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The Super looked at his watch. “9:30. They should all be at work by now.” He pulled a small worn notebook from his back pocket, “Now, what’s on my list for today? 42C hair clog in bathroom sink. Jesus, this is the second time this month.” Grabbing his toolbox the Super walked towards building C and rang 42C’s bell. No answer. He took out his pass key and let himself into the apartment when he heard the sound of a woman crying coming from the bedroom. The door was already open, so he peered inside, there he saw 42C sitting before a mirror with a pair of scissors in one hand and a two foot chunk of hair in the other.

“The bastard. This will show him.” 42C took the chunk of hair and put in a shoe box then taped the box shut. “I only wish I could see his face when he opens this,” she muttered to herself. The Super assumed that the package was meant for 42C’s boyfriend Steven. 42C then looked back into the mirror and gasped as she saw the Super’s reflection staring back at her. “I look horrible,” she sobbed. “Steven always loved my long hair, so now he can have it. But not me.”

The Super knew he should leave, but he couldn’t, so he walked towards her and stroked the nape of her neck. He felt her shiver. “You look beautiful,” he whispered and ran his hands through her newly shorn hair. “If you want I could fix this up for you.”

“Yeah right,” she sarcastically replied, “You fix drains and botched haircuts? HA! HA! Anyway, what are you doing here?”

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“I am not kidding. I used to be a hair stylist before I got this job. And to answer your second question. I am here to fix the clog in your bathroom sink.” the Super replied. 42C’s auburn locks now just framed her heart shaped face perfectly emphasizing her large hazel eyes. The Super wanted to do more than clean her hair up, he wanted to shave it all off, but he was not about to risk freaking her out.

“You want to shave it all off. Don’t you?” 42C asked. “I can tell by the way you are looking at me. Its been a long time since a man besides Steven has looked at me that way.” Now that 24 inches of hair that she had to wash, brush, blow dry and tease daily was gone she felt lighter and freer than she had ever felt before. She ran her hands through her hair and stated. “THEN GO AHEAD. DO IT ALL THE WAY.”

The Super began to massage her neck and he felt 42C begin to relax. He wanted the mood to be right because a chance to like this only came once in a lifetime. 42C began to tell the Super about her disasterous relationship with her ex-boyfriend Steven. “Steven always wanted to control everything about our relationship, from what we did to how we looked. I just got tired of giving in to him all the time. I want a man who appreciates me for who I really am.”

The Super then asked, “Do you happen to own a pair of electric clippers, so that I can make you look and feel like the beautiful, feminine woman you are?”

“You don’t have a extra pair there in your toolbox?” snickered 42C. Luckily 42C had a pair of Steven’s old clippers, so she pulled them out and handed them to the Super, but the Super only handed them back to her. “I can’t take advantage of you when you are in this state of mind… I just can’t. You just think about it for a while and give me a call when you settle down and are really ready to go through with it.” The Super grabbed his toolbox and left for his next job.

Later that evening the Super received a phone call from 42C. “Do you really think I should shave my head? Won’t I look like a freak? Hell, who do you think you are anyway? You are only my god damned super. Just come over and don’t bring your tool box.” But before the Super could reply she hung up the phone.

The Super didn’t know whether to be insulted or not, but if she wanted to be buzzed he wanted to be the man to do it. The Super used to work as a barber at Astor Place in New York City. He shaved so many heads he was given the name “Buzzman”. If they had hair he buzzed it and buzz them he did, until he had to leave his job when he noticed the sexual pleasure he received when he had a fresh head of female hair to shave. Most barbers rarely get to shave female clients, but the Super got to do at least ten to fifteen female heads a day! The sexual tension became too much for him to bear when he started bedding his clients in addition to shaving them. So he had to quit his job and find one where he could keep his urges under control. Now it looked like he would have to quit this job too.

The Super walked back to building C and again rang 42C’s doorbell and this time she answered it. She was wearing a white t-shirt with no bra, he noticed her nipples were erect, straining against the tight fitting t-shirt. The Super also noticed that she was also only wearing a black satin G-string, which emphasized her long toned legs.

“Oh. Hello. Could you also shave me downstairs too? These panties would fit me much better if I were clean shaven all over,” she said “I made a few phone calls today. I heard of your rep from a few friends of mine, who live in the village. I just can’t believe you are BUZZMAN.” I would have never guessed. You seem like such a nice quiet guy.”

The Super was a bit put off that she had learned of his past, but he still wanted to do her anyway. “OK, I’ll shave you wherever you want,” said the Super. “But I can’t be responsible for what I may do.” 42C casually threw off her T-shirt and walked towards the bathroom, the Super followed her. Once they were in the bathroom 42C sat on the toilet and the Super grabbed the clippers that were now sitting on the sink. “I’ll only shave the back of your neck and let you get used to the new you, but if you want to go farther just let me know.” He started to shave the back of her head further exposing the lovely nape of her neck and then the he began to even out the rest of her hair.

When he finished 42C rose to look at herself in the mirror. She smiled at the Super ran her hands threw her hair then shed her black satin panties and sat back down on the toilet. She was feeling free, but not quite free enough. Deep inside she knew it all had to go, but she was going to do it slow, so she could savor all the attention the Super was lavishing upon her. “Now you can trim me down there too…Please.” She moaned.

The Super again grabbed the clippers and began to shear her dark auburn pubic hair. He knew she was very aroused and that this would probally send her over the edge. So the Super took it slow letting her enjoy the vibration of the clippers. When he finished he started to run a bath for her. 42C stood up and brushed the stray hairs from her lap. She then slipped into the tub letting the warm water flow over her taunt body. The Super then grabbed a bar of soap and started to gently bath her. He lathered her private area and began to finish what he began when the phone began to ring. 42C let the service pick up the call because she was not about to stop now.

The Super dropped the bar of soap into the water, and stopped to retrieve it when he heard. “BEEP! Hello anyone there? I know you are there Veronica. Pick up the phone it’s me, Steven. I won’t give you another chance. I am being pretty forgiving in calling you now, so pick up the goddamned phone. NOW!”

The Super looked at Veronica expecting her to look upset, but she only smiled as she reached out and pulled him into the tub. “Now the fun has only just begun” Veronica giggled then wrapped her sleek wet arms around the Super and gave him a deep long wet kiss.

(End of Part One)


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