As she stood before the bathroom mirror Jodie picked up the bottle and turned it around to read the directions on the back. They read:

“SHAKE WELL and pour lotion into palm of hand (when applying to face, use fingertips). Smooth on thickly, but don’t rub in. After 5-7 minutes, test a small area. If hair does not wipe off easily, leave a few minutes longer. DO NOT EXCEED 15 MINUTES. For especially coarse or hard-to-remove hair, saturate hair with lukewarm water for several minutes first, pat dry, then apply NAIR. TO REMOVE NAIR: Rinse thoroughly with clear, lukewarm water using a washcloth if necessary, Do not rub or use soap. Pat dry.”

Jodie shook the bottle vigorously and opened the cap. She poured a generous portion into her palm and began covering the hair on her head with the pink lotion. Again she poured a large amount of Nair in her palm and once again put it on her head. All the while she was working the lotion into her hair, careful not to rub it into her scalp. She continued this process until the bottle of Nair was empty.

Jodie rinsed her hands and set the timer she had found in the kitchen for 15 minutes. As she watched, the Nair appeared to almost evaporate. So to be sure she had covered her hair completely she shook the second bottle of Nair she had purchased as a back up and opened it. She again poured a generous portion of the bottle into the palm of her hand and put it on her head. She thought that since she’d opened this bottle too that she may as well use it all. She continued to cover her head with the entire contents of the bottle. When she was done she could see no hair, just pink lotion. Once again she rinsed off her hands. Now all she could do was wait.

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As Jodie waited for the Nair to do its job she thought about the events that led to this moment.

Last Saturday morning Jodie’s husband Ron was on his way out to get a haircut. Ron suffers from male pattern baldness but he had a thick growth of hair around the sides and back of his head. He had always been perturbed by the aspect that he had to pay full price for his haircuts. As usual Ron was complaining to Jodie about this situation.

Kiddingly Jodie told him, “I have an idea that will save you a lifetime of barber charges.”

Sarcastically Ron asked, “What’s your idea?”

“Start shaving your head everyday,” Jodie replied. Ron looked at her as if she’d said the dumbest thing in the world and walked out the door. He was headed for the barber shop.

On his way Ron thought more and more about Jodie’s suggestion. He rationalized that there wasn’t a whole lot of difference between a bald man and a completely bald man. Why not go all the way?

As Ron entered the barber shop he saw that he would have to wait for his turn in the chair as there were 3 other guys ahead of him. All the while he was waiting he was thinking about what kind of cut he was going to get. Finally his turn came. Joe, Ron’s long time barber said, “Your next Ron; the usual?”

Ron paused for a moment and said, “No! I’d like you to shave my head completely bald!”

Joe laughed and said, “Really!”

Ron said, “Yeah! My wife gave me the idea so I’d like to give it a try.” Joe explained that because of health reasons he had quit giving shaves over five years ago and the best he could do for Ron was to clip his hair down to tiny stubble. Joe told him that at that length it would be simple for him to shave it at home.

Ron said, “Let’s get going then. We have work to do.” At that Joe wrapped the plastic cape around Ron. He picked up the clippers and turned them on. Joe, speaking louder so he’d be heard over the clippers, asked Ron, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Ron replied, “Go for it!”

Ron’s hair was brown with just a hint of gray. It hung just over his ears. His sideburns were only half way down his ear. That’s where Joe began his work. He put the clippers at the base of Ron’s right sideburn and made a pass up to the bald area on Ron’s head. The next pass was above Ron’s ear and again Joe went to the edge of his hairless scalp. Joe then went to the other sideburn and plunged his clippers into it. He followed up Ron’s head to once again meet his bare scalp. Joe’s clippers left only a tiny trace of hair. As Joe turned the barber chair Ron got the first glimpse of himself in the mirror. He already looked totally different and Joe had barely started.

Joe continued his assault on the remaining growth on Ron’s head. With great skill Joe mowed through it. The cape around Ron’s neck was covered with hair. Large clumps of it. As Joe made his way around the back of Ron’s head Ron began to feel a cool breeze blowing from somewhere. In only a couple of minutes Joe had reduced Ron’s hair to practically nothing. Joe announced that he was done.

“Now go home and get that wife of yours to shave it all off for you, ” Joe said. “How much do I owe you Joe,” Ron asked. “Nothing Ron,” clippings like that are too much fun for me to charge anything for,” Joe replied.

Ron began the drive home and realized that he was strangely excited about all the prospects. He thought about how surprised Jodie will be when she sees what he’s done. Was she only kidding when she made this suggestion or was she secretly hoping that I’d really do it? Either way it was too late to turn back now as he’d already cut off all his hair and he was driving down his street.

As Ron walked in the back door he called out to Jodie. “Jodie, where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom.” she replied.

With a devilish tone in his voice he said, “I have a surprise for you!”

As Jodie walked around the corner to see Ron coming down the hall she laughed and said, “I LOVE IT! I didn’t think you’d do it but I hoped you would. Why didn’t you have it shaved too?” Ron explained to her that Joe doesn’t do shaves anymore because of all the health risks in today’s society.

“Joe suggested that I get you to shave it for me,” Ron said.

