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“¿Quiere cerveza señor?” the bartender asked as he reached into the cooler beside the bar and pulled out two bottles of icy brew.

I replied, “Si, una cerveza más fria, por favor, y ¿donde están las putas?” (“Yeah, I’ll have a cold beer, but where are the girls?”) My friend who shares my interests in Latino women had recommended this cantina.

The bartender spoke in very limited English, “Oh señor, the girls, they’re right here,” and he motioned to the courtyard.

I took my beer and slowly walked into the courtyard. There were about 6 girls all between 16 and 25. They were sitting at the tables arranged around the palm tree in the center of the courtyard. I was apparently the first customer of the day. All the girls were beautiful: two were wearing bandanas covering their heads, and wearing very revealing peasant blouses that barely covered their firm breasts; two black girls wore cheap Afro wigs that made them look like extras from a 1970’s Shaft movie; and there were girls with long black hair hanging down their backs nearly to their asses. I noticed an older black woman sitting near the palm tree.

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“Hola,” I said.

She replied, “Señor likes the girls, si? Which one?”

I surveyed the courtyard and was drawn to one of the long-haired Latin maidens. I said, “This one, what is her name?” and I reached out my hand and touched her shoulder. Her thick black hair clung to my hand as she turned to me, thrusting out her breasts.

The old woman said, “She is called Lara. She’s from the countryside, new to this business, be gentle with her, si. Lara, vaya con el hombre para una hora. She go upstairs with you, but she must be back in an hour. 25 dollars Americano.” I paid and followed Lara up the stairs to the rooms above the courtyard.

Lara opened the first door and said, “My English no so good,” as she started to take off her blouse.

I said, “Yo hablo español, y no tienes que hablar conmigo.”

Her hair was as black as coal and her smooth skin was warm coffee brown. She slowly undid her braid letting her hair fall over her naked breasts. I wasted no time I unrolled a condom and plunged into her full, pussy. Her firm breasts hardened as I slid deeper into her. I was enveloped in her thick black hair like a sheet that covered both our bodies. It was like being in a fragrant midnight black curtain. Her hair clung to her breasts as she reached down and stroked my balls. Then she focused her black eyes on mine and said, “You want suck now, si?”. I slid my still rigid cock out of her wet pussy and into her full brown lips, her hair draping around my legs as I thrust deep into her throat. I grasped the back of her head and sat on the edge of the sweaty bed. Her hair was tangled in my and, sweaty, but it smelled like a perfumed carpet. In and out, I held her neck and buried my head in her hair.

After about 10 minutes of ecstasy, I came. I could feel Lara’s lips sucking the last shot of come which had oozed out of the condom. As come dripped from her lips she looked deep into my eyes and said, “Poppi, you come so strong, como una caballa,” she laughed.

I was still in ecstasy, mesmerized by this enchanting woman. Then from the balcony I could hear voices. Shit, I thought, I wasn’t ready to go. I was ready to pay for another fuck. I was praying that it wasn’t her next customer.

I said, “Lara, I’ll pay you double, let’s go again.”

She said, “No now, it la Señora,” as she put her panties on and pulled up her skirt. Following her lead I hastily got dressed and kissed Lara’s hair. She said, “You come back, maybe tonight, si.”

I opened the door. There was La Señora with a Latin man about 50 or so. La Señora winked her eye at me and said as they passed me on the balcony, “You like Lara, you come back soon.”

I noticed that the man was carrying a case that looked like a doctor’s bag, and that aroused my curiosity. As I was walking through the courtyard, I looked back and saw La Señora and the Latin man leading Lara to a chair set up in the middle of the courtyard. I sat down and ordered a cerveza. I knew that there was something going on, but I was not sure what. The bartender handed me a cold beer and said, “That girl, she from de country, de long hair si, now she get haircut like other girls.”

“What?” I said as I turned around. “What haircut?”

I turned and saw all of the men at the bar watching the courtyard, where Lara was sitting in the middle, a towel wrapped around her shoulders. The man who was with La Señora carrying the case, opened the case and took out a pair of enormous shears and electric clippers. He also took out two plastic bags and a wide-toothed black comb. Lara lowered her head as he parted her hair in the middle separating it into two thick plaits that hung down her shoulders like black snakes. The man studied his victim like a snake preparing to attack a mouse. Then he turned to La Señora and handed her 2 bills. She nodded, folded the bills over and put them down her dress. She said, “Es bueno.”

With that, the man lifted the right plait and sheared it off as close to Lara’s scalp as he could with his shears. He laid the severed plait in the plastic bag. Lara’s face swelled up with tears, she sat almost motionless like a deer in a car’s headlights. Half of her glorious hair had been severed leaving her with one long plait and an inch of black ugly stubble. Then he severed the other plait, and laid it in the other bag. Lara’s hair now lay on the table.

La Señora said to the man, “Todo,” (“All”) and ran her hand over Lara’s head.

The man plugged in the clippers and Lara’s face was contorted as she looked at herself in the black glass window that separated the bar from the courtyard. My cock was getting hard again as I watched the hair that less than an hour go had been my love curtain being clipped off. The man held Lara’s head down and turned on the clippers. With a single stroke of the guardless clippers he shaved her head right down the middle. He made pass after pass and the black stubble gradually yielded to reveal the coffee brown scalp. Pass after pass until all of her hair was gone. La Señora brought out a brown paper bag as the man made the last passes over Lara’s scalp. He had shaved her head bald and now La Señora inspected his work. Then she pulled an Afro wig, like I had seen on the putas when I arrived, out of the paper bag, put it on Lara’s head and said, “Que bonita, que hermosa.”

Lara sat in the chair crying as she reached up and pulled off the wig. She cried, “Soy feo, soy feo, no no, soy feo.” (“I’m ugly.”)

La Señora looked at me as she put Lara’s wig back on and said, “You still like, si?”

I replied, as I looked at Lara getting up from the chair, “Si I still like.” My cock was still throbbing. I said, “Lara, hasta esta noche.” (“See you tonight.”)


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