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After reading in recent issues of Penthouse magazine about the advantages of a naked scalp, my wife started to pester me to shave my head. I told her I would shave my head if she would also shave off her long brown hair. About two weeks passed and one Saturday morning she told me we had an appointment at a friend’s beauty shop to get our hair cut. I made lots of noise but finally gave in never dreaming she would go through with it. We arrived at the shop and I was immediately hurried into the chair. A cloth was put around my neck. My wife told the girl to get started and shave my head. I wanted to leave, but I remembered our little bet. In a matter of minutes the electric clippers started to run down the center of my head, and soon I was bald. Next came the shaving cream and razor. Soon I was completely bald. I got out of the chair and told my wife to take her spot in the chair. She got a little quieter and climbed into the chair. A cloth was placed around her neck, and the clippers started. The clippers were pushed down the center of her head revealing a bald strip as the hair slid off her head. She watched in the mirror as she lost more and more of her long brown hair. She sat stunned unable to say anything except, “Oh my God.”

I even suggested to the lady buzzing her hair off to shave away her eyebrows, she agreed and in a quick motion of the clippers, the brows were gone. Next came the shaving cream, and her head was lathered and the stubble sheared from her head. Because she was fair skinned, the finished look was one of beauty and I had a hard on just looking at my wife. My wife got up from the chair and thanked the women who cut our hair. She reached into her purse and took out a bandana to cover her bald head. We left the shop, and to outsiders we must have looked a sight.

It’s been three months since we took the plunge to shave. My hair has grown back to about one and half inches and I have a short military look, my wife knows of my desire to see her naked, so she has bought a wig, but remains bald at home just for me…after all Bald is Beautiful.

Pls send comments/suggestions for future stories… thanks…buzz


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