It was the last year of high school. The big event in store was the graduation ball. All the young people had expectations of triumph and success. Then there was Julia. Just arrived at adult age, almost 5 feet 7 inches, and a muscular and well-shaped 135 pounds. Julia could stand her own flirting with the boys or playing sports with them. She kept her dark hair long to the middle of her back and had a way of shaking it that made every boy at school gape and hope. What made her so different in the eyes of the other boys and girls was precisely that while being so feminine, she was so involved in martial arts, wrestling, and the other athletic activities that most people thought were mutually exclusive with femininity. At the other end of the spectrum, if there was one, were the three “princesses” of the school, Tilly, Muffy, and Claire. Golden haired and always in a flirting mode, they were the “in” crowd, under the leadership of Claire.

Somehow, it wasn’t a surprise when Julia announced that she had signed up for the military, as soon as she graduated. Neither her mother’s tears nor her father’s arguments that with her good performance at school she should at least try for a better career could convince her that she had made a bad choice. Besides, she had just come of legal age and her commitment was now legally binding. Her father, who was an old veteran, finally let his pride of his daughter surmount his apprehension and gave her his blessing. Then, he applied himself to the task of convincing her mother that their younger daughter would be all right and that they still had the older one to enjoy at home. A new thing at school were the whispers of “dyke” that the T-M-C axis, as they were known, started spreading around school as soon as they learned of Julia’s career choice. Not that Julia would have cared or that she had even realized it, because none of the three dared to say it to her face. The three girls knew that Julia was up to the task of teaching them a lesson in manners, one by one or together.

The real trouble began because Jan, a bright student and athlete himself got a shine for Julia. This was not a problem by itself. Julia enjoyed his company and they went together to movies, and exercised together. They also enjoyed each other’s intellectual company and similar tastes in literature and music. They had what could be called a clean and healthy relationship between a boy and a girl. The real problem was that Jan and Claire had been together and had recently broken up. “You’re just a selfish little brat,” Jan had said. Claire, who was just what he had called her, had not gotten over him and she resented the meddlesome “dyke,” Julia, even more.

For Claire, the problem was that she did not dare to take Julia alone and she did not even dare to do it with her two friends. So, she enlisted the help of Harry and Santo, two of the school’s athletic clique who, unfortunately, were not as brain-endowed as their team mate Jan. The chance for Claire came just two days before the graduation ball. The T-M-C axis had been decorating and arranging the auditorium for the ball. Julia had just finished running laps at the track and came inside in her shorts and sports bra under a tee shirt, headed for the showers.

“Julia. Hello!” said Claire. “Honey, if it’s not too much trouble, could you help us get these heavy boxes in here? Pretty please?”

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“Yes, sure,” said Julia.

The three girls were drinking soda pop out of a cooler. Claire handed an open can to Julia, saying. “Here, you must be all sweaty and tired running out there in the sun.”

Julia replied, “Thanks. Sure can use it,” and swallowed a quarter of the can down.

Halfway to the warehouse, the veterinary anesthetic began to act on her. She felt dizzy and could not coordinate her movements. As soon as they realized that Julia was under the anesthetic’s effects, the three girls grabbed her and pushed her into the warehouse. Julia elbowed two of the girls away from her, but was then seized by stronger hands. Two guys with black ski caps pinned her down on the floor. Claire was sneering at her. “Look at you, you dyke bitch,” she said. “You thought you were good enough to take my man!” Julia wanted to ask Claire how a dyke could take men away at the same time, but she couldn’t force out the words.

“Don’t worry,” Claire continued. “What’s going to happen to you won’t hurt. Us.” And she laughed, echoed by the two other girls and the two guys. While the two guys held her down, the girls removed her tee shirt and sports bra. They felt at liberty to slap and pinch her liberally, as they stripped her. They took off her shorts and panties, as well as her shoes and short socks.

“You said we could have her,” one of the masks said as they held her naked to the ground.

“When we’re through,” Claire replied. Then to Julia, “You know, that’s some beautiful hair you’ve got, although it’ll look better in a horse’s ass.”

Julia had her hair done up in a ponytail. “Oh, no,” she thought. “What are they going to do to my hair?” They turned her face down. Claire wrapped Julia’s ponytail around her wrist and pulled. She produced a pair of shears. Then she sliced off Julia’s ponytail, leaving an almost bald spot on the back of her head. Jan had loved her long hair.

