Hair to Spare

Hair to Spare

Hair to Spare by Cropped Short

Kelly and Darren had been working together for almost two months now. The little billing office managed billing for many small medical clinics in the area. Darren had started there about a year ago and Kelly was hired after another woman had quit due to a difficult pregnancy. Darren was made supervisor after the other woman quit. Kelly was a really warm and friendly person and Darren liked that because women were not always that way toward him. He thought it was because he was not the really attractive type. Kelly was different. They would talk over lunch at Chopsticks, a Chinese place nearby about things in general, the weather, politics, etc., but never about personal things. Darren wondered if the ring on her left ring finger was an engagement ring but was embarrassed to ask. She was also very beautiful, not the type who wears heavy makeup and slinky clothes but a really wholesome beauty. She always had on a modest dress, with pantihose and nice shoes. Darren had yet to see her in a pair of jeans. Her makeup was very natural and if it were not for her lipstick you would not know she was wearing any at all. She was not real skinny either, Darren hated women who looked like as though they were half starved. Kelly had a nice slim waist line but was nice and soft everywhere else. Her skin was very soft looking and she obviously did not sun tan since it was so natural and healthy looking. The thing that Darren could not keep his eyes off was Kelly’s hair. It was medium brown with golden highlights, almost red if the light was on it just right. It was unbelievably thick from her crown to the very ends, which ended just below her waist. Darren wondered how she kept it so healthy. It was always neatly maintained, the ends cut very evenly and sharply all the way across the bottom. Sometimes she would wear a barrette at the crown to pin the sides up, so as to keep them from falling forward all the time since it was always falling in her way. When Kelly would walk by, Darren would often turn his head just as she passed to catch the sweet shampooed smell of her hair that sent him reeling. All day he could do nothing but to stare at her hair when she was not looking. She must have noticed, Darren thought, but she never said anything and was always warm and friendly. Of course he did not get much work done.

Monday was like any other Monday could be. Tons of bills from the acute care clinic that they did billing for. It was open over the weekend and all the people who could not wait till Monday to see their doctors went there. It was 8:25 a.m. and Kelly was late for the first time in two months. Darren was worried something had happened to her. Five minutes later Kelly came in the door looking as beautiful as always and walked by his desk without a word. Normally she would say “good morning” to him with a smile on her face. This morning she was definitely upset. Darren was perplexed and decided not to say anything since it was her first time being late. He thought she had probably got stuck in traffic on I-80, that would upset anyone’s day! The morning went by quickly as the two silently worked on the billings. Kelly was distant all morning and Darren wondered what could possibly be wrong.

Lunch came and found the two at Chopsticks as usual. Kelly was not saying a word. She had her elbows on the table and head down but cocked to one side staring at her plate. She just picked at her subgum chow mein with her chopsticks. Darren was worried, he had never seen her this way. Finally after about 20 minutes of her apparent depression he broke the silence and said, “Kelly? Is there anything wrong?”

She was still silent and barely looking at him, but he could see tears building up in her eyes and her cheeks were turning red. Then big teardrops rolled down both cheeks and onto the tablecloth. She was still silent to Darren’s amazement. He imagined it was going to be a big scene with her bawling and everyone in the place staring at them. Darren thought he had really blown it this time! He hated himself at that moment for making a beautiful woman like Kelly cry! Finally after a few moments Kelly said in a low and strained voice, “Keith cut off the engagement.” Then the tears really started coming and Darren noticed that she was not wearing the ring that once was on her left ring finger. A few more moments passed and Kelly again in a strained and quite voice said, “he was so gorgeous.”

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Darren was dumbfounded because he expected to hear a sob story about all the wedding plans she had that were now ruined or something like that. But Kelly talking about how gorgeous he was? This pissed Darren off because he thought he was a great guy who would treat a beautiful woman right, but none of them wanted to have anything to do with him. See, Darren always wondered why all the beautiful girls went for good-looking guys, because they all were jerks who liked to screw around on them and then just dump them when they got tired of them. Darren could see it but why couldn’t they. Probably because they were so busy looking at the outside they never bothered to look at the person inside. He felt really sorry for Kelly in a way but also sort of felt like it served her right!

