My Makeover

My Makeover

My makeover by Susanna ([email protected])

I was 18 when I decided to have my big makeover. Ever since I was a little girl, my hair had been long and straight, thick and shiny. It reached to my mid-back. There had always been comments on how beautiful my hair was, and how lucky I was to have such a thick mane.

But during my teenage years I had become quite tired of it. It took a great deal of time to take care of my hair, and I was really fed up with always being treated like a pretty little girl. I wanted to be different. I wanted to go through a transformation, to shock my friends and family with a completely new look. The bigger the change, the better.

I browsed through different magazines with pictures of short-haired ladies, but I couldn’t find the perfect hairstyle for me. They weren’t different enough, I was looking for something much more unusual. The whole thing became an obsession for me, I went from only wanting a change of haircut, to also having a completely new image, including clothes, body piercing and perhaps even tattoos.

I found what I was looking for on the Internet. I confessed my plans to one of my e-mail friends and he recommended me a very special web page. He said that I would probably find what I was looking for there. And yes, that web page contained a great collection of computer-manipulated pictures of female hair models. The pictures showed women in hairstyles with high-cut napes, hair over the face and parts of the head shaved too. I was all excited when I browsed through the pictures and I almost immediately found what I was looking for.

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It was a picture of a young model with her hair cut into a short bob with a bowl shape around the head. Her face was partly covered by hair, and the nape was cut slightly higher than the rest, like an inverted bob cut. She looked fantastic in that style.

I printed the picture out and brought it with me when I entered the salon the day for my makeover.

I took out the picture and showed it to the stylist. I had a few requests for some modifications; I wanted my nape cut higher, and also with a shorter clipper blade. But I really liked the bowl and the hair falling over the face and I especially asked my stylist to copy that from the picture.

I also wanted my hair dyed dark purple-red, something I always wanted to do.

When I explained my plans to the stylist, she was quite surprised.

“Are you sure you really want this?” she asked. “You have such beautiful hair, it would be a shame to cut it as short as this, don’t you think?”

“No, I’m sure, this is what I want,” I said. “I’m so tired of being normal and pretty, I want to create a shock with a spectacular hairstyle!”

“Well, with this cut you’ll definitely turn everyone’s head,” the stylist said.

I smiled and felt extremely excited – to turn a few heads was exactly what I wanted!

The haircut began. My stylist combed my long hair down my back and I felt it against my back for one last time. I looked at myself in the mirror and for one second I felt regrets. What was I doing? Was this really what I wanted?

I didn’t have time to think more before my stylist took out the scissors and placed them on the hair on my back. One big cut and I had lost 40 cm of my hair. I gasped at the feeling, my hair was now so light and soft, I had never worn my hair this short before.

My stylist then took a big bunch of my hair and pinned it up to my crown. A few shorter hairs fell down again around my head and on my forehead. Next step was the clipper-machine. The stylist used it on my nape all the way up above ear level. It gave me a 1mm cut halfway up on the back of my head.

When she the let my hair down again, she had it cut into a short bob cut, but leaving it longer in front and shorter in the back. Finally she blew it and combed it down around my face and over my ears. And after the dyeing procedure, the haircut was finished.

The hair was constantly falling over my face and over my eyes. I wouldn’t be able to see much unless I used clips to put my hair up. And my front bangs kept hanging in front of my lips and would be in my mouth when I wanted to speak, eat or drink. It was very uncomfortable for me.

“This haircut is going to drive you crazy, girl!” my stylist said.

I knew what she meant. There was only a very narrow opening between my front bangs, just enough for my nose to peek out. But my eyes and mouth were almost completely covered. Life would be pretty difficult in this haircut.

I parted my hair with one hand to see myself in the mirror. The haircut was awesome! The bowl shape was perfect all the way around my head, and the hair length went from mouth level in front, to eye level on the back of my head. My nape was so cut so short with the clippers all the way up to where my bowl began, and it looked fantastic! My new hair colour added a terrific effect to it as well.