“As I said,” Claire continued. “It looks better in a horse’s ass. Or up a dyke-jackass’.” She shoved the end of the ponytail between Julia’s buttocks. “Maybe we’ll wash it afterwards and keep it as a trophy. But that’ll be after the boys have their fun with you and we dump your naked ass in the street downtown.” They had made a complete plan. This bitch probably liked both girls and guys and made it with both, so they’d give her some creative masturbation, and then have the two guys give it to her. They were already giving it to Tillie and Muffy as part of the deal for their help. Then they’d probably shave the bitch bald all over her body, and dump her, naked and drugged downtown in front of the seediest bar they found. That would teach her to get between one of the princesses and the guy she chose.

Julia kept thinking, “Why are they doing this to me?” The two boys held her arms while each girl pulled out a leg to each side until she was spread-eagled. Claire smiled, “I don’t know if you’ve done it with Jan. He’s sure a fine lover. But you probably don’t care much for that. Do you, dyke?” Claire began to thrust her fingers into Julia’s defenseless vagina. Julia wanted to tell her to stop, that she was hurting her. But she could only gurgle. “You’re not even Julia anymore, bitch.” Claire said while scraping Julia’s insides until Julia felt transfixed with pain. “You’re a half-thing, only a Ju, not a Julia,” Claire said.

All of a sudden, Claire stopped. She raised her hand and saw the bright red blood covering it. “Oh, my God. I. Thought. You. Were doing it with Jan. Didn’t know you were a vir…” she said.

“Oh, crap!” said Tillie.

“What’re we gonna do now, Santo?” Harry asked.

“You motherfucker!” Santo shouted. “She’ll know who we are!”

Julia, who had now been reduced to a Ju, crawled on the floor naked in an almost fetal position, holding herself while the pain engulfed her and her tears streamed. Her reflexes were returning. She’d only taken a quarter of the intended dose.

The others stood back. Now they were spooked. This was an unforeseen consequence that could physically prove they had attacked Julia. The rest of the plans for the afternoon and evening were forgotten. “It was an accident! We didn’t mean to!” Claire said. Then, “Don’t you dare tell what happened or it’ll be your life,” she hissed.

Ju looked up and said, “I’m not telling anybody,” while looking at Claire in the eyes.

“You lay off my man, dyke-bitch,” Claire threatened. Ju said nothing. They left. They didn’t even remember the ponytail trophy.

Ju writhed on the floor in pain. When she could, she half crawled, half hobbled into the shower stall. Under the running water, she took out her hacked-off ponytail and washed it. Then she took a long warm bath, washing away the dirt and the blood. Then she got dressed. At a beauty salon on the way home, they looked mighty strange at her when she came in with her hacked-off hair. She explained that she was going into the military and wanted a short and breezy haircut. The gay owner could understand about roles and looks, and he gave her a short haircut that still managed to look sexy. If someone wanted to grab her hair, the grasp would just slide off. At home, her new hairstyle almost got her Mom crying again. “It’s for the military,” she explained. Her Dad asked what happened to her face. “Practicing martial arts,” she chirped. She went upstairs to her room, and put her ponytail in a dresser drawer.

She spent a lot of time staring at herself in her bedroom mirror. Julia, Ju, with her short hair, stared back. “They’ve called you a dyke,” she thought. “They called you a bitch, too. And all you did wrong was to be in love.” Then she thought, “But there’s nothing wrong with you. Or what you did. It’s them.”

The next day, a Saturday, she came downstairs. She kissed Mom and kissed Dad. She grabbed both her sister’s hands and spun her around. “Dinner’s ready in one hour,” Mom announced.

“I’ll be in, Mom,” Julia said as she went into the street.

She found the two guys playing billiards. “Hello, you shits,” she greeted them.

Santo advanced with the cue held like a club. “You didn’t get enough?” he snarled as he swung the cue. Ju sidestepped the blow and deflected the cue with her left hand. She landed a kick with the tip of her right foot on Santo’s balls. Santo screamed and collapsed, holding his crotch. Ju kicked him two more times, alternating her right and left feet for the kicks. She could hear his fingers breaking as they tried to protect what he called the family jewels. Harry just stood there, holding the other cue. He dropped it and started to run. Ju overtook him and grabbed him by the collar, smashing his face against the billiard table.