The rest of the day went pretty much like the morning. Darren had to cut out early to take care of a car problem before the garage closed and he asked Kelly to lock up. The next morning Darren arrived to work at 7:30 a.m. and to his amazement found the door unlocked. “Shit, I can’t believe she forgot to lock the door!” he said to himself. He walked inside to find the heat and most of the back lights still on. He was really pissed now. He walked toward the back where Kelly’s desk was and to his amazement saw her asleep on the floor with just her coat over her. He knelt down over her to wake her up. “Kelly,” he whispered. There was no response. He put his hand on her shoulder and gave a gentle shake again whispering her name. Still no response. “God, what a heavy sleeper, and I thought I was bad,” he thought to himself. He could not help notice how beautiful her hair was. It was laying all over the floor behind her head in a big pile. He gently picked up a long strand of it feeling it between his fingers. God it was so soft. He raised it to his nose and took a long sniff of it, it was intoxicating. As he stared at the enormous pile of it he started thinking how he would love to take the pair of office scissors at her desk and hack it all off. Darren had this fetish for seeing women with long hair go real short, he loved watching the transformation and often dreamed of even being the cutter in the act. “This woman has hair to spare,” he thought to himself as he let go of the strand of hair and shook her a little harder this time.

She awoke in fright, saying “What! What!” Darren gave her a moment to realize where she was. When she had fully awakened she was obviously embarrassed.

Darren was still pissed off. “What the hell are you doing sleeping on the floor?” he asked. She was silent for a moment and then came the tears again. “Oh God, not again!” Darren thought to himself. He tried to console her by saying everything was going to be all right but she just sobbed. After about 10 minutes of this she finally calmed down and explained to Darren that not only had Keith cut off the engagement but kicked her out of his house. She had no place to go since her nearest family and friends were thousands of miles away. Keith had been her everything and now she had nothing. Darren now felt sorry for her as she sat there sobbing, her face all puffed up and red. He helped her up by the hand and took her to his car then returned to lock up. He still had 20 minutes before he had to open the office. Darren drove her to his apartment and let her in. He said, “I want you to stay here and take care of yourself for the rest of the day, don’t worry about the office, I can handle it.”

Kelly said, “Thank you.”

Darren worked hard to get caught up all day and even finished a little early. All he thought about is how he could not wait to get home and see Kelly. He had been thinking of her all day and dreaming of running both hands through her thick mane. Of course he new that she would never fall for him but he liked to dream about her anyway. He closed the office and arrived home. It was about 6:00 p.m.. On his way up the walk to his unit he could smell dinner cooking at someone’s unit. As he got closer to his door the smell got stronger. He took a deep whiff. “God, that smells good,” he thought to himself. When he opened the door he found that the smell was coming from his unit. Inside in the kitchen he found Kelly in an apron preparing dinner.

She turned and said, “It’s the least I could do for you since you put me up.”

Darren was shocked. Not only was the woman of his dreams in his own place but she was fixing dinner for him too! “Put her up?” he thought. Was she planning to spend the night? Just the thought of her in the same house asleep sent his heart into palpitations. He swallowed hard and replied, “No problem, glad I could help out.” She turned and smiled at him, her hair following in all its thickness. Darren went to his room to take off his coat and tie then returned to the kitchen and sat at the table. He just sat and stared at her beautiful body and long mane as she worked. He wished this moment would last forever.

While eating dinner they made smalltalk as they always did while eating. After dinner they sat in the living room watching the Simpsons and laughing. There was a commercial break and Darren went in to grab a beer from the fridge. Kelly yelled out, “Darren, come here.” Darren quickly returned and asked what the matter was.

Kelly said, “Look at this lady in this commercial, doesn’t her hair look great?”

Darren looked to the T.V. The lady in the commercial had a very short crop, any shorter on the top and it would qualify for a flattop. “You like her hair?” Darren said. “My God, Kelly, it’s so short.”

Kelly answered “I know, but I like it.” She was running her fingers through her thick mane looking at the cropped lady in the commercial. Darren’s heart felt as though it were going to explode. He was sure Kelly could hear it pounding right through his chest.

Darren said “Kelly, I love your long hair, I really do.” Of course he was really thinking nothing in the world would be better than to see Kelly in a short crop.

“I know, me too, I’ve been thinking about cutting it for some time but Keith forbade me too.” Kelly replied. “I’m just playing with the idea, I could never get up the nerve to really do it.” Darren’s heart sank.

The two continued to watch T.V. the rest of the evening, Kelly watched intently but all Darren could think of was her in a shortly buzzed crop.

