For the Little Ones

For the Little Ones

For the Little Ones By JimB

Mary stood looking up at the stage. All the men and women up there getting their head buzzed. Even a few brave souls had shaving cream applied then a razor slowly removing it, leaving behind a nice smooth scalp. When this happened a calm silence would come across those watching, followed by a loud cheer when the stylist began shaving their heads.

More men than women would let the stylist use the razor, but when a woman would all eyes were on her.

Of course, the most long hair falling came from women, but a few men were amongst the group of “past the shoulder blade”.

Even a small group of teenagers, both boys and girls, ventured onto the stage and left behind what hair they had on their head. About half the teenage boys opted for the final razoring but the girls would go no further than a buzzing. It was the first weekend of June: their hair would grow back just in time for when school started in late August, with a buzzed head. But, if they shaved their head it could be October, at the earliest, before a good growth would appear.

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Mary turned looking at the crowd that had turned out for this charity event. “Hair for the Little Ones”, it was called. The event was for the children under twelve who had Alopecia or were undergoing chemo for cancer, who could not afford the high cost of the special wigs. She was surprised at the turnout given the group who put it together did so in a matter of two months. She overheard one of the representatives, from the local National Cancer Chapter, tell someone: “It usually takes many months to put something like this together.” Even then, the first time the turnout was very small compared to this one.

Just then she looked upon the stage. Her husband, Roger, of twenty years and her sixteen-year-old son, Mark, were taking a seat. Both were going to be buzzed by a lovely stylist. She could see the smile on her son when the stylist walked to the chair he was seated in, she knew his day was going to be made. But she gave her husband a stern look when the lovely young stylist stepped beside the chair he was seated in. She noticed how he sat up, but, she said to herself, it was OK… this time.

Just as the stylist was buzzing the right side of her son’s head the chair to his left opened up. In it sat a young girl around his age. As the stylist placed the cape around her she turned her head to Mark and said something. She saw her son’s eyes go wide open as in surprise, then he said something to her. She answered him by shaking her head in an upward and downward movement. He then turned to his dad and said something to him, he in turned shook his head and replied.

When Mark turned his attention back to the girl the stylist was moving the clippers over her head. Her long light brown hair fell to the floor of the stage and she pulled her arms from under the cape and waved them in the air over her head and yelled, “For the little ones!” The crowd gave a loud cheer and money began floating in the air landing in front of the chair she was seated in. Quickly a young boy, who had been collecting the piles of hair from around the chairs, began picking up the money. With each handful, he handed it to the young girl, who piled it up in her lap.

The stylist was now finished with her son but she didn’t remove the cape. Instead he sat there watching the other stylist finish buzzing the teenage girl next to him. Mary tried to find out from her husband what was going on when he came off the stage. “Just wait,” he told her, then he reached into his pocket and took out three twenty-dollar bills.

She turned her attention back to the stage and her son and the girl next to him. They were looking at each other and smiling. The girl said something and turned her head forward. Then, Mary’s eyes grew big and she being to understand what was happening.

The stylist who buzzed the young girl was now applying shaving cream to her head. She turned her head to Mark and reached her right hand, out from under the cape, towards Mary’s son. His left hand grabbed her as the stylist who had buzzed him began applying shaving cream to his head. Then, both stylists began shaving their heads; this brought more money flying onto the stage. Her husband stepped toward the stage and tossed his three twenties in front of his son.

Then Mary heard, “I can’t believe he’s doing it.” It was Mark’s sister, Judy, who had talked her dad and brother into getting buzzed. She just stood there shaking her head from side to side in disbelief.

“Do you support him?” Mary asked her.

She smiled. “I didn’t think he would get buzzed.”

Finally, after about ten minutes, both stylists were removing the capes. Mark and the young girl took each other’s hand and stood up, yelling, “For the little ones!” More money came flying onto the stage as they walked off. At the foot of the steps the girl turned and gave Mark a hug and a kiss on the cheek. As they started to walk away a news reporter and cameraman came running up to them.

