Laurie’s Christmas Present

Laurie's Christmas Present

Laurie’s Christmas Present by EddyZ.

“Missy! Free haircut, missy?”

Laurie turned to see a skinny Indian boy, at least he had the body of a boy though his features looked old. Did he address her?

He grinned: “Want free haircut? Come with me.”

Laurie shook her head. “I don’t need a haircut.”

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“Oh yes, very hot, missy. Haircut nice and cool!”

He was right, Haiderabad was hot, approximately 40º C. and her long hair was sticky. He saw her hesitate and with renewed energy he resumed his verbal attack. He took a step in her direction, grinning from ear to ear.

“Very cool, missy and free. Free haircut, come, just for you.”

Laurie smiled. His insistence amused her. “How far is it?” she asked.

The boy smelled success. He grabbed her hand. “Not far, missy. Come, I show you.”

Laurie still hesitated. “Come with me, please?” he begged in a persuading manner. Laughing she let herself be led away.

They rushed crisscross through a tangle of alleys till he halted in front of a dwelling in a block of houses. He opened a door. Though the sunlight could not reach the narrow alley, the change-over from outside to inside struck her. Suddenly she was surrounded by gloom. The boy took her hand again.

“Come, missy, I show the way.”

They traversed several corridors and then he opened a door and let her into a room, scarcely furnished, no carpet on the earthen floor, the walls plastered in a yellow-brown colour. In the centre of the room stood one chair, a straight one

The boy led her to the chair, smiled: ‘Please, missy, sit.”

Laurie wondered; what was she doing here? She had no more time to think about it. A short and plump middle-aged woman entered. She said something in a language which Laurie didn’t understand.

“Shabana not speak English. I translate,” the boy announced. “You want haircut.” He looked at her inquiringly, but it didn’t sound like a question.

“Which haircut? Ask her….”

“Free haircut!”

“No, I mean, which haircut can she give me?”

With her right hand Laurie pointed out different lengths.

“No, no, no,” the boy shouted. “Free haircut, you’ll see.”

“But I want to know first. I want to discuss that.”

She was not sure if he understood what she meant. His smile had disappeared and he seemed irritated.

“Free haircut, yes? Or go!” Go? Where to? He wouldn’t guide her back out. How could she find the way back? She was trapped!

Laurie sank down on the chair. The woman began to speak: a torrent of sounds. Out of nowhere she had a cape in her hands. The boy got ready to leave the room.

“Hey, where are you going?” called Laurie.

He grinned: “Be back,” he said and was gone leaving Laurie alone with the woman with whom she couldn’t speak a word.

She began to comb Laurie’s long hair with a comb she had produced out of a pocket. Suddenly: Schnick! The woman held a lock of Laurie’s tresses, at least two feet long, in her hand. Laurie jumped up with a cry, but the woman was unexpectedly strong and she simply pushed Laurie back unto the chair. Astonished and intimidated Laurie remained motionless while the woman took another tress and severed it from her head…

There was no mirror and Laurie couldn’t see herself. But she knew what was about to happen. The woman spoke to her with a soothing voice but of course Laurie didn’t understand one word.

Laurie had had long hair since her childhood. Only every now and then no more than a half inch had been trimmed off. She loved her long auburn tresses but with a certain ambiguity. For she had often wondered how it would feel if this wonderful mane should be sheared. How she would look with short hair. But she had never had the guts to put this into practice, even not cutting her hair a little shorter. Then she had met Trevor. They had fallen in love and she had followed him to India.

Trevor admired her luscious mane. Nevertheless, he had once asked if she ever had thought of a short style. Startled, Laurie had asked him if he wanted her to cut her hair.

“It is only a question, darling,” he had reassured her, but with a mysterious smile. He had no more referred to the subject, nevertheless, Laurie couldn’t get away from the idea that he really wanted her to do it. Intuitively she felt this.

And now at this moment she was sitting on this chair in this shabby room anywhere in a back street of Haiderabad. She had known that Indian boys like this one approached lonely long-haired women, deceiving them with attractive offers. And she had agreed to go with him! Why? She had known what to expect. A free haircut? A downright mugging! Her precious locks would be sold. They would yield more than the monthly salary of an average civil servant.

