Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Life is Good by Wiley

It was Saturday morning. Like every other Saturday morning, I woke to the sight of my wife lying next to me. She has beautiful blonde hair, with just a hint of strawberry. It was bone straight and cascaded in lovely waves over her shoulders.

For several months, she had been going to a friend of hers to get it cut. Always just a trim, since she wanted to see how long it would grow. This Saturday morning, her hair was streaming over the pillows and onto my arm. The feel of it was heavenly. I started running my fingers over it, feeling its softness. I started fingering the long hair at the peak of her forehead, where bangs would be, if her hair weren’t all one length to her breasts. She woke and smiled. “You never get tired of that do you?”

I blushed. Couldn’t even really respond. She looked down at her leg, with my now hardening member pressed hard against it. She didn’t understand my fascination, but every now and then, she would humor me, just to sort of torture me.

She propped herself up on one arm. Hair fell down in a sheet over the pillow and my shoulder. “I think I am going to get it cut today” she whispered seductively into my ear. “Really? That is nice.” I tried to sound nonchalant, like I didn’t really care. She knew better.

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She gave me a familiar look, and tugged at my underwear. “What are you doing with these on? Get rid of them.” I pulled off my briefs, and we began to make love. I was fairly distracted, which is what I thought her goal was. I could see her hair cascading out behind her head on the pillow. It looked so beautiful. Like a puddle of gold with her head floating in the middle. I reached up to put my hands in it. She rose up close to my ear. “Snip, snip”. Wow. It was almost more than I could handle. I started moving faster and faster.

“Cut it off. Cut it short. Please take the scissors, slide them up over my ear and snip it all off. Take the clippers and run them up the back of my neck. Oh god, please cut my hair.” For someone who didn’t really care about it herself, she certainly had figured out how to push my buttons. I came so hard, I couldn’t speak for minutes afterward. She told me to get up and take a shower.

She got up and got in the shower. I quickly followed. As we stood in the shower, she asked me to wash her hair for her. She asked that I get it especially clean. I obliged. I washed, rinsed, and repeated. Then I conditioned her entire head. She always told me that it was a waste to condition all her hair, to only get the ends, but I couldn’t care less. I rinsed it all out several times. I lifted the weight of the wet hair into a heavy dark blonde ponytail and let it slap to her back. She turned around and told me there would be no more of that.

We got dressed, and started on our usual Saturday routine of a late breakfast downtown and errands. We hit lots of little shops, she always tried to linger in front of the salons, so I could take time to see if there was anything to look at. God, she is wonderful. I kept thinking that my day just couldn’t get any better.

We stopped in the knife shop to pick up some knives that she had dropped off to be sharpened, then we headed out to Kristy’s place for her monthly trim.

When we arrived at Kristy’s, there was a bottle of wine on the counter. Kristy was running around madly trying to straighten up for us. I told her not to worry about it, but she would have none of it. She finally got everything ready, and said to my wife, “Ok, I think I am ready. What are we going to do today?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I thought about maybe having a couple of inches taken off.” She looked at me and said, “What do you think?” I started to swell again. I blushed and hoped Kristy wouldn’t notice. “I guess that would look good. Whatever you want to do will look great.” I was always careful to remember that the talks we had in the bedroom were just fantasy. I never really wanted her to ask me, I didn’t want to have to decide. It was too tough. I avoided the question.

“Really. If you could have Kristy cut my hair however you wanted, how would you have her do it?” I tried again to get out of the situation. “Look, I think that is something you should decide.” I was starting to get embarrassed. Kristy knew nothing about my little fetish, and I really sort of wanted to keep it that way.

Kristy then started in. “All she wants is your opinion. Just tell her. It’s not like I am going to do anything she doesn’t want me to. Just tell her how you would do it.” I broke down. “Ok. I have always thought she would look incredibly sexy with a short bob and bangs.” I really couldn’t believe I had said it. I felt as though I had betrayed myself and my wife. More importantly, I thought she would be furious and take it as a comment that I didn’t like her hair long. Nothing was further from the truth. I loved it long. I loved brushing it, washing it, and playing with it. I just thought she would look good with it short too. Ok, ok, so I also figured if she got it cut, she would let me be there and I would get a huge charge out of it, but that was really secondary.

Kristy told her that she thought a short bob would look really great on her. My wife looked at me. “Ok. Let’s do it.” “No. Are you really sure that is what you want to do?” I could hardly believe my ears. “I mean, it was only a suggestion. I didn’t think you would really want to do it.”

“What are you so worried about? It is just hair. It will grow back before you know it,” she said. Yeah, right, I thought. She will hate it and then she will blame me. Between her and Kristy, they finally convinced me that it would be ok.

Kristy threw the cape around her, and started spraying her hair down and combing it out. I started looking at the wet blonde locks that would soon be littering the floor around her feet. I was about to burst just sitting there. She finished combing it out over her shoulders and sectioned it off and put it up in clips.

A small section along the nape of her neck was combed out straight. Kristy brought the scissors up to the hair at the hairline and opened them. “Are you sure?”



