Short, Sharp, Shock


Short, Sharp, Shock! A Hair Story by Ian White

Pamela was a rather plain looking woman in her late forties. She was single, and owned her own stable yard in a small village in Yorkshire. She was a well known, and liked woman, and always got involved in local activities, especially where a charity event was concerned. If anything needed doing, she could always be relied upon to give her full support. She was a fairly shy person though, and always seemed to lack self-confidence, being more comfortable amongst animals than people.

Pamela was a real outdoor person, and wasn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. She worked in all weathers, and seemed to be happier outside, even if it meant working in the wet and mud. In fact she felt far more comfortable in a shirt, jeans, and her Wellingtons, than she ever did dressed up for an evening on the tiles. You could tell that she wasn’t a follower of fashion either, and never really made the best of herself, as she always dressed in the same type of clothes, even if they looked out of date. If she had one outstanding feature, it was her hair. It was the brightest shade of auburn, her natural colour, and although there were a few strands of grey appearing, they didn’t look out of place. She had always worn it long from being a small girl, and had never had it cut. When it was loose, it was long enough for her to sit on, and hung down her back in thick waves, but she seldom wore it that way, because working outside meant that it would always have been in the way. She never dared to have it cut short though, instead preferring to wear it up in two braided coils, covering each ear. It was a style more reminiscent of something out of the 1920’s than the 1990’s, but as she had always worn it this way, that’s what she preferred. All of her friends, at one time or another, had tried over the years to persuade her into having her hair cut short, but Pamela wouldn’t hear of it, although she had said many times before that she would have it all cut off on her fiftieth birthday, but she didn’t really mean it, it was just a way of shutting up those who wanted to see her part with those trademark tresses. Her hair may have been a pain at times, but it was like a security blanket to her and she would never part with it, or so she thought.

One day in early spring, Pamela was busy doing her everyday duties, when she received a phone call from her close friend Claire. Now Claire was the total opposite to Pamela, she was an attractive woman in her early fifties, with hair of a similar colour to her friend, but it was cropped very short. She always wore the latest fashions as well, something that made Pamela a little envious at times, but then Claire was a professional woman, and always needed to look her best.

Anyway, on this particular day, Claire had called Pamela to tell her that all her friends had got together to make her up-and-coming fiftieth birthday party one that she would always remember. She wouldn’t give Pamela any details, but told her that the she was in for a big surprise. Pamela didn’t really like surprises, and was quite intrigued by the secrecy of the whole thing, but she trusted her best friend enough to go with whatever was being planned. That was to be a major error though, for what Pamela didn’t know, was that her so-called friends had arranged for her to have a haircut at the local village barbershop.

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The weeks leading up to Pamela’s fateful birthday seemed to fly by, and before she knew it, it was here. The day started off well for the unsuspecting Pamela, as she received lots of cards and small gifts from her many friends and family, but of course the big surprise was yet to come. Claire arrived at Pamela’s house around midday, and as usual was looking so elegant in one of her numerous outfits. Pamela by contrast hadn’t really started to get ready, as she had been busy in the stable yard all morning.

Her friend was there to help her though, and as they headed for Pamela’s bedroom, Claire’s mind was full of thoughts about what the afternoon had in store for her best friend. Once upstairs, Pamela headed for the bathroom to take a shower, while her friend went into the bedroom to look through Pamela’s wardrobe for a suitable outfit.

After about fifteen minutes, Pamela appeared from the bathroom wrapped in a large white towel, and as she walked into the bedroom, she saw Claire sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette.

“I thought you’d got lost!” said Claire.

“Of course not, I was just washing my hair,” replied Pamela.

“Oh my god,” answered Claire. “We’ll be here all day waiting for that to dry!”

“No we won’t,” replied Pamela. “It will only take twenty minutes using the dryer.”

“Well I hope so, because you have an appointment at half past two,” said Claire.

“What sort of appointment?” enquired Pamela.

“That’s a surprise,” replied Claire. “You will have to wait and see.”

“You know that I hate surprises,” said Pamela, feeling a little agitated.

“Well this is one surprise you will certainly remember for a long time to come,” answered Claire.

With that, Pamela sat down at her dressing table, and removing the now sodden towel from her hair, picked up the dryer and switched it on. It made a terrible noise as she began the long job of drying all of that hair of hers, and as she ran her fingers through the long auburn tresses, which were so long that they touched the floor, her friend just sat on the bed and watched, knowing full well that in a few hours’ time all that wonderful hair would be lying on the barbershop floor. Claire couldn’t help but smile, as the thought of her friend’s shearing ran through her head, and as Pamela continued to dry her hair, oblivious to what lay in store for her, Claire just looked on, all the time planning the next move.

