Short Story

Short Story

A Short Story – Billd Rick walked into the salon intent on finally getting all of his hair shaved off. He had been going to Steffi to get his hair cut for well over a year now, and each time he visited the salon he told himself the same thing, ‘ This time I’m gonna do it.’ He had tried numerous subtle approaches on her to get her to do it, but as yet, nothing had worked. It became painfully obvious to him that if he was ever going to get it done, he was just going to have to spit it out and be blatant about it. As he walked around the corner to where the stations themselves were located, he saw that Steffi had a male customer already in the chair, and a female customer waiting her turn. The stylist looked up from her work, recognized the newcomer, and said, “Hi Rick! Good to see you again! Have a seat and I’ll be with you as soon as I can.”

Rick sat across from the waiting woman and picked up a magazine. He pretended to study it, but his attention was actually split between the beautiful woman sitting across from him, and the guy in the chair. The woman had sumptuous looking, long red hair, which tumbled over her shoulders and down her back in a mass of loose curls. She could easily have been a high fashion model, so lovely was she. The guy in the chair caught his attention for one reason only. He was in the process of getting an extremely short haircut. Rick feigned disinterest, but watched intently as long lock, after long lock of the guy’s hair fell to the floor as Steffi, clipper in hand, deftly buzzed his hair with dispassionate ease. Steffi looked up once more and saw Rick watching.

“So Rick, How have you been? You haven’t been in for quite a while.”

“I’ve been real good thanks. How about you?”

“Couldn’t be better! Although I do wish it would cool down a bit. This heat wave is killing me.”

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“Yeah I know what you mean. When it’s winter, you pray for warmer weather, and when it’s summer you pray it will cool down. You just can’t win. It’s either too cold, or too hot.”

“Yeah, but you guys have it easy when it’s hot. You can at least get your hair cut off without having to worry about looking odd. At least that helps you feel a little bit cooler. We women can’t do that!” The woman in the waiting chair seemed to perk up a bit at that comment and take interest in the conversation. Steffi went on, “Tom here is the fourth guy today that I’ve done a crewcut or shorter for. So far this summer, I must have shaved at least 100 guys completely bald.”

Rick felt a small knot begin to develop in his stomach. He wanted to tell Steffi to make that 101, but couldn’t seem to get the words out of his mouth. Then Steffi, having gotten no response to her last comment, said, “So? What do ya think Rick? Everybody else is getting all their hair cut off, you ready to take the plunge? I haven’t done anything but crewcuts or shaves all day today, might as well keep the string going. Make it a special short haircut day.” She let out a little chuckle over her sly joke. She was well aware of the fact that Rick wanted his hair cut off. The many subtle hints he had made to her over the past year were not lost on her in the slightest. She simply had a policy of never doing any cut for a customer unless he or she specifically requested it.

Rick felt his nerves tighten into high tension springs ready to bounce right out of his skin. In as calm a voice as he could muster he said, “Well I don’t know that I’m ready for all that Stef. I mean, I’m sure it’s a lot cooler and all, but I’m not sure I could handle having a bald head.”

The woman in the waiting chair shot him a cold glance, and Steffi gave him a look of disbelief. She had just opened the door for him, and he shut it right in her face. She continued with her work and tried to think of another tack she could use. A few moments later she finished Tom, and after accepting his money, gave the floor a quick sweeping. She then turned to the woman who had been waiting and said, “OK. Now what’s on your mind?”

“Well I didn’t want to discuss it before cause that other guy was here, and my situation is kind of personal, but now there’s another guy here and apparently I won’t have a chance to discuss it with you in private, so I might as well tell you and get it over with.”

“Well Rick is one of my better clients so I can’t ask him to just leave. But if you want to talk to me in private about your situation, I could always do Rick real quick first, and you can say what you have to say after that. If you don’t mind waiting again of course. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes for me to cut his hair. He usually just gets a trim.”

“No. Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have much more time. I have other things I have to get done today. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything, so please don’t take it that way, it’s just that I have a lot to do today.”

