Smooth Lesson

Smooth Lesson

Smooth Lesson by BigMacJim

Irene was a fiftyish schoolteacher who was ready for adventure as well as a change. She had been wearing her ass-length hair pulled back into a severe bun on the back of her head day in and day out throughout her teaching career. Irene had always realized how much work maintaining her long locks took. She figured that pulling it back like that gave her a sense of control over her life, as well as creating somewhat of an intimidating appearance towards her middle school students. The slicked look of her hair, combined with a few well-placed scowls, and she had the classes eating out of her hands. But as she grew older, Irene had begun to mellow out where her students were concerned. She felt that her years of experience were enough to get to her new groups of students without her old types of intimidation. And with the change in her teaching attitude, she felt a change in her appearance, as well as loosening up away from the classroom, was very much in order.

Irene had an idea as to what she wanted to do, as far as fun activities were concerned. For years, she had dreamed of living out a kidnapping fantasy, where she would be driven against her will to a secret location, and her captor would be free to do whatever he wished to her. She had the number of a guy named Ed who would be able to help her fulfill her fantasy. So she dialed up his number, and after a brief conversation, they agreed upon a meeting place and time to put everything into motion. Two nights later, the action took place.

Ed met Irene at a shopping center, and they sat in her car for a little while, discussing the evening ahead. Then Ed vacated the passenger seat of the four-door vehicle and took a walk around the shopping area for about 20 minutes. At that point, he approached Irene’s car, which conveniently had the back door unlocked, and he opened the door and slinked into the back seat. Ed put his hand over Irene’s mouth, then whispered in her ear, “Do what I tell you, and nothing will happen. Now, drive to this address.” And he handed her a piece of paper with the address of a nearby location.

Irene drove to a place not far from the shopping center, a hair salon owned by a friend of Ed’s. She got out of the car, with Ed behind, restraining her hands behind her. As he unlocked the door, he smiled devilishly and said, “Fun time is almost ready to start.”

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They entered the salon, and Ed ordered Irene to sit in the first chair, facing the full length of the wall mirror. But before she sat down, she was told to strip down to nudity, then sit in the chair and relax. After she did that, Ed fastened her hands together with handcuffs behind the chair. Then he ran his hands up her naked body from the waist up to her head, slowly caressing her slim body. When he reached her head, his hands went to the back of her head, where her tight bun was securely fastened by numerous hairpins. As Irene viewed him in the mirror, Ed slowly removed each and every pin from the wrapped locks until a 3 1/2 foot long, board straight, salt and pepper colored ponytail flopped down the back of the styling chair.

Ed slowly caressed the long shiny tail of hair and whispered in Irene’s ear, “Woman, you need a haircut. And that’s what I am about to do to you. Only this will not be an ordinary trim as you are used to. Sit back and relax, because you are not moving from this chair until I am done. Say goodbye to your hair, teach.”

Ed walked over to the counter and picked up the cordless electric clippers which had been well charged for the evening ahead. He clicked them on, and held them against Irenes cheek, sending a buzz of excitement through her nude body. Then he placed the clippers above her right ear and ran them through her thick, long locks all the way back to her neckline, leaving a peach fuzz appearance. Ed slowly and carefully ran the clippers all the way across Irene’s skull, until the fuzz covered her entire head. A faint smile came over Irene’s face as she saw her freshly shorn head, and she said to Ed, “I had always wanted to see what I would look like this way. You do good work.”

To which he responded, “But I am not done yet.” And he stepped over to the counter, where there was a hot lather machine. He put one hand under the nozzle and shot a large mound of hot foam into his other hand. Ed brought the warm handful to the chair, where he proceeded to lather up Irene’s head. Then back to the counter, where he rinsed excess foam from his hands, and picked up a disposable razor, the kind with three blades. Again above her right ear, he started to scrape the stubble from her scalp, and worked all the way across her head until her baldness glistened in the bright salon lights. Ed then got a bottle of body lotion and massaged it into Irene’s freshly denuded cranium.

Ed was not done yet, as he took the clippers and shaved the hair from Irene’s dripping wet pussy. This shaving session had proven to be an immense turn-on for Irene, as she had had several orgasms. He also lathered up her pubic area and took off all that stubble. When he was done, he whispered in her ear, “What do you think, pretty lady?” And she responded, “Let’s do this again soon, with the roles reversed. You wouldn’t look too bad bald yourself!”


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