Anne Gets a Haircut Surprise

Anne Gets a Haircut Surprise

Anne could not believe it when her name was pulled out of the hat! There must be at least twenty couples at the party tonight and it had to be her bad luck to be the one selected as the evening’s entertainment! She had been coming to these hair fetish parties for a few months now and had become complacent about ever being the one to get the “prize”. The first couple of times she was scared to death as the name was retrieved from the hat, sure that it would be hers and that she would then pull the “shaved bald” slip from the “haircut bowl”. When this didn’t happen she began to relax and began looking forward to the parties. After all, it was kind of fun watching the various people have to submit to barber’s shears! Now, it looked as though her luck had run out and tonight she would be the one to go under the clippers!

As soon as her name was read everyone applauded and cheered as the MC called her up on stage! She was sure that she must have been beet red from blushing as she stood up, but in reality she felt all the blood draining from her head and a huge knot formed in her stomach as she walked up the aisle to the podium. She instantly recalled some of the humiliating experiences she had watched the other “prize” winners undergo over the months! Once up on stage the MC held out a bowl with all remaining guests’ names so that Anne could reach in and select two names. These lucky people would be the ones who got to prepare Anne for the evening’s festivities. Since Anne’s actual haircut would be the highlight of the party it wouldn’t take place until later. First off, she would have her hair prepared in some special way by the two people she picked from the bowl.

In the past she had seen women have their hair braided into pigtails, set on tight little perm rods, or even worse. One poor woman had someone mix up an awful concoction of raw eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, and a few other gruesome ingredients! Then the mess was spooned onto the woman’s head and worked into her hair as though she was receiving a shampoo with the awful stuff. It was bad enough to have this mess smeared all over her head, but then she had to “wear” the gooey paste all night as she circulated among the partygoers until it was time for her haircut.

Anne pulled Jenny’s and Matt’s names from the hat and they quickly mounted the stage to begin their fun! It looked like this was going to be a very unlucky night for Anne because she knew from past experience that both of these people had a bit of a sadistic streak in their personalities and they always made life miserable for the person they “prepared”. The crowd seemed to sense what was coming for poor Anne and they cheered Jen and Matt on as they approached their victim!

Matt came and stood in front of Anne, then told her to kneel down in front of him so that she could “be prepared” for her hair adventure! Jenny stepped forward once Anne was on her knees and began to rake her fingers through Anne’s shoulder-length blonde hair. As she caressed Anne’s beautiful locks Matt asked her what she thought they should do with all that gorgeous hair. Jenny continued to play with Anne’s hair as she answered, “Matt, I think since Anne’s hair is always so neat and straight and never a hair out of place, perhaps we should tie a few little knots in it!”

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A gleam entered Matt’s eyes as he responded, “What a perfect idea!”

He then reached over to Anne’s head and took hold of a large section of hair that Jenny had been holding up from the very front of her head. Matt began to twist the hair into a tight rope. Once the hair was fully wound from her scalp to its very ends Jenny took over and began to coil the hair down into a tight little knot on Anne’s head. When she had it as tight as she could make it, Matt gave it one last twist as Jen slid home a couple sharp hair picks to hold it in place.

Anne could not believe this was happening to her! At first, the sensation of Matt twisting her hair into a rope wasn’t all that uncomfortable. In fact, it was a bit sensuous and she thought she might actually get a little pleasure from the evening’s events. But when the rope tightened and begun to tug at her scalp she started to panic! Her head was beginning to burn a bit as Matt twisted more and more! But then when Jenny took over and coiled the hair rope down onto her head it really hurt! She began to fear that Jen was going to keep twisting until her hair popped loose from its roots! When Matt gave the knot of hair one final twist and Jenny slid in the hair picks Anne gave out an involuntary gasp as her scalp burned from the harsh tug of her hair!

Finished with the first knot her two tormentors stepped back and admired their work. Then Jenny gathered up a second section of hair from the side of Anne’s head and the two of them began the process anew. This time the pain was even worse since Jenny was now twisting a knot into the hair that pulled at the sensitive part of her scalp near the temple. Jenny seemed to sense Anne’s added discomfort and this only spurred her on to give one more good twist as she secured the knot to her head.