The reporter began asking them questions as the cameraman recorded the interview.

Mary, her husband and daughter walked towards them. “Oh my god,” her daughter let out, “they’re holding hands.”

Her dad laughed. “Let him alone.”

When the interview was over they walked towards them, just as another couple, the girl’s parents, was coming from another direction. Almost at the same time both mothers were hugging their child. Both began rubbing their fingertips over the shaven head of their child.

They introduced themselves to each other. Her father had gotten his head buzzed early when the buzzing started. They didn’t know their daughter, Ranee, was going to have her head shaved, they only told her the buzzing was all right. “But when they are out of reach,” her mother began say, “you have no control over what happens.”

When they turned to say something to their child they were walking off toward a small table and chairs, where people were sitting enjoying some of the food that was being sold.

Then, over the loud speaker came: “WILL GROUP NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN PLEASE COME TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE STAGE.” He announced this two more times. Mary turned to her husband. “Looks like it’s my turn.” She gave him a kiss and walked toward the other side of the stage.

Slowly she walked, her heart almost in her throat, her mind thinking back to her days when she was a junior in college. Her roommate, a wild girl from Seattle named Connie, was always changing her hair in some way. Either the color, the style, and even cutting it in crazy ways. She remembered one of the craziest cuts she had gotten, until that Friday night before homecoming, was one side was long to her shoulders. But as the bottom length went to the back it slowly started going up high in the back, then on the other side it was cut in a straight line, from back to front, even with the middle of her eyes. She found out months later that the left side, the long side, was shaved half an inch above the hairline.

Then there was that Friday night that Connie had gotten her wildest haircut while in college.

They were at a frat-house party, the beer was flowing freely, everyone was drinking. A few girls even started stripping, to the delight of the boys, but the panties stayed on. Of course, many of the boys tried to get them off, too.

It was around midnight when Connie was talking to a few of the first year boys. Their hair was growing back after having their heads shaved to become a member of the frat. Then, one of the boys took off running upstairs, another one took off towards the kitchen. The other two and Connie walked toward the big living room, where most of the party was going on. Little by little they began moving everyone from the center of the room, not telling anyone why when they were asked.

The one who ran off to the kitchen came back carrying a pot of hot water, you could tell it was hot water because of the steam. He placed it on a small table that was next to where the couch was. Then, one of the boys moved a chair next to the table.

“Let me through,” came a cry as the boy who ran upstairs pushed his way through the crowd of students wondering what was going on. In one hand was a box, in the other one was an electrical extension cord. He handed the extension cord to one of the other boys, who then plugged it into a wall outlet. The box was opened and the boy, who had gone upstairs to get it, began removing the contents. The only thing he removed was the big black clippers. He grabbed the extension cord and plugged the clippers into it.

With everyone watching and wondering Connie walked through the crowd and sat in the chair. No one said a word, no one asked a question. Everyone just looked on with interest.

Just as Connie sat in the chair the boy holding the clippers clicked them to life. She sat as he placed the clippers in the middle of her forehead and slowly moved them back over her head, leaving behind short stubbly hair, if her hair had not been black you would have sworn there was none left behind. When the first pass was made, a cheer came from everyone, including Mary herself. The boy began another pass next to the first one, this brought another round of cheers. Slowly everyone began sitting around on the floor, all over the chairs and couches.

One of the other boys grabbed the clippers and began making a pass on the other side of the first clipping. Soon, the top of her head was buzzed to her scalp. The clippers were passed to the boy standing behind the chair. He pushed her head down and being clipping up the back of her head.

When her head was buzzed the fourth boy, who did not get to buzz her head, began washing her head with the warm water. One of the other boys began shaking the can of shaving cream up. It was then one of the girls yelled, “I want to shave her head.” She stood up and moved to the chair.

She patted Connie on the shoulder as a razor was handed to her. One of the boys who had clippered Connie’s head told everyone, “Just one stroke with the razor for everyone who wants to.”

