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Today, the first Wednesday, was the day for the Seaside Salon’s monthly exotic hair show. Women from all over the island, young and old, flocked to the salon. All hoped for a lucky draw in the lottery to be one of the fifty models. The show’s setting was a small outdoor amphitheater on the north shore. In the background the pounding surf came rolling in. The styling chairs were arranged in a large triangle. At the apex an isolated chair was spotlighted so all could see the “Stylist of the Month” create the new exotic cut on their model. The other stylists would follow the creator’s design on their models. The island’s women coveted the chance to have the avant-garde style, at least until the next show.

Over the years fierce competition occurred amongst the stylists to see who could conceive the most striking styles. But today was more special. Rose and Nikki had planned this day for many weeks. Traditionally the Seaside Salon was a bastion for male stylists only. Rose was the first woman stylist to be hired. At first the men were resentful and aloof, but when they saw Rose’s artistic shearing, they grudgingly accepted her as a peer. Rose was especially excited about today since she was the “Stylist of the Month”. Looking at Rose, you realized she could be a model too. She kept her thick, jet-black locks closely cropped in a precise flat top. When a client expressed a wish to change, Rose would stand before her. Then slowly running her slender fingers across her short crop Rose felt warm ripples coursing through her loins. As her excitement intensified Rose would warmly say she was ready to shear the client’s hair as short as they wanted to go. Many times this persuasive move led to exciting cuts for Rose.

Today was also special since Nikki would be Rose’s model. Nikki, a close friend and companion for the past two years, had wanted to be Rose’s model ever since the Seaside Salon had hired Rose. When Rose first showed Nikki the amphitheater they simultaneously had the same thought. Standing close to each other, realizing the intense eroticism their plan aroused in each other they could not wait for the day to arrive – at last! It is now!

Rose and Nikki waited with nervous anticipation behind the stage until the lucky models and their stylists standing near finally were in place. Everyone waited for Rose to appear. More curious were they about who would be her model. Light applause rippled through the group as Rose, head erect, strode toward the spotlighted head chair. How striking Rose looked. Her short-cropped black flat top sharply contrasted with the pure white blouse and shorts she wore. Then Nikki entered. More applause. Nikki walked briskly over to the chair and sat. Her soft golden blonde tresses lightly brushed across her bare shoulders. Nikki wore her shoulder-length hair in a simple pageboy style. Her smooth, shining locks were precisely trimmed at the ends. Quickly Rose draped Nikki, reached over to her tool tray, picked up a brush and slowly ran its soft bristles through the blonde tresses. Murmurs rippled through the crowd. What exciting concept would Rose create? Special electricity arose between Nikki and Rose. Their heartbeats grew faster and stronger as the moment arrived. All hushed as they sensed the shared excitement. Quietly they waited in nervous anticipation.

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Setting her brush aside, Rose took a tapered comb. Firmly pressing its tip by Nikki’s right ear, she parted her blonde hair in one continuous stroke straight across the back from ear to ear. Holding the top mass of hair up in one hand, Rose quickly coiled it on the top and fastened it in place with a large clip. With quick moves she took the side sections and using large clips wrapped them into loose coils and fastened them firmly. Again murmurs arose from the watching throng. What would Rose’s first scissors movements be? Gently she ran her comb through the back section of hair until Nikki’s blonde tresses smoothly fell to her shoulders.

A sudden gasp! Then total silence! Rose reached to the counter top, picked up the electric clippers and turned them on! Their buzzing, whirring blades rang through the chilling stillness of the crowd. Gripping the clippers firmly, Rose pressed Nikki’s head slightly forward. Then she pressed the moving blades against Nikki’s nape and slowly moved the blades upward into her blonde locks. As Rose sheared through the tresses she trembled, watching the back of Nikki’s head become bare. The freshly shorn locks mounted on top of the moving clippers, piling high and then gracefully floated to the floor. A warm glow moved through Rose, rising in intensity and soon surged through her inner depths as she became warm and wet. This warm glow kindled into greater flickering flames when a new sound – a soft purrrrrr – escaped from Nikki’s slightly parted moist lips. Ah! The back of Nikki’s head was bare! The others, models and stylists were stunned!