A matching knot was quickly tied to the other side of Anne’s head. By now the entire front half of her head was in knots and her scalp was screaming from the constant pull they exerted on her scalp. It took but a few more minutes for Matt and Jenny to twist up the two final knots which covered the back of Anne’s head. Again, Jenny seemed to twist these knots as tight as possible causing Anne to give an involuntary whimper as the sensitive neck hairs were harshly pulled taut by the knot.

Done with their work, Anne’s two torturers climbed down from the podium and returned to their tables. The MC stepped forward and began to fondle a few of the knots on Anne’s head as she continued to kneel on the stage. He made a few comments about how he didn’t think he had ever seen such nice tight knots before on the head of such a beautiful woman! He only hoped her later haircut would be able to do justice to the excellent preparation she’d already received! He then took Anne by the hand and helped her to her feet. Guiding Anne to the steps down from the stage and told her to go enjoy the party and that everyone would be looking forward to her return to the podium later for her haircut.

As Anne climbed down to the main floor the crowd again cheered and applauded her. Anne made her way back to her table, relieved that the first ordeal of the night was behind her. Her boyfriend Ted got up and met her as she approached their table and gave her a little peck on the cheek as he whispered in her ear, “You’re being a real sport about all this, honey!” Anne tried to return a smile but it was difficult as her entire scalp burned from the horrible tugging knots! After they sat back down and sipped at their drinks Ted asked her how she was doing. Not wanting to spoil his evening by telling him how much her head ached from the severe pulling of the knots she just said that it wasn’t so bad. She said she was thankful Matt and Jenny hadn’t decided to do something even more humiliating to her like make her wear an awful concoction on her hair all night like that poor woman at last month’s party.

As Ted sat there looking at his girlfriend’s head all done up in those tight little knots he was thankful for the table to hide the huge bulge in his trousers! Seeing Anne kneel up on stage and have Matt and Jen twist her hair into knots had nearly caused him to have an ejaculation! Seeing women do anything unusual to their hair had always been a huge sexual turn-on for him. After a little small talk Ted finally worked up the courage to reach up and touch the knot on the very front of Anne’s head. He was surprised at how hard the little knot was! As he looked closely at Anne’s head he could see that her hair was really straining at its roots from the pull of the knots!

When they finished their drink Ted suggested that they get up and circulate a bit with the other guests. As much as Anne would have liked to have just sat there at the table by herself in her humiliation, she knew that everyone expected her to make the rounds. After all, that was what this sort of party was all about: letting everyone enjoy the new hairstyle the evening’s “victim” was receiving! So, she began to work her way around the room, briefly stopping at each little group for some chitchat. It seemed like nobody could resist touching the knots on her head! A few of the women who had always been a bit jealous of Anne’s gorgeous blonde hair took advantage of her plight to reap a little revenge. They would reach up to feel the knots on her head. Then, knowing how tightly they must be pulling at her scalp they would grab hold and twist the knot even further as the commented on how nice and tight each knot had been put in place!

Not wanting to give her envious rivals the satisfaction of knowing how much agony she was enduring, Anne would just smile and answer back that she had never tried putting knots in her hair before. But, now that she saw how nicely they held her hair in place she might try putting some in herself the next time she needed to do some gardening or hiking.

The night seemed to drag on for Anne as she kept wondering what the second phase of her ordeal would entail. Finally, the moment of truth arrived as Anne heard the MC call for the attention of the group. “The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Time for Anne’s haircut!” Anne once more climbed up on to the stage. The MC again held out a bowl and told Anne to dig deep and select her new hairdo! Anne reached in and pulled out a slip of paper, which she handed to the MC to read. A big smile spread across the MC’s face as he looked at the selection Anne had made. “We’re in for a real treat tonight, folks! Anne selected, ‘A Little Boy’s First Day of School Haircut!'”