“I’m sorry,” he said, through a bloody nose and mouth.

“The sorriest ever, you turd,” she said, and sent him flying against the wall with a kick in the ass. “If you’d done what you thought you’d get to do,” Ju exaggerated, “you’d both be dead now.” She left.

Tillie and Muffy she found back at school. “And Hello, sluts,” was her greeting for them. The two girls circled in opposite directions. Muffy lunged from the right. Ju kneed her between her legs in her mound. Then she spun her to the left to crash into Tille, attacking from the left. Both girls went down. Ju was on top of them, punching, hand stabbing, elbowing, and kicking. She punched Muffy’s breasts until they were black and blue. Then she pulled Muffy’s sweatshirt over her head, securing it with her bra, while she pummeled Tillie. Then she grabbed Tillie’s nipples and twisted and squeezed until she begged, “Pleeease, no more! I’m sorry! I’ll do anything!” Muffy was also crying and begging not to be hurt. Ju remembered her humiliation.

“Well, ladies,” Ju said, “get naked.” The two girls looked at each other incredulously and had to be prompted by several more blows to comply. They stood there, trying to cover themselves with their hands. “It’s not so much fun when it’s you, is it?” Ju said. “Now get out on the yard!” she ordered.

“You can’t put us out in the street like this! Someone will see us!” Muffy sobbed.

“You wanted to do worse to me. And you did, too,” Ju reminded them. “But I don’t think there’s anybody around now to see you. I’ll leave your clothes someplace here and you can look for them. Now go!” Ju took a step toward them and the two girls bolted stark naked out into the empty yard and into the bushes. “And ladies, this was just interest payment. You still owe me the principal,” Ju shouted after them. She put their clothes where they would find them. In the water inside the toilet bowls. Ju left for Jan’s house.

At Jan’s house, she jumped the fence like she was used to doing. Claire was there, sunbathing near the pool. She had on a string bikini. “And just what do you think you’re doing here, dyke. I’m waiting for my Jan and you don’t belong here,” Claire said. Ju’s voice was as sensuous and calm as ever, but with a new edge of ice. “I came to be with my man, and keep him from any whores that may harm him. Like you. I also want to collect the interest on what you did to me,” she spelled out.

Claire came at her grabbing for her hair and her breasts. Ju sidestepped her. Claire’s hand found Ju’s scalp but could not hold on. “What’s the matter?” Ju said. “Remember it was you who cut my hair off?” She grabbed Claire’s outstretched arm and pulled it out of its socket by the wrist. She combined this with several kicks with the ball of her right foot to Claire’s breasts, face, and stomach. Claire screamed. Then Claire lay on the walkway on the side of the pool. Ju grabbed her hair, since Claire’s hair was still long enough to be grabbed. Ju brought Claire’s head down on the concrete. The girl passed out. Ju threw Claire on top of a pool deck lounger. She tore off the other girl’s string bikini and top. With the top and the towels left in the pool area, she tied Claire naked and spread-eagled to the lounger. Ju gagged her with her own bikini bottom. Ju then noticed that there was a small, moveable bar table next to the lounger. It contained not only several liquor bottles, but also several flasks of fruit juices and even honey for the preparation of drinks. Ju poured the sticky, syrupy juices all over her defeated adversary. Especially between her legs and in her hair. The she went inside the house. Jan was just coming in.

“Julia!” he said. “What are you doing here? And what’s with your hair?” he asked.

“Oh, just the style in the military,” she said.

“I got a message from Claire at the gym. She was going to meet me at my house,” he confided.

“Well, Claire couldn’t make it. So I’m here. Wanted to talk to you,” Julia said. Then she went close to him and kissed him. He responded to her, each exploring the other’s mouth with their tongues. They went upstairs to his bedroom. Through their lovemaking Julia could not erase a lingering and satisfying thought of Claire lying naked and tormented by gnats and ants out by the pool, knowing Ju and Jan were together inside the house. “So this is how revenge feels,” she thought. “I don’t like it. Still.” She let herself get lost in loving Jan here and now.

“My God,” Jan said when he noticed a stream of blood coming out of Julia’s vagina. Her tissues had still been tender and sore from the previous day, and she had bled as they made love. “I didn’t know you’d never done it before. God, If I’ve hurt you,” he said.