The boy had come back. Shabana had carried on with snipping off Laurie’s tresses. No way back any more!

“Free haircut, missy. Very cool!” he grinned to her.

He gathered all the severed locks. Yes, they would be sold. But she didn’t care. She was only concerned about her appearance. How would she look? Queer enough, she was thrilled too.

The boy brought her back to the street where he had addressed her. Laurie looked into the plate-glass window of a department store. She looked horrible, a messy mop like a scarecrow.

She went inside to buy a present for Trevor: Christmas Eve tonight! That had been the reason of her visit to the shopping mall.

Laurie went home, waiting the homecoming of her husband. Twenty-four she was now and for half a year happily married. They loved each other more than ever. But now she didn’t feel at ease. What if she had made a mistake? What would he say? What if her intuition had failed? No, that couldn’t be.

Laurie took a shower and washed her devastated hair. She looked in the mirror. My god, what have I done? she thought. All my beautiful locks gone. She covered the remnants with a towel, folded like a turban.

“I’m home, sweetheart! Where are you?”

“Upstairs, darling! In our bedroom. I have a surprise for you! Won’t you come up?”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Trevor stood for a moment dumbfounded at the door when he saw his wife, lying naked on their bed, smiling at him.

“What? You never welcomed me like this when I came home. Where are the servants?”

“I’ve sent them home. We won’t be disturbed. Don’t I get a kiss?” she asked.

“Of course… why that towel?” He knelt next to the bed and kissed her eyes, nose, mouth, her firm breasts, her belly.

“I washed my hair. I have a present for you. Merry Christmas my love.”

“The same to you, sweetheart. I left mine downstairs. Shall I get it?”

“Later, darling. Please, unpack your present first; I’m craving to know what you think of my gift.”

Trevor looked amazed when he saw what was in the box: a pair of Wahl clippers.

“What…?” He didn’t know what to say.

Laurie smiled at him and spread her arms. Languishing she pulled up one leg.

“Look at me. I’m part of the present.”

Trevor’s eyes grew wide. He stammered, “Do you mean… I should… use them on you?”

“Darling, I think you have to tidy up something.” She pulled the towel away from her head.

“Oh my god… what did you do?” he exclaimed. His eyes popped nearly out of their sockets.

“I ran into a free haircut but a trashy one don’t you think? Please, will you even it out?”

Trevor tossed about the remnants of her hair with his hands. “What do you want me to do with these uneven wisps and tufts?”

Laurie rose up, embraced and kissed her husband. “Anything you like, my love.” She unfastened his belt and unzipped his trousers. Soon he was undressed and Laurie sat him on the edge of the bed and straddled him. Trevor plugged the clippers into the socket and flicked on the switch.

Laurie moaned when he entered her.

“My love, this is the most wonderful Christmas present you could give me,” he whispered into her ear. “The sacrifice of your most precious property.”

Trembling she answered, “I submit myself to the clippers. I know what you want and I give it to you as you never urged me. Take my hair and take all of me. I love you so much, I’m all yours.”

Hours later Trevor said, “Sweetheart, this is India. When you are going to meet people whether here at home or outside, you should cover your head. Otherwise they wouldn’t understand, they would think that you are a widow.”

“Yes, I know. Widows cut off their hair. I intend to wear a sari like the Indian women and cover my head with a scarf.”

“I had hoped that you would say that. I’ll get my present for you. Can you guess?”

“Oh, darling, they are wonderful!” She kissed him. “Thank you for all you have done to me.”

“Thank you that you let me do it, my love! This is the merriest Christmas I’ve ever celebrated.”

“Our first as man and wife. But how about my maids?”

“I’ll take care of that. They won’t bother you.”

Laurie trusted Trevor; he had lived in India, in Haiderabad to be exact, since he was a little boy, with the exception of the years that he had studied in England. But after his graduation he had gone back and he had got a position at the university. When he had been sent out to the USA for an orientating visit he had met Laurie who at that time just graduated from Vassar. It had been love at first sight and within a few months they were married. Though Trevor was twelve years older they seemed to form a perfect couple.

Now they found themselves at the breakfast table after this remarkable night. Radha was serving them, a tiny girl, just 13 years old.

