Accidental Haircut

Accidental Haircut

I always cut my daughter’s hair and never cut or even trimmed mine until about two years ago. We both had very long hair that is exactly the same color, mine well past my waist and hers nearly so and were happy with the status quo. I’d give her a trim about 4 or 5 times a year. She is quite a tomboy and used to bug me about having it shorter.

Two years ago, she had come in from riding her bicycle and her hair was a real mess. It was particularly snarly. After brushing and combing for nearly half an hour I said, “Let’s just trim these ends and get rid of the snarls, It’s a bit early for a trim but your hair is a real mess.”

“Aw, mom let’s just chop it all off and be done with it!” she replied.

“Now you know you promised me that you would keep your hair long as long as I do,” I said and I really didn’t think that she meant it and proceeded to prep for a trim.

“Remember mom I’m going to Annie’s tonight for supper. Do we have enough time?”

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“Oh dear – nearly forgot,” I replied. “We’ll have to make it quick.” Here is where the first real mistake came in. I usually tie back my hair so it doesn’t get in the way, but we were in such a rush that I neglected this detail – BIG mistake!

The first couple cuts were fine. “Looks like I’ll need to trim 4 or 5 inches,” I said. Then the phone rang. It was my sister – she was in a real stew with the bank and began to tell me all about it. I cradled the phone on my shoulder and continued to cut Sue’s hair – Mistake #2. The kettle on the stove started to whistle so I turned to look just as I started to cut. Final Fatal Mistake!

Sure enough a lock of my hair slid unnoticed right into the jaws of the cutting machine. I didn’t see the 22″ piece of hair hit the floor. “Come on mom! Let’s wrap it up,” Sue exclaimed. More commotion – the dog ran through the kitchen with my youngest in tow. I bent to watch them run on by and shouted to slow down. Another 20″+ chunk hit the floor.

As I began cutting again, it struck me that it seemed I had an awful lot of hair left to cut. That the pile on the floor seemed awful thick. It was almost like slow motion – I watched the scissors cut and now realized that it was my hair that I was cutting. “Oh my gosh! Damn – Damn – Damn,” I exclaimed.

“What’s up mom – are you burnt? Cut?” Sue said as she turned around to look.

I’m sure my face was white as a sheet. “Why it’s your hair mom. You have cut off several huge chunks mom! Whoa, is that cool!”

I ran to the mirror. Three large chunks were taken out of my left side. It was somewhat graduated – my hair was still quit long, but looked very silly – boy did I feel stupid. I looked at it long time hoping it would somehow immediately grow back. The whole family had gathered and was waiting to see what I’d do next.

I lifted up the scissors. “Well let’s just straighten this out a bit – right,” I said.

Sue responded quickly. “I think this was a kind of sign – I think you should go shorter – how about chin length. Here, I’ll do it” I was pretty numb at that moment and just handed her the scissors. She lit right into it. The scrunches and crunches of the scissors cutting through my lovely hair still ring in my ears.

Looking in the mirror emerged a new person. When the length fell away so did years off my age. I could not believe what a new look could do for me. I literally looked years younger! Why didn’t I do this years ago?

“Now me, now me,” Susie said excitedly.

“Ok I guess the deal was always you wouldn’t cut your hair as long as I didn’t cut mine” I replied.

“Alright! Go for it!” And so I did. I cut it right down to a pixie and what a pile of hair was strewn on the floor that day.

In the two years since, Sue has grown her hair to a longish bob and mine has gotten much shorter. A change really did me a lot of good. I wouldn’t recommend it as the way to go but since it happened I’m glad it did.


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