Then louder gasps broke the silence. Rose took a handful of hot, white lather and rubbed it over the soft blonde fuzz remaining and then with several quick strokes of a single-edged razor shaved Nikki’s head completely smooth! Taking a warm cloth Rose wiped the shaven back. Reaching up she undid the clips and let the remaining blonde tresses fall. Once again the hair softly touched Nikki’s shoulders. Keeping her hand beneath the loosened mass of hair, Rose let her long fingers softly stroke Nikki’s neck, relaxing her until she slumped deeper into the chair. A unison sigh of relief escaped from the onlookers. Now they resigned themselves to shaved napes as the “cut of the month”!

Few noticed the communicating occurring between Rose and Nikki. Rose’s fingers continued circling slowly over Nikki’s neck. As the circles grew longer soft low moans escaped from Nikki’s parted lips. Rose and Nikki’s communication deepened both through touch and sound. As their inner souls touched and grew closer together they acutely sensed their heartbeats increasing in the same rhythm. Oh – looking into each other’s eyes – no words were necessary! Silently they shouted to each other – YES, I AM READY!

The other stylists started to drape their models in preparation for the new cut of the month. But before they could lift their combs – they stopped! Rose moved once more. Quickly she tilted the chair back forcing Nikki to lie back with her remaining blonde hair falling loosely over the back. In stunned silence the audience watched. Quickly Rose grabbed the clippers. Clicking them on, she pressed them against Nikki’s head. In rapid quick strokes she peeled off large clumps of blonde locks from the sides and tossed them to the floor. A stony hush fell over the room. Stunned they watched as Nikki’s head was quickly bared. Only an ultra-short layer of blonde fuzz remained! Nikki moaned in ecstasy. She started to writhe in the chair and erupted in louder moans of pleasure as Rose lathered her entire head. With long, slow strokes Rose shaved her entire head smooth. Wiping her bald pate with a warm towel, Rose put a few drops of baby oil on top. Gently with her long fingers she rubbed it in. Intense warm pleasurable ripples coursed together through Nikki and Rose as their communion intensified. Spinning the chair around for all to see, Rose lifted the drape from Nikki. Holding out her hand she led Nikki from the chair for all to see! Nikki looked absolutely stunning! Her smooth bald pate glistened in the afternoon sun. Even the most skeptical members of the audience mumbled that this was a bold, striking look. Applause broke out.

Standing side by side, Nikki and Rose were highly aware of the intense warm torrents flowing through and between them. This shearing melded them closer together than before. Oblivious to the others’ presence, they circled their arms around each other’s waists and embraced firmly. Through their physical touching and the deep exchange of looks into each other’s eyes they keenly felt intense feelings and sensuousness of the day. Quickly their heightened sensitivities passed into a state of reveries. Drifting off into a dreamlike state they enjoyed the sweet taste, togetherness, and sheer pleasure when – a new sound! Possibly the surf was rolling in with its incessant pounding. Certainly a new sound was emerging and increasing in intensity. Savoring their new sensual heights from their long-desired head shaving, Rose and Nikki were reluctant to open their eyes. Yet slowly they did. INCREDIBLE! WAS IT TRUE?

Staring in disbelief – the new sound was not coming from the surf, no – a chorus of fifty clippers happily hummed away. The other stylists passed them in various ways: rapid, short strokes; long slow strokes over the heads of the models. Shaving off short hair, mowing through long tresses, cropping curly hair and buzzing straight hair. A kaleidoscope of colors: blond hair, red hair, black hair, brunette hair mounting on top of the clippers then floating through the air and finally the mound of shorn, multi-colored tresses piled high on the floor. To Nikki’s ears and Rose’s ears the sound was a symphony orchestra furiously trying to resolve the last chords of the choral movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Embracing more closely, they watched the stylists do the final shaving strokes making the individual pates smooth as cue balls.

Turning towards each other they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes, letting their parted lips approach and shared the same thought. The head shaving was their own personal shared dream. Rose and Nikki had created the ultimate avant-garde cut in the salon’s history. The experience, like one’s first love, was one that would never be forgotten. In many ways they were closer together in their relationship. But the mass shearing was unexpected! What magical powers did they have? What new erotic heights could this lead to? This day was unique – for Rose, for Nikki and the Seaside Salon. Life will go on – as usual – for all, but it will never be the same!


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