Self Cut

Self Cut

Self Cut

Today was the day I was going to chop my hair off. I don’t think I have ever been so determined to to do anything as I was to do this. I went into the bathroom and took the hair brush and combed my long ash blonde hair out one more time. It was lovely and fell to just below my shoulders. My bangs when combed straight down hung to just below my pencil thin eyebrows. I stood there for a second and then reached for my kitchen scissors. That’s enough stalling I said to my self as I brought the heavy gray scissors up to my hair. With my left hand I reached up and took hold of a large hunk of my bangs and placed the scissors close to my forehead and paused for a second. Well here goes nothing and I closed my eyes for just a second and with all my strength I closed those big scissors on my soft lovely bangs. As I opened my eyes I saw the scissors closing tight and a large hank of hair came away into my left hand. There staring back at me in the mirror was this image of this lovely young women with only a stubble for bangs staring back at herself in the mirror. She was starting to grin widely as the sudden realization that soon her head would be free of all this time consuming hair.

Next I placed the blades of the scissors into my forehead area and closed the scissors in rapid succession. The hair on my head fell softly into the sink. The hair on the top of my head was being hacked off at all weird angles and shapes as I closed the scissors and chopped all that long hair off. There were many bald spots where the scissors touched my skull and the sight of my hair coming off was exciting, next came the hair on the side of my head. I cut the left side off as close as I could and stood back to admire my handy work. Boy did I ever look strange with this hacked off mop of a hairstyle. Punk rockers had nothing on me I thought as I quickly reduced the right side of my shoulder length hair down to the scalp.

After five minutes of chopping my hair off, all that was left was this long piece of blonde hair in the back of my crown.. I place the heavy scissors flat against my crown and with a quickness never seen before I hacked the last of my beautiful hair off. I placed the scissors down on the sink and looked down in the sink. The sink was so full of long hair that I could barely see the sink at all. Well now it was time to finish the job. I reached into the medicine cabinet and removed 2 bottles of Nair Hair Remover, the yellow bottle, (I always did like lemon) and with the cap turned off the top of the Nair I poured the entire bottles into my bristles and massaged it until the yellow cream covered my entire head. No turning back now I thought.

I then went into the kitchen and tore off about two feet of plastic wrap and covered my entire head. Next I placed a white towel over my head and decided now was the time to shave my body of the rest of its hair. I shaved my armpits and turned my attention to my legs and when I was finished. I slowly trimmed my pussy hair down to the closest I could. Next I used a fresh razor and removed all traces of hair down there. Hopefully the only hair I had on my body were my pencil thin eyebrows. They were just plucked last night, with part of them shaved since I found that did a smoother job.

Now 20 minutes has passed since I poured the Nair into my hair, or what was left of it. I entered the shower and had the water nice and warm, with the towel and plastic wrap taken off, the warm water just pounded down on my head. I rubbed my head hard as the water mixed with my head full of yellow hair remover. The feel of my perfectly shaped skull as the last of my hair just slid from my head was so smooth, and the feeling deep inside of me made me feel so sexy. After 3 minutes in the shower I stepped out and toweled off and stood in front of the full-length mirror. The beautiful bald women staring back was the sexiest looking person I have ever seen.

I wondered, How will he act when he see me?


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