Sandy’s Cut

Sandy's Cut


Sandy was my nine o’clock appointment. Sandy’s appearance was atypical for my usual client. She was a biker. Not your big burly, beer bellied type, she was about five foot seven and thin. She had on skin tight black leather pants, a tight black top that left nothing to the imagination and she had a wide silver studded belt around her tiny waist. Her feet were encased in black boots. Her dark, dark shiny brown hair was skinned back from her attractive face. She wore a minimum of makeup. Her silver earrings were pendulous and intricate. She definitely had a style very few women can carry off. I couldn’t see the rest of her hair from in front. She may have had short hair, a short little ponytail at the nape, or any number of possibilities. I asked Sandy to turn around. She spun around quickly and I was slapped across the face with a thick, heavy, soft, scented braid. When I recovered from my initial shock of being so erotically slapped, my eyes we treated to the last undulations of Sandy’s lush braid as it came to rest. Her braid started high at the back of her head just slightly to the left of center. The base of the braid was very thick, at least 2 1/2 – 3 inches in diameter. Her plait descended like a thick plumb line unchanged in thickness to tush level where it ended in the fattest shiny curl I had ever seen. There wasn’t a frayed hair or spit end in sight. Sandy’s hair was magnificent. I reached out and encircled the base of her braid with my right hand and then grasped the tail’s end with my left hand. Her hair was so soft and beautiful it was obvious she had lavished it with love and care. I think she enjoyed the attention I gave to her hair and the stares she attracted from others in the salon. After closer examination, I begrudgingly released her gorgeous braid and had her turn to face me. “Well, what are we going to do today?” I asked. Sandy reached back and gently brought her braid over her left shoulder, ran her hands over its entire length a few times, and then finally grasping her braid in both hands and with tears welling up in her eyes she replied, “I want to cut it all off.” My prayers had been answered.

I knew this was going to be an titillating, memorable, and wonderful day for me and I hoped for Sandy. I guided Sandy back to my chair and then back to the changing area where I handed her a wrap and asked her to change. When she was done we returned to my styling chair. I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to get a better look at that hair. As soon as she had settled into the chair, I drew her braid back and my fingers were busy taking the leather tie from the end of her braid. My task was quickly accomplished and I began to unplait her tresses. As I unbound her hair I was rewarded by the release of heretofore hidden deep luxurious natural waves. I continued until the braid was completely undone. The base of the resulting beautiful massive ponytail was still constrained with a leather wrap. I couldn’t keep my hands out of her hair. I ran my hands through her tresses several times under the guise of finger combing. Sandy understood that I was doing more than the minimum required and knowing smiled encouragingly at me in the mirror. Sandy was enjoying my touch as much as I did. I knew then this would be a beautiful extended and sensual event. I encircled her ponytail at the base and then drew her hair high above her head to the full extent of its length. I held her hair thus for several moments so we could both appreciate its beauty and length and then I let the mass fall heavily down upon her shoulders and the back of the chair. I then set about to release her tresses from their last restraint and removed the leather lace at the base of her ponytail. I held the tail in place for a moment with my left hand and then fully released that magnificent head of hair for the first time. It cascaded in a glorious tumble of thick, heavy, dark brown waves. Sandy’s hair reached far below the bottom of the styling chair. I knew I needed to become more intimately acquainted this head of hair. I asked Sandy to stand. When she did that fabulous hair covered her tush reaching just to mid-thigh. I had her stand next to the chair as I picked up my brush, I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. Starting at the very ends and then slowly sensuously working up to the scalp I brushed the entire length of her hair. Though her hair was very thick the brush slipped effortlessly through the length. Her hair’s waves came alive as I brushed. Her hair was so smooth. So supple. Sandy closed her eyes and as the brush travelled from scalp to ends. Her head would sway in rhythm with each stroke. I had Sandy kneel on seat of the styling chair with her hands resting comfortably on the back of the chair. In that position it was easy to sweep her hair forward over her head. With her head thus inverted I continued brushing her thick hair. The silky condition of her hair was amazing. I followed each stroke of the brush with my open left hand to smooth her hair. Just to see this gorgeous hair, and also in anticipation of what was to happen, others began to congregate in the area of my styling chair. Sandy murmured that she was savoring this as much as I obviously was and so I continued. As I brushed from the nape and then up and over the sides I had ample time to study her hairline, just in case I might need to reveal it for the final style. Her hairline was very clean and nicely shaped and would pose no impediment to whatever style we chose. A few more brush strokes and I had Sandy through her head back. Her full voluminous waves floated down about her shoulders and torso completely enveloping her. As she stood I just lightly brushed the surface of her hair to arrange the most enchanting final style. The gathered clique of hair aficionados buzzed not only their approval but their anticipation also. I asked Sandy to twirl for the crowd which she did exhibiting her tresses for all.