As Anne heard these words her stomach fell to the floor! “Oh my God,” she thought. “All my beautiful, long blonde hair to be cut off!” Before she could process any more thoughts the MC was back with the partygoers’ names again so that Anne could pick out the lucky winners who would give her this haircut. Anne pulled out two names: Leslie and Tammy. Anne did not know Leslie well, but Tammy was someone she knew quite well. Unfortunately, the two of them were long time enemies dating back to high school when Tammy accused Anne of stealing her boyfriend. Tammy nearly jumped up on stage when she heard her name read! It seemed she could barely wait to begin Anne’s haircut!

The MC escorted Anne to a big barber’s chair in the center of the stage and then he rolled up a small cart which held all the implements one would find in a first-rate barber shop: scissors, electric clippers, combs, a hot lather machine, and a straight razor! As Anne took her seat Leslie unfurled a big cape and fastened it around Anne’s neck. Tammy then stepped forward and began pulling out the pins holding the front knot in place on Anne’s head. As her hair worked it’s way loose Anne felt such relief when the terrible tugging finally subsided! Her respite was short lived however, for Tammy was soon pulling on the rope of hair that she had just unwound from Anne’s head. She instructed Leslie to take hold of the end of the hair and hold it up while she did a little trimming!

Tammy then took up a large pair of shears and began cutting through the rope of hair about three inches above Anne’s scalp! After several loud scrunches the scissors finally worked their way through the tightly wound rope of hair and it pulled free from Anne’s head! Tammy held it up to the crowd like a trophy, then she placed it gently onto Anne’s lap. She proceeded to repeat this procedure with each of the remaining knots on Anne’s head. In just a few minutes she had all the knots hacked off and laying in Anne’s lap. What remained on Anne’s head was a few inches of blonde hair sticking out at odd angles.

Leslie now told Anne to get up from the chair and kneel on the floor so that she could shampoo her hair. As she said this, Tammy placed a bucket of water on the stage floor a few feet in front of the barber’s chair. Leslie took the cape off, Anne reluctantly got up and knelt down in front of the bucket. “Now, bend your head over the bucket so that we can wash your hair,” said Leslie. Anne bent forward and as her head approached the bucket of water she felt Tammy’s hand grab her by the back of the neck and firmly push her head down into the bucket of cold water! She gasped for breath as Tammy swished her head around the inside of the bucket! When she thought she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen Anne finally felt her neck released. She jerked her head up sputtering for air and knelt there dripping. She could feel the cold water begin to run down her neck as her nipples hardened and stood erect. Anne had been wearing a sheer party dress, which only reached midway down her thighs, and she hadn’t worn a bra tonight. As she glanced down at herself she could see that the dress was now wet half way to her waist and the material had become like a second skin as it clung tightly to her breasts! This new humiliation only caused her nipples to harden that much more as they strained at her wet dress!

Tammy told her to kneel up straight while she lathered up her hair. Anne obeyed, knowing that it was useless to resist. As she knelt there she could feel every eye glued to her breasts as the cold water continued to drip down from her wet head. Leslie stepped forward and handed Tammy a big bar of brown soap! The sort that Anne remembered seeing her mother use when she was a little girl to scrub the collars of her father’s shirts! Tammy took the soap and slapped it down on the top of Anne’s head and began to roughly work it back and forth. The dry soap pulled and tugged at Anne’s hair until it began to moisten and work up a lather. Tammy continued to push the bar of soap over Anne’s head until a thick lather began to drip from her hair. She kept soaping her hair, and soon the lather was running down Anne’s face and neck! Anne squeezed her eyes shut tight to keep the soap out, but it was too late and her eyes began to burn! It seemed an eternity until Tammy finally stopped and told Anne to rinse her hair in the bucket. Anne had to grope with her hands to find the bucket, then once again she felt Tammy’s hand on her neck and down into the water her head was plunged!

