Sheared Like A Sheep

Sheared Like A Sheep

Sheared Like A Sheep

A few months ago I started seeing Kelly, a pretty blonde college junior from Australia. We hit it off right away, and she was really a sweet thing to fuck; thin waist, firm tits, the face of an angel, a beautiful head of long blonde hair, and an ass you could die for. One night she was showing her picture album to me, and when we got past her baby pictures we came to a shot of Kelly when she was about 15. I was stunned. Her body was already ripe at that age, but what really caught my eye was her hair. One picture showed her with all her hair shaved down to a burr.

“Wow, your hair is shaved,” I said stupidly.

“You Yanks are all alike,” she replied in an angry tone. “That’s the last time I show those pictures to anyone.”

I realized she had misunderstood me , so I told her I thought she looked very sexy with her hair that short. “Really?” she asked. “If that’s true, you’re the first American guy I’ve met who isn’t obsessed with long hair.” I convinced her I was sincere, and she told me the story behind the nearly bald look she sported in the picture.

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“The summers back home are hotter than here and it’s quite common for girls to wear their hair short. I grew up on a ranch, and since it was such a long drive into town my mother would usually cut our hair. My younger sister and I would take turns in the chair with a bowl on our heads. Mom would snip off everything that hung below the rim of the bowl, then even off the ends. Sis always cried when it was time for our haircuts, but I liked my hair short. I was even jealous of the buzzcuts mom would give my brothers, but she refused to cut my hair that short. When I threatened to do it myself she took to locking up her clippers where I couldn’t get at them.

“About two weeks before this picture was taken I finally got fed up with my hair. My mom had refused to cut it for a year, and it was down to my shoulders. I was going batty with the heat. I couldn’t get my hands on mom’s hair clippers, so I nicked one of dad’s electric sheep shears and hid it under my bed. When everyone else was asleep I told my sister I was going to cut all my hair off, and I needed her help. She thought I was crazy and said no, but I blackmailed her into it with a tidbit about her and her boyfriend. We put a towel over my shoulders and she started shaving my hair after I egged her on. Of course, there isn’t any crewcut attachment for sheep shears, so I wound up almost bald-headed!”

“Did you cry?” I asked, cuddling up a little closer and stroking her sexy golden mane.

“No,” she laughed, “but my sister did. I loved it right away, my head felt so cool and light, but she thought mom would kill her for doing it to me. My brothers teased me about it, but after the initial shock of seeing me bald at the breakfast table, my parents never mentioned it again. Though after that, they let me drive into town and get my hair cut at the barbershop sometimes.”

She turned the page in the photo album. “Here’s a haircut I got at the barber’s.” It was a formal portrait of Kelly and her date on prom night. The contrast between her girlish tits straining to pop out of the low cut satin dress and her boyish flat-top haircut was incredibly sexy. I told her I was jealous of the guy in the picture, and I wished she hadn’t let it grow. She squeezed the lump in my pants. “Do you really mean it?” she asked in her cute little Aussie accent. “You’d still love me if I cut off all my hair?”

She got her answer when she felt my cock throb, and she became very passionate. I really knocked myself out with her that night. At one point she was on top, letting her soft, fragrant locks fall forward to caress my face and chest, which she knew I loved. “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if I cut all this stuff off?” she whispered between kisses while she slowly pumped on my rod. I felt like I’d never been so hard. The thought of this sweet young lady getting “the works” at a barbershop drove me crazy.

“Yeah, baby,” I answered between moans. “Cut it all off.” She started working her hips more rapidly. “Shave it smooth if you want to.”

When I woke up the next morning I found a note from Kelly saying she had gone shopping and would be back soon. I was really hoping she would stop off for a little haircut , and was let down when she returned with her long wavy hair intact. My disappointment didn’t last long. When I saw what she had bought I nearly flipped. The printing on the bag said “Superior Barber and Beauty Supply,” and in it was a professional hair clipper with a complete set of attachments. I was speechless.

“Well? I hope you were serious about cutting my hair, because I just charged this stuff to your credit card!”

We both laughed, then she set up a chair in the bathroom while I quickly scanned the instructions that came with the clippers. She sat facing the mirror in the full glory of her nudity, and asked me to please get started. She seemed perfectly calm, but my hand was shaking a bit as I rasped the first path through her hair. It got worse when I saw the shorn strip left behind her ear as her honey-colored curls fell to the floor. I hesitated for a moment, but Kelly urged me to continue and I started clipping another patch of hair down to half an inch. The shorter her hair got, the longer my dick got. All the time she watched in the mirror, smiling, as if getting that gorgeous mane sheared off was the best thing that ever happened to her. The only time she closed her eyes was when I pushed the clippers forward over her head, sending great clumps of hair falling past her face, sliding over her bare tits and belly on the way to the bathroom floor.

When I finished she looked different, but beautiful, with her new crewcut. Her delicate ears and neck were totally exposed, and her head was as soft as a baby duck. We raced to the bedroom to make love. Afterward I asked her how she liked her haircut. She passed her hand over her short crop and said, “We’re getting close, but it’s not short enough yet. Why don’t you bring the clippers to bed and finish the job? You’ll have to do down here, too,” she said, stroking her luxurious bush.

I was back with the clippers in a flash, and found Kelly bent over the edge of the bed with her precious ass up in the air. If I’m going to get sheared like a sheep, I may as well get fucked like one,” she teased, wiggling her flawless young bottom invitingly. I plugged in the clippers, then knelt behind her and entered her buttery pussy. I only got one side and most of her neck shaved before I dropped the clippers and started pounding away at her.

When our passion cooled I finished clipping her head and pubic area to down the nubs. I’ve been keeping Kelly’s head shaved, more or less, for a month now. I love the sharp, prickly feel of about two days growth, but I always give her a hot lather shave in the shower before she goes out. I use one of those “wet-or-dry” electric shavers, and it leaves her head cue-ball smooth (so kissable!). She wears a scarf to her classes, where her bald head would be a distraction to the other students, but everywhere else she goes bareheaded. She proudly tells her friends that I shaved her. I think she’s a real knockout bald, especially when she’s in a revealing dress, heels, and big hoop earrings for a night out. The only thing more exciting than showing her off when we go out is getting her home and stripping her to reveal a perfect, shaven body, evenly tanned from head to toe.

Shaving Kelly’s head opened up a new world of intimacy for us. I’m going to let Kelly shave my head soon. I’m just letting it grow for a while so she’ll have more fun. Also, Kelly has a bisexual friend who has expressed interest in getting a shave job. And Kelly is interested in us swinging with this girl.. She hasn’t committed to it yet (she’s never been with another woman, but she’s curious). My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I’m working on Kelly to throw a headshaving party with her girlfriend as the guest of honor. I can only hope!


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