It was time to initiate style choice discussions with Sandy and to find out what “cut it all off” really meant to her. I had her return to the chair and I retrieved some style books for her to look through. As she flipped through the pages she would pause at each short style, look at herself in the mirror and visualize the style on herself. When she saw styles she liked we would discuss the specifics. She couldn’t make up her mind and began to go through the books again. To relax her I drew her hair back over the chair back asked her to sit back. I began to message her scalp. I buried my hands up to their wrists in that glorious lush silky hair. She seemed to immediately respond to my ministrations pushing back into the chair. Massaging her scalp with my finger tips while my fingers were entwined in her tresses was exciting for both of us. Sandy was so relaxed that I thought she was oblivious to what was going on around her. But when Dee, a regular client and dear friend of mine, passed by in the mirror and their eyes met Sandy immediately sprang to life. “That’s it!”, Sandy exclaimed, “That’s how I want my hair cut!” I was a bit shocked. Let me tell you about Dee’s hair. It couldn’t be much shorter. I asked Dee to come over to Sandy. Dee’s hair is cut very, very close at the back and the sides and very high over the ears. The top is the only concession to her feminine gender. We keep it about 3/4 – 1 inch long with lots of layering giving it an edgy, spiky look. The finale of Dee’s style is notched, barely there bangs. Sandy virtually jumped out of the chair and ran her hands over Dee’s head. She loved the short field of hair that graced the top of Dee’s head but was enthralled with the bristly sides and back. Dee on the other hand had almost a demonic look on her face as she took Sandy’s long silky locks in her hands. The fate of Sandy’s long tresses was most assuredly sealed now and I had definitely gained an assistant in Dee. Sandy returned to the chair with Dee drawing her long hair back over her shoulders and allowing it to plunge to its full length. As I prepared for the shearing that was sure to come Dee was gleefully playing with Sandy’s hair. Gathering it all in her hands, lifting it high above Sandy’s head and allowing it to drop heavily across the back of the chair. Dee soon had my brush in her hands and began sensuously brushing Sandy’s sumptuous tresses. The juxtaposition of these two heads in the mirror, one extremely long and the other extremely short, was arousing.

Finally I was ready and Dee was obviously ready. I asked Sandy, “Are you sure?” I lifted and held one thick heavy tress like a long question mark above her head. I told her, ” Once that first cut is made there’s no turning back.”