She had lost a section of about 12 inches in one moment. I looked in her eyes as she felt the hair slide down the back of the cape, and land lifelessly on the floor below. There was a moment when I though she was going to lose it, then she looked at me. “I love you.” She smiled. Kristy continued around the neck until all the hair in the lower section had been reduced to the length of the hairline. It looked so odd. All her hair piled up on top of her head, and so much of it cut off in the back, and now on the floor.

Kristy let the rest of it down. “I guess we could make this a little quicker.” She gathered it all behind my wife’s head into a ponytail. “How about if I just take all this at once?” I nearly passed out. I had fantasized this situation out in my mind a million times. The only difference was, I was the one who was cutting her hair. It was frustrating, and stimulating at the same time.

“No. I want him to do it.”

She directed me to her coat, the inside pocket. I pulled out a brown paper bag, which I thought had the knives from the shop in it. As I felt in the bag, I found it was a pair of silver barber scissors about 7″ long. I noticed it had something on the blade. It was engraved, “To Phil, with all my love forever. Happy Birthday.” I couldn’t imagine a better present. I nearly cried, I was so happy. I snipped the air a few times and made the light swishing sound of the scissors. They even sounded good.

“Well. Hello. Are you in there? Come on, get over here.”

It was like I had left my body. I floated over behind her and gathered all the hair into a ponytail tight up to the back of her head. She smiled at me seductively and whispered, “Cut it all off.”

I started gently slicing into the mass of hair. I stopped. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, after all, I had already started. I mean, I cut plenty off in the first swipe, but there was plenty left too. I decided to let the rest down, and have Kristy guide me through it one snip at a time. I combed out the bangs and slid the blades in at eyebrow level. Snip! Down showered the hair. 18″ was coming off with each closing of the blades. I could see her eyes now. She was consumed with passion. I could barely believe my eyes. I felt like she was trying to get me to stop, throw her to the floor, and take her right there in front of Kristy.

“Take me here and now.” Jesus. I assumed I must have been dreaming. I figured if I was, I would wake up happy, and if I wasn’t, there was really nothing to lose now. I picked her up and tore the cape off. I threw the chair aside, and we quickly tore our clothes off and tackled each other in the hair to make love. As I got inside her, she started to scream. I panicked. I feared that I was going to come too quickly and let this passionate moment die. I was so wrapped up in the image of her hair half cut off and littering the floor, and her ragged haircut in progress, that I lost it.

She leaned up to my ear. “You aren’t finished are you?” I reached up from the floor and grabbed the scissors. I was still inside her and slid the scissors into the hair right above her ear. “Cut it off,” she commanded.

There wasn’t a second’s hesitation as I closed the blades just over her ear. I brushed the hair aside and kissed her ear gently. She started cooing and grabbing me tighter. “Well mister, you better keep going.” I quickly dropped the scissors and in no time, I was again exploding with joy.

“Excuse me. Uh, guys?” A familiar voice shocked us back to reality. Kristy. She must have just been standing there watching. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten she was there the whole time. “Well, I think we have some work to do now.”

I was pretty embarrassed, and so was my wife, but what are you going to do at that point. We brushed the hair off ourselves, and got dressed. I put the cape back around my wife and grabbed the scissors and the spray bottle.

I had hacked it up pretty bad, and was starting to feel like I just made a huge mistake. Not that she would divorce me or anything, but I figured I would be in big trouble when she came back to reality. Kristy instructed me to spray it down and comb it all out straight down to asses the damage. She looked at the lines, and we had quickly determined what I would do.

I started snipping exactly as Kristy was instructing me. After about 15 minutes of maddening bliss, I stepped back to look at the work. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it looked pretty good. In fact, it looked better than a lot of haircuts I had seen. Would she like it?

Kristy seemed satisfied. “Not exactly how I envisioned it, but I think it looks better than I had thought it would. With that she told my wife to go into the bathroom to give it a look. It was a sort of ragged, choppy pageboy. God, she looked sexy. I almost held my breath as she rounded the corner into full view of the mirror.

“I can’t believe it. Perfect. You were right. I do look good with short hair. I should have listened to you in the bedroom.”

I just smiled, gave her a big hug and kiss. “Thank you. With all my heart. There is nothing more I can say. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I love you more than you can imagine.”

We helped Kristy clean up her floor, and apologized for our somewhat outrageous behavior. “Well, I was sort of weirded out at first, but after a while, I just thought ‘what the hell, if it gives them a turn-on, so much the better.’ I am sure it will look better on video, though.”

“Video? Excuse me? What do you mean?” Sure enough, Kristy was grinning from ear to ear and winked at my wife. I had been set up. They were both in on it from the word go. A surveillance-type camera was mounted above the refrigerator, and when I really looked, I could see a camera on a tripod down the hall. As if it wasn’t good enough that I had just had the most powerful sexually arousing experience of my life, but I was going to get 2 video angles of the entire process.

Damn. My life is good.


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