It was around two o’clock when Pamela was eventually ready to face the world. Claire had persuaded her to wear her hair down, something that rarely ever happened, but then Pamela was unaware of her friend’s motives for asking her to do that, and as it hung down in a ripple of waves, bouncing about around her thighs as she walked, she had no idea that this would be the last time she would feel the weight of her luxuriant tresses down her back. As the two women were about to leave the house, Claire asked Pamela to stop, and as she did so, her friend placed a blindfold over her eyes. Pamela, surprised by Claire’s actions, tried to remove it from her face, but Claire intervened, telling her friend that she had to wear it to make what was to come an even bigger surprise. Of course Pamela didn’t question her friend’s explanation, and just went along with the whole thing, and as they left the house and got into Claire’s car, she was already experiencing butterflies in her stomach, as the thought of what her friends had planned for her played on her mind.

“Ready for your surprise Pamela?” asked Claire.

“I don’t know,” said Pamela, with a sharp note of hesitancy in her voice.

“Now no peeking,” said Claire, as she drove off towards the barbershop.

“Where are we going?” enquired Pamela.

“Not long to go now,” replied Claire, with a slight giggle in her voice.

Not long to what? Pamela wondered. She didn’t like surprises, and being blindfolded like this made her very nervous. She had some need to be nervous as well, because in a few minutes time she would be in a place that everyone knew she would hate.

They had been driving for around five minutes, when they finally reached their destination, Marlene’s barbershop. Claire stopped the car outside the brightly coloured shop, and as she helped Pamela out of the passenger seat, they were met by a small group of her supposed friends. As they all stood outside, Claire asked Pamela if she was ready. She tentatively nodded, and with that signal they all stepped forward towards the shop door, which opened with a ring of the bell. Entering the large, brightly lit shop, they were greeted by Marlene, the barber, who was waiting with a striped cape in her hand for her unwilling victim.

“Ladies, I see that you made it,” she said.

“Oh yes,” replied Claire. “We wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Pamela had no idea of where she was, and being oblivious to what fate had in store for her, she calmly allowed herself to be led her towards the big black barber’s chair, where she was helped into the comfortable seat by two of her captors. The chair felt so strange to Pamela, as she explored it with her hands, and there was an unusual smell in the air, so she couldn’t help but feel nervous as she heard Claire’s voice ring out.

“Welcome everyone, to this once in a lifetime event.”

As she said those immortal words, the blindfold was removed from Pamela’s eyes, and as she took in her surroundings, being in a state of shock at finding herself in a barbershop, the group of women shouted out ‘SURPRISE’. Looking back through the mirror in front of her, Pamela could see her friends had taken their seats on a wooden bench at the back of the shop, awaiting the start of her haircut. Pamela suddenly started to shake with fear, not for herself, but for her glorious hair, and as the nerves really took hold, she noticed Claire standing at her side. The barber spread the cape out in front of Pamela, and as Claire quickly gathered up all of her magnificent long hair, and held it out of the way, Marlene drew the cape closely around her, fastening it tightly at the back of her neck. As Claire released the long tresses, they fell heavily down the back of the chair, like a waterfall of waves over a steep cliff.

It was then that the reality of where she was struck a now very frightened Pamela, but she was so overcome with fear that she couldn’t say a thing. She wanted to get up and run straight back out of the barbershop, but her legs felt like jelly, and that was when she knew that she was trapped.

Pamela could only watch on as Marlene, the barber, picked up a paddle brush from the counter, and walking back behind her, began brushing out the waves of auburn hair as they hung down almost to the floor.

“This is some hair you’ve got,” she said, as the brush brought sheen to it. “Are you really sure that you want to have it cut?”

Pamela tried to say ‘NO’, but when she opened her mouth it was lost for words.

“Of course she does,” replied a jubilant Claire, as she butted in. “She has often said that she was going to have it all cut off on her fiftieth birthday, and that’s why we are here.”

The barber looked at Pamela and said, “Oh I see, you’ve eventually reached that milestone in your life where you fancy a change?”

“That’s right,” replied Claire, grinning as she told the barber.

“Now are you really sure?” enquired Marlene, looking at Pamela in the mirror for confirmation. “It’s a very big step to take, especially as you have so much hair to lose?”

Pamela spoke for the first time since entering the barbershop, trying to protest against the haircut she was about to receive, but her pleas went on deaf ears, as Claire and the other women managed to convince barber that it was only the nerves that were talking. With that, the barber put down the brush, and picked up a large, sharp, pair of scissors, and as she walked behind Pamela, she asked her if she was ready, and then gathered together all of her wonderful hair in a loose ponytail, before severing it close to her head with a few grinding snips. Pamela suddenly felt very light headed, as the bulk of her hair came away in Marlene’s hand, and as a rush of air brought a strange coolness to the skin at Pamela’s nape, a cheer went up around the barbershop. Her friends had finally managed to accomplish what they had been trying to persuade Pamela to do for years, and as Marlene laid the severed tresses across her lap, she burst into tears.