Rick, who had the rest of the afternoon free, was about to be a gentleman, and offer to come back a little later when the woman launched into her story. It seems that her boyfriend, Stan, had gotten his head shaved a few days earlier. For all she knew, Steffi may well have been the stylist who had done it for him. In any case she explained, that he had been threatening to do it since summer had begun. he knew that she absolutely adored his long hair, and he used the threat of shaving it all off to control her, and bend her to his will. Until finally she told him simply during a heated argument over the issue, that if he shaved his head, she would shave hers too. So it was that she now stood before Steffi, and told her that she wanted her head shaved completely bald. Rick felt an instant bulge in his pants. Steffi just looked at the woman for a few moments.

Finally she said, “Listen, I can appreciate your situation, but maybe you should take some time to cool off and think this over. I know you’re mad about what he did and all, but shaving your head is not the answer in my opinion.”

“I have thought it over, and whether you do it, or some other stylist does it, it’s getting done! I’m really sorry. I don’t mean to be brusque with you, it’s not your fault. It’s just that I’ve made up my mind. Period. So will you do it, or should I find another stylist?”

Steffi could see that the woman was completely resolute, but still felt that she was making a big mistake. She was just about to tell her that she would not feel comfortable doing it, when the two women heard a male voice speaking from behind them.

“I’d do it if I were you!”

They looked at Rick sternly, as if to say mind your own business. Steffi turned to Rick and said, “Well when you open your own salon, you can shave her head. But I don’t think I’d feel comfortable doing it. I’m sorry,” she said to the woman, “but I just think you’re making a mistake and not thinking this thing through.”

The woman turned to Rick and said, “I wish you did have your own salon. This is the third place I’ve been to to try to get it done, and I keep getting the same answer. I don’t understand what the big deal is. I want my head shaved, so what. It’s my hair! I know what I’m doing, and I’m not gonna change my mind.”

Rick said, ” Well if I did have my own salon, I’d certainly do it for you. I think it would be kinda neat to shave a woman’s head.”

“Well then,” said Steffi half sarcastically, half jokingly, “There ya go! Rick here will shave your head for you since you’re so sure you want it done. Just go open a salon Rick and you have your first customer.”

“How about I just borrow yours for a few minutes?”

Steffi let out a long sardonic chuckle at the suggestion. She started to tell Rick that there was no way she could do that when the woman interrupted her.

“That’s an idea! You won’t do it for whatever reason, so why not let Rick here do it for me real quick?”

“I can’t do that! You have to be licensed to cut hair in this state you know. In all states for that matter. And Rick is not licensed.”

“I won’t say anything if you don’t,” said the woman.

“Neither will I,” said Rick.

“You two are insane! I’m sorry, but I just can’t allow that. What if he messes it up or something? I’m legally responsible.”

“Hey,” said the woman. ” I’ll sign whatever you want. Just write something up that will take the legal responsibility away from you and I’ll sign it!”

“Damn! I don’t know about this. It’s all so weird. One of my customers shaving another one of my customers’ head. I can’t really.”

Rick piped up, “Oh come on Stef! Who’ll ever know? She wants it done, and I’m willing to do it. What’s the big deal? She’s willing to sign a release or whatever. What the hell Stef? I say let’s go for it!”

“I’m with him completely,” said the woman.

“What’s your name anyway,” asked Steffi.


“And you’re absolutely sure about this are you?”


Steffi considered it for a moment. She thought briefly that if it was going to get done anyway, she might as well just go ahead and do it, instead of taking a chance of letting Rick do it, and having it get messed up. But for some reason, she just couldn’t bring herself to shave another woman’s head. Especially a woman with such gorgeous hair, who was only doing it for revenge. She simply could not shake the feeling that Beth was making a huge mistake. Finally, she gave in to the woman’s persistence and said, “I know I’m gonna end up regretting this. OK, if you’re absolutely sure you want it done, and you don’t mind Rick here doing it, I’ll write something up real quick to cover my butt and he can do it for you.”

