Satan’s Barmaid

Satan's Barmaid

Satan’s Barmaid – RansomKing

Three long-haired beauties in various stages of dress and undress walked into The Tempter’s bar in the seedy part of town. Once inside the doors slammed shut and wouldn’t open until the sole occupant of the bar decided otherwise. The platinum blonde’s name was Whitney. She was five feet tall with a knockout figure of 38-23-34. Being this small made her breasts look so much larger. The ebony-tressed beauty, Sophia, was five foot seven inches tall with an astonishing figure of 69 HHH-23-33. Last but no way least was the 38-22-32 figure of the five foot 3 inch tall redhead named Tammy.

That sole occupant of the bar was the barmaid who had long wavy black hair that reached several inches below her shoulder blades. Her skin had a red tint to it, like she had been sunburned. She had two unique characteristics that made her really stand out. One was her large breasts and the other one was, it appeared that she had two horns growing out of her head and they were one 1/2 inch thick and three inches long.

The trio of long-haired lovelies walked to the bar and sat down. Sophia took the first seat, followed by Whitney taking the second. Finally Tammy seated herself on the third and final barstool. The barmaid came from behind with the drink tray held high in her left hand. Her red buttonless blouse popped open with her arm in the air. With her blouse open the busty, long-haired women saw she wore a silver skull-and-crossbones necklace. All three of them had seen this necklace when they made the deal with the devil, for their “fame and fortune”.

“All the drinks are on the house for you three,” said the barmaid. “My name is Culsu, “The name of the drink I’m serving you now is a Strip and Go Naked. You three will find out why in a few minutes.” And she set the drinks down before the busty women.

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“Careful, ladies, with your drink stirrers, the scythe blades on them are razor sharp,” the barmaid admonished the women. But the women didn’t have to worry about cutting themselves on the blades. Even before they had the chance to drink the first drink, things began to happen. The razor-sharp scythe drink stirrers floated out of the blonde’s, the redhead’s and the brunette’s mixed drinks. Each of the stirrers’ sharp edges began the work Satan’s barmaid had instructed it to do.

The first victim of the scythe-shaped drink stirrers was the ebony-tressed Sophia. “You were chosen first because the master likes you,” Culsu said. The keen edge of the miniature scythe careful inserted itself between the long neck of the woman and the neck strap of the silver evening dress she was wearing. The top of the dress dropped down to reveal her monstrous 69-HHH tits, and not one to leave them alone, Sophia began to massage her big boobs. While she was doing this, the floating drink stirrer inserted itself on the right seam of the dress. It quickly and efficiency sliced through the silver thread that held the dress together. With the seam cut, Sophia’s silver dress dropped from her shape form. She wore no undergarments and from the neck down her body was devoid of any kind of hair. Then she heard the Culsu say to her, “You were always the slut, Sophia. Always ready for a fuck once your clothes were off. So I think I will do your makeover last.” Now that was she naked she downed the Strip and Go Naked drink. She leaned back against the bar and waited for the next round and the other girls get stripped naked.

While the drink stirrer was cutting away Sophia’s dress, the platinum blonde, Whitney, and the redhead, Tammy, watched in wonderment as the woman’s clothes were cut from her voluptuous body. They were unaware that their stirrers had left their drinks as well. The two women sipped their drink and enjoyed the show of the scythe cutting away their companion’s expensive evening gown.

It was the redhead’s turn to fall under the spell of the floating drink stirrer. Tammy was wearing much in the way of clothing when she walked into The Tempter Bar. She was wearing a black sheer teddy, a black and white half-cup bra, a black garter belt with stocking and black crotchless panties. The scythe went to work on the redhead’s clothing, the blade of the scythe slid so smoothly between the collar of the teddy and the exotic auburn-tressed beauty’s neck. There was a slight ripping sound as the blade cut a rent down the back of the teddy. The bisected top dropped from Tammy’s shoulders. Once the halves were on the floor the stirrer returned to its work removing the sexy crimson-curled cutie’s garments.

Sophia’s eyes grew wide as the scythe started cutting away the redhead’s clothing. She got hot as the clothing was removed from the 38-22-32 figure of Tammy. Her right hand went down to her shaved-smooth pussy and inside it. Sophia’s probing fingers quickly found her clit and began to gently caress it. She was slowly bringing herself to climax.

The flying scythe then inserted itself between the left shoulder strap of the bra and zipped through the fabric and it moved over the right shoulder. The only thing left holding the bra on Tammy’s lovely 38-inch breasts was the silver clasp. She inhaled sharply as the freezing cold blade moved between her skin and right seam of her black crotchless panties. This sudden intake of air expanded her breasts to the point it added more strain on the clasp than it could handle. Needless to say the flimsy bra popped off her perfect boobs. Tammy was topless and soon would be completely naked along with her two friends.

With the right half of her crotchless panties barely hanging onto her shapely hips, the scythe moved to left side of redhead’s body. It didn’t take long for it to do the job. The panties fell to the bar’s floor and the only clothing remaining on Tammy’s body was the garter belt and the stockings. Like Sophia before her body was smooth, not a single hair was to be found on it. Her drink stirrer returned to her drink.

