.

“Look at that stupid rig, Boots. Who’s gonna wear that shit?” screamed Jen as Larissa gave Jen a wicked stare and snipped the scissors into the air with a laugh.

“Look at you, slut. Look at those fingernails. They need trimming, little girl.”

Jen stamped her boot heels in protest. But Larissa seized a hand and quickly cut off each long fingernail. When the nails were short Larissa poured some nail polish remover onto a tissue and began removing the brown polish from Jen’s nails.

“You’re a whore, and you’ll pay,” protested Jen.

Larissa said nothing. She ran her fingers through Jen’s bushy blonde mane and stared at Jen. That big hair has got to go, bitch,” ruled Larissa as she took up the scissors.

“Fuck you, you grub,” yelled Jen, but she held still as Larissa began snipping one inch pieces from the bottom of the blonde mane at the shoulder blade.

Each metallic croak of the blade and fall of the hair was a final judgement that was at time augmented by a proclamation by Larissa.

Snip: “Whore.”

Snip: “Slut.”

Snip: “Bitch.”

Snip: “Tramp.”

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty. The snips kept coming as the long blonde mane of Jen slowly became a close tight, crop. As close to the scalp as possible with scissors.

When she finished Larissa kissed Jen’s now visible ears. Jen bent over and began unzipping and zipping up her boots nervously.

“You won’t have to worry about zippers and boots any more, little girl,” ruled Larissa as she pulled off Jen’s top and unzipped her skirt.

Larissa then got some shaving cream from the cabinet and a razor. She pulled down Jen’s purple silk panties and lathered up her quim. Then she gave several long, firm strokes of the razor and made Jen smooth.

“A nice little girl is smooth and has nice white panties,” declared Larissa as she threw a pair of white panties from the gym bag from onto Jen’s head.

“Fuck you, whore!” yelled Jen as she took off her silk panties and put on the new ones.

Larissa swiftly slapped Jen across the face. “A nice little lady does not use such language. Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” agreed Jen meekly.

“And now about those boots,” mused Larissa.

“No. I love my boots. The guys love them,” countered Jen.

“We can’t have a nice little girl in such boots. De-boot, bitch!”

“No!” refused Jen.

“Off with the hair. Now off with the boots!” screamed Larissa as she wrestled Jen to the ground and unzipped one white vinyl boot and pulled it off her foot.

“No!” yelled Jen. But the metal whir of the boot unzipping gave involuntary consent.

“Deboot, whore!” yelled Larissa as she unzipped the other boot, and threw it against the wall.

Larissa then quickly brought Jen to her feet and wiped all of the make-up off Jen’s face with the towel.

“Now that’s a good girl,” soothed Larissa as she swiftly put the Winnie the Pooh dress on Jen and just as swiftly put the white tights on her legs. Jen began to struggle but Larissa wrestled her to the floor and put the shiny Mary Janes on her feet.

“Bitch!” yelled Jen. Larissa pulled Jen to her feet and took a good look at her creation. She faced Jen towards the mirror and began to kiss her neck and short, short hair.

And Jen was totally debooted and waifed. Jen smiled sheepishly as Larissa picked up pieces of Jen’s blonde hair and threw them in her face.

“You dirty Boot slut. Wait till I fix you,” announced Jen as she felt her short hair and clicked over to Larissa in her black little girl shoes.

“What could a sweet little girl like you do to me, Little Jenny. Cute little Jennifer,” cooed Larissa.

And Jen did look so cute with a fresh face and ultra short blonde hair and the little pink dress with yellow poohs. And the shoes were quite fetching.

“I’m gonna de-slut you, Boots,” announced Jen as she licked her lips

End of Part I


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