Kelli had been circling the mall parking lot for almost half an hour looking for a space. She was frustrated beyond belief. The temperature outside didn’t help any; it was an unseasonable 89 degrees. She sweltered in her little blue Toyota. At long last she saw a gray van pulling out of a slot right near the entrance; she shot in and grabbed the space, unintentionally cutting off a decrepit, rust-colored pickup truck. A short ugly old woman burst out of the pickup; she was dressed bizarrely in loose, flowing robes, a red plaid kerchief tied over her thinning hair. She began shrieking at Kelli in a strange language; Kelli pretended not to hear. The woman shifted to heavily-accented English and got right in Kelli’s face.

“What for you steal my space, you whore?”

“YOUR space?!” Kelli replied. “Whose car is in there, Granny? I saw it before YOU did! Now get out of my way, I have a hot date tonight and I need to be gorgeous. Ciao!” And with that Kelli whirled around, long dark-blonde hair twirling, and strode resolutely toward the mall. A small grin of triumph crossed her face. She looked back for a second.

The old lady was staring right at Kelli, waving her arms in the air and chanting. “Weird old bat!” Kelli muttered, a shiver running through her; but she promptly dismissed the incident from her mind.

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The mall was packed. Kelli had a lot of shopping to do; she had a date with Ron tonight, and she wanted to look her best. First stop: the makeup store. Kelli bought rouge, mascara, eyeshadow, and a particularly fetching red lipstick. Then she hit the lingerie store; she found a lovely black silk bra and matching panties. She thrilled at their softness, and couldn’t wait to try them on! The jewelry shop was next; she purchased gold hoop earrings and a lovely gold choker-style necklace, spending far more than she’d planned to but happy with her discoveries. An elegant black sleeveless dress was her next addition; it hugged her sleek body tightly and showed off every curve. Finally—FINISHED! She was going to look SO HOT! As she was leaving the mall she passed a booth selling hats and hair ornaments. She absolutely fell in love with this heavy gold barrette with a black bow attached; it would match her ensemble perfectly! Almost as an afterthought, she also purchased a cute black beret.

Taking her purchases in hand, she left the mall and headed home.

Later that night Kelli began preparing for her date. She took a long, hot, luxurious shower, abundantly soaping her taut young body and letting the hot water rinse her clean; she shampooed her mid back-length, thick blonde mane and sighed contentedly as the water jets sluiced away the suds, leaving her hair smelling faintly of perfume. She stepped from the shower somewhat reluctantly and dried herself. Putting her hair up in a towel, she went to her vanity and sat down. Falling into a creative reverie, she began to apply her makeup. She lightly coated her lush lips in that gorgeous shade of red she’d purchased today; she applied mascara, blush, and eye shadow with practised ease. She looked great!

Gently pulling off the towel, she began to fix her hair. She’d decided that for tonight simpler would be more elegant, so she blow-dried her mane long and straight, pulled it back into a pony-tail, and fastened it back with her wonderful new barrette, making sure the bow was straight. She then pulled black silk stockings onto her long, smooth legs and donned her new bra and panties; they felt as wonderful as she’d thought they would! She felt sexy as hell.

She fastened the choker around her slim throat and put on the gold hoop earrings. Finally she wiggled into her tight black dress and smoothed it over her body. She examined herself carefully in the full-length mirror. She looked the best she’d ever looked, in her opinion; she looked dangerously sexy. She FELT dangerously sexy. All of a sudden a glazed look came over her face. She was unbearably horny…she had to do something about it…her pussy ached with need…she carefully slid her panties down, pulled her dress up, and sat back in the chair she’d dragged in front of the full-length mirror. Spreading her legs wide, she brought her right hand down to her softly-furred pussy and began gently stroking that greedy organ. Her fingers traced paths around her engorged pussy lips, then slithered inside. She was amazed at how wet she was! Part of her wondered why she was so suddenly desperate, but most of her was acting to relieve her need. Her left hand fondled her breasts through the thin fabric of her gown; she pulled at her cloth-covered nipples as her right hand sought her clitoris. She found her love button and with a moan set upon it frantically, reaching a rhythm that carried her over the brink and into a senses-shattering orgasm. In a daze she pulled her panties back up, smoothed down her dress, and sat back to recover.

She was almost dozing when she heard a loud SNICK!, felt a brief tugging at the top of her head, and felt something soft and heavy brush down her leg and land across her left foot. Languidly she opened her heavy-lidded eyes and gazed down to see what it was. A two and a half-foot long shimmering skein of blonde hair lay curled up against her left leg. Kelli stared at it, puzzled, then with growing concern brought her hand up to the top of her head.

She sat bolt-upright, panicked—she couldn’t feel her pony-tail! The hair on the floor was her own! But…but how…the barrette! Something to do with the barrette! She roughly grabbed the bow, yanked it from her now-shorn head, and examined it. There was nothing unusual about it! Then how…

She turned again to the mirror and inspected her ruined hair…chopped off at the pony-tail’s root…jagged and uneven…as short as a boy’s. Tears sprang to her eyes.

Then the tingling started. Her lips felt like they were buzzing! Kelli stared at them…ran her fingers over them…then as she watched they began to inflate! Horrified, she watched as her lips expanded to absurd proportions, wrecking the symmetry of her perfect face!

Her eyes were next. Kelli felt an unpleasant burning sensation as deep, veined bags appeared around her eyes where the eye shadow and blush had been! She saw her tears roll into the twin crevasses that had replaced her smooth, soft, youthful skin. To add insult to injury, her eyebrows and eyelashes then fell out! They floated down to the floor and settled at her feet. Kelli’s face was ruined!

The tingling returned, this time to her ears. She could see them clearly through her hacked hair as they grew and spread, becoming enormous and sticking out from her head at ninety-degree angles.

A wave of dizziness swept over her and she slumped back in her chair. Her body began to vibrate. “Oh, God! The dress! I’ve got to get it off!” Kelli thought, panic-stricken. But she couldn’t move a finger…she watched helplessly in the mirror as her body began to waste away…her arms and legs becoming thinner and thinner…losing their muscle tone…becoming little more than sticks. A deep rumbling in her gut…Kelli watched as her body began to cave in. She could clearly see her rib cage through the clingy dress, then to her dismay the dress became too baggy for her. Her breasts remained lush and full…

Until Kelli remembered the bra! And PANTIES! She gasped as she felt the air sucked out of her…watched as her chest literally disappeared…felt a pulling sensation at her groin. She tried to scream, but only a muffled croak emerged. Was it her imagination, or was her necklace glowing faintly? She tried again to speak…nothing happened. She’d been rendered mute!

She sat, terrified, wondering what was going to happen next, but nothing did. She panted, exhausted, then found that she could move again. “Please…please…” she thought as she fearfully began removing the cursed outfit. She hoped that her body would return to normal if she took off her clothes. Finally naked, she stood unsteadily on her now-spindly legs. No change! She surveyed her starved, gaunt, pale body in despair…looked down at her smooth, nipple-free chest…felt around her now-hairless pussy, searching desperately for her missing clit…ran a hand over her deformed face.

“The old woman in the truck…she must have been a witch…” Kelli realized too late. She sank to her haunches. At her feet was the black hat she’d bought that day; in her shame she reached out and grabbed it, and covered her cropped hair with it, weeping soundlessly.

TINGLE! Kelli gasped as she remembered the curse. She quickly yanked the hat from her head…her remaining hair slid off with it. Kelli’s head was now completely, permanently bald, gleaming unnaturally in the overhead light.


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