“I love it,” was my first comment. I had totally forgotten my regrets I had when the cut started, now I was sure that I had done the right thing. “I don’t care if it will drive me crazy, it will be worth it!”

I was now ready for the rest of my makeover.

I had my piercings done at a special tattoo- and piercing studio. The staff was very professional and very helpful when I explained my wishes. The piercings was quickly made, and soon I was in the chair, having my first tattoos made. It was a sensational feeling, to be transformed from a pretty schoolgirl into a pierced and tattooed girl with this exciting hairstyle. I couldn’t wait for them to see me in school.

When I paid for the work and went out from the studio, I had a brand new tattoo on my shoulder, and one on my belly. The one on my shoulder pictured a red rose with a few leaves around it. It was about 10cm across. The one on my belly was an oriental symbol, made in black and red.

I also had my navel pierced with a golden ring, and the septum of my nose had a quite large silver hoop. I hesitated about that one at first, it was both big and spectacular, I wouldn’t be able to hide it away at any time. But I finally decided to go for it. And I knew I made the right decision.

Above this, I had a ring in my bottom lip, and two in my left ear. My right ear was already pierced twice before.

My next step was at the big mall in town. As I walk through the crowded areas, people stared some at my new hairstyle and the piercings in my face, and I enjoyed that. I went to the clothing department and asked the girl behind the counter to go and get the stuff I had ordered earlier that week. She came back with several bags, filled with my new clothes. There were different dresses, blouses, skirts and pants, some of it was made of leather, some made velvet or cotton. A few dresses were custom made and therefore expensive, but I gladly paid for them. I knew that these clothes were going to be my favourites. I put on a tight mini-dress along with a pair of high-heel boots, and put my old clothes back into one of the bags along with the other stuff. I wanted to wear my new look immediately.

I was right about my friends and family. They were all in shock when they first saw me after my makeover, and I actually lost a few friends because of my new look. I didn’t care much for them though, it only proved who were my true friends. And I got some new friends too.

I have never regretted my makeover, I have actually improved it further. I promised myself to always wear spectacular and unusual clothes and I manage quite well so far. The reaction I get from people around me is my reward, I love to see their shock when they meet me.

I also tried a few more hairstyles, shaved areas on my head and with and without a high-cut fringe. But the inverted bob with hair covering parts of my face is my favourite so far. I would even like to try the completely bald look, and, if I’m brave enough, get a tattoo on my head.

As for the piercings, my next goal is to have my nipples pierced. And a pierced pussy would also be awesome to have. I hope I’ll be brave enough some day to do it.

When my mom first saw me after my makeover, she went completely mad. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw my short hairstyle, the conspicuous piercings in my face, and my short dress.

“What have you done? Have you gone totally crazy?” she blurted out.

“No, this is the way I want to look. I have fantasized about this style for a very long time, mom, you’d better get used to it!” I said. “I’m 18 and I can do whatever I want with my body!”

It felt great to say that, not that I don’t like my mom, I truly love her, but I really enjoyed letting her know that I wasn’t the pretty little schoolgirl anymore.

After some time, I became more used to having my hair in front of my eyes and my mouth, and when I ate I used to hold up my hair with one hand. I almost never wore my hair up, I thought it looked so much more fun and sexy with the bangs over my face, and I tried to have it like that as often as I could. And I also thought it looked kind of cool to only show my big nosering to my surroundings, and have the rest of my face hidden.

Anyway, since my mom got so upset with my new look, I decided not to tell my mom when I planed to get a new haircut. My 19th birthday was coming up and I wanted to have a brand new look for my big day. It was almost four months since I first had my hair cut into the bowl-shaped, inverted bob, and I have had some other hairstyles since then as well. But nothing as bold as what I had in mind now! I knew exactly what I wanted. I wrote down a few notes on a piece of paper and brought it with me when I headed for my appointment at the salon. It wasn’t necessary to have a picture this time.