“I guess I caught you at a bad time,” Culsu said to Tammy. “So you will be the first one to get the makeover.” With a snap of her fingers, Culsu moved Tammy and the barstool she was sitting on, to the other side of the bar.

Now it was the platinum blonde Whitney’s turn to feel the results of the Strip and Go Naked drink. Like the women before her, her drink stirrer hovered around her body and waited for Culsu to command it to do its job. The blonde wasn’t wearing much in the way of clothing when she walked through the door of the bar. She had on a white cowboy hat with a silver band around its crown, a silver G-string and silver bell-sleeved halter top which was tied under 38-inch breasts.

Whitney’s cowboy hat was the first thing to go. The scythe went under the brim and flipped it off her off her mass of platinum blonde curls but not before it sheared off a lock of her hair. This was only a taste of things to come for the three strippers.

While Whitney’s apparel was being removed from her body by the drink stirrer, Sophia was still massaging her clit, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. But Culsu had done a little preventive magic on her. She could not climax until all of the women’s makeovers were complete.

Next the handle of the stirrer shoved itself into the center of the knot that held the silver halter top closed. With a couple of twists it had undone the knot and the halter opened to reveal Whitney’s magnificent 38’s. Because of her small size they looked much larger than they were. Not wasting any time the mini-scythe carefully poked a hole into the seam around the left shoulder and the sleeves of the halter. The fabric parted easily as the edge of the stirrer freed the sleeve from the halter top. The left sleeve dropped to floor of the bar and the scythe repeated the operation to the right side of the halter. Ever unerring the stirrer continued its relentless mission to rid busty Whitney of her remaining attire, her G-string. In a blink of an eye the scythe had completed its task by cutting the strings. The silver G-string dropped to The Tempter’s floor. The blonde’s body was totally naked and like the women before her there wasn’t a single body hair to be found on her perfect form.

“I’m glad you all kept the part of the contract where you were to be shaved smooth from the neck down.” Culsu’s warm hands caressed each of the women’s bodies. “I hope you are ready for your next drink. You will just love its name just as I do because that is what you are about to become, ladies.” She set the next round of drinks before the three women. “Enjoy this specially prepared drink, the Bald-Headed Woman.”

Since Tammy, Sophia and Whitney had no control over their bodies, they downed the drinks. The stirrers of this drink were in the form of electric hair clippers with batwing and devils’ tail. True to her word the first stirrer changed to a full size pair of clippers with wings and they buzzed and flew straight to Tammy who was on the other side of the bar.

Before the clippers got half way across the bar Culsu pointed her left index finger at Tammy and gave it a twirl. A hank of Tammy’s red hair at the top of her crown stood straight up. The flying clippers had their target. They buzzed right through the crimson tresses with no problem. Once the hank of hair was sheared from the redhead’s scalp, it vanished completely. Only to reappear on the other side of the room, on a trophy plaque just above the platinum blonde, Whitney’s, head. The plait of red hair was 12 inches long.

Where the clippers had made their first pass there was nothing but a very fine, scarlet stubble. This was just the beginning with clippers. They increased the radius of the patch until the crown and forehead of Tammy’s head was revealed. The sight of Tammy losing her long locks made Sophia even more excited than she had been when the two women’s garments were being removed by the scythe. Even the redhead was getting aroused by her plight, her pink nipples were growing erect against her wishes.

In a handful of seconds Tammy had a fringe of red hair hanging around the sides and the back of her head. The best way to describe her new look was she had a horseshoe haircut but that was to be short lived. The batwing clippers quickly buzzed the back and sides of the red-haired stripper’s head to almost smooth. The remaining hair on Tammy’s scalp was barely 1/16th of an inch in length.

Culsu came over and felt the results of the clippers. “This will never do. Here, drink this, it’s a Hell Razor.” And she offered the drink to the buzzed cut woman.

Tammy took the drink and swallowed the liquor. The tiny razor stirrer grew in size to complete the job the clippers had started. The buzzed woman was shaking her head as the razor glided across her scalp. Where the blade had passed it left nothing behind but skin. Since this was a Hell Razor, no hair would ever grow there again. Stroke after stroke of the razor cleared every strand of red hair from Tammy’s head. Minutes later the razor had stopped its work and disappeared, the woman who had the beautiful red hair was now a permanent baldie. With trembling hands Tammy touched her bald head but she couldn’t faint, thanks to the drinks.

Whitney and Sophia watched Tammy’s transformation in stunned silences and they both knew they were doomed to the same shearing and shaving fate as their friend. The blonde’s eyes grew wide in terror because she knew was next on the list for the shaving because she remembered hearing Culsu saying Sophia would be last.

“Your turn blondie,” Culsu said as she twirled her left index finger at Whitney.