A small line began forming. Each one took one stroke with the razor and passed it on to the next one. This continued until Connie’s head was shaved smooth. Everyone came up to her afterwards and wanted to feel her smooth shaven head. By this time she was bombed and hands were all over her head.

The next morning when they woke, Mary and Connie, who had one hell of a hangover, talked about everything that went on the night before. Connie admitted the boys, with their hair short and fuzzy hair, gave her a turn on. When she found out their heads had been shaved she began asking they how it felt. Each tried to relate how it felt, but her mind was beginning to get consumed with the thoughts of their words. Then, one of then just said, “It’s hard to explain. You have to experience it to understand.”

Before she knew it she was telling them she wanted to experience the feeling.

Of course the boys laughed but she insisted. One mentioned he knew where the clippers were kept, and another said he had a fresh can of shaving cream and had just purchased a new pack of safety razors.

“Go get them,” she challenged the boys. They looked at her and took off, as they did. What happened when they returned was one hell of a show for everyone, because no one knew any sorority that required the girls to even cut their hair short, to become a member. Of course, the seven or so beers were starting to kick in, so Connie admitted they could have been part of the reason why she let them shave her head.

But she admitted when they started clipping her head she became scared. But when they lathered her head she was feeling so happy she just sat there.

“It felt great… much better than what they told me,” she commented as she walked out the bedroom, rubbing her fingers over her head. A few hours later Mary remembered brushing her fingers over Connie’s shaven head and how it felt. The feeling gave her goose bumps and her body felt strangely warm. She even had a few dreams, over the next three months, that they had gone to another frat party and she had gotten her head shaved.

She remembered watching Connie sitting in the chair her head being shaved one by one by the other students. She had gotten in the line, but by the time it had gotten almost to her they had finished shaving Connie’s head. She remembered Connie telling her how great she would look if she shaved her head, too.

But Mary wasn’t as brave and as strong as Connie. Besides, who would date a woman with no hair! But, the thought did excite her, more so when she walked into the bathroom and caught Connie with her head all lathered up and a razor in hand.

Mary took her seat as the crowd cheered everyone who walked on stage. “For the little ones,” they cheered over and over. With everyone with capes on the stylist began “clicking” their clippers on and began buzzing the head before them. Hair was falling to the stage floor, all around the chairs. A few of the women began to tear but they just smiled and wiped it away. Slowly the stylist began removing the capes, one by one and they walked off the stage to waiting family or friends. Two of the men remained seated, which meant they were going to get their heads shaved.

She looked at her husband who was excited, blowing kisses to her, opening and closing his arms. She blushed a little and started to get up. Then, she caught site of Mark. He was moving his hand over his head and pointing to her. Her daughter was standing next to him tying to get him to stop.

Her thoughts went quickly back to Connie. How nice her scalp felt when she brushed her fingers over her shaven head. The excitement that ran through her body. How nice the shivering made her feel. She took a deep breath…

Sitting back in the chair the stylist leaned over her shoulder. “You want your head shaved?”

Mary looked at her husband… he stood frozen looking at her. Her son was shaking his arms up and down yelling, “SHAVE HER… SHAVE HER.”

Mary shook her head yes.

Before she could change her mind the stylist was lathering her head. Her daughter grabbed her father and buried her head into his chest. He patted her on the head, while giving Mary a big smile.

With her attention on them the stylist make one short shave down the middle of her head. There was no turning back. Cheers and whistles came from the watching crowd. Just like the girl who had gotten her head shaved with Mark, people began tossing dollar bills in front of the chair she was sitting in.

Her daughter began peeping a look at her mother on stage. She could not believe her mother was up there getting her head shaved. Then, she saw it…

Her mother was now pointing her right hand toward her, then quickly moved it over her head. Her hand pointed at her again, then moved quickly over her head, again and again.