“No honey,” Julia answered. “I’m all yours and I’m proud you’re the first man I ever made love to.” This was strictly true. The brutality done to her had not been love making at all. This was indeed, her first time at making love. She left three hours later, with the promise that they’d go together to the ball. Jan’s mother had to free Claire when she came home. Claire was almost hysteric and scratching at all the ant and mosquito stings, but wouldn’t say who had done this.

The night of the ball came. Tillie and Muffy went respectively with Harry and Santo. Claire had hoped for Jan, but she was the only one there by herself, since Jan went with that bitch Ju. Cropped hair and all. Julia showed up with Jan. She was wearing a mauve gown and earrings that, in spite of her close cropped hair, made her look like the living image of womanhood. Maybe it was the way she had of walking when they stood up to dance, head high and breasts jutting out, stepping on the balls of the feet and pushing, so her hips swayed and rose, driving all the guys crazy with envy at Jan, who got all her attention. Almost at midnight. Julia retired to the ladies’ room, actually in the school’s female locker room. She kissed Jan in the mouth and left. The T-M-C Axis excused themselves with their one-short, two-boyfriend escort, and followed her.

They entered the girls’ locker room and spread out in the middle. “Where are you, whore?” Claire asked. “It’s payback time.”

Julia swung down from the overhead pipe between the three girls and the door. “It certainly is,” she said.

She had taken off her gown and shoes, even her jewelry, and now stood before them in just her panties. “Let’s do it without drugs this time,” Ju said.

“Suits me,” Claire said. She stood out of her dress and shoes, and her two followers followed suit. They circled Julia. Julia didn’t let any of the girls get behind her, but grabbed the nearest one – Tillie, on the right – by her hair and nipples, and kneed her repeatedly in the groin, while pulling her as a shield between herself and the other two women. All the while, Julia wrapped a forearm around Tillie’s neck and cut out her oxygen supply. When Tillie fell down, Julia went in for Muffy, before Claire could flank her. Muffy was expecting a grab and drag encounter, so Julia surprised her with a barrage of boxing punches to the face, breasts, and stomach, followed by a classic Tae-Kwon-Do roundhouse kick to the side of the head that put her out of action. Now Claire was alone. Claire came at Julia in a karate stance with her hands formed into sharp-nailed claws. Julia let go with a Muoy Thai boxer’s combination of punches and kicks. Claire deflected all of these, and attacked. Julia blocked Claire’s Karate punches and kicks. Then, Julia just advanced, throwing and landing ninjutsu punches delivered with the entire flat surface of the four knuckles of the hand. Her first two punches demolished Claire’s face, while successive punches punished her breasts and the final pattern of punches to her stomach put her out of commission. Ju, for she now thought of herself as Ju, a perfectly acceptable and ladylike nickname, saw her handiwork. Her three enemies were laying there at her feet in their panties, after having received an exemplary beating at her hands.

“Here’s the principal, ladies,” Ju said. She tore off the girl’s underwear. Then she grabbed three bottles of cheap liquor she’d brought and hidden in the girls’ locker room before hand. Julia forced the contents of each of the three bottles down the throats of Tillie, Muffy, and Claire, a bottle each. Ju posed the three now-hopelessly drunk girls in a three-way lesbian position, each girl’s mouth on top of the next one’s slit. Finally, Ju pulled out a can of contact cement and emptied it on top of each girl’s hair and the hair between their butt cheeks. The empty liquor bottles went into the girls’ slits. Ju stuffed the girl’s clothes in the garbage receptacle.

Julia, who would from now on be known as Ju to her friends, got dressed, left the ladies’ bathroom, and went up to Harry and Santo. “I think the girls need your help,” she purred. Minutes later, all three girls and two boys left the ball. She’d stuffed the three girls’ underwear in her small purse. Just as trophies to put away next to her severed ponytail. Harry and Santo went to get the three princesses. When they brought them out about twenty minutes later, everybody noticed that the girls were walking wobbly, their clothes were in disarray and for some reason, they were smelly. They were struggling with something stuck to their hair. Santo and Harry finally got their golden chance while consoling the three princesses at the same time that night. The three girls were seen afterwards around town with their hair cut short. Everybody assumed it was a new fashion among the young ladies. Probably brought about by that girl who joined the military. “What’s her name?” And they were right. In a way of speaking.

Ju and Jan danced all night long, for the rest of the night of the Graduation Ball. Then they went home. To his place. They kissed each other awake next morning. END


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