Story of Karen

Story of Karen

The Story of Karen by Sangreal


“Jeez! Karen, your legs are pretty stubbly!” Jack was rubbing Karen’s legs as they lay on their bed before their frequent love-making.

“I’m sorry, hon. I’ve been so busy, I just haven’t had time to shave.”

“Karen, you know that I don’t like it when your legs are rough. It spoils the whole sensation for me. You really have to do better.” Jack was clearly pissed.

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“Okay, I’ll shave tomorrow when I shower.”

“Karen.” Jack paused. “Karen, I want you to go shave now.”

“Jack!? Right now? Shit! You really know how to ruin the mood!”

“Karen, for me the mood was ruined when I realized your legs were all hairy! Christ, you know how I feel about that, and yet you still let it go. What are you thinking?”

“For God’s sake, Jack! I wasn’t thinking about my legs, that’s for sure! Look we were getting ready to fuck and you want me to stop and shave my legs?!”

“Yeah, I want you to shave your legs.” With that, Jack got up from bed and pulled on his pants, put on a shirt, and went downstairs. Karen was left in the bedroom alone.

A few minutes later, Jack heard the water running in the bathroom.


Jack and Karen had sex with each other daily, sometimes two or three times in a day. Jack had an appetite for Karen that was never satisfied. No sooner than they were finished fucking, and Jack was getting horny again.

Karen found it thrilling that Jack wanted her so much. Jack was forceful in his desire for her. He often would grab her by the hand and lead her into their bedroom where he would strip her of her clothes and ravish her. Karen had never met anyone like Jack.

Jack could be demanding, too. For him it mattered not at all whether Karen was “in the mood”. Jack would have her no matter what. If Karen protested, Jack could get angry. Karen didn’t like it when Jack was mad. Once, he grabbed her by the arm, and threw her down on the bed and tore her clothes and swore at her while he was fucking her. Karen was frightened while this was happening, but later felt a little embarrassed when she realized she was excited by him, too.


Jack and Karen were laying in bed after a long, languorous session of sex, when Jack was stroking Karen’s pubic hair. “Karen, I’ve been thinking that I’d like you to shave this off, too.” Jack tugged on Karen’s pubes.

“Jack!? Shave my pussy? Gee, I don’t know…I’d look like a nine year old!”

“I think you’d look beautiful.”

“Jack, couldn’t I just trim it? You know, like a bikini trim or something? Or maybe I could cut the hair so it’s short?”

“Karen, I want you to shave it off.”


“Karen, I said I want it shaved.”

“Okay, Jack. But…”

“Karen, no ‘buts’. Just have it shaved by tonight.”


“Yes. Have it shaved by tonight.”


So Karen shaved her pussy. Jack was very pleased with Karen’s new look. If it were possible, Jack’s ardor for Karen was increased. Jack was obsessed with Karen now. Karen was pleased, too. For now Jack wanted to eat Karen’s pussy nearly every time they made love. Karen enjoyed frequent and strong orgasms from Jack’s attention.

Jack wanted Karen more frequently. Every morning, before they left for work, Jack would have his way with her. Every evening, Jack would take her, again. The weekends were spent in bed.

Because of their frequent intercourse, little else got done. So Jack said to Karen one day, “Karen, I think you should quit your job. We don’t really need the money, and you could stay home and take care of the house and get all the things done that we can’t do now”

“Jack I can’t just quit my job! I have responsibilities.”

“You have responsibilities here, too, Karen”

“But Jack, I’ve worked for these people for three years. They need me.”

“I need you, too. I need you here. I need you home. So I want you to call them or tell them tomorrow that you’ll be leaving. You can give them two weeks if they need it. But I want you to be through as soon as you possibly can. I want you here, right away.”

Karen knew it was no good arguing with Jack. Once he had made up his mind there was no room for discussion. Anyway, arguing with Jack only made him angry. And Karen was a little afraid of him when he was angry.

So Karen quit her job. Within two weeks, Karen was home every day.