The impromptu document was scribbled quickly and signed. Steffi wrote out a quick note saying she would be back in ten minutes, hung it on the door, and then locked the salon. She didn’t want anyone coming in while this was taking place. By the time she came back from locking up, Beth was already in the chair with a cape around her neck, and the clipper was in Rick’s hand. He ran his left hand up through her hair in the back, catching it between his fingers, and pulling it up to her crown. The clipper sprang to life with a loud pop. The woman didn’t even flinch. Slowly, Rick pushed the clipper up the back of Beth’s head. A two inch swath of white scalp appeared in a straight line from nape to crown. Steffi stood aghast at the sight. The first huge clumps of red hair, a seeming mountain of them, rained down past Beth’s face and fell into her lap. The clipper touched her forehead and mowed it’s way back across her head seeking out the path from the back. With only two passes of the clipper, an unbelievably large pile of hair already lay on the floor. Beth sat resolutely as her hair was shaved from her head, her face never betraying even the slightest doubt. Steffi watched silently as the shearing continued, and found herself secretly admiring the woman’s courage and conviction. She had shaved many men’s heads in her time, and had always found the feeling of the short stubble to be rather enticing. Often she had wondered what it would be like to feel such stubble on her own head. She thought about how neat it would look and feel, and how cool it would be. How she would save so much time each day not having to blow dry and style her hair. She found herself becoming aroused at the prospect of joining Beth in baldness. Beth’s head was now 3/4’s bald, the right side being the only place where she still had hair. Rick went to work on it quickly, the clipper mercilessly clearing swath after swath of her red tresses from her scalp. With a final pass over her right ear, the last of Beth’s once long mane slid to the floor. The cape was removed and Beth stood never taking her eyes from the mirror.

“He’s gonna freak when he sees this.”

Steffi said, “God, I can’t believe you really did it!”

“I told you I was gonna do it one way or another. I would have just kept going to different salons until I found one where I could get it done. I really appreciate you letting Rick here do it so I could get it over with.”

“Well, now that it’s done, are you sorry you did it?”

“Not at all. In fact, I did it for revenge like you said, but now that I see it, I think I actually like it. I might just keep it this way for a while.”

“You know you’re gonna catch a lot of flack about it don’t you?”

“Do I look like I care?”

“No you don’t. Fortunately, you’ve got the looks to pull it off. I gotta admit, you do look really pretty with a shaved head.”

“Well thank you! I feel pretty. You should give it a try sometime. You’re every bit as pretty as I am. And it feels awesome!”

“Hahahaha. Well, I’m afraid I’m not as brave as you are. Although I will admit, I have thought about it before, and was thinking about it while you were getting yours shaved.”

Smugly, Rick looked directly at Steffi and said, “Next?!”

“No. I don’t think so Rick.”

“Aw. Why not?” said Beth. “Once it’s started, there’s nothing to it.”

“Maybe some other time.”

“Ok. You don’t know what you’re missing. Anyway, how much do I owe you?”

“I can’t very well charge you for a cut I didn’t do. And it would be illegal for Rick to accept payment. So I guess it’s on the house.”

“Well then, this is for the use of your facilities.” Beth put a $20 bill on the counter. Without another word, she turned, gave Rick a pleasant smile, and left.

Rick took his place in the chair, thoroughly aroused now from shaving Beth’s head, and told Steffi that he too wanted all of his hair shaved off. Steffi never said a word. She picked up the clipper and with uncharacteristic relish, began shaving his head. Five minutes later, Rick rose from the chair with a freshly denuded scalp. He walked to the counter pulling out his wallet to pay for the cut. Steffi took his money, then after a brief pause, handed it back to him. She then walked back to the door, retaped the little sign to it, and came back and sat in the chair. Rick’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull as he realized that he would be shaving two women that day. Nothing at all was said. The cape was draped around Steffi’s shoulders and once again, the clipper was in his hand.

It turned out to be a very long, very hot summer. Rick, Beth, and Steffi made arrangements to meet once every two weeks to give each other haircuts. As the weeks progressed, it became a ritual in which Rick would shave the two women, and then they would shave him together. So much fun did it become, that long after summer had melted into fall, and then into winter, the three shaving companions continued to meet twice monthly.

The End.

Sinshearly yours,

Billd (Clipper)


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