“Gladly. Let’s go to the bathroom,” she responded. Jodie had Ron sit down on a chair she brought in from the bedroom. She ran a nice warm sink of water. Then she found a washcloth and towel in the linen closet. She began rinsing the washcloth in the sink and lathered it up with soap. She then began to slowly wash Ron’s scalp. Ron loved the sensation that the warm water and scrubbing motion provided. Jodie then rinsed the washcloth again and then rinsed Ron’s head completely leaving no trace of any soap. Now it was time for the shave cream.

Jodie had already found the shave cream and a razor. She squirted a large handful of shave cream from the can. She began massaging it into Ron’s scalp. As she did Ron gave out a groan. He said, “I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I’m becoming sexually aroused by this.”

She said, “So am I!” With nothing more said Jodie completed covering Ron’s scalp with the shave cream. She rinsed off her hands and picked up the razor.

Jodie decided to start behind Ron’s right ear. As she began the first path with the razor it made the raspy noise of hair being cut. It sent a shiver up Ron’s back. Jodie worked her way around the back of Ron’s head first. She’d make a pass from the neck up and feel the area she just went over. If she felt a hint of any hair she went over it again. Once she had finished the back of Ron’s head she continued to the sides. As she came around the sides Ron could see the skin of his scalp for the first time. He couldn’t believe how far he’d taken this. It was completely smooth. Not a hair could be felt.

As Jodie finished shaving the last area she again picked up the washcloth and wiped away any remnants of shave cream. She then rinsed out the washcloth in cool water and again rinsed Ron’s head. With a towel she very delicately patted his head dry. As Ron reached to feel how smooth his head would be she warned him not to just yet. She then found a bottle of baby oil. She poured a small portion into her hand and massaged it into his head. After working it in for a couple of minutes she told him that he could now touch his head.

Ron couldn’t believe what he’d done. His head was smoother than a baby’s bottom. He loved it! And more importantly, so did his wife! That day and night turned into one of the most passionate times of their married life. Jodie touched and felt his head all night. It resulted in multiple orgasms for both of them and consumed them to the wee small hours of Sunday morning.

That Sunday was kind of blur for both of them. However, something that Ron said struck a nerve with Jodie. He said, “If shaving my head and feeling its smoothness caused such a response what would happen if we shaved your head?”

The dinger rang and brought Jodie back to reality. She looked in the mirror and realized that her red shoulder length curls were as good as gone. The majority of the lotion had dissipated into her scalp and left the withered remains of dying hair. It was obvious that her hair was severely damaged but Jodie felt good about it since this was her goal.

She got into the shower and regulated the water to a lukewarm temperature. She stood under the shower head to rinse the remaining lotion out of her hair. When she reached up to help rinse it away she could feel that her hair was very heavy and stiff. It felt a little like seaweed.

She figured it was about time to see if her hair would come out. She grabbed a handful of hair above her ear and pulled. She couldn’t believe it when it pulled right out. She tried it on the other side of her head. She got the same result. There she stood with a handful of hair in each hand.

Jodie got excited and began rubbing her hands vigorously over her head while she was standing under the shower head. Hair was beginning to fall all over her. Her shoulders were covered with it. Her breasts were also covered with her dead red curls. A problem soon arose however, as the drain clogged and water began building in the tub.

Jodie turned the water off and used a washcloth to wipe away as much hair as possible. She worked at it for about 10 minutes. However, Jodie’s head wasn’t completely smooth. There’s no question that the Nair removed her hair but it didn’t do it like she expected.

When she got out of the shower she looked at herself in the mirror. She was a real sight. Her hair was long in spots, bare in spots, and down to stubble in other spots. She realized that some remedial self barbering was in order. Since it was late morning she realized that she had plenty of time until Ron came home from work.

She began by cutting the longer hair with her scissors. There were only about three areas where the hair was longer than six inches. She eliminated those strands first. Then she just started cutting. Any strand that was more than a half inch long was fair game. After about 20 minutes of cutting she felt she could probably now shave her head.

Jodie heard a muffled THUD! “Jodie, where are you? I came home for lunch. What’s that funny smell?” Ron bellowed.

“Shit,” thought Jodie. He’s ruined the surprise. Ron walked into the bathroom and saw Jodie standing there almost completely hairless.

“What have you done?” he cried.

“I wanted to surprise you,” she said. “Do you want to shave me since you’re here?”

Ron couldn’t believe that she’d gone to this extreme. He loved her beautiful red curls but he found this sight of her extremely exotic. “Sure I’ll shave my baby!” he replied. “I didn’t think you’d ever be bald!” he continued.

“Just shut up and shave me.” she said.

Ron followed Jodie’s style to the letter. He got the bedroom chair and washcloths. He washed her head, rinsed her head, lathered her head, and began shaving. Ron worked for almost 45 minutes shaving and re-shaving portions of Jodie’s head. However, once he was done he had a masterpiece on his hands. Jodie was absolutely beautiful bald.

She asked, “Are you going back to work today?”

He said, “Are you kidding me? I’ve got the most beautiful wife in the world. Why would I go anywhere?”

They retired to their bedroom and didn’t come out for two days. They made love over and over. Who knows if either of them will ever have hair again!


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