The blonde’s hair stood on end, in the exact center of her platinum skull. The hair floated there while the clippers grew to their full functioning size. With a snap of Culsu’s fingers the clippers buzzed off the blonde hunk of Whitney’s hair. Like before the shorn hair vanished for the briefest of seconds only to return on a plaque over the now bald redhead. The 14-inch blonde braid swayed in the slight breeze of the bar.

The clippers resumed their work on the blonde’s hair. Instead of giving Whitney the so-called horseshoe haircut they proceeded to shear off the right side of her head. The clippers were making short work of the long platinum blonde hair. It was short but it was still not short enough. The clippers then removed the hair on the left side of Whitney’s gorgeous locks. She now had a modified Mohawk with a hunk of hair already missing from it. The Mohawk wasn’t going to be there long, in fact the clippers mowed the 2 1/2-inch strip from Whitney’s head. A lock of the hair landed on her left shoulder and stayed there. She was now sporting an ultra short crewcut.

“I’m betting your head is not smooth enough. So be a good girl and drink your Hell Razor, bitch. The master wants you all three smooth,” The demoness, Culsu teased the strippers.

Try as she might Whitney couldn’t resist drinking the Hell Razor. She almost smiled as the drink flowed down her throat. Once the glass was drained of alcohol, the miniature straight razor grew to its full size. Not wasting any time the razor started removing the almost white stubble from Whitney’s perfect head. A hairless path appeared down the center of the blonde’s head, it ran from her forehead to the nape of her neck. The razor carefully widened the pathway until the entire left side of Whitney’s head was sexy smooth hairless skin. The razor moved on over to the right side of her almost bald blonde head.

Sophia was slowly getting closer to the orgasm that was denied to her by Culsu’s magic. The magic razor quickly shaved the rest of Whitney’s head completely smooth. Tammy was eyeing the new baldie that occupied the bar with her, she no longer felt alone.

“Now it is your turn Sophia. By the way, girls, I like these electric clippers better the scissors I used to use in the past. I think I will use them all the time now. They are much faster in shearing the hair from a woman’s head. Drink up, girl.” She offered the drink to the black-haired beauty. Sophia took the drink and gulped it down. Like before the clippers grew to their full size in no time at all.

The flying clippers buzzed the ebony tresses from the top of Sophia’s head, but unlike before no trophy plaque appeared as the first of her hair was sheared from her crown. While the clippers increased the circle on Sophia’s head, the barmaid slowly peeled the black wig off her completely bald, horned head. The clippers slowly created another horseshoe haircut on the super busty skull. But they didn’t stop – the clippers quickly moved lower and lower down on Sophia’s head. By this time she was beginning to moan as the clippers sheared the dark tresses from her head. She was almost ready to climax but not quite yet.

The now bald redhead, Tammy, and the once platinum blonde, Whitney, began to freak out at the sight of their captor pulling the wig from her head. They were very aware of their own nakedness and baldness. Her dark round eyes also began to take on an almond shape and her dark eyes slowly changed color to yellow.

“This is your punishment from the master ladies. You knew the rules, girls, the three of you were never ever to perform in the same town in the same week. My boss said you were mine to deal with for breaking our contract for big tits and stardom as exotic dancers. Believe me it was a bitch getting you three in town at the same time.” The now bald barmaid tormented her captives. By this time Sophia’s black hair had been reduced to the merest of dark stubble and it stood out on her pale skin. Even her nipples were now completely hard.

It didn’t take Culsu’s magic to force Sophia to drink the Hell Razor, she drank it willingly. The razor started shaving the hair away from the black-haired beauty, whose remaining hair was only stubble. The razor started at the bottom of Sophia’s head and moved up in a circle just in the opposite direction to the clippers. She kept on moaning but she couldn’t reach orgasm just yet but little did she know she was almost there. Four minutes later Sophia was completely bald and ready for whatever Culsu and her master had in store for her.

While Sophia was being shaved, the demoness’ red-tinted skin grew to a dark red. But the changing skin color wasn’t the only thing going on. Culsu peeled off her red cocktail dress. She was just like the women under her spell – her body was just as hairless. The only thing that separated her from her victims was her skin color, her horns and her now revealed devil’s tail.

Now the last of the strippers was shaved bald. Culsu used her magic to bring the three bald women together. Tammy’s stool slid across the room to be positioned on the left side of Sophia, and she immediately found herself sucking and licking on the massive tits of the 5′ 7″ baldie. Whitney’s stool scooted down the bar to right side of Sophia and like Tammy she began her licking and sucking of the super busty woman’s boob. Everything was now ready for Culsu to do her last bit of magic on the tressless trio.

By this time Sophia was able to reach the climax she had been denied. As the first sound of pleasure issued from her throat, Culsu clapped her hands together. A bright flash of crimson light filled the bar. As Tammy, Sophia, and Whitney’s eyes cleared, they screamed. Culsu had transported them into the middle of the Woman with the Longest Hair contest. Needless to say they were arrested for that stunt. No one believed them that a demoness had stripped and shaved them bald. And only Culsu knew the truth and you have to summon her from the gates of hell, which she now guards with a pair of electric clippers instead of the scissors she once used.


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