My Girlfriend’s Loss

My Girlfriend's Loss

My Girlfriend’s Loss by Jim B.

When I got home from work my girlfriend welcomed me with a kiss and told me she was horny and wanted to know if I wanted to go have sex before we sat down to dinner.

“Sure,” I said with a smile, then we were off to the bedroom.

My girlfriend undressed then laid down on the bed. She looked lovely with her long red hair fanned out across her pillow. Her pert little nipples were erect and waiting for my lips and tongue. I lit a candle and did a short slow strip show for her, climbing into bed with her as I removed my underpants and tossed them to the side. We lay caressing each other for some time, then she leaned over and asked me to kiss her in that special spot.

I smiled and kissed my head down to her bright red-haired pussy. She loved the feel of my tongue as it touched her little girl in the boat. I was enjoying pleasing her when I heard a strange sound. It was a humming, and growing louder with each movement of my head. Just as I opened my eyes to see what I thought would be a vibrator coming to join me, my eyes slowly focused to see my beard clippers being edged down over the soft body.

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She proceeded to snip at the lovely red hair covering her sex. I was told to continue my pleasing of her as she buzzed her now swollen pussy bald. I stopped long enough to remove the few hairs that got in my way and watched as she transformed herself into a hairless nymph. The sheer sight of her without pubic hair got me so horny I could not wait. I climbed up on her and proceeded to enter her.

She was talking to me now, asking how I liked her with no hair. I told her I found it sexy, and I loved the feel of the buzzing of the clippers on her womanhood as I pleased her.

She reached over and grabbed the small clippers and turned them on again, and moved it around behind the back of my head as her arms wrapped around me. I kind of jumped which made the buzzing clippers fall and roll off my shoulders onto her lovely long red hair.

I quickly stopped what I was doing and grabbed the clippers, not wanting to accidentally cut any of her long red hair. But, it was too late, a chunk of about an inch or so accidentally got cut by the hungry blades of the clippers.

All of a sudden my girlfriend started laughing, saying, “Boy that was close. I was almost as bald as my pussy.” We both laughed, then I got an idea. She must have gotten the idea at the same time I did. She looked at me and said “No.”

I asked her, “Why not? It would be neat.”

She agreed somewhat, remembering a lady from downtown with the buzzed head. It was she who pointed her out, saying how nice a buzzed head looked on some women!

I picked up the clippers pausing them over her forehead, waiting to see what she would do: object or close her eyes wanting to feel the clippers over her head!

She looked at me with her eyes partially closed, and said to me, “You don’t have the guts to cut my hair off!”

That was all I needed, and proceeded to slowly push the clippers down the center of her head, peeling away the lovely long red hair leaving a white strip of sexy bald scalp behind. She squealed with delight and laughter as I continued to have sex with her while I buzzed all her lovely red hair away. I remember coming like I never had before.

My now buzzed girlfriend lay in this lovely carpet of red sheared hair, bald down below, and now on top.



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