The tears flowed down Pamela’s cheeks, as she looked down at the severed ponytail that only minutes before had been her crowning glory, and as she did so, Marlene asked how short she wanted to go. Well Pamela was in such a state of shock that she never heard the barber, but Claire did, and seized the opportunity to deliver the killer blow to her friend.

“I think she should go all the way, don’t you?” said Claire, turning to face the five so-called friends who filled the bench at the back of the barbershop.

“Oh definitely!” said one without hesitation.

“Yes, bring out the clippers!” said another, with the hint of laughter in her voice.

And with that, the decision was made; Pamela would face the humiliation of having her head completely buzzed in a barbershop.

The barber, Marlene, wasn’t keen on the idea at all, thinking that the poor woman had suffered enough with losing all her long hair, and as she said as much to the ladies, who were now standing around the barber’s chair, she was pushed aside, while Claire stepped forward and picked up the clippers from the counter. Pamela looked up to see the remains of her vastly shortened hair hanging limply against her face, before noticing Claire with the guardless clippers in her hand walking towards her. Pamela nearly jumped out of her seat as they came to life, filling the shop with that infamous buzzing sound. Knowing exactly what that sound meant, Pamela opened her mouth to protest once again, but as she did so, she felt a hand on the back of her head, pushing it so far forward, that her chin was firmly resting on her chest, stifling her words.

As Pamela stared helplessly at the long severed tresses covering her lap, she suddenly felt the cold steel of the voracious blades of the clippers as Claire placed them on her nape before running them slowly up the back of her neck and head, shearing away a strip of her remaining hair, leaving nothing but a dark shadow on her skin. The tears started to flow again from Pamela’s eyes as she succumbed to her shearing, and as her friend reached the crown, she moved around to the side of the chair, and raising Pamela’s chin, held it firmly, as she continued the run of the hungry clippers right the way along the middle of her head until she reached her forehead, sending a stream of auburn hair, including a section of Pamela’s full fringe, falling down onto the cape. Pamela just sat there and watched her reflection in the mirror, as she saw Claire hand the clippers over to another of her so-called friends. The remaining women looked on, as the woman, who was standing directly behind her, pushed Pamela’s head forward again, and placed the humming clippers on the sensitive skin at her nape once more. Pamela was now feeling really stressed, as the woman ran the blades along her skin, pushing them ever further up the back of her head for the second time. It was then that she suddenly felt a warm sensation run throughout her entire body. She couldn’t explain how it felt, but she knew that it was like nothing else she had ever experienced before, and as the woman continued shearing the back of Pamela’s head, the feeling intensified, stirring up unbelievable emotions which she found quite arousing.

Within minutes, the back of Pamela’s head was completely shorn, and as the woman passed the clippers on to the next in line, Pamela could feel the cool air on the shorn part of her head, and was beginning to feel a little drunk from the vast range of feelings and emotions that were running over her. There was wetness in her panties, something that she certainly hadn’t experienced before, and as the third of the would-be barbers started to run the clippers over the top of her head, she felt an even stronger tingling sensation run through her scalp, sending a shiver down her spine. Pamela couldn’t bear to see any more of her hair fall, so she closed her eyes as the woman held her chin firmly while shearing the top of her head. The tears had stopped flowing now and, for some strange reason, Pamela was actually enjoying the sensual feel of the naked clippers as they ran quickly across her sensitive skin. She wasn’t the only one who was enjoying this haircut either, as her so-called friends queued up to take their turn with the magical clippers, which seemed to be having an hypnotic effect on all those who used them.

After only ten minutes of sitting in the chair, Pamela found herself half way through her surprise haircut, and what had started out as a traumatic experience for her, had now turned into one that was bringing immense pleasure, so much so, that unbeknown the other women around her, she had become so aroused, that she had slid her hand down her panties underneath the concealing cape, and was masturbating right before their eyes. This was the first time that she had done anything like this, but as the sensations in her body reached a peak, something that nothing else had achieved before, she had no choice, and needed somehow to relieve the pressure building up within her. As the fourth would-be barber took the clippers, and started to shear the remaining hair away from the right side of her head, Pamela opened her eyes, and seeing all the severed hair sliding down the cape into her lap as she looked down, found the final trigger needed for her to reach orgasm.

Pamela started to cry out, but then bit her lip, as a wave of orgasmic pleasure gripped her. Her friends noticed her cry, but thought that it was a cry for help, and thinking that she had been finally broken by her ordeal, laughed loudly. It was Pamela though who would have the last laugh, as she watched the fifth would-be barber run the clippers around her left ear. There was no doubt that losing all of her hair had been quite traumatic for Pamela, and especially that first cut, but the sensual seduction she had experienced from being clipper shaved had far outweighed that, and she was now enjoying the fact that she was to be shaved completely bald, after all, she had had the longest hair in the village before her shearing, which made her stand out from the crowd, and after this major transformation she would still be unique, just in a totally different way.