Now that Karen was home every day, the house was kept up and the errands that needed to be run were attended to. Karen would get up with Jack everyday and fix breakfast for both of them. She would have dinner ready when he got home. But meals were always preceded or followed by vigorous sex. Jack was insatiable. Soon, Jack was calling Karen by eleven every morning to see that she would be home at lunch time. Because now Jack would come home in the middle of the day and fuck Karen on his lunch hour.

All this sex just made Jack want her more. But one day Karen complained to Jack that it was getting too much for her. Jack became furious. “What the hell do you mean?!” ,he yelled. “I fuck you because I love you! Do you want be to love you less? I bust my ass to make this life possible for us, and now you complain because I fuck you too much?!”

Frightened, Karen started to cry. “Honey, sometimes it’s just too much! You hurt me sometimes when you fuck me so much. I love you, too. But you’ve got to understand…”

“Yeah, I understand, alright. I understand just fine!” Jack clearly didn’t understand, but that never stopped him, before. “Look, I don’t care what you want. Do you hear? You just do as you’re told. You belong to me, and you’ll do as I say. You got that? Now, get undressed, now. I’m gonna fuck you and that’s all there is to it.”

Karen was crying. Sobbing, she took off her shirt and pants, then stripped out of her underwear. Jack grabbed her arm and led her to their bedroom. Jack threw Karen on the bed, grabbed her legs, parted them and entered her. All the while that Jack was fucking Karen, she cried. Jack came in her and was finished. Karen rolled over on her side, curled up and cried some more.

Jack left her there.

That evening Jack returned home after work to find Karen sitting in the kitchen. When he walked in Karen spoke first. “Jack, I know you love me, and I know that you need to have sex with me. So I want to say that I’m sorry that I complained about it. I’m stupid, and I just want you to know that I love you, too. You know I’ll do anything for you. I’m really sorry.”

“Karen, I do love you and I need you more that ever. I know I fuck you a lot, but you make me so goddam horny I can’t help myself.”

“Jack, I just need to know that you love me, too.”

“Karen, I do. I really love you. It’s just that sometimes I get so…I don’t know…I just have to have you.”


After breakfast, one morning, when Jack was getting ready to leave for work, he was admiring Karen who was still naked from their fucking just minutes earlier. “Karen, I’d like you to stay naked today. While I’m at work, I’ll be thinking of you.”

“Sure, I’m not planning to go anywhere this morning, anyway. So, sure. I’ll be waiting for you at lunch!”

When Jack came home he was already aroused from the thought of Karen remaining naked. When he walked in the house, he saw her there and immediately led her to their bedroom. Their fucking was stronger than usual.

As he left to return to work, Jack told Karen to remain naked. She did.

Soon, Karen was naked all the time she was at home. Jack could barely keep his hands off her.


Jack came into the bathroom one day when Karen was shaving her legs and her pussy. He swiped at the shaving cream on her legs and smeared it on her arm. He then took the razor from her and ran it across her forearm. He paused. Jack took the shaving cream can from Karen and dispensed some of the lather into his hand. He rubbed it all along her fore arms. Then he took her razor and razed the fine hairs that grew on her arms.

“Keep them shaved’, was all he said to her.

“Okay”, she replied.

Now Karen was shaving not only her legs and underarms, but her forearms and her pussy, as well. Anywhere that visible hair grew below her neck she shaved it off.

Jack really liked her so smoothly shorn. He would stroke her, and pet her. And since she was to remain naked whenever she was at home, Jack had plenty of time to admire her. Admire her he did, too.

Jack and Karen continued to engage in sex frequently. Now it was at least twice a day, but often Jack would call for her three or four times in a single day. Karen would not complain, even if she felt it a burden. Karen knew that Jack felt she was his property to use as he felt he needed. She accepted his demands. She was his.


After dinner one evening, Jack was watching television with Karen when he said to her, quite unexpectedly, “Karen, I want you to make an appointment with your hairdresser to get your hair cut. I want you to get it cut short.”

“But Jack, I like my hair. I don’t want to get it cut short!”

“Karen, I want you to cut your hair. Period.”

“Cripes! Jack, I’ve done all these other things like you asked. I really don’t want to cut my hair.”

“Karen, do you want me to make the appointment for you?”

There was silence for a moment.

“No…I’ll do it”

“I want it cut short, now. You understand?”

“How short?!”

