Perfect Gift

Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

This is the story of how I gave my husband the perfect Christmas gift this year. My name is Trish and I have thick black hair cut in what you would call a classic Farrah Fawcett style. My hair is almost touching my shoulder blades. I enjoy my hair and so does my husband, Tom. He has never asked me to cut my hair or given any indication that he would like for me to cut it.

One day in December, I inadvertently logged onto the Internet using my husband’s screen name. When I went to check my e-mail I discovered that it wasn’t my mail, but Tom’s. There must have been 20 messages. I would have left immediately and re-logged on under my name until I noticed the descriptions on the messages. There were numerous references to hair and clippers and stories. I began to read the messages. There were people talking about cutting women’s hair off (bald) and others interested in women with very short hair. The stories were about women being shorn to various lengths using different scenarios. You could tell the people were really into cutting hair. The stories were all well written and had a certain allure to them. I never knew my husband was interested in this.

With my curiosity peaked, I went to Tom’s personal on-line filing cabinet and began to read the e-mail he had sent. He talked of enjoying seeing women getting long to short makeovers. He really enjoyed women with buzzed napes and short cut sides. He had even written a story about what he liked. I wasn’t mad, just intrigued about his secret and why he would keep it from me.

For the next couple of weeks I continued to secretly read Tom’s mail. The people he was talking to all seemed normal and even friendly. I could tell he was really into cutting women’s hair and that he had not yet had an opportunity to fulfil his fantasy. The more I read the more I understood Tom’s desire and why he enjoyed it. I decided that for Christmas Tom was going to get to fulfil his haircutting fantasy. I went to the local beauty supply store and bought a good pair of hair cutting scissors, clippers with attachments, hair clips and a cape.

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My plan was to wrap the gifts and let him open them Christmas morning. Before I wrapped the gifts I got a better idea. I hid everything away so he wouldn’t find it. I had never really thought about short hair being sexy or that anyone would get turned on by cutting someone’s hair but over the next couple of days I found myself fantasizing about the experience Tom was about to have. I found myself getting excited at the thought of having Tom cutting my hair short.

Christmas morning arrived. I awoke about 7:00 and let Tom sleep. I took a shower and washed my hair. As I was blow drying my hair, Tom walked into the bathroom and wondered why I was doing my hair at 8:00 in the morning. I told him I wanted to look nice for him that morning as one of his presents. I told him not to go downstairs until after I could get his present set up. I finished styling my hair and got ready to go downstairs.

I took a white sheet, brush and comb and went downstairs. I spread the sheet out on the living room floor and went into the kitchen and retrieved a small stool and placed it in the middle of the sheet. Next, I got one of our wooden TV trays and an extension cord and placed them next to the chair. Last, but not least, I got the scissors, clippers, hair clips and cape out. I carefully arranged the scissors and clippers on the tray. All of the clipper attachments were neatly arranged next to the clippers. While I was arranging them I wondered which one he would use on me. I put the cape on and made sure the velcro securely attached the cape to my neck and sat down in the chair.

I called up to Tom and told him I was ready. I could hear him come down the stairs and watched him as he walked into the room. He froze just inside the doorway. I got up from the chair and walked over to him, took him by the hand and let him to the chair. He just looked at me and then at the hair cutting tools laying on the tray. I told him how I had found out about his fantasy and that my present to him this year would be the fulfilment of it. He was embarrassed at first. I quickly put him at ease when I told him how I had been fantasizing the last couple of days about how he was going to cut my hair. I told him he could cut it however he wanted, it was completely up to him. He looked at me and a huge smile appeared on his face. Tom grabbed the brush and began brushing my hair in long even strokes. It felt good as he slowly brushed all of my hair out.

Tom told me he knew exactly how he was going to cut my hair. He said I would look fantastic when he was through. He told me he had wanted to see me with this haircut for a long time but never had the courage to tell me. He began to pull the hair on top of my head into a ponytail. Using the brush, he pulled the top and about half of the sides into the ponytail. When he was finished, there was a part that went from about an inch above my left ear all the way around to the right side. Using one of the hair clips he clipped the ponytail to the top of my head. The hair below the part hung down around my shoulders. I could see that Tom was getting very excited. I have to admit, I was also excited. He picked up the scissors and went to the right side of my head. He began snipping at the hairline in front of my right ear. The sound of the scissors cutting my hair was indescribable. He carefully traced my hairline around the ear and down the back. Each snip caused more hair to fall into my lap and onto the floor. It was quite a site to see my black hair against the white background of the sheet.

Tom continued up the left side and around the ear. When he had finished my hair had been cut off at my hairline. I had just lost 6″ to 10″ of thick black hair. A moment later I heard the sound of the clippers. I had turned them on after I bought them, but it didn’t sound like this. Now, the clippers had a musical quality to them. Tom took the comb and began lifting the hair on the back of my head. Each time he did this he took the clippers and ran them across the comb, sending my hair to the sheet below. He worked slowly, Over and over he lifted my hair in back and buzzed it off. Eventually, he was placing the comb flush against my head and clipping off the hair that stood above the comb. He did this over the entire back of my head right up to the part. I could feel the comb and then the vibration of the clippers as they cut my hair off. It felt incredible.

Once he finished with the back, he went to work on the right side. This time he put the shortest attachment on the clippers and placed them on my temple. In one stroke he removed the remaining hair on the right side and repeated the process on the left side. I ran my hand over the stubble and it felt wonderful. Except for the hair in the ponytail, my head had been reduced to less than an 1/8″ of stubble. Tom leaned over and kissed my neck softly and commented on how he had always wanted to be able to do that. He was very aroused at the sight of my buzzed nape and couldn’t wait to finish my haircut.

Tom undid the hair clip holding my ponytail and I felt the hair fall down onto my shoulders. He stood back and commented that he couldn’t tell he had cut any hair off. My remaining black hair completely covered the buzzed back and sides. Tom picked up the clippers again and said he would take care of that. Starting on the right side he turned the clippers so the cutting blade was pointing at my head. He pushed the clippers into my hair until he reached the scalp. A 12″ piece of hair fell into my lap. Tom continued this all the way around my head. Each time sending a clipper wide piece of hair to the sheet. When he was done he handed me a mirror so I could see the progress he had made. It looked like he had taken a bowl, put it on my head and buzzed off all of the hair that hung below the bowl. I loved the buzzed sides.

Tom picked up the scissors and began to work on the top and sides of my remaining hair. He would comb each section and grasp it between his fingers. He cut off all but about 2″ of my remaining hair. He worked his way from the front to the back cutting each section to 2″. When he finished cutting he took the clippers and comb and blended the hair on the sides and back with the buzzed section. Again it felt great as the clippers buzzed away.

He finished with my haircut and undid the cape from my neck. I watched all of my hair slide off the cape as he pulled it away from my body. I took my hands and ran them through what was left of my thick black hair. The contrast between the buzzed part and the top was exciting. I quickly went to our bathroom mirror to get a good look at my new haircut. Wow!! I thought. I knew I would never see my Farrah look again. I shook my head back and forth. The longer hair moved with my head and laid back down when I finished. This was great. I’m so glad I found out about Tom’s fantasy.

When I walked back into the living room I gave Tom a long kiss and thanked him for giving me a new present as well. This was definitely the best Christmas we ever had. I gave Tom a chance to live out his fantasy and he gave me a wonderful new haircut and an insight into his inner self. We’ve never been happier. Tom can cut my hair anytime he wants and in any style he wants.


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