Silk Cut

Silk Cut

Silk Cut! – Liz

Liz was late in the afternoon busy with cleaning the mess up. This evening she made an appointment with her best girlfriend, Sue. They had met each other almost 5 years ago now at a music festival near town. Their friendship had come closer and closer and sometimes Liz felt something strange when Sue was around her. It was a feeling she did not quite understood but she felt happy every time Sue and she were together.

She had done some shopping and bought some bottles of red wine for tonight. Liz was ready with cleaning up and took a quick meal out the microwave. She decided to take a shower because she had an hour left before Sue arrived.

Standing in the bathroom she watched herself naked in the mirror. She looked good for her 34 years old. She wore some dark lipstick and some eyeliner that made her dark eyes perfect and the shape of her head beautiful. Her black hair was over her shoulders and straight with no bangs. She imagined how she would like with short hair. Yesterday she saw a girl with very short hair and she liked it very much. She thought about this girl right now and asked herself if she would have the guts to cut it that short. “It would fit to me,” she said to herself and continued, “But if I am gonna cut it, it must be done soon. I can ask Sue’s opinion,” she thought and finally took a shower.

She decided to wear a simple black jeans and shirt, put on some make up and styled her hair a bit. At the moment she finished, the doorbell rang and Sue arrived. Sue wore light-colored jeans with a blue shirt. Her red hair was curly and also over her shoulders. She looked wonderful too.

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After some glasses of wine they talked about hairy things and Liz asked Sue how a short haircut would look to her. Sue looked at her and said: “I think it would look great on you. Last time I saw you I was thinking already how you would look and now you ask, I think it would fit perfectly. I, myself, was also thinking of having my hair cut short but I have to think it over.”

“Me too,” answered Liz.

“Shit,” said Sue. “Look what I am doing! I dropped the wine on my jeans and shirt. Shit, I’ll have to throw these away!”

“Oh, no, of course not,” said Liz. “Come to the bathroom and we’ll wash it right now.”

They went upstairs and Sue undressed herself. Liz saw that she had no bra. Her breasts had a perfect shape. While Liz put the dirty clothes into the washing machine she told Sue she could take some clothes out of her collection.

Sue looked in Liz’s closet and said: “Hey Liz, what’s this? Woow, do you wear these white silk oversized blouses?”

“Tja,” Liz answered. “I bought 2 exactly the same for one price last year, but I haven’t actually wear them. But put on one if you like.”

“Really?” said Sue. “I like them, mmmmhh Liz, they fit perfectly, they are so soft, great feeling. I must tell you I like silk but never bought something like this.”

“Oh, you may keep it if you like,” Liz said.

“Really? Wow, that’s kind of you. Why don’t you put on the other one, I want to see how it looks on you,” proposed Sue.

“Alright, let’s see,” said Liz and took the other white silk oversized blouse from the closet.

They stood together in font of the mirror and Liz said, “We are just twins with these blouses on! Only our hair is different.”

After Liz said that there were a few moments of silence. They looked at each other and touched each other’s blouse. The feeling Liz always had when Sue was in her neighbourhood was stronger and stronger. And it looked like Sue had the same feelings.

“Shit Liz, we look great, I feel great. What a strange effect these blouses and you have on me,” said Sue. “I know something. We just discussed cutting our hair short. I think I have the guts right now and I ask you to do it right now. A short haircut will look great on me with this blouse on. What do you think?”

Liz shivered a bit, she had had the same thoughts as Sue. She answered: “Are you sure Sue? I will cut it with pleasure and I think it will fit you but you must be sure!”

“I am sure, sure I am!” answered Sue. “Let’s go to work, do you have a pair of sharp scissors?”

Liz found a pair of good scissors and an old pair of clippers. Sue had already placed a chair in front of the mirror and sat down in it. Her red hair slid silently over the back of her white silk blouse.

“Hey Sue, are you sure about this? How short will you go?”

“I want it very short Liz. Hurry up, I am so excited. I wanna feel the hair falling on this silk blouse and my skin!”

“Jesus, we are crazy but I like it,” said Liz. She grabbed some hair in her hand and put the scissors in it. Sue moved her head towards the scissors until the cold steel touched her scalp.

“This short Liz, this short!” Sue begged. Liz took a deep breath and placed the two blades to each other. The scissors found their way through the hair and it came loose immediately leaving a light spot on Sue’s scalp.

“Wow, Sue, this is a lot of hair and it will be very short.” Liz showed the hair she cut and dropped it on Sue’s white silk blouse.

“Gee, exciting stuff! Go on Liz, finish the job and let’s enjoy it. Let me tell you something strange: I will have sex with you, right after we are finished here!”

Those were the magic words for Liz. Completely by surprise she took off her jeans and underwear and asked Sue if she would finger her while she was cutting Sue’s hair!

Sue did and both became very horny. Their pussies became more and more wet and Liz continued cutting. Sue’s lap was full of cut hair and still more hair fell down. Red hair was all over the bathroom! Sue felt the hair fall down over her face, drop on her breasts and slide into her lap. Without speaking they made love to each other and Liz continued cutting. Sue’s head was almost completely bald! Her white silk blouse was covered with the fallen hair.

Liz finished the job and Sue came off the chair, meanwhile dropping the hair from her blouse over her legs onto the ground. She looked in the mirror and was stunned. At the moment she turned and wanted to say how great this new look was, she saw Liz take her place in the chair. In complete silence they understood each other….

…..Liz was getting a haircut too!

Sue picked up the clippers, held them high in front of Liz and popped them on! The sound of the vibrating clippers made them both shiver a bit. Instead of moving the clippers to Liz’s head, Sue moved the clippers down to her own pussy. Again they looked at each other and smiled. In two strokes Sue shaved her pussy completely bald! It excited her a lot. She then moved the clippers to Liz’s pussy and shaved hers also. The white silk felt terrific on their naked bodies and pussies.

They went to bed and made love to each other. Sue took the clippers with her and at one moment she popped them on again. Liz watched her with a big smile on her face while the buzzer came closer and closer to her head. Sue placed the clippers on Liz’s forehead and immediately it did its job: cutting hair. A mass of hair came loose and fell in each of their laps. They played with it and threw it in the air, looking how it felt like bird’s feathers. Sue continued clipping and Liz lost more and more hair. It all fell down, over their blouses into the bed. Liz’s black hair was all over the place.

After she finished Liz’s haircut Sue went to the bathroom and took most of her cut hair into the bedroom and threw it on the bed. On that moment she saw that Liz had cut her eyebrows and Sue realized that her eyebrows must go too!

They continued making love in the bed full of fresh cut and clippered hair and with their white silk oversize blouses on.

Things would never be the same now these two girls met each other!


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