As the last of her hair fell onto the cape, joining the rest, the clippers became silent. Claire, standing behind Pamela, looked at her friend in the mirror, and Pamela could tell she was more than a little annoyed, as staring back at her was the face of a beautiful shorn woman. Claire had hoped to humiliate Pamela with the surprise shearing of her wonderful tresses, but actually all she had managed to do was to reinvent her, by giving her a totally new, and unique image, and as the group of women stood back to admire their handiwork, they couldn’t help but notice that Pamela’s transformation hadn’t quite worked out as planned.

Just then, the barber butted in, saying,

“Now that you ladies have had your fun, please leave the shop, so that I can clean up the mess you’ve made.”

The six women, who moments before had been euphoric about their accomplishment, were now feeling a little subdued as they stepped away from the chair. Marlene slowly walked towards Pamela, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, as she stared at her newly shorn head.

“I am so sorry; I had no idea that they were going to go this far,” she said.

“Oh that’s okay,” replied Pamela. “They’ve had their fun, now it’s my turn.”

“What do you mean?” enquired the barber.

“Well you don’t think that I am going to stop here do you?” replied Pamela.

“You don’t mean what I think you mean, do you?” asked the barber.

“Of course, bring out the lather, I want you to shave my head properly,” replied Pamela.

With that, Marlene went across to the counter, and collected a handful of hot lather from the dispenser. As she walked back to the side of the chair, Pamela heard the bell on the door ring, and noticed that Claire and her cronies had left the barbershop. A huge smile lit up Pamela’s face, as she watched Marlene smear the creamy lather all over her head. It felt so strange on her skin, but as the barber wiped her hands and picked up the straight razor, she became excited at the prospect of being shaved smooth.

Marlene was an expert with the razor and she started at the front of Pamela’s head, slowly, but skilfully, removing the dark stubble that covered it. The rasping of the razor, as it was drawn across her skin, was an incredible sound to Pamela’s ears, but that was nothing compared to the wondrous sensation the sharp blade created as it cleared away every last trace of her hair. It took about five minutes for Marlene to finally finish off shaving Pamela’s head, and as she wiped the excess lather away with a towel, she looked at Pamela in the mirror, and commented on how good she looked bald.

“You know, when you came into this shop with all that hair, I honestly thought that you would chicken out of having it cut, and yet here you are, a bald woman.”

“I can hardly believe it myself,” replied Pamela as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, admiring her brand new look. “If I hadn’t seen it happen with my own eyes, I would have sworn that it was a dream.”

Just then, Pamela burst out laughing, and was quickly joined by the barber, as the thought of how her friends’ plan had totally backfired on them entered her head. She couldn’t work out where the courage had come from to go through with this, then again the decision hadn’t really been hers to make, but in the end she felt in total control, and although her head felt very light and cool without all that wondrous hair, which she missed, she liked the way she looked and couldn’t wait to run her hands over her smooth head.

Marlene put down the straight razor, and picked up a small, long-bristled brush from the counter, before walking around behind Pamela, quickly brushing away the clippings from the back of her neck. She then unfastened the cape, and before removing it, asked Pamela a question.

“Do you want to save your ponytail?”

“No thank you,” said Pamela. “I don’t need any reminders of the old me. From now on there’s only one look for me, and that’s the bald one.”

The barber smiled as she picked up the long tresses from Pamela’s lap and dumped them in the bin. She then removed the cape from around her, and shook it, before hanging it back on the hook from where it came. Pamela got up from the barber’s chair, and looked at her head from all angles in the mirror, before raising her hands up to it. Her long fingers touched the now smooth skin, and as she closed her eyes, just letting the wonderful feel of their touch run through her body, she began to caress its nakedness. It felt so good, and although it was going to take a lot of getting used to, she knew that her friends had really done her a favour, because without their intervention, she would never have dared to have her hair cut, never mind go all the way.

Thanking Marlene, Pamela left the barbershop a changed woman, and said that she would see her in a week’s time for another shave. As she walked out into the street, a tall man in his thirties bumped into her, and couldn’t help but comment on her new look. Pamela smiled, before asking the stranger for his opinion. He took a good look, before paying her a compliment, and as she thanked him, he raised his hand and ran it along her shaved head. The touch of his hand was amazing, and as she stood there, enjoying the moment, she suddenly felt the wetness return between the legs.

This birthday had turned out to be quite something, and one that she would never forget, but as she stood there in the street, flirting with a total stranger, she couldn’t help but wonder what might have been if her friends hadn’t given her this surprise of a lifetime, and with that thought, the smile came flooding back to her face.

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