When the stylist was finished Mary quickly brushed her fingertips over her scalp. A big surprise came over her, a chilling shiver ran up her spine. She now knew what Connie meant when she told her, “You have to do it to understand how it feels.” And to Mary it felt great, so great she wanted to have the stylist to shave her head again, then again. But, the announcer called out the next group to come to the stage.

Judy, Mark, and Roger were waiting for her when she got off the stage. Roger gave her a hug and kissed her on the top of her head. She felt a warm shiver race down her back, stopping when it reached her ass, then raced back upward. She shook and Roger asked if something was wrong? She told him no and gave him a kiss.

“Think you can handle a bald woman tonight?” she whispered in his ear. She felt his hand softly rub her ass as she saw a smile, a wicked smile at that, come to his face. She knew Judy and Mark would be spending the night at one of the grandparents tonight. And that just pleased her to more shivers.

Just then, an announcement came over the loudspeakers: “We have one chair open. Someone not hear their group number called, or did they chicken out?”

They looked toward the stage. The stylists were standing with capes ready. “OK, anyone want to fill the open chair?” the announcer asked.

Mary felt Judy release her hold around her waist. They looked at each other. Judy reached up and felt Mary’s head.

“Can’t have three shaved heads and one hairy head in the family,” she said and walked toward the stage.

The crowd cheered as she waked to the center open chair and sat down. The stylist began caping everyone. There were five women and two men in this group. Mary felt good for Judy, she waved as the stylist clicked on the clippers.

Judy closed her eyes as the clippers were placed on her forehead. Then her shoulders shrugged upward as the clippers were pushed back over her head. Her eyes opened when they were pulled from her head. Her cape shot outward as she let out a loud yell, “SHAVE ME BALD!”

The stylist looked at her. “What?”

Judy looked at her mother, her left hand coming from under the cape pointed to Mary. Then, it quickly moved back over her head. “Shave me bald like my mother.”

The stylist looked out into the audience and saw Mary waving back to Judy. She patted Judy on the shoulder. “Let’s get rid of this hair first.”

She worked the clippers slowly over Judy’s head, a little behind the others. When she was finished Judy looked around, no one had gotten up from their chair. Not even the other four women. They were all getting their heads shaved. The biggest, loudest and longest cheer came across the crowd. “SHAVE THEM… SHAVE THEM,” everyone was yelling.

The shaving cream was spread over their heads. Judy didn’t know how the other women were feeling, but she began to feel much closer to her mother than she ever had. Her mother stood watching with her hands clasped together. The stylist began shaving until they all were as smooth as most of the others who had stayed on stage after their buzzing.

When the event was over the chairwomen, one of the ladies who had gotten her head shaved, stood on the stage before the crowd. The crowd whistled and cheered as she waved her hands for them to quiet down.

“Just wanted to let everyone of you know,” she began with a few cheers and whistles lingering in the back of the crowd, “one hundred and eighty-six heads were buzzed. One hundred and twenty-nine were men, seventy-seven of whom got their head shaved. Forty-seven women were buzzed… and NINETEEN lovely ladies got their head shaved.”

“I can’t tell you how long all this hair is,” she continued. “But, a rough guess is that it will make around two hundred and something wigs for those young girls who can’t afford them. In all I think the turnout was great, given the short time we had to put it together.”

She waved bye to everyone and turned to walk off the stage amongst cheers of “FOR THE LITTLE ONES!” She couldn’t help but stop and walk back to the mike. “ANYONE INTERESTED IN DOING THIS NEXT YEAR?”

“FOR THE LITTLE ONES!” was yelled over and over by the crowd.

Then, just as it had started six hours earlier, the crowd began slowly going away.

An article in the local newspaper told of the event. Told of the men and women who shaved their head, but were only asked to buzz their hair off close to the scalp. Mention was made of the total measured length of hair and the number of wigs that could be made. Photos of the event, including showing two women getting their head shaved, appeared with the article. It was mentioned, “Plans were already in being made for next year.”

The end


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