Surprise for Robert

Surprise for Robert

A Surprise for Robert

My wife’s hair is considered long by her stylist, it reaches the middle of her back, but lately she has be complaining that it is old looking. She wants to get it all chopped off real short, but her hairdresser gives her such a hard time each time she asks to get it cut, she feels bad for wanting it shorter.

She decided the only way to get her hair the length she wants is to go to different stylists. She is a bit embarrassed to walk into a shop and just have them buzz her hair short. So she decided to leave today and go to her regular shop for a cut. When she arrived she sat for a couple of minutes in the waiting chair and went through the stylist book. She saw several short cuts, but knew her regular stylist Robert would never allow her to cut her long bleached blonde hair so short. I know in the back of her mind, she will get the cut she wants, but she is afraid of looking like a dyke or something.

When Robert brought her to the stylist chair, my wife Wendy explained how she really wanted her long hair short, Robert started his regular bullshit, and in the end he agreed to cut some length off. My wife left the shop with this mid-shoulder length chop. The length still much too long, my wife thought. But after spending $29.95 plus tip, she really wished more had been removed. On the way home my wife passed one of those new shops, that thrive on volume, instead of personalized hair care. The shop was bright, with a kids play area, and TV. She pulled into the lot, and messed her hair up, so as to look like she hadn’t just had it done. The receptionist was one of the hair cutters, I guess they take turns. My wife sat down and started to look through a book of hair. A teenage girl, right out of hairdressing school came over and sat beside my wife. She asked her what style she wanted and then started to run her fingers through my wife’s long hair. My wife told her she wanted her hair cut, and that she would like it cut short, around chin length. I think inside she knew the girl would try to talk her into cutting it only to her shoulders or something. Well they shampooed her hair again and when the scissors were brought to her head only inches were removed. My wife started to protest that she wanted it cut much shorter, but the girl balked and insisted that it would dry shorter. Well after a blow dry and set the finished length was just above the shoulders bob. You know the kind with the rolled under look. My wife shook her head and thanked the woman, but when she got into the car, she looked again. She said that at the next shop, she was getting the cut she wanted. As her car passed the underpass near Walker Ave, there is that shop run by the Italian brothers. She swung her car into the lot, and screeched to a stop. When she entered the shop, one of the brothers came up to her and said that her hair looked lovely, and why would you ever want to cut such a lovely bob. My wife working up a bit of courage, stood her ground (well kind of) and insisted that they give her a asymmetric cut, leaving the length on one side of her head and cutting the length from the other side. So after much discussion, the right side of her hair was sheared from her head, leaving a mannish short cut high over one of her ears. The stylist loved the look, and suggested that my wife leave the length on the other side. My wife then agreed, and once again paid the man. Just two blocks from our house. My wife swung the car over to the curb in front of Harries Barbers. She strutted into the shop and shyly sat down in the chair insisting they cut that ridiculous looking hank of hair hanging over her left eye and ear off. She told them she was bullied into the hair style and that she had always wanted her hair tapered high over her ears. The barber then turned on the clippers and with his left hand lifted the hair on the side of her head and placed the clippers under the hank of hair. My wife watched in astonishment as the clippers ran up the side of her head and this large swatch of hair fell free from her head. She wanted to say stop, it’s too much, but all she could do was giggle. You see, she wanted them to cut her hair shorter and shorter and now that it was happening all she could think was that shit it’s too short. She enjoyed the feeling of the clippers, but was not sure how I would feel with a wife that had a man’s haircut. She watched as the military man’s haircut emerged on her head. The clippers reduced her long hair to a scant one quarter of an inch on the sides of her head, and then the barber started on the top with the seven inch scissors. The finished look was a very short boys cut. My wife was so happy with the outcome of the cut, she tipped the old guy five dollars. When she arrived home, I told her we had company for supper. When she asked who, I told her Robert of the “Clip and Cut” has accepted our invitation, from the other night, My wife’s reaction was to reach for her now liberated head of hair and laugh. I gave her a hug and told her, I thought she had a lot of guts getting the cut she finally wanted. She never did tell me it cost close to one hundred dollars for the cut, when you add up all the different shops’ prices, but she liked it, I wonder will Robert…….



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