“You pick it out. I’ll let you know if I like it.”

So Karen made the appointment. She went in and told her stylist to give her a cut that would be short but still look pretty and feminine. She didn’t want to look too butch.

Not knowing what Jack had in mind, Karen went home with her new do, expecting…she didn’t know what.

Jack was home before her. When she came in she knew he would be evaluating the cut she had gotten. She was hopeful that he would like it and approve it.

“What do you think?”, she asked.

“Well, it’s shorter.”

“Do you like it”

“I kinda had something else in mind, actually.”

“You don’t like it.” Her heart sunk a little. “I can go back for a touch up. It won’t cost any more.”

“No, Karen, that won’t be necessary. Come over here and sit down. I’ll be right back.”

Jack got up and went into the hall where the linen closet was. He returned with a pair of scissors in his hands. “I think I’ll trim it for you.”

“C’mon, Honey. Don’t do that!” Karen begged.

“Karen, sit down here.” Jack motioned to a chair.

“Jack, please!”

“Karen, sit!”

Karen took a few steps backwards.

“Karen! Get over here, now!”

“Jack! No!”

“Dammit! Don’t you dare say “no” to me! Now get over her and sit down!” Jack walked towards Karen. Karen stepped back, again. Jack grabbed Karen by the arm and led her to the chair where Jack was determined to cut Karen’s hair. Karen started to cry.

Jack slapped Karen on the face. She let out a shriek, and began to sob. She raised her arms in defense of any more blows from Jack.

“Put your arms down! Put them down, Dammit!” Jack had begun to yell at Karen.

“I told you to get your hair cut short, and you come home looking like this! So now I have to cut your hair for you! Now sit still and let me cut your hair!”

Karen was crying. Her hands were covering her face. Jack began to cut. He cut crudely and unevenly. Soon Karen’s hair was no more than a mess of patchy hacked off hair with her scalp showing in several places.

Jack had finished with the scissors.

“Stay still!” Jack said to her, and walked off into another room.

When he returned, Jack had a set of electric clippers. Seeing this, and realizing what was in store for her, Karen sobbed loudly. Jack ignored her.

He plugged them in and without any guard started to mow off Karen’s remaining hair. Soon it was just stubble.

“Lean your head back”, Jack said to Karen. Then he took the clippers to her eyebrows.

“Close your eyes, and sit real still,” he said next. She felt the scissors at work on her eyelashes! He was taking it all!

“Don’t move.”

Jack began to apply lather to Karen’s head. He razed her eyebrows, then he razed her scalp. Each stroke terrified Karen. She was sure she would look like a freak. Jack continued until Karen was completely hairless. Then with a warm wet cloth he wiped her clean and dried her with a towel.

Jack then made Karen strip naked. He led her into their bedroom where he fucked her like he had never fucked her before. He fucked her for over an hour. During the whole time he was stroking her all over her body and her newly shorn head. He kissed her more deeply and more passionately than ever before.

“Karen, this is the fulfillment of one of my oldest desires. I will keep you as my smooth, hairless possession forever, now. You are so fabulously beautiful, now. I cannot express my joy at you this way.”

Karen had not yet seen herself since Jack had shaved her completely. Now she stood in front of a mirror for the first time in her newly denuded state. Again, she began to cry.

“Jack! What have you done to me?! I can’t go out like this! God! Shaving my pussy was one thing, but now…Now I can’t even go to the store or out on the street! What have you done to me?!”

“Karen, you’re beautiful this way! Don’t you see? You’re so perfect, now. I’ll never let you go back to the old way.”

“Jack! What about me? Don’t you ever think about what I want? I have rights, too!”

Jack was silent for a moment. “No! You have NO rights! Dammit, you belong to me! And you will do as I say! You are not here because of some foolish fancy! You’re here because I want you here. I support you. I feed you. I own the house we live in. And, Dammit, I own you!”

“Now wait a minute, there Jack. You don’t own me!”

“The hell I don’t!” Jack was yelling, now. “God dammit! I DO own you. And you will do as you’re told. Or I’ll beat you until you do!” Jack had slapped Karen before, but he had never threatened to beat her. Clearly, Jack had upped the ante, considerably. Jack continued, “If you want proof of your ownership by me just look at yourself! I’ve stripped you naked, shaved you bald, and I just fucked you! You are mine!” Karen was silent.