Sometime later Darren awoke to find the T.V. still on. Some stupid infomercial was on. After a minute he looked to the clock, 12:55 a.m. “Shit!” Darren said to himself. He stood up and stretched. Kelly was asleep on the sofa. He had forgotten she was even there until that moment. He walked over and turned the T.V. off, then went over to Kelly to wake her. He thought she would want to put on a nightgown or something rather than sleeping in her dress. He gently shook her shoulder. “Kelly,” he whispered. There was no response. He shook her again but a little harder this time. Still no response. He remembered how hard she was to wake at the office. He was just about to shake her one last time when the idea hit him.

He walked to the kitchen and pulled a high backed barstool to the center of the floor. His heart was again racing a mile a minute. He could hardly swallow and his hands were sweating. He walked very quietly past Kelly on the sofa and into the bathroom. Opening the lower doors of the bathroom vanity, he pulled out the box of Oster hair clippers he had bought years ago. He liked to take them out and look at them from time to time, sometimes turning them on and dreaming of using them on some long-haired beauty. They were a good heavy pair, not the cheap type they sold in those Fingerhut catalogs. He paid a good price for them and now was thinking how glad he had. He grabbed a big white beach towel and then rounded up a heavy safety pin and a comb. Returning quietly to the kitchen he placed them on a T.V. tray next to the bar stool. Next he went to the drawer and got a pair of sewing scissors. There, now he was ready. He went to the living room and walked over to the sofa. Placing one arm under Kelly’s knees and the other under her neck, he lifted her off the sofa. She did not even flinch. Darren could not believe it. She was a lot heavier than he thought she would be. He barely made it to the kitchen but placed her in the bar stool. As he did she started to fall to one side. “Shit, you dummy,” he thought to himself as he caught her and placed her upright again. Next he got out a roll of duct tape and taped her wrists to the armrests. He was afraid of a struggle should she wake. He did the same to her ankles. He felt bad because she was so kind. Then he placed the beach towel around her neck and fastened it in the back with the safety pin. He reached under her massive mane and pulled it out from under the towel. As he did he caught the smell of her shampoo that sent him reeling as usual. He could not help it, he leant over her placing his nose right on top of her head. He took a deep sniff. “God!” he thought to himself. “How can anything smell so good?”. She was still motionless.

He picked up the comb and softly and ever so gently began to brush her long locks. After about two minutes of this pure enjoyment he started to brush harder, then harder. All the brushing was releasing more of the intoxicating shampoo smell. He would start at the crown and then in one long stroke bring it through the hair to the ends. Soon he was in a brushing frenzy. Suddenly Kelly began to twitch her hands just a little. Darren stopped and came round the front of her. He noticed her mouth and eyelids were beginning to twitch. Then she muttered some inaudible words and opened her eyes ever so slowly. At first she did not realize where she was. Darren quickly tore off a piece of silver duct tape and as he did she said, “Darren, what is going on?”. Darren quickly placed the tape over her mouth before she could say another word. Now she was fully awake and trying very hard to talk through the tape. Darren was standing behind her and she was turning her head from side to side trying to look at him.

Darren said, “Kelly, I want you to hold really still. When I get done you are going to be more beautiful than you ever imagined.”

Kelly struggled by trying to pull her hands and legs free of the tape, big teardrops were rolling off her checks. It was no use. Darren let her continue until she wore out and realized it was useless. Actually he was afraid and did not know what to do. He never thought she would really wake up. “You said you liked the lady’s hair in the commercial, now I’m going to make yours look like it,” Darren told her. “Besides, summer is just around the corner and all this hair will just make you hot.”

Kelly struggled a little more then relaxed. “You no longer have Keith so you no longer need all this itchy hair,” Darren told her. Darren ran the comb through it one last time gathering it up into a ponytail in his left hand: the ponytail must have been three inches thick. With regret he let go of the pony tail and placed the comb back down on the tray. He arranged her hair so that the sides were draped over the fronts of her shoulders and the back lay straight down her back. There, now he was ready.