As I explained to my stylist what kind of haircut I wanted, I felt inside of me how excited I was about this. It wasn’t difficult to describe the style, I simply wanted my head shaved totally bald, except for my mouth-length front bangs. I wanted to save them, and also have them dyed bright red.

“I’m not surprised about you anymore Susanna, not since your latest visit here,” my stylist said when she heard my wishes. I laughed.

“Yeah, well, I’m not that cute schoolgirl anymore, you know…” I said.

“I realize that. You’re aware that this style will not allow any regrets, right?” my stylist asked me. “I mean, there’s no way back when your head is shaved, if you regret it, you’ll have to wear a wig”

“Yes, of course I’m aware of that. But that’s ok, I really want this and I have put a lot of thought into it,” I said.


My stylist shrugged and showed me to the chair. I sat down and my stylist began to cut. She first took out the electric clippers, and with a humming noise she had my latest bob cut reduced to a 2mm cut all over, except for my front bangs. It didn’t take long. Next, she had the shaving cream and razor in her hands. She applied the cream with gentle hands, rubbing it over my head and into my scalp. It felt good, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed her touch.

With long and slow movements, she then stroke the razor over my head. I went from a bobbed girl to a bald girl. Great! When she was finished with the razor, she had my head dried with a white towel. I loved every minute of it.

Next were my front bangs. They were still not touched by my stylist, and they reached down over my eyes and mouth. My stylist had them dyed red and then combed them down over my face. It was a weird feeling to be totally bald on my head, but still have hair falling over my face.

My stylist parted my hair so that my nosering became visible, and I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t almost believe my eyes when I first saw myself. I had never realized that my head was so beautiful. It looked so soft and clean, but also very fragile. And the bright red front bangs were really spectacular. They seemed to have a life of their own, always falling over my eyes and into my mouth. I shook my head to get the hair out of my eyes, but it constantly fell back over my face. I thought it was uncomfortable and exciting at the same time.

“Is this what you had in mind?” my stylist asked.

“Yeah, it’s perfect,” I answered. “But I would like to ask for one more thing. Do you think you could give my head a polish too? I think that would look fantastic, and besides, I know a guy who loves that look!”

I was hoping to meet that guy tonight when I was going out, and if he saw me like this, he would get crazy about me!

“Of course, I have the stuff right here,” my stylist said and took out a can and started to rub my head with its content. And soon I had a shining bald head, decorated with the bright red front bangs falling over my face. I was very pleased with the result and thanked my stylist and paid her for the work.

When I stepped out from the salon I was so thrilled. My new haircut was so cool and I felt how people’s eyes were on me from all around. And I wasn’t even finished yet, now I walked straight to the tattoo- and piercing studio.

When I entered the studio, there were no other customers there. The tattoo artist took care of me immediately. He added a few more body piercings on me, and then had a winding dragon tattooed on my back. I wanted it to continue up on my new-shaven head too, but the artist refused to do that.

“Such unusual and major tattoo requires a time for consideration, you have to come back for that one,” he said.

I understood that, it was a very special thing, and not for impulsive people. I thanked the artist and said that I would think about it and perhaps come back some day.

When I came home I examined my new piercings. I had both my nipples pierced and ringed, and another ring in my nose, right next to the one in the middle. The new nosering was much smaller than the other, and it looked kind of cute right next to the bigger one.

I put on my corset dress with long, draped bell sleeves and high lace collar. It was my favourite dress and I often wore it on weekends. It had a kind of gothic design, combined with the Victorian style. So beautiful. I felt like a princess in that dress.

Over this dress, I put my fur-trimmed lace jacket on. It was white and short, reached down just over my bottom. I walked out on the street to try to get a cab, and when I got one and stepped into it, the driver commented on my look:

“Hey girl, fabulous haircut! Looks as if you’re going to draw a lot of attention to yourself tonight!”

“Thanks, yeah, I probably will,” I said. I smiled to myself I headed out in the night, ready to celebrate my birthday with my friends.


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