Selling Stephanie’s Bush and Panties

Selling Stephanie's Bush and Panties

Selling Stephanie’s Bush and Panties By The Humiliator

Stephanie was a beautiful young lady. At age 22, she was 5’9″ tall with an hourglass figure, high cheek bones and a very pretty face. She had recently gone blonde and her long shining hair was a perfect compliment to frame her facial features and upper torso. She had been dating a guy for two years. The thrill seemed to be gone. She was beginning to develop a career and he was going nowhere. They had split up several months ago and befriended by an older attractive woman she had fallen in love with.

Becky was a successful lesbian. She was all the things that Stephanie wanted to be and more. Becky was Steph’s mentor in more than one way. She believed in the importance of commitment and had asked Stephanie to stop shaving her underarms early in their budding relationship. Stephanie did so at first with some reluctance but now it seemed very natural. The dark hair under her arms had grown in rather bushy and she preferred to keep it hidden under blouses and business suits.

She was the receptionist at an exclusive women’s hair salon at the mall. Becky had gotten her the job but today was turning out to be a terrible day. She had already had an argument with her boss and now one of the best clients was walking out because Stephanie had screwed up the appointment book. Marcy, her boss, was enraged to say the least. She was doing Becky a favor, but Becky was a realist. She had given Marcy permission “to do as she wished” and today would be Stephanie’s worst nightmare.

Marcy approached Stephanie and told her to walk down to the front of the store. When she did she couldn’t help seeing a separate hair booth had been set up in the lobby of the shop right at the entrance of the salon and overlooking the mall walkway. When she approached Marcy two other women were with her that she had never seen before. Marcy looked really upset. One of the women stepped over to a tripod and video camera and flicked the switch. Stephanie was grabbed by the arm by the other women as she seemed to be waiting for instructions before she proceeded to do what ever she was going to do.

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“Remove her skirt, pantyhose and panties and get her up on this chair before I get even madder.”

Stephanie tried to ask what was going on but she was quickly subdued by the two women as one of them held her and the other began undressing the pretty girl. Customers watched with curiosity as the girl was stripped in front of them.

She struggled as her skirt was unzipped and put on the bench beside the booth. Next the women put her fingers in the waistband of the pantyhose and pulled them down having Stephanie step out of and then back into her heels once she stepped out of the them. Stephanie desperately tried to fight off this advance but to no avail as the woman tugged on her panties to reveal one of the girl’s natural charms – her dark, curly, abundant pubic hair.

“Well I guess everyone knows your true hair color now Stephanie,” jeered Mandy as muzzled laughs were heard from the shop. “Wow, you certainly have a big bush young lady,” she said as she folded the frightened young girl’s panties and put them in to a plastic bag.

Stephanie was lifted on to the unusual-looking hairstyling chair and her wrists were strapped on to the arm. Mandy clipped a large plastic bag to the opening of the chair right below Stephanie’s bush and her blouse and bra were removed revealing her pretty pert breasts and her hairy underarms to everyone. She was now completely naked.

“The first thing I’m going to do is remove your pubic hair and we’ll save it for Becky who really should have a souvenir.” Stephanie protested but the electric clippers started and the dense forest of hair began falling directly into the plastic bag. Customers entering the salon were given a free show and Stephanie’s face was a beet red as she was de-pubed in this manner. Mandy ran the clippers smoothly so as to get a close clip and soon Stephanie’s clitoris which protruded a bit came into view. Mandy finished up and held up the plastic bag to reveal an enormous amount of hair and laughs could be heard rather openly this time.

Stephanie wrists were untied and she was walked over to the shampoo sink where Mandy reached for a jar of ointment. She spread it all over Stephanie’s shaved area and immediately it began to burn. “That shouldn’t take too long,” Mandy said, “it will remove all the roots.”

“You’re permanently removing my pubic hair!” Stephanie screeched as Mandy nodded yes and the burning from the ointment made Stephanie look down and sob. She was pushed over the wash basin and told to spread her ass cheeks as Mandy spread a generous amount of ointment around the young girl’s rosebud. Then she was brought back to the chair.

One of the women removed a small rectangular piece from the seat of the chair and Stephanie was seated so her ass crack was visible through the hole. This time she was strapped in both wrists and ankles and two contraptions were rolled up to the chair.

“You really do have a pretty protruding clit and I really like the look of your anus so we’re going to modify your looks a bit to compliment your charms.”

Stephanie was in a daze when clips were put on her clit and her clit began to be stretched. She felt some pain in the rear and realized they were stretching her anal ring and there was nothing she could do about it.

“That’s going to take a while so why don’t we finish you up,” Mandy said.

“Finish what?” Stephanie screeched as the stretching continued. Her arms were lifted over her head and her underarm hair was shampooed. Small curlers were used to perm her underarm hair and a very strong smelling solution was applied generously.

“This should give you a permanent curl there, sweetie, after all you’re going to need some hair,” Mandy said.

Stephanie was almost ready to pass out as she felt her long blonde hair being shaved off. From the front to the rear, from the nape of her neck and forward the electric clippers kept moving as her proud locks fell to the floor.

Her head was lathered heavily and Mandy used the razor like a pro as she shaved the girl’s head down to a cue ball look. Her entire head was covered with the strong hair-removing ointment. Stephanie was feeling the stretching now as it seemed to be pulling at a greater force. The curlers were removed from her underarm hair and she was blown dry there to reveal a curly abundant volume. Mandy laid two strips of adhesive on the now defeated Stephanie and ripped off her eyebrows. The ointment was spread where her eyebrow roots were and she passed out. Her eyelashes were torn out.

She awoke sometime later and the glare of lights somewhat blinded her. Where was she? She heard laughter as her eyes adjusted. She was standing in the window display of the salon. Stephanie wore nothing but a pair of heels. Onlookers pointed and laughed. Her pubic region looked like that of a nine-year-old as her clit had been stretched a good four inches. It jiggled from her nervousness. She was on a small carousel and her heels were cemented to the base. Her hands were cemented behind her head. As the carousel revolved her anal ring hung out of her anus as her asshole was further put on display. Her curly underarm hair was tied with red ribbon. The mall lights reflected off her bald head. The young woman’s panties were attached to a string from the ceiling with a ‘For Sale’ sign and price tag. When she looked to the left side of her she saw a mannequin. She screamed when she saw her bush glued to the mannequin’s crotch, being sold as a collector’s item. As she looked in to the laughing crowd she saw Becky holding her ex-boyfriend’s hand.

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