After a good long rinse, Tammy released Anne and again had her kneel upright. This time the water dripped down once more, finally wetting the remainder of her short dress. Leslie stepped behind her and began to squeeze all the remaining water from Anne’s hair. Anne nearly began to cry as Leslie pulled ever harder on her hair in an effort to squeeze out every last drop of water! Finally, Tammy told Anne to get back into the barber’s chair so that she could get her new haircut. When Tammy saw how revealing Anne’s wet dress had become she told Leslie not to bother putting the cape back on since she thought Anne’s audience would enjoy her haircut better without it. Everyone hooted and hollered their approval!

Once seated, Tammy began to comb Anne’s hair. She put a part high up on the left-hand side of Anne’s head and combed the hair to either side. Since Anne’s hair was now about three inches long all over, the hair on each side of her head covered her ears. Tammy quickly remedied this by picking up some scissors and cutting neat little curves over top each of Anne’s ears. She proceeded with the scissors around the back of Anne’s head as well, trimming the hair on her neck. Next, she took a comb and began lifting small sections of hair from the top of Anne’s head and snipping them off about one and half inches above her scalp. She worked her way over Anne’s entire head until it began to resemble a little boy’s haircut. When Tammy finished with the scissors she again made a careful part and combed Anne’s hair to each side of it. Anne was beginning to relax, thinking her ordeal must surely be nearing its end. After all, there wasn’t much hair left on her head to cut! Thinking this, she was surprised when she heard a loud “pop” right next to her ear as Tammy turned on the electric clippers! “Now we need to clean up these sides and back if you’re to have a proper haircut for the first day of school!”

Tammy placed the clippers, with no guard, at Anne’s right temple, then began to slowly ride them up the side of her head! When she got about two inches above the top of her ear Tammy stopped and began a second pass around the top of Anne’s ear. A few more passes behind her ear and the side of Anne’s head was clipped to the shortest blonde stubble! Tammy moved to the other side of Anne’s head and repeated the same operation giving her a nice high and tight! Finally, she moved around to the back of Anne’s head and worked the clippers up the nape of her neck. She pushed the clippers halfway up the back of Anne’s head before stopping! A few more passes and the entire back of Anne’s head was laid bare!

Now Leslie was pressing the button on the hot lather machine while a big pile of thick lather filled her hand. She approached Anne and with her other hand began to spread the lather around the sides and back of Anne’s head. Tammy stepped back to Anne’s side with a straight razor in her hand. She pushed Anne’s head firmly to one side so that she could get a good view of the side of Anne’s head. “Now, hold still Anne. We don’t want to have any accidents!” Tammy began to slowly scrape away the lather around Anne’s ear. With the lather came the remaining stubble left behind by the clippers. Tammy continued to scrape away the lather until she was about an inch above Anne’s ear. She then followed this line around the back of Anne’s head and along the other side of her head.

When she finally finished she took a towel and wiped away the remaining lather. When she held a mirror up for Anne to admire her work Anne was shocked to see the white scalp all along the sides of her head! Tammy had virtually shaved the sides and back of her head completely bald! Then a couple inches above her ear stood a sharp crease of a part with the hair severely combed to either side. In the front, Tammy had combed the hair up a little like you would see on a little boy. As Tammy rotated the mirror around for Anne to see her new haircut from all angles Leslie stepped forward with a brush full of powdered talcum. She began to brush it over the sides and back of Anne’s head leaving behind a faint white dusting of the fragrant powder.

The MC now came forward and said, “A prettier little school boy, I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon!” He laughed with the crowd as he took Anne’s hand and helped her from the big barber’s chair. Anne felt a little wobbly as she climbed back down the steps and found her way to her table and her boyfriend. She could feel every eye straining to look at her as she passed by each table. This embarrassment once again caused her nipples to form little nubs against the wet fabric of her dress. When she finally made it to her table she could hardly wait to sit down.

Her boyfriend, Ted, reached across the table and took her hand as she sat down. He whispered to her, “I can hardly wait to get my sweet little girl home with her new schoolboy haircut!” In her nervousness, Anne reached up to brush her hair away from her eyes, as she used to do with her long hair. However, all her hand found was the smooth bald skin on the side of her head! She took a quick little breath, then tried to force a little smile back at Ted.


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