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“YES! YES!” Sandy replied clearly excited, “Cut it all off!” Dee and I moved to the right side of the chair. With a comb I sectioned off a huge tress at Sandy’s right temple. Then I divided off a small lock at the front hairline of that huge tress. I held the tress straight out from the scalp locking it between the index and middle finger of my left hand. I instructed Dee to hold the tress tautly just below my own hand. I opened wide the blades of the scissors in my right hand. I placed the gaping blades within half an inch of the base of the tress. I glanced at Sandy in the mirror and saw a look of rapture as she took in the entirety of the proceedings. There was a collective drawing in of breath by those gathered to observe. I then resolutely closed the blades of the scissors, putting knife edge to hair. When the blades were fully closed the tress was only half-severed. I quickly repeated the process and the tress came free in Dee’s hands. Dee held the separated tress in her hands assessing its mass and quality. She then placed this first severed long tress in Sandy’s waiting hands. I quickly separated another tress, Dee held it tautly, and my shears swiftly did their duty. The detached tress fairly flew from Sandy’s head and into Dee’s hands. Dee held the base of the detached tress firmly in her right hand and ran her left hand down its entire length smoothing the tress and pleasuring her own needs. This tress presently joined the first in Sandy’s hands. We repeated this process until the entire side of her was shorn down to a relatively smooth 1/2 inch save for that one long lock remaining at the temple. Dee and I moved to the left side and in quick succession severed tress after tress. As each tress was removed it joined the growing mass in Sandy’s hands. As I sliced through each tress waves of emotion surged through Sandy’s body. When the left side was completed and Sandy had about two-thirds of her long hair in her lap I thought I’d let everyone catch their breath. I let Sandy take a long look at herself in the mirror. As she looked straight into the mirror she could she the new short haired Sandy. “I love it!” she said. I took up my brush again and teasingly brushed out the remaining long hair at the back of her head. The contrast between the newly shorn hair and the remaining long hair was mesmerizing. I easily guided the brush over cropped sides where the bristles glided over Sandy’s scalp and then into the luxurious long tresses at the back gently drawing Sandy’s head back as the brush moved through the length. It was time to continue. I retrieved my scissors and Dee and I took up our positions behind the chair. I sectioned off a remaining long tress at the crown and with Dee’s help held the tress high above Sandy’s head so she could clearly see the proceedings. My shears sliced into action and the tress was quickly separated and was added to the growing bounty in Sandy’s lap. Dee and I worked quickly reducing the remaining long locks to a consistent 1/2 inch length. Sandy’s head was now covered with a lovely smooth shorn crop save for the single remaining long, long lock at the right temple.

It was time for me to finish the cut. Dee’s duty now was to braid the cut off tresses. As Sandy tenderly held her long tresses for the last time Dee bound the cut end with a the leather wrap that had originally bound Sandy’s tail. Once this was done Dee lifted the long, heavy mass from Sandy’s hands and moved to the counter in front of Sandy to begin the braiding. Dee wanted to be sure that Sandy could watch the braiding of the tresses that had so recently been her crowning glory. With my scissors I graduated the sides from about half an inch at the top where I would blend it with the top to essentially the skin at the hairline. I used a little Wahl trimmer to clearly define the hairline, up and over the ears and then dipping down to the nape. I was very careful not to catch the remaining long, long lock at the temple in either my shears or the teeth of the trimmer. There was so much for Sandy to keep her eyes on. From my careful finishing of the final cut to the growing thick braid that fell forward from Dee’s industrious hands as she continued plaiting. I moved on to finish the top. Because of the technique used in the original de-tressing there was still a generous two inches or more of length in the top center. Starting at the front center hairline and working in narrow sections back I layered the center at a length of about 3/4 inch finally blending it into the shorter back. As the hair was cut little wisps would fall into Sandy’s lap. Starting at the front hairline again I layered and blended the top sides into the finished style. Finally with the tips of the scissors I laced through the entirety of the top to give it dimension. One last thing I brought forward just the tiniest fringe for bangs. Dee had finally finished the braid and was weighing the massive results in her hands and contemplating what had taken place this day. The amputated braid was at least 2 1/2 feet long and more likely closer to 3 feet in length. Sandy took stock of her new visage in the mirror she was clearly pleased. She ran her hands over the rippling short hair beaming with pride at what she had done and the way she felt. Then the shorn little lamb held on to the last yard of her hair at the temple. I loved the contrast, but was reaching for my scissors when Sandy said, “Oh no. I don’t want to cut this. I think it looks great. Such a tease. When people ask I can show them how long my hair was. Even I can hardly believe that just minutes ago it reached below my butt.”

I quickly shampooed Sandy and applied a little styling product to help with volume and the final styling. I dried the top standing almost straight-up using a brush to smooth it. I curled that last long tress into a corkscrew that fell over her breast. I offered Dee’s completed braid to Sandy but she refused it indicating that she would rather leave it to someone else, me, as a keepsake. I, of course, was only to happy to accept Sandy’s gift of her hair. That soft and supple, thick, three foot long dark braid would certainly occupy a prominent place on my coffee table and in my tress collection. Sandy’s braid would definitely be a more enticing conversation starter than the average coffee table book.


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