Six Weeks

Six Weeks

Six Weeks

Eighteen dollars, and they’d need bus fare home…that was a little over $5….so they had enough for one ladies’ cut….or two boys’ cuts.

“I still say you’re mad about haircutting” Ann said, ” and that if it was up to you you’d get your hair cut as often as you could.”

Sarah turned her head, her earrings making little those sounds again, its own little song. She answered ‘well, it’s not just me and my hair….often I’m imagining it’s your hair as I get mine done. I guess I’ve been talking about it so much to make sure you notice.”

“Notice!” Ann blurted out with a laugh. “You can’t help notice when your friend points out EVERY short-haired girl she sees…on the street, on TV, in books, and asks if I’d like her, or me, similarly shorn. And to put a stop to this, let’s go in….now!”

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“OK” was all Sarah said, but her quiet reply belied her excitement. She really liked her own cropped hair, and had been thinking of what Ann would look like without her long hair. She wanted to run her fingers through cropped curls, to touch Ann’s nape and caress her ears and….but all she could say was “OK, let’s go in”

“But Sarah,” Ann added, ” one more thing…you tell them how to cut me ‘boy style’ and I get to decide your style. And we each tell the stylist alone, so that the other one is surprised.”

Sarah thought about it and went along with the deal. After all, Ann was rather conservative about some things, and wouldn’t do anything crazy.

The girls entered the shop and asked if the haircuts were priced boy or lady by the cut or the gender of the client.

A stylist didn’t even stop her cut in progress to say ” Depends on the style, not the sex of the person. Your long-haired brother wanted a trim, cost him $11, you want a boy cut, only $6″

The stylist was a young woman, cute in a slightly zaftig way, and she wore her hair in a very short cap of red hair, less than an inch anywhere.

“Like my hair, it’s a boy cut, all I do is use the clippers a few minutes every six weeks or so, cut it about a half inch long or so. Not too many of my clients go for this look, though” she said breezily, still finishing a long bob of blond hair.

Ann and Sarah sat down and were totally quiet until the client paid and left the shop. Ann was to go first. She sat in the chair, and Sarah told the stylist about the deal. Then she whispered in her ear; the stylist nodded and began to cut, saying only “Yep, that’s a boy cut” She first took all the hair off at the level of Ann’s chin, long pieces of black hair falling rapidly, and then cut even higher, around ear level, Then she started cutting the top. Inches of hair were flung away, leaving Ann with about an inch and a quarter of hair in front; then she reached around and grabbed the clippers and snapped a 1/2 inch attachment on it and in a flash had sheared Ann’s hair on the side and back of her head to a close buzz. Ann was growing alarmed. This was shorter than Sarah’s hair, by a good bit. She was finding herself getting angry, but that anger was mixed with excitement of a sexual nature. She really liked Sarah, so what the hell.. it’s only hair, and it grows back she thought. But what to do to Sarah’s hair…

The stylist did a little more blending, and turned Ann around to view the result.

“Looks good on you, kid” the stylist told her as Ann and Sarah surveyed the result. Ann looked spectacular, shiny black longish flattop, the shorn sides and back displaying her chiseled features. Ann liked it, was looking forward to how Sarah would react later when they were alone, but also had to “repay” Sarah for all her trouble. Six weeks, how much DOES hair grow in six weeks, Ann thought, and hit on a plan. “get in the chair-your turn!” she barked to Sarah in a surprisingly forceful tone of voice. Ann’s clipped head looked inviting to Sarah; who watched from the chair as Ann whispered to the stylist, whose eyes got very large as she said, “Well, that IS a boy’s cut”

The stylist grabbed the clippers and removed the attachment and made a small adjustment on the blade, turned them on with a snarling shudder, and as Sarah’s eyes grew wider and wider, a little fear mixed with a lot of desire, began at her already clipped neck and buzzed up, higher and higher, over the crown and all the way to the front. The clippers left the barest hint of stubbly hair, only a millimeter or two long, and with Sarah’s light hair looked bald in the harsh light. Pass by pass, Sarah’s scalp became more and more visible, clumps of hair collecting on her shoulders. The stylist was visibly enjoying herself.

“Always wanted to cut a girl’s hair this short. Honey, you’re my shortest cut ever!” she gushed.

It was done quickly, really too soon. The atmosphere had grown thicker; now they didn’t move, 3 pair of eyes riveted to the reflection of Sarah’s now completely buzzed head. Just the barest shadowy stubble on pink scalp…for a long time all just stared.

Ann broke the silence. “Now you can see just how much your hair really grows in six weeks.”

Sarah was still speechless. She’d always wanted to have her hair and her lover’s cut short, but this was beyond her imaginings. She’d never believed Ann would go this far…yet it was more stimulating than she anticipated.

“You look so beautiful” Ann said as she reached up to touch the slight fuzz. Ann was surprised at how delighted her friend’s head made her feel. Ann whispered to the stylist.

“Sure, girl, after that I’ll do what you want…on the house. Still $12 for two boy cuts.”

“Sarah, get up” Ann said, looking at her friend’s neatly shorn head, the hoop earrings all the bigger with almost no hair to hide them. Ann sat down, and the stylist picked up the still warm clippers and began to cut Ann’s new short crop off, just like Sarah. Ann’s black hairs were more visible, giving her head a shadowy look, not black anymore but almost…plus her hair was bristlier feeling than Sarah’s, Ann discovered when she touched her own head. “Now we match” Ann giggled as the two girls, barely any hair on either head, got up and hugged.

“Hey, girls-$12 for the cuts!” reminded the stylist. They fished out the money and paid, and walked out. When they got home, Ann and Sarah couldn’t keep their hands off each other’s heads.

“Your head is softer than mine” Ann kept saying. Sarah asked if there was anything she could do about it. Ann thought…and whispered “Sarah, let’s shave it all off. It feels nice short, but it reminds me of the bristly stubble on my legs when I go too long without shaving. And if you like my hair like this, you might like it even more gone completely.”

So Ann followed Sarah to the bathroom, where they found the razor they used for their legs and underarms. Ann looked at her hair, what little was left of it, and without regret said “Shave it all off…all of it”

Sarah applied lather with a loving caress, and then began scraping away at the little bits of black stubble, which came off easily. Each swipe left a clean, bare patch. Ann seemed to enjoy the tugging sensation and felt a warmth growing in her, from deep inside. Sarah’s eyes were almost glazed over from excitement, and she finally wiped off the last traces of stubble and foam. Ann’s totally hairless head, so beautiful in it’s pristine baldness, faced them both in the mirror. Ann was surprised at how pretty she felt bald…even better than the short cut or the buzz.

“Now it’s your turn, Sarah. After all, you have to have shorter hair than me! And it’ll need shaving often…much more often than every six weeks.”

The End


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