“Radha, go and find your sister and bring her with you to us,” Trevor ordered her. She had given Laurie a quick glance when she had entered the room but had immediately lowered her eyes and she had kept them lowered while serving her masters.

Soon she was back with Githa, her one year older sister. Just like Radha she wore her long jet-black hair braided and both plaits touched their buttocks. Trevor spoke to them in their own language. The girls listened with lowered eyes but once they looked up at Laurie, very briefly. Then they nodded and left the room.

“What did you tell them?” asked Laurie, curious. “It had to do with me, isn’t it?”

“I told them that they have to choose: either they adapt their hairdos to that of their master or they will be fired.”

“What? You asked them to cut off their hair?’

“Yes, honey, that is the way to keep their respect for you. They shouldn’t feel superior to you having long hair. It may be hard but trust me, I know their mentality.”

“I’m sorry for them, they are such nice and polite girls.”

“They will remain that, don’t worry. I told them to go to the bathroom and unbraid their hair. Shall we go and see?”

The girls were combing out each other’s hair. “We are ready, Sahib.”

“Sit down on that stool, Radha.” Trevor handed the clippers to Laurie. She looked at him, enquiring.

“You are their master, so you have to do it.”

Laurie trembled a little and Trevor guided her. She drew a central part and Trevor grabbed all of the hair on the right side in one hand. Laurie switched on the clippers, no attachment adjusted, inserted them at the hairline and mowed through the girl’s hair from the front to her nape. She repeated the movements several times and no hair hit the floor as Trevor had it in his hand. At last it came loose and the right side of Radha’s head was balded. Trevor switched to the left side and soon this side was denuded too. Only some mopping up was yet to do and a black shadow of the roots was all that rested on her scalp which had a lighter colour than her face. During the shearing Radha had not moved and had not showed any emotions. She stood up and Trevor gave her a plastic bag and her tresses. “Put them into the bag,” he said.

Now it was Githa’s turn and the operation was repeated. The girls offered the bags to Laurie.

“No, no,” Trevor said, “This is your hair. You may take the bags with you.”

“Thankye, Sahib.” said Githa.

“We have not yet finished,” Trevor told them. “Sit down, Radha.” He covered her head with shaving cream and shaved it. He repeated the procedure till her head was as smooth as a baby’s butt. Githa underwent the same treatment and then all was done. The girls knelt in front of Laurie and kissed her hands. “Thankye, Mem-Sahib.”

Laurie stroked their nude scalps. “Okay, you may go to your work now.”

As soon as the girls had left the room they began to chatter and laugh.

“You hear, they are not upset at all. I even think that they like it being bald. Probably they are now patting each other’s scalp.”

“Won’t their father cause trouble?” Laurie asked Trevor.

“What do you think? He can sell their hair. It will yield him a dowry, at least for one of them, I suppose. Maybe you’ll lose one of them or both soon but that will be the most unfavourable thing to happen. And should he complain, then you can say that they had misbehaved and deserved punishment or that you had found out that they have lice.”

“No, I won’t tell a lie…. Darling, will you do me a favour?”

“Always honey, you know that. Say it.”

“The shaving of the girls turned me on. Will you shave my head too?” She looked at him, alluring. “I want to feel the razor myself.”

“I had hoped that you would ask me. It will be my pleasure.”

While he shaved his wife, she said: “What will your students say? How will Devi react?”

Trevor’s students came regularly to their house and sometimes they stayed for dinner. Especially Devi had become a close friend of Laurie.

“They have progressive ideas, sweetheart. They will soon be used to your new appearance. And Devi? Well, don’t you think she is adventurous? She likes risky behaviour.”

“Do you mean by others or by herself?”

“What do you think? I think both.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

“So? Free haircut, missy? Very, very cool?”

They both laughed.

“My god, honey, you are so beautiful. Your head is so perfectly shaped, your ears are small and lie flat to your scalp like shells made of mother-of-pearl and your neck bows so gracefully, like a swan.”

“Oh, darling, I’m so happy that I pleased you with my gift. But… didn’t you like my hair?”

“Oh yes, I did. But you look so different, so… new. And eventually you will have it back, but not too soon.”

“No, my love, not before you want it. For it is….

“Very, very…. COOL!”



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