He stepped over in front of the T.V. tray and picked up the clippers. Kelly’s frightened eyes caught a glance of them and her eyes filled with terror. Darren took off the #3 attachment and put on a #1. It snapped in with a sure and solid “click.” Kelly flinched at the sound. Teardrops really started to come now. Darren put his thumb to the switch at the bottom and they very quickly came to life, the whirring sound filling the air. He brought the clippers up her right temple and put them against her skin. Then slowly he pushed them upward and took off the wispy hair in front of her ear. The clippers did not even change tone. They were sharp. The little wisps of hair floated down to rest on her shoulder atop the towel. The hair left behind was just 1/8 inch of stubble. Darren was amazed at how short it took the hair. Tears were raining from Kelly’s eyes now. Darren had planned to give her a short crop but now the hair was too short. Darren brought the clippers up to the stubbled area again and nervously went over it, then with one courageous push he plunged the clippers up the side almost to the top of her head. He had to slow a little way into it as the clippers seemed to slow. Kelly’s hair was even thicker than he thought. Hair was falling in cascades off her head and into her lap. Darren grabbed the top of her head and pushed it to the side then continued shearing the long locks on the right side. Getting around the ear proved difficult and he had to pull the top of her ear down. She had beautiful ears. He had never seen them since they had always been hidden by all the hair. She was wearing some one inch hoop earrings. As he finished with the right side he looked to the mass of locks laying in her lap and down over her breast. He could not believe he had really done it. Kelly was in a daze and hardly crying anymore. She just sat there looking at the pile of hair in her lap. Next he went around to the back, lifting up the long locks too just above her head he placed the clippers at the base of her nape. Kelly willingly put her chin down to her chest. Darren wondered if she were now enjoying it? Pushing the clippers up the back of her head sent long locks of her brown hair raining to the floor where it fell into a pile. Darren was getting good with the clippers now, he was leaving more even paths of stubble with each pass of the clippers. He continued at the back making long passes from the nape up to the crown. Hair continued to rain to the floor and was now in a pile the shape of an arch around the back of the chair. He now stepped around to the left side, he had to be careful not to slip on all the hair on the floor, he could feel it as he stepped on it. He brought the cord around behind her. Placing the clippers in front of her left ear he slowly pushed them up the side of her head. The hair raining down in long strands to join the rest of it in her lap. He caught a smell of the shampoo fragrance, it was almost as though it was being emitted as the clippers took off the hair. He continued up and around her ear, exposing it. All that was left now was the top. Darren gathered all the hair up into a ponytail in his left hand and pulled the ponytail forward over her forehead, Kelly’s head followed obediently with her chin down to her chest. He placed the clippers at the crown and pushed in right down the center of her head mowing a path to her forehead. A few more passes and the ponytail was free and in his hand. He tied a yellow ribbon at the top and laid it in her lap. Kelly’s hair was now reduced to a 1/8 inch stubble all over. Her head looked white in comparison to the rest of her skin, the skin underneath all that hair had never been exposed to sunlight. Darren had not had enough, he wanted to go shorter. He ran to the bathroom and grabbed his Norelco electric shaving razor. When he returned he turned it on and began at the base of Kelly’s neck. He went around her head with the razor. He went slow and in circular paths. It took the stubble down to nothing. Kelly was now a bald beauty. Darren stepped back and admired his work then looked to the piles and piles of hair. Kelly just sat in her daze. He walked over and put his hand on top of her head. He felt it, it was so smooth.

He undid the safety pin and pulled the towel off her. The ribbon-tied ponytail fell to the floor with the rest of the long heavy brown locks of hair. He cut the duct tape from her arms and legs. He was sure she would bolt from the chair but she continued in her daze. Next he ever so slowly and carefully removed the duct tape from her mouth. She did not utter a word. Darren helped her up and laid her on the couch. Placing a blanket over her, he knelt over and gave her a peck on her bald head. The shampoo smell still lingered. He returned to the kitchen to clean up. He picked up the ribbon-tied ponytail and placed it on the counter top. Then he got a broom and swept up the piles of hair into one large pile. He got a plastic bag to put the hair in and as he knelt over to collect it all up into the bag he found himself in awe of all the hair that was there. He filled the bag and put the other things back in their places. The ponytail would be a keepsake along with the rest of the hair.

The next morning Darren awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. He jumped from the bed and threw on his clothes. In the kitchen he found Kelly, in apron, cooking breakfast. He could not believe that she was still there. “Kelly,” he said.

She turned. “Thought I’d make my barber a good breakfast.”

Darren was dumbfounded. “So you like it?” he asked.

“I love it Darren,” she said.

“But I thought you wanted to keep it long?” Darren exclaimed.

“I guess I was just too scared to take it off, you showed me that what I really needed was to be pushed. Of course you could have left a little,” she said with a wry smile.

“But you do like it?” Darren asked.

“Darren, Keith is gone out of my life and so is my hair. I guess it’s all just as well,” she said. “Besides, who needs him, I have you now and I’m already looking forward to many maintenance shaves.” With that Kelly walked over and kissed him softly on the lips. Darren’s heart sank to his stomach. He could not believe it. He did not say a word, he just sat with a big grin on his face and ate the breakfast she had made his bald beauty had prepared for him. And they lived happily ever after.

The end.


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