Skinhead Girl

Skinhead Girl

Skinhead Girl – BigJohn

I’ve been living with my girlfriend for the last few years. When I first met her she told me of the wild past she had before we met. Although we have a lot in common we were both attracted to different music scenes in our youth: myself I was a big Rockabilly fan. I had the Fifties look with the leathers and the pompadour, tattoos up and down my arms and for me there was nothing better than rockin’ at a fifties’ night a couple of nights a week.

My partner was the exact opposite of me: she was a skinhead girl. I didn’t know much about the skinhead scene to be honest, it was only after her parents moved and they found some old boxes which belonged to Cat that I had my first glimpse of how she looked because along with her old Boots and braces was her photo collection of when she was younger. I had never experienced the thrill that I got when I saw how she looked: the contrast of the slim girlish figure with her large tits poking through her Ben Sherman and her cute face framed by the short fringe with her head shaven bald on top. Many times when we were having sex I would get her to describe her former sexual activities. I found out that she was very much in demand with the skinhead blokes, seeing as how Skinhead girls were scarce Cat was passed around frequently, often she was fucked by one man after the other .

Of course it didn’t take long for me to start pestering her to cut her hair again, but all to no avail until on the night of my birthday we had both come back to our house completely pissed after enjoying ourselves at a local pyschobilly gig.

Cat vanished to the bedroom while I poured myself a large drink and put on some music. When she finally returned I had the surprise of my life because not only was she dressed head to toe in her old skinhead cloths but she was also carrying my electric hair clippers.

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“O.K. I’m ready when you are, make the most of it.”

My hands were shaking as I picked up the clippers and fitted the shortest attachment. I left her fringe and ran the clippers over the top of her head. Her thick brown hair came away in large clusters until the top was down to a quarter inch. I made sure that I left some hair running down the back of her head and also around her ears. Finishing, I turned her around and took a good look at the finished result. It looked perfect: the contrast between the masculine clothes and hair and the feminine features of her face was sexually perfect – it just added to her sexuality. I couldn’t help myself – my hands started rubbing her all over starting with her large tits. I pulled on her extended nipples while she still had her shirt on. I didn’t want to ruin everything by taking her clothes off fully so I undid several buttons of her Ben Sherman and squeezed her tits out one by one. All this time my other hand was caressing her smooth shaven head while my mouth enclosed over her large nipples first one then the other. My prick was pushing my jeans out so far that my cock was aching.

Moving her small hand down Catherine rubbed all over my hard bulge. “Take them off I need to see what you have for me,” she said. As soon as I could my jeans were off and my boxers were around my ankles. “You love it don’t you, eh?” she said. “My bald head really turns you on doesn’t it?”

I could only nod in reply as her mouth enclosed my blood engorged prick. In and out my prick rammed as her tongue entered my pee hole, her hands massaged my tight bollocks until the spunk came gushing out of my prick which she lovingly swallowed.

Of course the night was still young and my prick didn’t show any sign of wilting. Taking a razor and the shaving cream out of the bathroom I also picked up a pair of scissors. Laying her on her back I carefully cut away the crotch of her Levi jeans and then cut her knickers’ crotch away until her hairy pussy was exposed to my eager gaze. “No time for fucking yet,” I said. I fed her my knob once again while I covered her stubbled head with the shaving cream. She was as turned on as I was as the razor ran over the top of her head leaving the smooth baldness. I can’t describe the thrill I had as my senses were on overload.

Pulling my cock out of her mouth I raised her legs over my shoulders until her army-booted feet were resting over my back. I took a long lick of her cherry pie, seeking out her clit and nibbling it. It wasn’t long before I had to enter her so putting her on all fours I told her, “As you want to look like a boy I’ll have you like a boy.” Spitting on my hand and rubbing the goo all over my cock I eased the head of my prick into her tight arse, gradually stretching her hole until she was ready to take the full length, slowly fucking away at her and caressing her shiny bald top. I knew I wouldn’t last long: faster and faster I went until I knew I was at my limit. I pulled out and squirted my come all over her bald dome rubbing the spunk all over her head.


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