“From now on, I forbid you to wear clothes when you are here at home. And you must keep you head shaved, as well as the rest of your body. You are to remain completely hairless. Do you understand me? I’m not joking about this.” Jack was glaring at Karen.

After some time passed Karen simply said, “Yes, sir.”


Each morning, Karen would awaken and rise before Jack. She would shower and shave completely. Then she would prepare Jack’s breakfast. When Jack arose he would shower and come down for the breakfast prepared for him. After he ate he would invariably take Karen, sexually. Most often he would fuck her, but occasionally, he would take his pleasure in her mouth. Jack would then leave for his job. Nearly every day he would come home for his lunch hour, during which time he would take Karen again. Always, Karen would await Jack’s arrival, knowing full well that it meant she would be ravished each time. No longer did Karen object to Jack’s demands. She had accepted her station with him. She served him, now. Evenings would bring Jack back home after work when he would enjoy Karen’s meals and then he would enjoy Karen’s naked hairless body.

Only when Jack was away at work, and not expected home soon would Karen get dressed and cover her shorn head to venture out to do shopping or banking or run various errands. Karen was always careful to be home when she expected Jack to arrive. Jack was obsessively jealous of her time. Whenever he was at home he wanted her there with him.

When he was home with her had to be touching her, petting her, running his hands over her body. He would stroke her legs and arms, her pussy and her ass, he would pet her head and her breasts. Jack loved to kiss Karen. He loved to lick her nipples and her pussy. It seemed that Jack was in a constant state of arousal. Each night Jack would fuck Karen, even though they had had sex once or twice before that very day. Jack absolutely craved her skin against his own.


Karen had completely given herself over to Jack. Jack controlled her in every way. He gave her permission to run errands in his absence. He gave her permission to contact her few friends when he saw fit. She took his instructions in the most minute details of daily life. She always asked his permission when she needed to be excused from his presence to go to the bathroom. When he would fuck her and she was on the verge of her own orgasm, she asked his permission before she allowed herself to come.

Jack would take Karen out on social occasions and on those occasions she would dress as Jack had instructed her to dress. Usually, Jack selected a simple dress which Karen wore without underwear. Jack would have Karen wrap her head in a head dress that in some ways resembled the habit worn by nuns, only much less noticeable. Jack did not intend for Karen to attract unwanted attention. He simply was clear that they both should know precisely what the arrangement was between them.

When Jack would visit his friends he would often take Karen with him. This way she could be near him and he could enjoy his obsession with her. With some of his friends, Jack would have Karen undress when they were together. At first, this was a surprise and an odd sort of fun for them. Seeing Karen for the first time naked was surprising for several of Jack’s friends. That Karen was completely hairless and so completely naked was a unique experience for them. Never had they seen any woman in this utterly dominated state. Jack had really impressed them with his will over her. After a time though they became accustomed to seeing her with him. And while it never failed to impress them it became less surprising.

Of course, whenever Jack had his friends over to his house Karen was expected to make no changes in her behavior. Jack made it clear to her that she would remain naked and available to him in every circumstance, regardless if they were entertaining or if they were alone.

So it was that Jack enslaved Karen, and once done, kept her in a state of perpetual servitude. Karen remained naked and completely denuded of her hair. She served Jack ably and always sought his permission when it was called for. Jack, for his part, took Karen sexually every day, often several times in each day. In doing this he enforced his dominion over her. By invading her body, by entering her and taking his pleasure in her, by stripping her of any clothing, and by shaving her body and her head free of any hair, by imposing his will on her, he made her his slave. Karen accepted her life, even relishing it. Karen had been denied her old identity, her possessions taken from her, her status reduced to that of a possession, herself. And yet in this slavery, Karen found her freedom. Karen was no longer concerned with the demands of the world, only the demands of Jack. And she knew how to meet Jack’s demands. Jack, too, had found freedom. For Jack it was the freedom of having this beautiful naked, denuded woman who would yield to his every demand. Jack knew it had all been worth the struggle to get here, and so did Karen.


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